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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞

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Regarding the live concert, I honestly have not watched that. But from the clips I have seen and people comment here and there, both Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yuan actually ignoring each other. In a way,

HaoChen knows nothing about love.   Today is Qixi, we got some hot spoiler   

someone combined the full kiss scene for ep 52   so hot  

2 hours ago, Minnieee33 said:

Pretty sure they didn't film that part. 

Most likely censorship, XJ said she will tie him up and do whatever she wants with him hahhaa

Sigh, it's a shame but we've to respect China's values. Though I've seen more steamy make out scenes in other Chinese shows before..... Wondering if the censor board is measuring with different yard sticks for costume dramas.... 

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If the answers are spoilers, please do not spoil!!! I'm finally on ep 37!! My heart breaks for XJ and SF but I can already anticipate it will completely shatter into pieces in the next few eps.


1) Don't Golden birds count as heavenly creatures and not demons? 


2) Also...I'm confused about the storyline. SF was a golden bird in the heaven realm, so how is he also a golden bird in the golden bird tribe  in this life? How does he not remember his memories in the heaven realm as another golden bird? lool


3) if the birds are demons then why was SF in the heavenly realm and why would God of War even interact with him in the first place?


Please no spoilers!! If the answer is in the later episodes, please say so!

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Finally watch finish ep 54 - 59 !!!! So happy with the outcome! Even though I am not satisfy with Bai Ling's outcome but i still able to accept it. 


I cried too as it is sooo touching especially the last episode .. worth my tears.. hahahahhahahahaha.. I have no regrets to watch this drama from Ep 1 till ep 59 !!!! 


Cheng Yi officially in my fish tank!!!!!! lol

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57 minutes ago, poipoipo said:

Even though i don't like hao chen I still find him super handsome why???? Am i the only one here ?

Though he is evil/the villian, he is handsome, and surprisingly, he actually looked pretty good with the white hair he has later!!!

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13 minutes ago, zijinini said:

@ScarlettRose What episode is this wedding?

Episode 59, the last episode is when they get married.

59 minutes ago, ScarlettRose said:

What a lovely happy ending! I cannot wait to watch the subbed finale.




Ye Hua was my fave bullied deity husband but now it's YSF. 




Dong Hua Di Jun is not too bad in the Eternal Love of Dream, but Jiu Chen was sweet in Love and Destiny.  Too bad that they rushed the endings for both dramas.

2 hours ago, ElleSor said:

I'm still in epi 37...huhuuhu

 And yes, Hao Chen is one good looking deity in this show.

He looks great with white hair, too.

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