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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞


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  • 1 month later...

This was my first xianxia drama and it really did not disappoint. The chemistry between the leads is astounding. It was a long drama but I didn't feel that it was too long. I liked the backstory and even thought it was lowkey BL coz of Xuanji being ......and all but yep, I really enjoyed this and I'm glad this was my first. 

On 1/12/2021 at 7:09 PM, Drama Bowl said:

Does anyone else find it funny that Sifeng coughs up blood like every single episode? His lungs must be very weak. :joy: 

lol yeah hahahahaha

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Emm, a year later I finally had the time to watch this). I should confess that my favorute couple was Wu Zhi Qi and his Purple Fox, just may be I was also that girl in a strange relationship. :wub: So the story is very appealing to me, along with both actors who were very good portraying this story. I am sad their arc ended  so abruptly, I even haven't got the idea of what happened with them at the end, since she is dead(((. Were they even in the book? Could someone explain smth re the character's story?

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@leo2020 The book differs quite a fair bit from the drama. Quick summary as to how their arc ended in the book:

When Wu Zhiqi was trapped in the dream-like state at Mt. Kunlun by the Dream Sorceress Wu Peng, Zhi Hu clawed her eyes to force her to wake him up, and was fatally wounded by another sorcerer. Amid the commotion, she escaped with Wu Zhiqi, whom she managed to snap out of his dream by biting his wrist. When asked what he dreamt of, he first claimed that it was a dream of him having a good drinking session with his friends. Then realising she was badly wounded, he scooped her limp body up in his arms, and felt a sharp pain where her fingers clung to his wrist.


Zhi Hu gazed deep into his eyes, and gently asked, "Did you not dream of me?"

Wu Zhiqi stared at her blankly, before asking in a low voice, "Who did this?"

Zhi Hu grinned, then her expression relaxed and she murmured, "Wu Zhiqi, Wu Zhiqi... kiss me."

He did not ask any further. Who else could it be if not the sorcerers? Holding her tightly in his arms, he lowered his head and slowly kissed her on the lips, then looked at her, her face flushed like peach blossoms, a smile on her charming lips.

At last, her thousand year wish was fulfilled.

She leaned against his ear and asked something softly. Wu Zhiqi was silent for a moment, and slowly nodded.

She laughed twice, then her body shrank sharply and finally transformed into a purple fox, curled up in his arms, motionless.


In his grief, Wu Zhiqi obliterated the mountain and killed the sorcerers to avenge Zhi Hu's death. Later, prior to cremating her remains, Wu Zhiqi looked at her for a long time, and asked her to wait for him at the Underworld, promising that he would find her there soon. After she was cremated, he stared at the blazing flames, engrossed in his thoughts.


After a long time, he whispered, "The last thing you asked me. I did not lie. You were really in my dreams."

The little fox who was afraid of loneliness... the little fox who gained and lost... all that was troublesome yet sweet was finally over. What would she say when they met again?

Wu Zhiqi drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes.


In the Underworld, Zhi Hu met Sifeng. Seeing her fervent hope to be able to stay in the Underworld to await Wu Zhiqi instead of drinking from the River of Oblivion and being reincarnated, Si Feng escorted her to the City of the Underworld. Just as he was about to leave, the mark of the Emperor of Heaven that was on him imprinted on her. Thus, she was able to stay in the city without anyone bothering her.


When Xuanji and the rest of the party met the Emperor of Heaven, Wu Zhiqi surrendered himself to be punished. The Emperor of Heaven pardoned his crime of killing the sorcerers and destroying the mountain, only holding him accountable for stealing and damaging heavenly artifacts and escaping from imprisonment, for which he was sentenced to 200 years incarceration in the Heavenly Prison instead of returning to Infinite Hell. However, Wu Zhiqi requested instead that he be imprisoned in the Underworld, as he knew that Zhi Hu was there. Before departing for prison, he obtained permission to return to the mortal realm for two hours to bury Zhi Hu's ashes. When he returned, his friends were all taken aback at how presentable and well-groomed he looked, that Liu Yihuan teased him if he was going to the Underworld to meet his lover. Seeing their sad expressions, he told them not to dwell on the past anymore, and that when they met again in the Underworld, he would treat them to a drink. Having said that, he disappeared and was not seen again.

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@liddi WOW,thanks a lot for taking time to clarify the matter :wub:. From what you've wrote seems like Wu Zhiqi from the book is also quite different from drama version). I'm glad to learn they had a one may say,  sort of happy ending :heart:.  

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@leo2020 You're welcome. The book and the drama definitely differs in more ways than one. As far as Wu Zhiqi goes, for one, there was no war against the Heavenly Realm led by the resurrected Luohou Jidu with Yuan Lang and Wu Zhiqi by his side. Secondly, Yuan Lang initially betrayed Wu Zhiqi to the Heavenly Realm because he wanted the Juntian Ring for himself which would greatly increase his powers. Reading of Zhi Hu's death and Wu Zhiqi's reaction after she was cremated broke my heart. You're right - their arc concluded with a form of happy ending... Zhi Hu being able to stay at limbo in the Underworld City to await him, while he willingly agrees to be imprisoned in the Underworld for 200 years so that he could see her. This is certainly clearer than what finally happened to them in the drama, since we don't know how Wu Zhiqi could stay with Zhi Hu in the Underworld when she did not reincarnate.

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