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Hi-five @nohamahamoud2002 I'm with you. The most innocent is TP & YJ and they are each others first love. I thought it was sweet. Overly simple YJ may be but you have to be pretty resilient to endure the unfair treatment by Han mama and not turn into a Han Yu Ra:lol: Also props to her for finding that baby, (not hers) and raising him with love as her own.  Also I'll say it again...I don't need a passionate kiss during pandemic times. I have a great imagination. TP and YJ are the only couple that even shared a kiss. Sweet and tender was good enough for me. Funny enough if every couple had been slobbering all over one another people would have been outraged. I'm new to this but I just assumed the dailies were tamer. Bye all it was fun sharing a few laughs. Fun fact I am a sucker for these Korean Drama OST's:crymeme:

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@partyon ~ ... one last poll, it is!. calling all chingus for one last time for the final poll!   EDIT: tagging some folks - sorry if I missed any... @yamiyugi @seungshin @afv @

Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.)   I also post the

Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a

Posted Images

Lee Chae Young look pretty even without false eye lashes, mascara, lipstick, as you can see from that scene where she's in the hospital after chemo treatment. But I'm surprised she has the strength to fight off the doctor, nurse, and guard.


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Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.)


I also post the farewell messages under that. I'll post more farewell messages/interviews later if there is more, but this is what I could find so far. I put each of their answers  under the spoiler tag since some did longer interviews, not just post a farewell message. (Also the translations in the interviews are loosely translated through Google Translate, but I summarized to make it easier to understand.)


Ending Scene of Episode 105 (Final)

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-At the Cha family house-
ST: Chairman Cha. No. Woo Seok, I want... to marry Mi Ri. Please approve it.
MR: Oppa, you'll approve our marriage, right? I can't live without Sang Tae.
CWS: Why would I be against it? Of course, I approve it.
SJS: Congratulations. You two look so good together.
MR: What are you two going to do now? Woo Seok must be so lonely when I get married. Unni, you will be with Woo Seok, right? You took a long way for 30 years before you two met again. I really hope you two are happy.
SJS: Thank you.
CWS: By the way, where is Yu Jung?
SJS: She's at the ossuary.
-At the ossuary-
YJ: Oppa.
TP: What are you looking at?
YJ: The photo of Mrs. Lee. Now that I see it, she looks happy.
TP: Really? She looks the same. Everything seems happy now that you're happy, doesn't it?
YJ: Is that why?
TP: Mom, I'm sorry it took so long to clear your name. Now it's all over, so rest in peace. Don't worry about me.
YJ: He's right, Mrs. Lee. I'll be by Tae Poong's side from now on, so you can rest in peace.
-TP & YJ walking outside-
TP: How nice.
YJ: How are you feeling? If you're cold, we can go somewhere inside.
TP: It's okay. Yu Jung, this moment feels like a dream and a miracle to me. The most precious miracle that happened to me is... you. You made me realize every relationship is a miracle... and you're the most precious person to me.
(TP gets down on one knee and takes out a ring)
TP: Han Yu Jung, will you marry me?
YJ: It was a miracle that I met you.
TP: I love you.
YJ: I love you, too.
Text: Thank you for watching "A Man in a Veil."


Other scenes from the episode (with translations):


Episode 105 - SJ's Final Scene

English Translation (from Kocowa):
(While TP is explaining in court how SJ found everything out, flashback to SJ)
SJ: Where's my suitcase?
(SJ finds SH's old phone)
SJ: What's this?
(SJ hears the recording of SH being killed on the phone)
SJ: How could Mom have done such a thing?
(SJ calls the police)
Police: This is the police department. Hello? Please speak.
(SJ is unable to say anything and cries silently)

TP: Your Honor. When Mr. Cha gave me this exhibit, he also gave me a letter. May I read that letter here?
Judge: Yes, I'll allow it.
Letter from SJ: I finally know the whole truth. I'm sorry I figured it out too late. My mom has done unforgivable things to your mother. I had no idea, and I spoke ill of your mother. Hyung. I'm truly sorry. Also, I know I should be ashamed... but I have one last request to ask you. Though I've found out about my mother's secret, I just couldn't report her to the police myself. Please reveal her wrongdoings for me. I should be asking you for this favor in person, but I don't have the courage to face you yet. I'm sorry. Please understand. Hyung, please have my mom pay for her sins. I will also... spend the rest of my life apologizing to those who have suffered because of her. That's... the duty of Cha Seo Jun, the son of Ju Hwa Yeon the murderer.
Man in the back: So the mother ended up killing her own son.
(Everyone is crying)


Episode 105 - JHY & YR Get Sentenced

English Translation (from Kocowa):
TP: Defendant. How would you think... a son would have felt when he realized... his mother's a murderer?
JHY: No. There's no way he would have known.
TP: Cha Seo Jun... knew about everything you've done. About Kang Sang Hyeon, and Lee Kyung Hye. And he knew that you were now trying to kill me. That's why he came to me, to stop that! Seo Jun died trying to stop... your third murder! So how long are you going to try and get out of this?
(JHY screams and YJ cries)
JHY: Seo Jun. Seo Jun. Seo Jun...
TP: Your Honor, Ju Hwa Yeon, the defendant, murdered Kang Sang Hyeon and accused Lee Kyung Hye unjustly. Not only did she put the blame on the innocent Ms. Lee, but she also ordered to kill her. But she doesn't even have remorse. Then she denied her crimes and played innocent. She also committed even more crimes to cover up her previous crimes. Han Yu Ra, the defendant, made a false statement to turn an innocent victim into the perpetrator. She fabricated Ms. Lee's will, extorted her money, and fled. Moreover, she was afraid of her crimes being exposed, so she attempted to murder Choi Jun Seok and Lee Tae Poong. In that process, innocent Cha Seo Jun... met his death. Hence, I demand 30 years of prison labor for Han Yu Ra... and life imprisonment for Ju Hwa Yeon.
YR: No! I'm innocent. This is unfair! I'm innocent!

Episode 105 - After the trial ended

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-At the courthouse-
YR's Dad: Yes, this is better for everyone. Yu Ra has to pay for her deeds as well.
YR's Uncle: Right, Sook Ja. You should go get some rest. Let's go.
YR's Dad: Let's go.
CWS: I'm sorry, Ji Sook. I'll spend the rest of my life expiating my sins too.
JS: It's not for you to apologize for. I'm glad the truth was revealed since Sang Hyeon won't suffer the unfairness on his way up.
KYJ: Uncle, you did a good job.
MR: She's right. It must've been rough for you. I'll repent on behalf of Hwa Yeon.
ST: Mi Ri, don't think that way. You don't have to do that.
YJ: Dad.
CWS: Yes, Yu Jung. Prosecutor Lee, good work.
TP: No problem.
YJ: Are you going to the office? It must've been a long day. Why don't you rest today?
CWS: I'm okay. You're all going home, right? I'll drop you off on the way, so let's go.
(TP's head hurts and he faints)
Man: Are you okay?
YJ: Oppa! Oppa, are you okay? Oppa! Oppa.
-At the hospital-
YJ: Oppa, wake up. Oppa!
JS: Yu Jung.
YJ: What do I do, Mom? What do I do about Tae Poong?
JS: It's going to be okay. Tae Poong will be okay.
(The surgery begins, and TP has a dream)
MW: Dad. Dad. Dad, are you happy to be with me?
TP: Of course, I am.
MW: How much?
TP: To the moon and back. What about you, Min Woo? Are you happy to be with me?
MW: Yes. I'm so happy to be with you. I hope you can stay with me.
TP: I hope I can stay with you too.
YJ: What are you two doing? I'm jealous.
MW: I love Dad. I love him the most in the world. I will never leave his side.
TP: I will never leave your side either. Hang out with me only, not with your mother.

(TP cries)
Nurse: Doctor, his vitals are dropping.
Doctor: Prepare to give CPR.
Nurses: Yes, doctor.
-Right outside the operating room-
JS: Why does it take so long?
(The doctor walks out)
CWS: Doctor, how is he?
YJ: Is my oppa okay? Doctor, he's okay, right?


Episode 105 - YR & JHY's Final Scene

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-At the hospital-
(YR left prison temporarily to get chemotherapy at the hospital. YR's hair is starting to fall out)
Doctor: Ms. Han Yu Ra, is everything okay?
YR: Doctor, what about my bone marrow? Did you find a match?
Doctor: No. Be more patient.
YR: I must survive anyhow! How long should I wait? Doctor, I must survive. Find a match by any means! Bring me a match anyhow! Bring me one!
Doctor: Calm down, Ms. Han.
YR: Find a match!
Doctor: You can't behave this way.
Police: Calm down.
Doctor: Calm yourself down.
YR: Let go of me!
Doctor: This is not good for your health.
YR: I must live! I'm not going to die!
Police: Calm down.
-CWS visits JHY in jail-
CWS: How are you? Tell me if you need anything.
JHY: I should go grocery shopping. Seo Jun goes on a field trip tomorrow. He must be so excited about his first field trip. I should make a good gimbap for him. Honey, let's go to the market. Honey, get me out of here. Seo Jun has never been apart from me for this long. What is he doing? Isn't he crying looking for me? How is he?
CWS: He's doing well. So you should eat well... and take care of your health.



Farewell Messages & Interviews from the Cast (English Translations):
Kang Eun Tak (Lee Tae Poong / Yoo Min Hyuk):



Q. "Man in a Veil," which has aired for more than half a year, ended with a viewer rating of up to 21%. How do you feel about the end of the show?
It's been a few days since the last shooting, but it still hasn't hit me yet. I think I got an unforgettable piece of work in my acting life because I received too much love. Thank you to the directors, writers, actors, and staff for your hard work. I think there will be quite a long lingering feeling for a while.


Q. Did you pay special attention to the role of Lee Tae Poong?
I've never seen a character like this before, so I studied a lot. For example, I made various tones and erased them one-by-one to make the best tone with Tae Poong. The most important part was that I acted to the people who actually suffered from Savant Syndrome and their families, hoping that Tae Poong would be seen as a lovely and beloved person, not a sad and pitiful person. I hoped that my acting would never hurt those that do have Savant Syndrome.


Q. Through "Man in a Veil," you won the 2020 KBS Drama Award for Excellence in the Daily Drama category.
It's all thanks to the staff, actors, seniors, directors, and writers. I still have a lot to improve as an actor, but I will try to become an actor who continues to develop.


Q. What does 'Man in a Veil' mean to Kang Eun Tak?
Especially on the set of the drama "Man in a Veil," the teamwork and atmosphere of the staff and the actors were so good that this drama was a miracle and a gift for me every moment. Every moment was a new experience and something I'm thankful for. I think it will be remembered for a long time.


Q. Are there any characters you want to challenge in the future?
I think there is always a longing for a role that an actor can't always play. I also have many roles that I want to challenge in the future. In particular, I would like to challenge the creepy villain or even an innocent character role.


Q. Lastly, please say something to the viewers who loved "Man in A Veil."
Thank you for watching and supporting "Man in A Veil". I received an unexpected overflowing amount of love. I will try to be Kang Eun Tak, an actor who does his best with sincerity and humility, so that the love and attention I received are not wasted. Thank you so much for being with us for more than half a year.


Source: https://www.chosun.com/entertainments/entertain_photo/2021/02/10/L2C2MJ3OC7WANJNUS36C2A7L4Q/


Lee Chae Young (Han Yu Ra):



"I am very sad that it's about to end. I didn't feel this way with my other projects, but it felt very strange to know that this work was ending. I've been shooting for about eight months, but it hasn't hit me yet. I think it will be an unforgettable work because I received so much love. I couldn't believe that we were already shooting the last scene. I think I should let her go. I'm very sad. Goodbye, Han Yu Ra. I hope it remains in many people's memories.


It was because of child Min Woo (Seo Woo Jin) that I faltered in the middle. It's okay if the target of acting is an adult, but it was mentally difficult to do something wrong to a child because I'm a human being. In fact, the script came out stronger. I asked the director for his understanding and handled it with the emotional lines I could do.

I've played the villain among half of the works I've starred in so far. Even the reaction was fun and good. I don't think playing a villain is necessarily a bad thing. I think there are good things about it.


I don't think I've ever shown a love line or a romantic performance. I think I've only shown a strong image. I do want to act in a melodrama in the future.


I know that I love my role, and if I do my best, even a villain will be loved. An actor's role is important, but I have learned whether they are loved or not depends on what mindset they have. Compared to Yu Ra, we're both honest and straightforward parts. Though, the way I live in the world is completely different than her If I live like Yura, I would be in a prison somewhere. Yura's actions were ridiculous, but I thought of her as a person who lives for survival with a desperate heart.


I have been friends with Eru (Choi Jun Seok) for 17 years. So, it was so cool to meet him as the co-actor in a long time and I was able to act comfortably without feeling awkward. Kang Eun Tak (Lee Tae Poong) takes good care of the staff and has a good personality. I can see why (younger) actors especially follow him.


I fell in love with Kim Hee Jung (Ju Hwa Yeon) through this drama. She's amazing. She also gave me a lot of advice and I received a lot of emotional help even when there was a difficult part in acting. I think I was especially leaning on her. There were many scenes where I screamed at my seniors and confronted them, but if we didn't like each other, I wouldn't have been able to do so comfortably. If I play a villain again, I want to play a villain that's different from the previous villains I've acted as."


Sources: https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2021020811112255195&type=3



Uhm Hyun Kyung (Han Yu Jung):



"My staff who have been with me for 7 months♥

The silent and reliable manager, Ho Chan. Mad unni, the eldest sister who is girlish and caring. My team's vitality, the cutie, the youngest, Seoyoung. Jihyun, the stylist who silently accepts us even if we play around and make fun! And Mr. Makeup, who has been with us for nearly 20 years. Hana, the hair director who always stayed bright with me even in the early morning! Yuju, the sensuous stylist, who had a lot of trouble making more than 200 outfits in this drama! Thanks to that, Han Yu Jung was born! It was really the strongest team and I will never forget! Everyone worked hard and worked hard. Thank you ♥"

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKxvcAJHmFy/


Lee Si Kang (Cha Seo Jun):



"I wish everyone would be happy. Seo Jun will be happy with that ^^

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLEcaWfhIf9/


Jang Tae Hoon (Han Yu Myung):



"I think I've been blessed with a lot of luck. 'Man in a Veil' is my first TV drama debut; it's a unique and affectionate work. Director Shin Chang Seok, the many staff members, and respected seniors took care of me so that I could adapt well, so I felt and learned a lot as an actor and a person for 7 months. As it was the first time, there is a lot to improve. In the future, I will renovate myself and show you a better appearance and further acting. Thank you to the viewers who have sent us a lot of love."

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLGnMXEsjyp/

Lee Il Hwa (Yoon Su Hee / Seo Ji Sook):



"The warm director who thinks of people first, the writer, the staff who worked hard to make a good drama, and the many senior and junior actors all worked hard. It seems to be more meaningful because it has been made with one heart. The drama is over, but I want to continue to have good relationships in the future with the cast. Thank you to everyone who loved 'Man in a Veil' and Yoon Su Hee."

Source: https://tenasia.hankyung.com/drama/article/2021021088404

Chae Bin (Kang Ye Jin):



"I've been with 'Man in a Veil' since last summer, but I'm sad that the filming is over. I was so happy and grateful to see everyone every weekday. I will come back with another project in the future, so please look forward to it."


Sources: https://www.donga.com/news/Entertainment/article/all/20210210/105368160/1



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Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a bit more suffering for our three criminals, but in the end they both got the karma they deserved. YR ended up with either the same disease as her son or close to it and needed a donor with no real hope in sight of getting one. Slowly loosing her mind that she is on a death sentence.  This balances out her running away and leaving her son to die when he needed her marrow so badly to live. Joo ended up having to learn that right before her son died he learned all of her crimes were true and to hear her plotting to once again kill again. He paid with his life to stop her crimes in the end. Now she is in jail for life and she has totally lost her sense of reality and thinks SJ is a child waiting for her at home. The torment of knowing that at the end of his life he learned the truth of his mother and she is the cause of his death has driven her around the bend. This is also why she could not fight anymore in court and lie after hearing who provided the evidence. She now has to live with the fact that her actions killed her son and no one else is responsible. Joo had many chances to turn around and confess , show remorse and listen to her son but she refused. Her actions were never about SJ but her own pride, greed, jealousy and obsession.  Her son is gone due to her own hands after he begged her and begged her to turn herself in to pay for her crimes and come out to be with him and live well. So it may not be physical punishment in hard labor but it is mental punishment for her and YR. 


I hated to see SJ die as I wanted him to go away come back after a time jump and see him be able to have a good relationship with his sister, his hyung and his father. Unfortunately he had to become cannon fodder because of his mother. (a death for so many deaths she caused)The woman had to loose something to wake her up and realize she lost something precious because of her crazy and obsessed behavior. I doubt she is sorry but she will live in turmoil for the rest of her days with her son gone by her hands.  


As for minion Koo well he was just an idiot who was too loyal to someone who was so evil and obsessed. He gave up his life to help this woman out of a misguided sense of loyalty and I can only think that is because her father took him in when he first came to the city. Imagine if they had been good how awesome that would have been but instead he helped her do so much wrong and is willing to go to jail for her crimes as well as his own. Now all of it was for nothing as she still went to jail and is slowly loosing her mind with the death of her son. 


The proposal and kiss at the end was actually fitting for our two leads (considering we are in the mist of a pandemic) as they always had that innocent quality to their love that was sweet. We know that they will go on to marry in our imaginations and live well with one another after so much turmoil to get to this point. 


I applaud any actor and crew that is willing to shoot any form of entertainment at this point with so many risk out there and no one to be able to tell us how the virus is transmitted with out a shadow of a doubt or a real cure even with these rush vaccines.  I am sure they are having to leave their families to shoot these drama's and movies on any continent and they are so brave and dedicated to be able to continue to give us content when things are so crazy now. 


It was fun to take this daily journey with you and I hope to see you all  in the next thread for a new daily soon. 

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OMG The Hans don’t pay for their crime this is sooooo bad and lazy writing so they get away with everything they did and I had to fast forward TP and the Dummy YJ when TP gave her a ring I puke my guts out errrr ghost barfing GIF by Ghostbusters

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@Ldy Gmerm:thumbsup:I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I loved it. It was sweet. I just wish they showed a wedding flash forward and a baby but I found it satisfying. Suprisingly I came away not disliking any actor :lol: The good, bad, ugly, hot, stupid and evil. Cheers!

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Yujung really tops my list for the most useless FL in the entire world of kdramas. 

Her character was a hindrance that served no true purpose. All this could've been done without her existence.

Heck, even Taepoong did a lackluster job and procrastinated on his homework until the last 10 episodes.

I still don't get how his savant syndrome case even applies to him - but ok. I'll let it off since this is a daily.

Haha even a dog and cat would have more chemistry than YJ and TP + all the side romances*.


Lol at today's criminals. Yura seemed more upset about her hair loss than her jail sentence. 

And Madame Joo becomes a delusional mother who somehow still has access to makeup? 

But hey. It's better than Madame suddenly becoming a repenting monk seeking redemption in jail eh.


All I'll remember of this drama: 2nd ML (the true man in the veil) sacrifices his one-sided-incest love to die for the dum OTP.



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haven't had a chance to watch the last episode yet - maybe later during the day.

just peeking my head in to wave and say it was a fun ride with all of you.


this is one of those "so bad it is good" dramas. :joy: much of it didn't make any sense, tae poong, the lead actually didn't end up doing the revenge and was instead distracted by love. second lead seo jun got screwed up by everyone and when he dies, everyone cries -- waaah, why not appreciate him when he was there. nope. oh well. yujung was forever saying "otoke" to everything.


and then we have our villain yura who actually wasn't that smart but seemed to have all the luck. or maybe it was because her opponents were actually not that clever. hahahahah... poor mr koo, no idea why he was so devoted with all those muscles -- at least if he had an affair the villainous lady joo and seo jun was his son, his actions would have made sense. then we can assume thats abs is inherited but we will just roll with it. kekeke...


so yea this was a mad set of characters but on the whole, it was weirdly enjoyable. had a blast laughing at everything in the drama with you. it was a good way to spend six months. catch y'all on another thread!


9 hours ago, Ayame said:

"I wish everyone would be happy. Seo Jun will be happy with that ^^

bwahahahah.... laughing at the hashtag that the actor playing seo jun post on his IG. :lol:

well, we, especially @Ameera Ali @partyon appreciates your sacrifice in going through this cold weather to display those abs. bye mr. kimbap abs!



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So finallly over. This drama was really bad, and I like the actors, I have see them in other projects and they are really good. But this story was bad...but glad we made it to the end. See you all soon in another drama. 

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Finally it ended but...


1.  I am not used to YJ calling the Chairman Dad.

2. That celfone has a powerful battery life.

3. Why didn't Lady Joo & Mr Koo just destroyed that celfone.

4. Why the sudden change of character by The Hans toward their own daughter, parents would   not just leave their child like that no matter how bad she committed. 

5.  Lady Joo still managed to slip in her expensive make up while in prison? 

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in the end everyone has settled down and will live happily, but the bad guys have not repented for their actions.
It will take me a few days to recover and metabolize the death of the JS character in the plot, in fact I avoid all the historical kdrama because in the end someone who always had a good heart dies or goes to a bad end. In the finale there is not even a picture of JS in that house, to remember it there is only the speech of his mother in prison, so the pain of the tragedy lasted for everyone until the funeral, which we have not even seen!
I know that life goes on, but when the mother, father and child died I saw the difficulty of moving on, instead with JS I had the feeling that everyone said patience is a shame, as you do when someone dies with whom we have no ties but we are sorry out of courtesy, that a person becomes a simple parenthesis shows how little important it, saddens me.
The author also made it the most important key to concluding his work, but he made him die, for how he built the ending the life or death option looks like the result of a coin toss.:phew:
I won't follow the next drama I got the idea that a lot of people will die in the end if they took a cue from the original.

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well it was fun watching this. I'm sad that SJ died, he was the real MVP here but I find it so frustrating whenever I see characters just standing there waiting to get hit by the car, both of them could've avoided getting hit. Meanwhile in True Beauty those 2 guys got hit by a car and they're still alive with minor injuries <_< SJ didn't even look like his parents lmao he actually looked more like Mr. Koo. He ending up liking his own sister reminds me of a plot twist in a Shoujo manga I read many years ago. 

I like the BGM hope they can release the OST for it, like that acoustic guitar music that plays sometimes during YR's scenes. But I see they still didn't release the music for Gracious Revenge & Fatal Promise.. although I saw the music soundtrack for A Place in the Sun & Love to the End got released in 2020 so I still have hope.  

I still don't get the meaning over "in a Veil"? 

Looking forward to the next daily drama Miss Montecristo! 

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bwaahahahah... the writer does have sense of humour. yumyung says his next project is "woman in veil". :joy: so even writer and PD agrees that yura was the woman!


and the ending had a montage of behind the scenes -- this one was hilariously priceless! was cracking up on seeing this -- how I wish we had a full scene of fur thug dancing. then we could have had @Ameera Ali do a gif. :joy:


for disco fans everywhere!



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@Lmangla Sweetie, we need a final poll. :partyblob:


I would love to know:

1) Who people hated the most (I vote for the evil screaming lady, but I hear that some people didn't like the writer of this drama :D )

2) The death of Mr. Abs: necessary?

3) Would people watch this drama again :D

4) Which drama trope people liked/hated the most?

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4 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

@partyon ~ :joy: ... one last poll, it is!.

calling all chingus for one last time for the final poll!


Thank you sweetie! :dorakiss:

I struggled with the last question because I didn't even watch it the first time :joy:

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1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

one last poll, it is!.

Damn, the question about disliking characters was hard for me. Very hard, since I disliked pretty much everyone.


The writing was terrific and not the good kind... I hope the writer never writes again.

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