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[Drama 2020/2021] True Beauty, 여신강림


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tvN Drama

True Beauty


Network: tvN

Genre: comedy, romance, drama

Episodes: 16

Airdate: December 9th, 2020 - January 28th, 2020

Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST

Director: Kim Sang Hyub

Writer: Lee Si Eun

Website: HERE




It is a story of a young woman who doesn’t want to be caught without makeup on, and she experiences a heart-fluttering love story with a man who is the only one who knows what her bare face looks like. 

After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy, comic book fan masters the art of make-up, then sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl literally overnight. But will her elite status be short-lived? How long can she keep her “real self” a secret? And what about that cute boy she likes? Could you imagine if he found out the truth?




Moon Ga Young as Lim Joo Kyung


A high school girl who turned into a popular 'goddess' thanks to her makeup skills.

JuGyeong is a second-year high school student. She is the most beautiful woman in the universe, but that is only through makeup. There is a huge difference before and after makeup.


Cha Eun Woo as Lee Su Ho


He is a perfect man who is the top student at school. Although he steals the spotlight wherever he goes, he is not interested in anyone and is not amused by girls lining up to confess to him.


Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun


He is an attractive student, who despite being a tough looking guy, he is actually a nice person.


Park Yoo Na as Kang Soo Jin


She is the cool and feisty “goddess” of Saebom High School. She has both beauty and brains, and she is also from a prominent family. She will become intertwined with Lee Su Ho and Im Joo Kyung.


Ju-gyeong's family


Im Se-mi as Im Hee-gyeong

Ju-gyeong's older sister, as well as her mother's favorite daughter.


Park Ho-san as Im Dae-soo

Father of Ju-gyeong and Hee-gyeong


Su-ho's family


Jung Joon-ho as Lee Joo-heon

Su-ho's father, the CEO of an entertainment company.


Other people


Kang Min-ah as Choi Soo-ah, Ju-gyeong's new friend

Oh Eui-sik as Han Joon-woo

Lee Sang-jin as Ahn Hyeon-gyu

Shin Jae-hui as Lee Seong-yong, Han Seo-jun's friend.

Jang Hye-jin as Hong Hyun-suk

Jeon Hye-won as Park Sae-mi

Han Yi-young




Kang Chan-hee as Yoon Se-yeon


Character Chart:











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Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, And Hwang In Yeob Confirmed To Lead Drama Adaption Of Hit Webtoon “True Beauty”

by U. Kim | Aug 11, 2020


tvN’s upcoming drama “True Beauty” has confirmed its main cast of Moon Ga Young, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, and Hwang In Yeob!

“True Beauty,” based on the popular webtoon of the same name, is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Im Joo Kyung, who is insecure about her appearance and uses makeup to make herself appear beautiful to the world. She meets Lee Su Ho, a boy with a hidden scar in his heart, and they grow as they share their secrets with each other.

Moon Ga Young will play Im Joo Kyung, who doesn’t want to be caught without makeup on. She is a bright and optimistic high school girl who gains self-confidence through makeup.

Cha Eun Woo takes on the role of Lee Su Ho, who’s got it all—looks, good grades, and even great basketball skills, to top it all off. Everyone is head over heels for him, but he isn’t interested in others.

Playing the role of Han Seo Joon, whose visuals are said to be on par with Lee Su Ho’s, is the rookie actor Hwang In Yeob. Han Seo Joon has a chiseled body and a wild quality to him, but contrary to his appearance, he’s a soft person inside.

Rookie actor Hwang In Yeob caught the eye of the public through his role in “The Tale of Nokdu,” where he impressed with his sharp gaze and martial arts skills.

It was previously revealed that Park Yoo Na was offered the role of Kang Soo Jin, the cool and feisty “goddess” of Saebom High School, but there has yet to be an update on the status of her casting.

The production team of “True Beauty” shared, “We have confirmed Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Hwang In Yeob as the main cast. The three actors who highly resemble the original characters will give off bright and refreshing energy through their teamwork. We will greet you with a lovely rom-com within the second half of the year. Please show lots of anticipation and attention for ‘True Beauty.'”

“True Beauty” will be directed by Kim Sang Hyub, who has led “The King Loves” and “Extraordinary You,” and written by Lee Si Eun of the “Rude Miss Young Ae” series.

Source (1)




OSEN | 2020. 08. 12.
Cha Eunwoo (Astro) to transform into perfect boy in drama "True Beauty"


Cha Eunwoo is cast as the male lead of the new drama "True Beauty".

Today (August 12), the management agency Fantagio informed, "Cha Eunwoo has been cast in the new drama "True Beauty" (tvN), which is set to be aired in the second half of this year."

Adapted from the same-titled original webtoon, "True Beauty" is a rom-com drama about Ju Gyeong - who transforms into a goddess with makeup after a period of time she felt insecure about her appearance, and Su Ho - a boy carrying an emotional scar. After meeting each other, the two gradually confide their secrets, grow up, and regain their self-esteem.

In the drama, Cha Eunwoo plays Lee Su Ho, a handsome cold-hearted boy. With a handsome visual and excellent academic performance when ranking first in school, Su Ho attracts all the attention yet he is an ice prince who does not care about anyone. In particular, with a high synchro rate with the character, Cha Eunwoo promises to portray a Lee Soo Ho who looks cold and cranky but has a warm and gentle heart.

Besides, Cha Eunwoo is proving his position as an "all-round entertainer" through dynamic activities in various fields. In addition to performing on the stage as a member of Astro, doing well in the MC role and on entertainment shows, the male idol is being noticed for his extraordinary aura in advertisements. Plus, he portrayed the maturity process of the characters in "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" and "Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung" with his distinctive charisma. Therefore, all attention is focused on the new concept he will display through "True Beauty" this winter.

"True Beauty" - a new work starring an actor lineup with "surreal" visuals as if they just came out of the comic book, including Cha Eunwoo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop - is scheduled to first air on tvN in the second half of 2020.


OSEN = Reporter Lee Seung Hun /seunghun@osen.co.kr
Photo = Fantagio
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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Cha Eun-woo, Moon Ga-young youth rom-com drama in the works

by tineybeanie (dramabeans)

Hwang In-yeob, Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo

The drama adaptation for webtoon True Beauty has confirmed their lead actors: Moon Ga-young (Find Me in Your Memory), Cha Eun-woo (Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung), and Hwang In-yeob (Tale of Nokdu).

In this rom-com drama, Moon Ga-young plays a high school student who has no self-confidence about her appearance until she discovers the transformative power of makeup. Overnight, she turns into a goddess of beauty who hates to show her bare, makeup-less face.

Cha Eun-woo plays a selfish um-chin-ah (slang translation: “mother’s friend’s kid who always seems better than you at everything”) who has a hidden emotional scar that no one knows about. From appearance to grades to basketball skill, he’s top class. Although he’s the object of much interest and affection, he’s like a cold, brick wall when it comes to others.

Finally, rounding out the love triangle, we have Hwang In-yeob who plays an equally handsome boy. He’s the typical second lead who is warm and sweet but has a macho appearance.

True Beauty, written by Lee Shi-eun (Top Star Yoo-baek) and directed by Kim Sang-hyeob (Extraordinary You), will begin airing in the latter half of this year on tvN.

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OSEN | 2020. 09. 16.
Kang Min Ah confirms participation in "True Beauty" with Moon Ga Young, Cha Eunwoo


Actress Kang Min Ah will join the cast of the drama "True Beauty".


On September 16, the H& Entertainment agency announced that Kang Min Ah will feature in the new drama "True Beauty" (tvN, scriptwriter Lee Si Eun, director Kim Sang Hyub).


"True Beauty" is a rom-com drama telling about Ju Gyeong - the girl using makeup to turn herself into a goddess after having an appearance complex - and Su Ho - the man who carries a wounded heart within himself. After their encounter, the two gradually share their secrets, from which they get mature little by little and restore their self-esteem. The drama is adapted from the same-name original webtoon "True Beauty" that is well-received in many countries like the US, Japan, Thailand, France, etc. Earlier, the stars of the youth concept including actors Moon Ga Young, Cha Eunwoo (Astro), Hwang In Yeop have confirmed their presence and made this project the most-anticipated production in the second half of 2020.


Kang Min Ah will play female lead Ju Gyeong's new friend named Choi Soo Ah in "True Beauty". After Lim Ju Gyeong transferred to Sae Bom high school, this character will get closer and become her best friend. Choi Soo Ah promises to not only show the chemistry through her special friendship with Lim Ju Gyeong but also bring a refreshing atmosphere with her vitality.

After embarking on her acting career with the short film "To the Sea" in 2009, Kang Min Ah left a strong impression on the public through various works such as the movie "Park Hwa Young", two dramas "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" and "Cheer Up!", and web dramas "Between Friendship and Love 2" and "A-Teen 2". In particular, thanks to her stable acting skills that enable her to pull off any kinds of roles, Kang Min Ah has portrayed many different characters in a lively way, from a teenager girl feeling lost in her life, a high school student who brings out first love emotions during school days to a strong and confident girlcrush character, thereby gradually expanding the scope of her acting.

Recently, Kang Min Ah has shown her genuine acting ability that arouses viewers' empathy about the school days through the web drama "The Temperature Of Language: Our Nineteen", and attracted interest with her presence in the "I still love you a lot" MV by singer Baek Z Young. Therefore, Kang Min Ah - the potential actress who promises to have more dynamic activities in the future - is making the public eagerly look forward to the charisma she will display through character Choi Soo Ah in the drama "True Beauty".

As planned, the drama "True Beauty" will meet with the TV audience in the second half of this year.


OSEN = Reporter Yeon Hwi Sun / monamie@osen.co.kr
Photo = Provided by H& Entertainment
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive



SF9’s Chani To Make Special Cameo Appearance on ‘The True Beauty’ And Act Alongside Cha Eunwoo

by M.B.

Credit: FNC Entertainment

SF9 member Chani will make a special appearance on The True Beauty!

According to XportsNews, SF9 Chani will have a cameo appearance on tvN’s new drama The True Beauty.

Chani, who already proved his skills in acting after appearing in shows like Listen to My Heart, The Innocent Man, and most recently SKY Castle, he is set to show off a completely different charm on The True Beauty.

This also isn’t his first special appearance— his special cameo appearance in KBS 2TV’s Once Again touched the hearts of many viewers.

Fans are excited to see him acting alongside ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.


Source (1)

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] True Beauty, 여신강림 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST - Moon Ga Young & Cha Eun Woo - Premieres on December 2nd

MGY is my girl crush! She's so talented. She was so delightful in Find Me In Your Memory (she made bimbo-type person likeable lol - if you know what I mean, I was rooting so hard for her in FMIYM) and The Great Seducer. And with EunWoo! What a visual. Can't wait! 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020/2021] True Beauty, 여신강림 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST - Moon Ga Young & Cha Eun Woo - Premieres on December 2nd
On 11/11/2020 at 12:12 AM, softestfairy said:

^^^ Same. I'm really only watching for MGY. I think she can elevate this cliche storyline and give it some flavor. I already see her character's funny personality from the pictures and teaser. 

I read the manhwa a few weekends ago and I couldn’t understand why they would make a drama out of such a cliche story. I actually had this in my “plan to watch” list not knowing the story. I promptly took it off after reading the story because despite the fact that I do like the actors and some of their past drama shows, I just don’t see why anyone would make this story into a drama unless they are going to change the storyline but then what would be the point.:rubchin:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020/2021] True Beauty, 여신강림 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST - Moon Ga Young & Cha Eun Woo - Premieres on December 9th

Park Yoo-na as Sujin. She has such a loveable face to me lol I can't picture her as a villain. :lol: I was reading in an article that she will become close friends with Suho.


Granted it was translated from Korean so idk but that's what I got from it. If so that would be an interesting change from the webtoon where she was more of a nuisance to him and not really a friend. I'm looking forward to her and MGY's chemistry. 



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The latest interview with Eunwoo, Gayoung and In Yeop was so cute!


Here's an (unofficial) subbed version for those who need it. The cast seems to have really nice chemistry, and it especially helps that Gayoung and Eunwoo already know each other from school. I just we get to see more Park Yoona than the teasers have been showing!

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020/2021] True Beauty, 여신강림 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST - Moon Ga Young & Cha Eun Woo - Premieres TONIGHT
1 hour ago, Jillia said:

From recent article:

“True Beauty” premieres tonight on December 9 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

EDIT:  Apologies if this kind of post isn't allowed. 


I am in the U.S.A. and will be watching on Viki Plus.  I don't mean to sound impatient but, please, do you know if quoted programming information means that viki will have the show up at 10:30p KST?  Will it be uploaded a bit later?  I just need to know if I'm waking up at 4:30am my time to watch it :sweat_smile:.  Please & thank you. 

Edited by Fifi Lynt
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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020/2021] True Beauty, 여신강림 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST

A delightful 1st episode. I don't read the webtoon, hence I'm completely clueless , which is better because I won't be burdened with expectation to follow webtoon. Just gonna enjoy the drama as it goes. And as if I'm not already love MGY, she's nailed it as IJK. She is so freaking cute, a little clumsy and a kind-hearted person - makes me easier to root for her as IJK is so relatable. She only started wearing makeup because she doesn't want to be bullied, so she can fit in at school, whereas in her real life, she is completely okay with her looks, heck she even had this confidence to confess her feelings earlier, thinking looks don't matter as long as you have sincere heart. Hubby went all emo when she was bullied screaming" Yaaa!!!!She's not ugly, she just have acne problem, give her good skincare products, she will be 10 times prettier than you donkeys!!!" Lol. Looks like it's gonna be a fun and heart-warming journey. Oh! While we are at it, I know it's only ep 1, but #teamsuho yay!! Hahahaha. 

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