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@partyon ~ ... one last poll, it is!. calling all chingus for one last time for the final poll!   EDIT: tagging some folks - sorry if I missed any... @yamiyugi @seungshin @afv @

Here is the translation of the final scene of the final episode. (I'll be posting the full TV ratings for all the episodes, so I'll probably make another post later today.)   I also post the

Good ending as with any daily it could have been so much worse and unsatisfying. I call this a win and it goes on my keep list. Some maybe frustrated at what this writer did and some may have wanted a

@partyon To answer your question, yes you can see his abs in Because of You, lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycmtsatnFtY




Episode 104 Video Preview

(There's no translation for the video preview since it was uploaded separately on youtube after it aired on KBS. I posted the English translation for the written preview below instead.)


Episode 104 Written Preview (English Translation)

Seo Jun, who rescues Tae Poong and gets hit by Yu Ra's car instead, is taken to the hospital. Yu Jung and his family, who hear of Seo Jun's accident, run to the hospital. Meanwhile, Yu Ra, who's on a wanted list, asks Suk Ja for help to escape secretly overseas. Hwa Yeon, shocked by what's happened to Seo Jun, decides to deal with Yu Ra and Tae Poong...


Ending Scene of Episode 103

English Translation (from Kocowa):
-YR driving in her car, she's making a phone call as she's driving-
YR: Why isn't he answering his phone? Did he take care of Choi Jun Seok or not?
(Meanwhile further down the road, TP is on the sidewalk on his phone)
TP: Hello, Sang Tae.
ST (on phone): I've caught the guy who watches Han Yu Ra's back. Mr. Choi is safe. What about you? Did you find it?
TP: Yes. I'm in front of the police station now.
(YR sees TP on the sidewalk)
YR: That's Lee Tae Poong.
(YR pulls over and sees the police station)
YR: What? Did he find it already? No way. No, Lee Tae Poong!
(TP hangs up and is crossing the street. YR is about to run TP over with her car, but SJ pushes TP out of the way to save him and gets hit instead)
TP: Seo Jun... Seo Jun! Hey, Seo Jun! Wake up, Seo Jun! Seo Jun. Seo Jun, please. Wake up!
(YR gets out of her car in shock)
TP: Seo Jun, wake up. Seo Jun! Help us.
YR: Why? Why are you here?
TP: No, Seo Jun! Wake up, Seo Jun!
(YR gets back in her car and drives away)
TP: Help us. Please call an ambulance. Seo Jun, no! Seo Jun! Seo Jun!
(SJ opens his eyes.)
SJ: Hyung.
TP: Yes, Seo Jun. They called an ambulance. Hang in there until it gets here.
SJ: Are you okay, Hyung?
TP: I'm okay, so stop talking. You're in pain. Don't talk.
SJ: That's a relief. I'm glad you're not hurt.
TP: Seo Jun.
SJ: Hyung. I'm sorry.
TP: Seo Jun, wake up.
(SJ loses consciousness)
TP: Seo Jun, no! Seo Jun! Hey, Seo Jun! Don't do this. Somebody, call an ambulance! Wake up, Seo Jun. Don't do this to me, please. Seo Jun, open your eyes. Hey, wake up!

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1 hour ago, partyon said:

EDIT: @Lmangla sweetie, we need a poll on this thread!

hahahha... am totally zapped on ideas -- is it about whether mr. abs should show off some kimbap abs before dying?


I was totally betting on tae poong dying or losing his brain. can I say I am disappointed? guess I will have to change my DP or post a disney character pic. cheers to donald duck!




here are the poll results from last time:

Name of poll: place your bets  


Q1. who do you think will win in the battle between yura and lady joo?

1. lady joo will try to off yura at some point ~ 4 votes

2. yura will try to off lady joo ~ 1 votes

3. both will try to off each other, lose and end up in jail ~ 9 votes

4. not sure what this writer will cook up ~ 3 votes


Q2. what do you think will happen to tae poong?

1. he will die ~ 4 votes

2. he will lose his genius brain ~ 5 votes

3. nothing will happen except for headaches ~ 6 votes

4. not sure what this writer will cook up ~ 2 votes


Bet: winners could change DP to kimbap while losers could change DP to any of the Disney characters (Minne Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck).

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5 minutes ago, chococarmela said:

What the hell? I know I hated SJ but I did not want him to die.


I didn't hate him. The only times I disliked him was when he forced YJ to date him (when he threatened her to harm TP). Otherwise I felt sorry for him.

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7 minutes ago, chococarmela said:

What the hell? I know I hated SJ but I did not want him to die.

I expected it @chococarmela because  if TP dies, they will never get justice for his mom and the other victims.. lololo

@nohamahamoud2002  When I saw preview on friday, I suspected he would get hurt or die. Writer is trying hard to redeem. those  EVIL WENCHES. LADY JOO AND HAN YURA


Look at HYR's mom she is helping YR escape.  There are two episode left.  So i believe YR will get caught tomorrow or on wednesday

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13 minutes ago, partyon said:

I will always remember you and your abs..... :cry:


That only way we can remember him , other wise is so disturbing to remember him as THE DUDE WHO WAS STILL HAVING FEELING FOR HIS SISTER :mrgreen:




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@UnniSarah You will think how proud Mr Koo is that he was serving in army with mate or winning Olympic medal with his captain :mrgreen::joy:






Me , man you should have try bedding her not do whatever you can  to keep the chairman next to her like a chair :D - what a wasted 30 years for nothing 


family matters what GIF



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Seojun is such a pitiful guy.

He started off as an arsehole but who knew his life would spiral into disastrous incestrous story, his mom would practically become an underground serial killer, his two friends were always off in their own world secluding him. Honestly till the end, this tweedle-dee-tweedle-dum couple chose to keep everything from him "for his sake". *Despite him knowing like 70% of everything + he had to find out himself. Like bruh that stuff isn't CIA confidential - why can't y'all just spill it. He has to know his mother doesn't deserve an overseas redemption vacay, but a lifetime prison time for several counts of (unattempted+) murder/fraud/all the crimes I can't count.

He was a victim of everyone's big problems and always the one stuck in between because his idiot mother's endless greed. Lady Joo be pitting blame on everyone for her son's death but herself - wake up woman.

The writer and everyone did him dirty.

May he rest in peace. 


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This writer is probably a studio's darling. He would write anything to keep the audience. There are no characters that I can empathise with. It is more of annoying characters - all main-

and less annoying - supporting.

At least put some depth to  the protagonists so the audience could feel for them or with them. Copious crying was the replacement for character development. Both TP and YJ were given a few episodes that I had enjoyed then phutttt... back to bland toothy smiles or inscrutable stares.:smirk:

Or perhaps the antagonists could have some depth. YR was screaming and snarling, alternating with smirks, fake smiles. Joo was always manipulating.


The storylines were numerous and non compelling. I think most of us stayed or left and came back to see what will happen to those idiots finally or to watch SJ's abs.

I came back to see Han father's hilarious acting. He was at it again last night. Arms folded while delivering his lines and the rest of the family could not even sit still.:Megalol:


The only non-idiot YR turned moronic last night. Why would she try to run over TP with her car in a place with CCTVs everywhere? At least, use a stolen car, that's YR's style.:surprisedwut:


May you writer have writer's cramps and writer's block for the rest of the year. Write this a million times


' I shall not create anymore plays with idiot characters':skull:

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@maribella Well said this story lacked character growth. Aren’t you glad it is only 105 episodes. 

I think you asked who was the man in veil. I think it is TP. The letter he wrote was the YT was to disguise himself when her didn’t need to because she never met TP. Smh smh 

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RIP SJ(‘s abs), I never liked him but I can say he didn’t deserve this fate. I wanted him to have the last laugh so bad and spit in YR’s face


episode 1 sniffles GIF

honestly I really want to slap the mom so bad. SHE’S STILL TRYING TO DEFEND YR!!!! AFTER ALL THE THINGS SHE’S DONE!! There’s no limit to this preposterous amount of stupidity, JEEBUS! They should put her in jail along with her beloved daughter, she’s an accomplice!


@maribella is right, this writer shouldn’t be allowed to write any more dramas. The amount of stupidity is preposterous.

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26 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

@maribella Well said this story lacked character growth. Aren’t you glad it is only 105 episodes. 

I think you asked who was the man in veil. I think it is TP. The letter he wrote was the YT was to disguise himself when her didn’t need to because she never met TP. Smh smh 

@UnniSarah that's 52.5 hours too long. This could be the 16 hour -20 hour drama that we could watch laugh and move on.  TP is the man in veil?  Kdrama titles more often than not confuse me.  Screaming and scheming women should be more appropriate. We will be seeing YR till the last half hour tomorrow, no doubt.


When I watched the preview and saw Joo getting into TP's face, it's deja vu. KDramas seem to have someone yelling and the other person, passively listening. TP should push her away or YJ should scream back at her, it would be more fun for us and more realistic too.


@Ameera Ali as if furry henchman can fool anyone into thinking he is a doctor. Not even in an army hospital :joy:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020-2021] A Man in a Veil, 비밀의 남자

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