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[Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온


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Thanks for all the updates and posting pictures and articles on the drama @Jillia


This drama was quite good. It had a good message about bullying, friendship, communication. Also liked how realistically it portrayed how the power and influence of social media. 8 episodes was sufficient as it didn't really have a strong enough plot to sustain more episodes - even episode 8 felt a bit like filler. 


Jung Da Bin as the female lead is really good and carries the drama.  I found her cold, nonchalant character refreshing and enjoyed the mystery aspect of discovering what had happened in her past and who was sending the threatening messages in the present.


The male lead is...OK. I saw he is an idol with no acting experience and it shows. He isn't terrible but he isn't good either. He is just average.  The character is pretty stoic and non-emotional so he portrays that competently a but I think a real, talented actor could have given the character more depth and made him less bland.  I found his hairstyle unattractive too, it looked so thin and limp.  It looked better after he washed his hair and was covering his forehead and when he styled ita bit for their date at the end.


The romantic chemistry between the FL and ML wasn't spectacular but it was cute.  I wasn't that invested in the love line but I did appreciate that they communicated about their feelings for each other.   I actually thought Ho Rang and So Hyun had better chemistry than the romantic leads!:lol:


Yang Hye Ji as Ji So Hyun was the other stand out actor and character in the drama. Her acting was very believable and I loved the portrayal of the complex friendship with Ho-Rang. 


The rest of the supporting cast were fine.  Yu Shin was amusing and a good friend to Ho Rang.  Didn't care about the annoying, bickering friend couple at all. I would have liked to get to know the rest of the broadcasting club better over that boring couple arguing/breaking up/getting together throughout the drama.

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Just finished watching this drama and boy am I glad it was just 8 episodes as I felt that's all I could have tolerated. Even thought the series was short it was filled with numerous issues high school students face, be it friendship, gossip/rumors, first love/crushes, bullying, misunderstandings and reliance on social media etc.


Eun-Taek & Ho-Rang relationship journey was sweet and honest. I especially liked that they had different personalities which blended well together and not to mention they looked great together on screen.


As for Woo-Jae & Jae-Yi they acted like a typical high school couple, lovey dovey one minute, break up the next, bad talk each other with friends, then viola.... back to lovey dovey again. So predictable! I liked their couples ring too, very cute.


Yoo-Shin with his lovely dimples brought about a fun factor to the drama with his crush on So-Hyeon. I did feel a bit sorry for him with how hard he had to try to get her to like him and take him seriously. However, his perseverance is admirable.


Finally, as for Hee-Soo is it just me who thinks she had the perfect evil face to act that part, especially that devious smile of hers. What a total sly bit**h and psycho she turned out to be and even playing the victim, what a laugh!

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