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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行


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It's a wrap for Season 1!


Enjoyed watching all eps, and will likely watch it again. The dry humour of the father and son duo, the God of Sword, sarcastic Jiang Ni, even the pokerface Qing Niao (Remove the door! Hahaha!), and the rest of the group travelling with XFN will be missed. If there would be Season 2, it will be great to see the Season 1 all or most of the cast back, including the guest stars reprising their roles.




IMO, it's very fitting that Season 1's finale episode is partial closure and the chance to avenge the death of the Lady of North Liyang.


For their mother, the Xu sisters can get along so well. Even adopted brother Chen Zibao and Xu Fengnian who are arch-enemies and arch-rivals  would cast aside their differences and enmity for their mother.


Zhao Kai seems to have redeemable qualities, but having the head eunuch as his master spoiled his chances. No doubt his master wanted the best for him; however, the head eunuch would also be using the illegitimate prince for his own gains.


I like it a lot that XFN has a good sense of summum bonum which balances well with his ambitions. His being grounded and close interactions with the locals gave him that keen awareness on upholding peace and quiet life for the people under his care and protection, thus choosing to avoid widespread conflicts and chaos by all means. 



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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行

At least the ending was not left with a cliffhanger. A new trip for a new season, so that's not too bad.

I enjoyed a lot of the complex plans and the revelations of them throughout the show. . Xu Feng Nian was the centre of the universe which was fine by me. He was totally the 'young master' (when he had the power) but with a righteous heart and was smarty smart. Dad Xu Xiao was the chess master of chess master and the adorable dad at home. The humour was good. Great mix of characters, although it really seemed like XFN won the jackpot (or was unfortunate) in encountering every top ranking powerful martial artists around.

I guess those (minor) characters who said 'till we meet again' are probably due to appear again in future season. I'm looking forward to seeing Miss HeHe the most (even though she didn't say see you soon). She is so cute and deadly.



Memories of old Huang at Wu Di City was a nice touch. I fell into a likewise nostaglia. 

I loved the reunion of all the siblings. And felt for XFN when they all had to part again. His resolve to take over Bei Liang is always for his family to be together.

Surprised at the random appearance of Nam Gong Pu Ye at the showdown but I liked it because firstly, good to have another martial arts to help and good to see her out and about instead of just reading books inside the pavilion. She seems happy for XFN to keep her sabres.

But I would have liked XFN to have joined in the fight earlier. The writers have him organize the showdown but doesn't have him straight in there for the avenge.

Zhao Kai: I was surprised that he died. For sure his master seemed like a goner but I totally expected him to escape to make more mischief in S2. Sad too b/c he was unintentionally funny and entertaining. The way the Liu Duan Duan played it was good.


On 1/12/2022 at 12:36 AM, a_tumiwa said:
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1a. so who is the teacher of miss hehe? child ancestor only said "so you are his disciple...."  


1b. this miss hehe, next time she showed up , should be far stronger because absorbing  child ancestor's inner energy


2. XFN's true woman is Qing Niao!! stay with him all the time

3.  it's pity we only see 2 adopted son of xu xiao, while he had six

4. i thought Xu fengnian's spy at palace was that princess, who can guess it's actually General Gu Jiantang, someone that we havents seen his face yet.

5.  what realm is Eunuch Han? Zhu xian or just another tianxian?

6. why Zhao kai called eunuch han "Tai" shifu , that mean the teacher of teacher?

7. Hong xixiang 's long sleep explanation?

8. the final battle should be more climax if XFN use the ninth sword of old huang



2. Qing Niao is one of my fave. But I think she is too loyal to express her feelings, and is more of a protector type. And looks like XFN only likes Jiang Ni. Near the end, I kinda ship her with General Ling as they kinda look compatible when they're in the same frame. 

6. Zhao Kai calls him 'Da Shi Fu'. I thought it just sounds like a more respectable way of calling him master....maybe..just guessing. 



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I just finished this series a few days ago, watched the whole thing in 2 days. It was such a good watch! Yeah, there were some slow-paced episodes but I didn't mind it since I enjoyed watching XFN. I watched a review on yt before watching this series and the main complaint seemed to be the fighting scenes, but I didn't mind it much. I watched this show for it's plot. Anyways, I wanted to list somethings I enjoyed... bear with me, I'm horrible with names. :crybaby:


1. ZRY as XFN!!! He's not the best looking guy, but I enjoy his acting. I watched the beginning of JOL (only up to the child actor's part), so this character is refreshing for me after watching other series with not so smart ML. HuJun as Xu Xiao! I've liked this actor since his appearance in Demi Gods & Semi Devils, even tho his character is very different from that series, I am just awed by how well he portrayed XX. I love that XFN and XX are so smart! When they are in the same scene, my attention is completely on them.


2. Old Huang... he's such a good character! How he decides to throw away his wood box... but XFN finds it in the lake... LOL!!! Their potato stealing scene! The fishing with bare hands! The 3 years together would be super funny to watch. How he bragged about how good at fighting he was AFTER going thru all the troubles. I wanted to see more of him.


3. The relationship of the Xu family. At first the intro of the father, Xu Xiao, was like this almighty Lord who didn't have a heart. And thought his family would suffer from his coldness and stuff, but then... when he was all nervous to go into his son's room... I was like... huh? Then he was like, 'we got new maids? Tell them the family rules' ... I started laughing so hard. I love how the youngest brother basically worships XFN, the part he piggybacked XFN back to the mansion was so cute. The two older sisters and their love for XFN is touching, even tho second sis doesn't sugar-coat any words. And when the father gave XFN the options to deal with the youngest son... XFN really was like... 'you're gonna kill him?!' LOL!!! I wish this doesn't change, it would be a shame if their relationship changes.


4. Xu Xiao choosing not to avenge his wife. He knew everything and had the manpower to avenge and then do some more damage, but he chose not to, it must of had been so hard for him. It shows what a great person he is, he would make a GREAT Emperor/King.


5. The diverse female maids and the swordswoman. I like Qing Niao most out of all the females in this series, she is willing to die for XFN and even refuses to leave him when she was severely injured. As for Jiang Ni... I also do feel that she is a miscast. She feels more like a bratty younger sister and I was 90% annoyed with her appearance in the scenes... her facial expressions and her movements just seems so out of place?


6. The lower-level fighters' fights... it feels like the more powerful the character is... the less they move? That fight scene on the mountain with the two super powerful characters... tornadoes and all... they barely touched and used cgi... that sort of fight is super boring to me. I like the fight scenes where they were 'ambushed' when Pei Nan Wei came to send XFN off.


7. The fight to avenge their mother. I was so confused as to why XFN wanted boats/ships earlier on, but when the sisters and brother arrived... I was like... okay, this makes sense. And the appearance of Chen Zhi Bao was especially shocking to me. I thought he had betrayed his adopted father when he hadn't made an appearance at the end. The fight could have been a little better but the reveal of the actual traitor... I went as far as to think XFN was in that iron suit! I knew he wasn't in the carriage with God of Sword, but I was like... how is XFN able to appear at that river? 


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just want to refresh memory


XFN's journey


back to  Beiliang after 3 years went outside to the martial world - Wudang sect - back to Beiliang - Qingyang sect on mount Qingcheng - Qingzhou - Yangzhou - Hui Shan (xuanyuan clan) - Longhu san  - Shangyin Academy - Wudi city - go overseas


i hope the order is not wrong :)

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