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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞


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@pad-hari I think it's because they kiss on the press conference. Because other actors don't show much affection in that kind of event, they just hold hand etc. Maybe it has something to do with their rules.

Of maybe they get criticize for a whole a lot of reasons.. :joy: 

And about the final spoilers, well who would not love someone like SF... 


if i was LHJD, who d hell care about Bailin Dijun.. sorry Xuanji, he's all mine! :joy::joy:


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This is the best drama I've seen in past 5 years.   3rd best drama overall only topped by 傾世皇妃 and 神雕侠侣2014




after finishing the drama , I'll take that back , not the top 5.

The final few episodes went off-topic when the side characters were all screaming revenge and war.


Final rating 8.0 of 10

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I just finished ep 53, we are in for the final rush! I am sad this wonderful drama is ending but I am happy that our leads can finally be together :tears:

I hope HC will get the punishment he deserves, he has definitely abused his power as Dijun to manipulate everyone just for what he believes is “Dao”.

I loved XJ in this week’s episodes, she really has grown up to be a woman now, I find her more and more beautiful as she finally learned to wholeheartedly love SF. 

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On 4/9/2020 at 8:23, 杨过是大哥哥 said:

Este es el mejor drama que he visto en los últimos 5 años. 3er mejor drama en general solo superado por 傾 世 皇妃 y 神雕侠侣 2014


On 4/9/2020 at 4:00, eclipse02 said:

@ pad-hari Creo que es porque se besan en la rueda de prensa. Porque otros actores no muestran mucho afecto en ese tipo de eventos, simplemente se dan la mano, etc. Tal vez tenga algo que ver con sus reglas.

O tal vez reciben críticas por muchas razones ... :alegría: 

Y sobre los spoilers finales, bueno, ¿quién no amaría a alguien como SF ... 

  Revelar contenidos ocultos

Si yo fuera LHJD, ¿a quién le importaba Bailin Dijun ... lo siento Xuanji, es todo mío! :alegría::alegría:


The other couples of actors of the others dramas if they want to kiss they do it without cameras in front!!!!!:unamused:

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i really wish Ling Long ends up with 6th brother Min Yan. He truly loves her. I did not like their fortunes at all, especially Ling Long's. Hers said she will suffer and his said he will end up with the one he loves. However, i sense that "the one he loves" might not be Ling Long now since that flower demon looks like Ling Long and has part of Ling Long's memories. I fear Minyan will fall in love with the flower demon and ends up with her. If that's the case, i will be extremely mad at the writer!

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11 hours ago, Ma911 S911 said:

Why did XJ put a dot of blood on SF’s eye in each prior life? What’s the meaning of that? 

So she can remember him in the next life.

But too bad, she didn't remember, but at least the gesture show that she did affected by SF's love.

@Minnieee33 I knowww... i'm torned between wanting to know the heaven's arch and sad it's gonna end.. because Cheng Yi's next drama The Promise of Chang'an seem like a tragedy story :cold_sweat:

I think i will see it like it's SF & XJ 2nd life on mortal realms (the Empress & Xin Wang), but the different is, it's not the God of War hostality that keep them apart, but her kid, her death husband, and the country (geeezz.. i sincerely hope there's good fans out there that put Cheng Yi parts only upload). But The Dreams of Chang'an with Linglong (Zhang Yuxi) seems promising... it's weird both has Chang'an as title but so different in the story.

@maryly09 Don't worry, love will conquer all in this drama.

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12 minutes ago, Minnieee33 said:

@eclipse02 ya, the promise of chang an is a re-adaption of another drama so I know the plot. I just want a Cheng Yi cut lol

@Ma911 S911 I think she wants to make a mark so she will remember him next life? 

What is the title of the adaption from? I just wanna know the ending :joy: yeaa the actress who played the Empress seems not that good, i wonder if she will able to match Cheng Yi's acting. The only other actress i know who played Empress that has that kind of gravita to carry the show is Tang Wei in Ming Dinasty. 


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18 minutes ago, eclipse02 said:

Ok here's the link for the heaven's arch:

credit to @Weiyan Shi

  Hide contents


Everybody loves SF :grimace: Yuelang dream on! 

Omggg the finale looks intense!!! So exciting and can't wait! 

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13 minutes ago, zijinini said:

Does anybody know where I can watch this drama? It's not on youtube or Viki.

I found it's Douban rating very high so I really want to check it out. 

Here: https://productiveprocrastination.site/category/love-and-redemption/

Usually, the translator upload 1 ep./day

The subs episodes are up to ep.32 but you can find the raws up ep.53 on some website. 

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