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[Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온


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JTBC Drama

Live On


Network: JTBC

Genre: Coming-of-Age, Teen drama

Episodes: 8

Release Date: November 17th, 2020 - January 5th, 2021

Runtime: Tuesdays @ 21:30 KST

Director: Kim Sang-Woo

Writer: Bang Yoo-Jung

Website: HERE

Plot Synopsis

Baek Ho-Rang (Jung Da-Bin) is a high school student. Due to her pretty appearance, she is popular on social media and at her school. Yet, Baek Ho-Rang only has one friend, due to her condescending personality. Baek Ho-Rang encounters a problem. She learns that someone is trying to unveil her secret. To find that anonymous person, Baek Ho-Rang joins her high school's broadcasting club. Go Eun-Taek (Minhyun) is the chief of the broadcasting club. He is a perfectionist and respected by the club members.


Minhyun as Go Eun-Taek



Jung Da-Bin as Baek Ho-Rang



Ro Jong Hyun as Do Woo Jae



Yang Hye Ji as Ji So Hyun



Yeon Woo as Kang Jae Yi



Choi Byung Chan as Kim Yoo Shin



Hyeon Woo-Seok

Yang Jung-Yeon as Hee Won

Lee Se-Hee as Jung Hee Soo

Woo Da-Vi as Eun Ha

Ji Ui-Jung as Ho-Rang's classmate

Choi Su-Jin as Ho-Rang's classmate

Kang Hae-Lim as Park Hye-Rim


Character Chart:





Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:



Other Posters:










Teaser 1


Teaser 2





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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온 - Jung Da-bin & NU'EST's Min-hyun
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Jung Da Bin, NU’EST’s Minhyun, And More Gather For Script Reading Of Upcoming JTBC Drama

Jung Da Bin, NU’EST’s Minhyun, And More Gather For Script Reading Of Upcoming JTBC Drama

Aug 4, 2020
by J. Lim

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Live On” (literal title) has released photos from their first script reading!

The script reading took place with director Kim Sang Woo, scriptwriter Bang Yoo Jung, and the main cast that includes NU’EST’s Minhyun, Jung Da Bin, Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji, Yeonwoo, and VICTON’s Byungchan.

“Live On” is set to be a romance drama of two completely different characters, Seo Yeon High School celebrity Baek Ho Rang (played by Jung Da Bin), who enters the school’s broadcasting club with suspicious motives, and Go Eun Taek (played by Minhyun), the head of the broadcasting club.

Alongside them is Do Woo Jae (Noh Jong Hyun), who helps keep things orderly at the school and is close friends with Go Eun Taek as they both share an appreciation for putting logic and rationality above all else. Yang Hye Ji will take on the role of Ji So Hyun, the deputy head of the broadcasting club and a hardworking student with impressive grades. Kang Jae Yi (played by Yeonwoo) is Do Woo Jae’s girlfriend who showers him with love, while Byungchan will play Kim Yoo Shin, a Beagle-like, ingenuous guy.


The actors are said to have shown great chemistry at the script reading, falling deeper into their characters as they turned the pages. The quick-paced conversations and energetic atmosphere were enough to transport everyone back to high school.

Minhyun set aside his signature sweetness to become the cold perfectionist that Go Eun Taek is, while Jung Da Bin transformed into Baek Ho Rang, a social media influencer who believes she’s better than everyone. Noh Jong Hyun, Yang Hye Ji, Yeonwoo, and Byungchan also added more fun to the script by bringing their characters to life.

“Live On” is set to premiere in November.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Short Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온 - Tuesdays @ 21:30 KST - Jung Da-bin & NU'EST's Min-hyun - Premieres on November 17th
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온 - Tuesdays @ 21:30 KST

I had high expectations as this came from the director of Extraordinary You but the pilot episode was a bit all over the place....the school kids aren't all that funny or easy to warm up to or interesting. This includes Ho-Rang and Eun Tak as well, they are pretty standard male and female leads. I liked the ending, it amped up the tension right amount. What I liked is that they are pretty on point in terms of showing how hooked to social media the kids are. Everything else felt watered down version of what it could've been.

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EVENT: Guess the k-drama (game)


Chingus, it's time for a little friendly game. Your Event Organizers "I Love Gossip" and "Give Me the Goss" have written clues, you guess which dramas we are referring to.


Come on over and test your k-drama knowledge!:kiss_wink:


re: @Lmangla

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This is from the writer of Extraordinary You? Well, there is a mystery element in it that reminds me of Age of Youth series.  I like the social media infusion in this drama, it makes it more real. The first episode is lukewarm, though. I also haven't found any of the characters compelling (yet?).


It's interesting to see what will happen next, since the guy also axed the girl who confessed to him and joined the club on false pretenses. One would expect that Horang would be kicked out immediately, though of course that would not be the intention of the storyline. 


I'll keep watching as I am curious about what the mystery surrounding the social influencer is. 

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I think I may be giving up on this drama, or being close to it. None of the characters (nor actors) appeal to me. It's all flat delivery and boring to me - and there's just not enough story, rather scenes after scenes stacked one after another.  


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If someone ask me why I am watching this, I don't think I have a reason why other than I just enjoy watching it. Maybe it is because of Byungchan's dimple and sunny character.  :rainbow:


The characters and the plot is not really something new. Despite the mystery angle waiting to be solved, the story is quite light and breezy. Jung Da Bin really sold her character with how she act strong and nonchalant about things at the same time being so vulnerable and soft. I love how her name literally mean Tiger and it is befitting with her personality. :heartxoxo:


3 more episodes to go that while I can't wait for it I sort of don't want it to end. However, I don't really think it has plotline enough to cover longer episodes without dragging everything that I am glad it has only 8 episodes. I can't wait to watch So Hyun figuring things out and help Ho Rang to get out of the rumour mess and be BFF again. :hwaiting:

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Thanks @Jillia Reliable with clips and posts. I have been diligently watching this lovely drama.

@kdramagrandma Glad to see you watching this too. Just easy breezy for me and once a week and nothing too heavy. I am enjoying the OTP, sidekick friend with cute dimples. Sad it is ending next week. Glad that BHR finally announced she was the VICTIM and NOT the Bully. It was about time.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] Live On, 라이브온

Due to this drama and others in 2020, I watched Extraordinary You from 2019. I marathoned it and enjoyed it alot.


Though different obviously, I have a penchance to like High School dramas. I don't know why, keeps me young at heart. LOL. Maybe the innocence and thrills of first love, kiss etc awareness of liking someone else.


Cute drama and I am glad I watched it. Though there was the dark aspect it was enjoyable to watch. Looking forward to the last episode of this short drama.


ep 7 ending CUTE



ep 8 preview 


scenes from ep 7 





Glad that BHR got to say the truth. 

Also confirm her feelings for her GET! 

Her broadcast on the radio was LONG OVERDUE. While watching this, I was thinking WHY doesn't she share what happened? Though embarrassing, being a VICTIM is NOTHING to be ashamed of. The girl being ignored and so spiteful to do that to BHR. 


Glad her friends TOLD her that they cared and were not LIKING her behavior to shove them away.


Looking forward to BHR no longer needing to be tense and also enjoying OTP time with her now confirmed boy friend.


Thanks @Jillia for your prior posts.

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Hi @Nodame! Glad to see you here too. I actually started watching this without any expectation but surprisingly, I look forward to the next episodes every week. I guess Choi Byung Chan's dimples  are really working to keep me reeling in. :bashful:


On 1/6/2021 at 1:32 AM, Nodame said:

Though different obviously, I have a penchance to like High School dramas. I don't know why, keeps me young at heart. LOL. Maybe the innocence and thrills of first love, kiss etc awareness of liking someone else.


Are you me? I usually love to check out High School drama too. Given that it is not overly cringey and the storyline is not overly complicated. It is also the perfect kind of drama to check out new faces. :elated:

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@kdramagrandma Hello My friend! YESH glad to see I am not the only one enjoying High School dramas.:waves: Hehe.

Yes Choi Byung Chan's dimples are LIFE! :wow1: I love seeing his smile every time he is on screen!


So it ended this week (I think?) I haven't seen it yet but 


Hope to see you more around my friend! :cutekitty:


Now bunch of goodies of the drama



LOL Is our ML jealous?


More goodies shared about the drama and certain characters






NUEST member Min Hyuk Behind 





Bi BI OST song for Live ON





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6 hours ago, Nodame said:

So it ended this week (I think?) I haven't seen it yet.


I am not sure why but it seems like it was not airing this week. I always watch it on iQiyi and they always update by Wednesday noon but there is still no new episode. I checked out asianwiki or equivalent that the last airing date will be on 12th Jan. :brokenheart:

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@kdramagrandma Thanks my friend!! No wonder , I was looking forward to our OTP first real date after their mutual confession.  Also seeing how her friends are together after her confession live broadcast at school.


At least we have True Beauty, A Love So Beautiful right now to tide us over.

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@Nodame For some reason I want triple date for all the couples. It can be chaotic with all the clashing personalities but it will be fun watching them just hangout, finally putting and accepting all their differences aside, teasing each other to death.  :sparklyeyes:


HAHAHA. I am loving True Beauty even though I have to admit I did mute some scene because I couldn't take the cringe and I haven't watch A Love So Beautiful yet because of Yo Han. I watched him on Produce X 101 before, while acknowledging he is charming, I have always been indifferent about him.  

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Hello my dear friend @kdramagrandma :heythere:


I never watched Producer X 101 so to me he is unknown entity-- Yo Han. But True Beauty LOL it can be major cringe but I like it. LOL.:tounge_wink:


Oh a triple date would be VERY noisy and active but it would be funny too. But I don't think the writers will be kind to us and do that though. LOL.


New preview of ep 8--- oh my god. Based on the Korean I heard is going to be a STICKY sweet love dovey finale.



Though no episode another post from older episodes




TGIF and enjoy your weekend my friend!

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I am done with EP 12 and I am satisfied with how it ended. Baek Ho Rang got herself a boyfriend, mended her friendship with So Hyun and gaining a new friend, Jae Yi. Go Eun Taek moving on and accepted that even his mom leaving him, he still can rely on her when he needed her. Yoo Shin and So Hyun finally a couple and Jae Yi and Woo Jae solving their differences trying their best to talk it out instead of bottling in everything. 


After watching EP 12, I can't help noticing how mature Yoo Shin is when he answered So Hyun about why he never asked her about her ex-boyfriend. He gives her space and he only display his affection accordingly and waited for So Hyun to accept him. Overall, I am satisfied with this drama. :elated:

A little trivia and promotion;


Min Hyun and Byung Chan are both already debuted idols who regain fame after their stint in the Produce franchise. I am glad that they are able to gain enough attention to be cast in a drama especially for Byung Chan. He left the show just a few weeks before the final voting due to ankle injury. Byung Chan just had his group comeback and I feel like including little promotion for him.  



and this is where it started for me to noticing him. This was his last performance in Produce and he was already injured quite badly even before he starts preparing for this performance. 




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