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[Drama 2020] SF8, 에스 에프 에잇


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Choi Si-won of 'SF8 - 'Love Virtually' turned into a pure romanticist


Choi Si-won played the lead role of Seo Min-joon in the MBC Cinematic drama SF8 "Love Virtually" (director Oh Ki-hwan, production DGK, and Soo Film), which depicts the agony and process of whether a man and woman who met on a virtual dating app can continue their love in real life.


Seo Min-joon, played by Choi Si-won, is a pure-minded romantic who joins a virtual app and hides a face that everyone envies. He tries to find a relationship with his old face before he has undergone plastic surgery and love him for who he is.


In particular, Choi actively expresses his opinions to revive the visual gap between "Seo Min-joon," which crosses reality and fantasy, and challenges even unconventional special makeup to raise expectations for his performance in the drama.


In addition, Choi Si-won's new romantic comedy draws much attention as he has worked on "Love Virtually" with extraordinary enthusiasm, including thorough character analysis and meticulous rehearsals.


Meanwhile, 'Love Virtually' will be available at 10:10 p.m. today (25th) at MBC, where you can see Choi Si-won's various sides.



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The crossover project MBC Cinematic drama SF8 (S.F. 8 / Planned MBC, DGK / Provided Wavve, MBC / Produced by DGK, Soo Film) has unveiled the viewing points of "Love Virtually," which director Oh Ki-hwan himself revealed, and expectations for tonight's 10:10 broadcast are at the peak.


The Real Empathy Romance of a man and a woman is drawing attention just by the fresh combination of SF and romance. It takes place when a man and a woman who met each other online on a future dating app by deceiving each other, cannot meet in real life due to an app malfunction. The setting is unique in that more than half of the Korean population uses the virtual love app, Love Virtually, which allows users to share their love with their desired person using an ID with their desired face. Interest is heightened with the the fantastic chemistry between Min-joon (Choi Si-won) and Ji-won (Yoo Yi), and their change in relationship, as they have become virtual couples and decide to meet in real life despite making IDs with faces before their own plastic surgeries.


Oh Ki-hwan, director of the film, draws attention by revealing the viewing points that will further redouble the fun of "Love Virtually." Director Oh Ki-hwan said, "Before and after watching the show, what would you do if such a situation happened to you?" That's why we created the film. "I don't know how the world will change in the future, but I don't think one person's love for another will change. After seeing this unique story of the future, I hope you can hold the hand of your loved one who is now next to you. I completed the work with the thought of understanding the present people through future love," he said, expressing his affection for the work with a meaningful message.


On the other hand, the best scenes that should never be missed in "Love Virtually," were the scenes and lines where Ji-won told Min-joon, "Do you feel it? This is me." Oh Ki-hwan adds, "I think the essence of human beings is to feel each other. I think shaking hands with each other, the hug between lovers, are actions that are the very basis for maintaining the human being itself and our world." 


Meanwhile, MBC's Cinematic drama "SF8" is an original SF and Solace series produced by Soo-film, together with MBC, the Korean Film Directors' Association (DGK), and Wavve, which viewers would see with vivid UHD screens with SF genre characteristics. Tonight (Friday) at 10:10 p.m., Oh Ki-hwan's "Love Virtually," the seventh episode of "SF8," will be broadcast.



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On 8/29/2020 at 12:47 AM, brooksmom said:


I just finished watching Manxin. It made me feel like being in the Cinema for one hour. Very entertaining. I'm a very satisfied customer.


my favorite songs here that created the mood

Thanks for sharing the songs from Manxin!


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I am so behind. I watched Joan's Galaxy yesterday, it was really good. The N,C, NCC categories were all a little confusing. Its sad that the Cs don't even drink coffee. :P The two actresses acted really well together, great chemistry! Kim Bo-ra sang so well! Really we take all our regular activities for granted.. the happiness she felt going out, dancing in the rain and all, it was probably the first time doing it, the actress showed that well!  I hope they would keep meeting even after the ending. With her N attitude and C long life, Joan will achieve a lot in the research centre. 

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“SF8”: Episodes (1-3) Review – Part 1


Episode 1: The Prayer


The entire episode is tightly weaved with no moments of boredom. It also leaves deep questions that kept us thinking for a long time. If one person’s life is meaningless, would it be appropriate to kill off that person (including a sentient robot)? Moreover, what makes one a human? If AI ever becomes sentient, can humans still decide that they aren’t human? Are they allowed to make decisions on their own?


Episode 2: Manxin


An hour-long episode is extremely short to tell a story and we think “Manxin” has done well considering the short amount of time given. It gets straight to the consequences of knowing the future, and while fortune-telling stories can be overdone, “Manxin” gets around it in an intelligent way.


Episode 3: Joan’s Galaxy


Unlike the previous episodes that are packed with stories, this one seems more relaxed and calming. It gives a significantly brighter, warmer tone than the first 2 episodes while still discussing deep topics such as living one’s life to the fullest.




full article:





“SF8”: Episodes (4-6) Review – Part 2


Episode 4: Blink


However, it has some familiarity to it as it seems to follow similar plot points found in typical Korean dramas. This is what makes it weaker than the rest of the series. It is, however, very action-packed. And the moves are cool to watch nevertheless.


Episode 5: Baby it’s Over Outside


Episode 5 has interesting comedic twists in it, even though it’s a dystopian world. It’s also lighthearted, unlike the dark episodes at the beginning of “SF8.” We love how each episode differs so distinctly from one another!




Episode 6: White Crow


The 6th episode is as unique as all the other episodes of “SF8” can get. This one deals with a slight tinge of realistic horror, just enough to keep it memorable for a long time.



full review:





@Edgar Pordwed Joan's Galaxy is one of my favorite episodes! While having a long and healthy life is the default, ideal life for most people, this show basically challenges that idea, and tells us rather that living your life to the fullest, regardless of your lifespan, is what matters most.


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SF8 – Full Season 1 Review


If there’s one thing Korean dramas do incredibly well – it’s tell a competent and driven story. Following in the footsteps of both Inside No. 9 and Black Mirror, Korea’s latest sci-fi anthology SF8 is a worthy contender in the field. MBC’s series takes clear inspiration from both of those aforementioned titles but blends them in with an authentic Korean tone to make for a wholly unique experience.


There’s 7 well-written and thought provoking tales to choose from and these smartly branch out across a range of different genres. One episode for example explores the possibility of AI companions. The tone is slightly comedic but there’s a larger message about self-driving cars at work here. Elsewhere, Prayer (my personal favourite) looks at the bleak idea of hierarchical robot nurses.


SF8 does an excellent job keeping things thematically relevant while allowing each of these stories to stand on their own. Predominantly though the series remains grounded in the idea of technology which gives this a feel much closer to Black Mirror. Much like Charlie Brooker’s anthology, there’s a lot of thought provoking questions raised and at times, this does act as a cautionary tale too.


There’s some pretty ambiguous endings on offer here and a lot of symbolism and imagery that keeps this one tonally consistent. A lot of this visual fidelity is partly thanks to changing Directors across episodes. With a different filmmaker lending their eye to this anthology, each short-film feels very fresh and unique.


Much like other anthologies of its kind, there are some episodes that don’t quite hit the mark and others still that stand out as the best of the bunch. Personally, The Prayer and Joan’s Galaxy are two of my favourites but the beauty of a series like this stems from the range of influences available. There will almost certainly be a different favourite for each viewer making this a solid watch.


Korea has had a good string of sci-fi series in the past and SF8 proudly joins the ranks as one of the better ones. While it’s unlikely to hit the prolific heights of something like The King: Eternal Monarch or My Love from the Star, there’s a moody, atmospheric anthology here well worth checking out



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On 9/6/2020 at 2:40 PM, loversbridge said:

The fourth episode "Blink" had a nice cop buddy feel to it. But it was almost too short for my taste and I'd love to watch a whole drama of our badass cop and her newbie A.I. teamate 


Only four episodes left but I don't want it to end, it's the highlight of my week!

Agreed. Reminded me of My Holo Love. Also the action and chase scenes were so thrilling.

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Wow I just watched White Crow and it comes second for me after The Prayer. This one will also be in my mind for a long time. I was surprised with the ending instead of the usual realizing and paying for your mistakes. It was engrossing from start to end and the ending scene was horrifying but quite beautiful! Hani did a good job. 

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