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[Drama 2020] SF8, 에스 에프 에잇


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SF8 - BABY IT'S OVER OUTSIDE (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

It's the end of days...in one week. As our extinction draws nigh, some people just go about their daily routine while others try to think of ways to save the world. Despite the apocalyptic prospect - Nam-woo can only think of how he's about to die a bachelor...

Dir: Ahn Gooc-jin
Cast: Lee David, Shin Eun-soo, Hwang Jung-min, Bae Hae-sun







SF8 - MANXIN (S.Korea)
☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

In a world where chance has all but disappeared, an AI fortune-telling app called "Manxin" boasts a stunning 96% accuracy and has come to dominate and dictate all aspects of daily life.

Dir: Noh Deok
Cast: Lee Yeon-hee, Lee Dong-hwi, Nam Myung-ryul, Seo Hyun-woo





SF8 - EMPTY BODY (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

Death is no longer the end in a world where the human brain and AI can be connected to give the dead an afterlife. After her son dies in an accident, Hye-ra (Moon So-ri, 2014 NYAFF Guest) has him resurrected by merging his brain with an artificial conscience.

But things don't turn out as expected...

Dir: Kim Ui-seok
Cast: Moon So-ri, Jang Yoo-sang




@brooksmom, I read that NYAFF/the app is only available in the US.

But you should watch episode 2! 

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@brooksmom cool OST. Thanks for sharing.

I just saw the third episode, "Joan's Galaxy," and it's my favorite episode so far.







[Eng] SF8 The Prayer Top 10 Moments That will Blow Your Mind



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On 8/15/2020 at 9:20 PM, brooksmom said:

I tried watching ep1 last night before going to bed. I didn't happen. Too strange for me to go to sleep on. I'll save it for middle of the week daytime. I want to see the one with Siwon. Don't know what ep that is.:D


Yes, I am quoting myself from a previous post. I finally watched ep1, the prayer.  In broad daylight, it wasn't scary to watch or was I  just uncomfortable since this is my first time watching this genre.  


 It was thought provoking. I felt more compassion for the robot:bawling: and the nun.  The robot made a hard decision base on logic and love.


Takes me back to the Wizard of Oz, where the tin man asked asked for a heart from the wizard. 


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@syntyche  "I just saw the third episode, "Joan's Galaxy," and it's my favorite episode so far."


What did you like about "Joan's Galaxy"? By looking at your videos and such, I'm guessing you and I are at least 12 hrs apart. 


I got a lot a different takes out of this ep, I just can't find the words to put them all together. But here are some words: living in a bubble, loneliness, BFF, adventure, fun, stars in the galaxy. In my head this ep had two parts. The girl and her mom and the girl and her new BFF Joan. Joan's Galaxy.




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SF8: Joan’s Galaxy – Episode 3 Recap & Review


The idea of making the most of time is a really great concept explored beautifully by the subtle inclusion of pollution and humanity causing their own downfall.


It’s a really beautiful metaphor and something told really strikingly through the colours. 


This episode is a perfect example of how the small screen can really elevate an otherwise simple tale into something much more profound.


full review:




@brooksmom The premise of living life to the fullest is what I like in this episode. It explores the peculiar human nature and behavior; just like in the previous episode where humans performed and lived better despite the uncertainty of the future, this episode explores how humans are happy and live their best lives despite their short lifespan. If the ending of the first episode left me at a loss for words, the ending of "Joan's Galaxy" was even more thought-provoking. 

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I feel the need to talk about this anthology tv series because it seems few people pay attention to it and it's a shame.

What I like, and I talk having seen only three episodes, is that each episode is a different genre so I feel you have a little something for everyone. 

I also thought it would be all gloom and doom, with twisted endings each time but I'm happy the second and third episodes proved me wrong.

So please if you didn't enjoy the first episode because it was too dark, give the other episodes a try.


My favourite episode was the third one, it was moving and I saw stars too (people who have seen it know what i'm talking about ;)). The second one was fun and I loved the two different perspectives of our protagonists, I wouldn't have minded a whole drama with them going on adventures lol, I like the conclusion of the story too. The first one was thought provocking, but I hated the ending for a certain character, what she did was awful but you know why she did it and it's messy and complicated...


Anyway I can't wait to watch the other episodes!

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SF8: Manxin: Episode 2 (Review)


Although Manxin only had a short time to tell its story, I was impressed with how well it was constructed. Each scene of the drama acted like a different phase in the story, and the strong editing and believable characters brought it to life.


The construct might not be new, but it’s one of my favorites, and Manxin does it well.




full review:


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9 Captivating Portraits of Lee Yeon Hee in KDrama 'SF8: Manxin'


The acting skills of the charming actress Lee Yeon Hee are beyond doubt. She made her debut in the KDrama, "Emperor of the Sea" in 2004.


This time she played in the drama series "SF8." The episode she played was titled "SF8: Manxin." The following are charming portraits of Lee Yeon Hee.























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The fourth episode "Blink" had a nice cop buddy feel to it. But it was almost too short for my taste and I'd love to watch a whole drama of our badass cop and her newbie A.I. teamate B)


Only four episodes left but I don't want it to end, it's the highlight of my week!

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SF8: Blink – Episode 4 Recap & Review


As a character-driven exploration of AI, SF8 does a great job capturing the positive aspects of this technology.


Quite what else SF8 has in store for us remains to be seen but for now this week’s episode bows out on another high.


full review:





@loversbridge I really like this episode! As with the previous ones, this also ties up the elements of the story in a neat package, that it makes you want a full drama spin off!

I'm quite enjoying this series - I look forward to each episode every week. It slipped my mind that we're halfway through! 

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5 stars whose performances you shouldn’t miss in SF8!


Peer into the near future and explore the conflict between humans and technology in Korean Sci-fi series SF8.  From cracking the code of moral dilemma in The Prayer to discovering the pitfall of artificial intelligence in Manxin, get ready to join the star-studded cast in tackling the themes of augmented and virtual reality, robots, games, and more!


Here are 5 stars whose performances are bound to steal the show in SF8!

SF8 is now available on Viu, with a new episode available every Sat!


1. HANI (White Crow)




2. Choi Siwon (Love Virtually)




A singer, actor, and model, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is an all-round triple treat set to light up your screen. Having starred in numerous rom-com series, Siwon is back to flex his acting muscle in Love Virtually, taking on the role of an introverted romantic searching for true love on a virtual dating app – get ready to fall in love with Siwon and his magnetising charm!


3. UEE (Love Virtually)






A former member of k-pop group After School, UEE won praises for her stellar performances in drama series My Only One and Marriage Contract, cementing her as one of the best idols-turned-actresses. Playing the love interest of Choi Siwon in Love Virtually, fans can look forward to their sizzling onscreen chemistry and many sweet aww-worthy moments!


4. Kim Bo Ra (Joan’s Galaxy)






Best-known for her role in the hit mystery thriller Sky Castle, Kim Bo Ra is a rising star to be watched. Starring in Joan’s Galaxy, a queer romance story which takes place during a fine dust disaster, Bo Ra steals the show with her emotional portrayal of the character. Bo-ra also lends her soulful vocals and is the voice behind SF8’s original soundtrack – “Breath of Stars”!


5. David Lee (Baby It’s Over Outside)






Having started off as a child actor, David Lee has played a diverse range of characters over the years that showcased his acting chops, from a college student in Bring It On, Ghost to a serial killer in Hotel Del Luna. Keep a lookout for David’s showstopping performance in Baby It’s Over Outside, as he attempts to save the world and find love in the face of an approaching apocalypse.






5 K-Dramas You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This September





Stars: Lee Is Young, Ha Jun, Lee Joon Hyuk, David Lee, Shin Eun Soo, Hwang Jung Min, Bae Hae Sun, Hani, Lee Se Hee, Shin So yum, Choi Siwon, Lee, Ahn Se Ha
Premieres On: 4 September

This new MBC drama is billed as a sci-fi anthology series that will feature four stories, namely “Blink” that will follow a detective who’s set to solve a murder case with an artificial intelligence (AI) detective; “Baby It’s Over Outside” a tragic romance between a young couple at the face of the end of the world; “White Crow” that tells the story of a broadcasting jockey who gets trapped in a VR horror game; and “Love Virtually” which is about an app that enables people to meet virtually with any appearance they wish.



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Episode 5: Baby It's Over Outside








#Showbiz: Asian perspective of sci-fi


IT'S not often that the science fiction genre is presented onscreen with an Asian perspective. One of the few non-Western sci-fi movies of recent times was China's The Wandering Earth which was released last year.


Fans of the genre who want to catch a more Asian-centric production can check out the Korean original anthology series SF8.


Airing on Oh!K, the eight-episode sci-fi drama series features standalone movie-like stories, each about 50 minutes in length, and helmed by a different director.


Covering diverse topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, gaming, disasters and more, SF8 has been compared to the popular British dystopian sci-fi anthology TV series, Black Mirror.


The Korean series stars Choi Si Won, Uee, Exid's Hani, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Dong Hwi, Moon So Ri, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Bo Ra and Lee Si Young.


The episodes are directed by Min Kyu Dong,  Jang Cheol Soo, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Kim Eui Seok, Roh Deok, Ahn Gooc Jin, and Han Ka Ram.


Min, 49, is a prolific filmmaker who is the overall producer of the SF8 project.

He has dabbled in various genres having directed the horror movie Memento Mori (1999), the romantic comedy All About My Wife (2012) and the period drama The Treacherous (2015).


In SF8, Min directed the first episode, titled The Prayer, in which a nursing robot that has to decide on whether to continue caring for a woman or to protect her distraught daughter who has disappeared.


Below, he talks about the exciting new Korean sci-fi anthology series.


How did you start this project?

In a way, I am here as a representative from the Directors Guild of Korea (DGK). I met with the former CEO of MBC, Mr. Choi Seung Ho, at a DGK event. He attended as a movie director himself.

He lightly suggested about a possible collaborative work with DGK. Since early last year we've mapped out what we could do.

The SF genre is recognised to be something large and difficult. But we had this aspiration for the genre within us. With this chance presented in front of us, we thought about the possibility of bringing directors together and to create something in the SF genre.

Let's make an attempt to write a story as we wish for a completely different platform and audience in a different length with actors and actresses that we want to work with.

We worked on it for about 18 months and here we are.


What were the challenges?

The production environment was challenging. The entire cost of production for these eight episodes fell short of that of a one small commercial movie.

Filming for each segment ended at around 10 episodes worth for a drama series. I think each of the directors had their respective problems in terms of the artistic expression of space and time that is different from today due to being a SF genre.

However, in facing such challenging conditions, the rule and terms of this game was to find such new visions that haven't been seen before. So, I think there was that unique feeling of pleasure and happiness during filming while dealing with the difficulties.


SF8 is compared to Black Mirror from Netflix quite a lot. Was it a reference?

The inspiration that Black Mirror provided was that there was the realisation of this project's format – it's not a long movie but at the same time it's not a short movie. Its format of narration is something that we haven't been familiar with, being 50 minute-long films, and it could have a story format that we could newly explore.

I wanted to introduce SF literature. So many writers who are in twenties or thirties write about SF. And they raise questions within this new structure of SF genre. What is the Korean way of SF, what does it mean to be human, how should we live our life?

There is about a decade's worth of material. So, I thought a lot about how and where we could combine that energy from literature with movies.

I tried to allow each of the original stories to talk about their own topic that they want to convey and to differentiate from each other.

There could be likes and dislikes but you can watch whichever you prefer. I see that we are grouped together between films that deal with AI. In these four films, the way that AI functions and is depicted are all different.

So even with one subject or a topic, you will be able to see multiple different points unlike Black Mirror.

I didn't start with the purpose related to a drama series. I am first a movie director and thought that our movie directors could make an attempt at directing a new form of movies.

We still think of SF as a western genre and there is so much that hasn't been explored or seen. If the playground changes like this, I feel that the colour also changes.

I think that many new attempts will come to us via dramas or movies or OTT in a big wave.


How was the collaboration?

In normal movies, you have to pass your scenario, casts, conditions for investment and etc. It requires a lot of filtering process. But this time what I suggested to the directors was that the investment is already in place and that they can work with actors/actresses that they wish on any story they also wish. That they may do as they wish without any excuses. It's an experience that doesn't come easily. I think it was challenging physically but mentally happy for these directors.


In terms of the technology, how much were they realised?

One of the prejudices from SF is that they are visually spectacular. But if you look at various sub-genres of SF, there's more to it than just movies with visual spectacle.

There are movies that raise fundamental questions. When audiences start to form a new way of watching and enjoying, they may find it unfamiliar and awkward to see Asian faces with scientific elements combined together and the feeling stemming from it.

But I think the process is necessary.

There could be questions on how much the science came into visualization. In the given circumstances and conditions, we tried our best, tailored to our own situation in Korea and scientific attempts.

It can't be compared to big western movies with a lot of production cost. Quality wise they are in a different category.

I believe that all of the visual realisations that can be accommodated within the story has been realised. I think there are many worries. But I think it's something that we should happily pass through.

After all, each topic is the biggest power. We need to ultimately confront face to face to see how such small attempts of visualisation will be accepted.



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SF8: Blink: Episode 4 (Review)


The fourth short drama in the SF8 anthology again takes us into the near future, and into the realm of AI. Blink explores a world where AI is being used to enhance human performance to aid with law enforcement, and what we get is a drama that’s short on depth of storytelling, but heavy on concept and action.


full review:





‘SF8-White Crow’ Director Cheol-Soo Jang, points to watch #Actors’ surprising transformation #Reverse




‘SF8-White Crow’ director Jang Cheol-soo explained the points of watching.

MBC Cinematic Drama SF8′ (Plan MBC, DGK, provided wavve, MBC, production DGK, Sufilm) will be broadcasted on the afternoon of the 18th, with the points of watching directly delivered by the production crew of ‘White Crow’ and the famous ambassadors selected by Director Jang Cheol-soo. Disclosure to amplify expectations.

‘SF8’, which will immerse viewers into the world of sci-fi horror tonight, is the sixth work ‘White Crow’, a story that takes place when BJ, who has been caught in controversy over manipulation of the past, tries to recover her honor through a trauma game, but is trapped in a virtual world. It is a work at the center of the topic with director Jang Cheol-soo, who has built his own color through the films ‘Secretly, Greatly’ and ‘The Unknown Story of Kim Bok-nam’s Murder Case’, and Ahn Hee-yeon, who attempted an unprecedented transformation. In particular, ‘White Crow’ is already stimulating viewers’ curiosity with a combination of game and horror in the science fiction genre and a combination of different materials.

Here, before the broadcast, the spectating points conveyed by the production crew of ‘White Crow’ are revealed, further amplifying the curiosity about the work. The production crew said, “It is expected that the fact that it is not a simple game but a game played in a horror atmosphere will give you a different interest.” In addition, he raised expectations by saying, “Please pay attention to the unconventional acting transformation and hot acting of Ahn Hee-yeon and Shin So-yul.”

In particular, director Jang Cheol-soo added the line “It’s because I don’t want to be hated” as the famous line of “White Crow”, adding to the curiosity about the work. In addition, it stimulates interest by saying, “Please pay attention to the psychology of lying because you don’t want to be hated.” In addition, to the viewers waiting for the ‘White Crow’, “If sports is a drama without a script, ‘White Crow’ is a cinematic drama with a script. The script contains the affection and sincerity of all actors and staff. In addition, the point of watching the ‘White Crow’ is ‘Question’, and it doubles the curiosity by directly conveying the special affection for the work and the point of watching that stimulates curiosity.






SF8: White Crow – Episode 6 Recap & Review



With an ambiguous ending, SF8 delivers an interesting episode that touches on self harm, bullying and suicide.


For now though, SF8 bows out with another very good episode and one that leans much heavier into horror territory.


full review:


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Just saw the latest ep on Sept 25. As usual, humm. Will I be around when that app comes out?  Instead of guys asking for your phone number they ask for your app ID number.  


These two actors are handsome and beautiful. But half of the time I got to see Siwon with a very unattractive wart on his face. And his clothes were a little disco. The same goes for the lady.  So, half of the time I had a frown on my face and the other half I had a smile. Guess, I'm a superficial person too.


Added this later:  Thanks @syntyche for the plot explanation.


They fall in love with their pre cosmetic surgery look and made due with their new "improved" selves. "I'm in love with YOU."  - paraphrased. 


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SF8: Love Virtually: Choi Si Won seeks true love through an application. Will he find it?


In the not too distant future, a couple will prove that world standards of appearance might not make sense to find your other half.


SF8, the Korean science fiction anthology series, airs its seventh installment entitled Love Virtually, which joins eight episodes showing different visions about the future of a dystopian world where technological development and human fantasy reach unimaginable limits.




This time it is the turn to search for love through technology, a theme that in real life has been moving away from what we consider science fiction with the use of social networks and applications to achieve a romantic relationship.


In episode 7 starring the popular Cho Si Won and UEE, young people use the very popular app, Love Virtually, where they use an ID with an ideal face to interact online and find the partner they dream of.

Users of the application will be able to find practically any appearance they want. On the 100th day after the first virtual meeting, the new couple will take the next step in the relationship, but what if the application crashes?




Choi Si Won plays Seo Min Joon, a man willing to undergo plastic surgery to meet the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, UEE will be Han Ji Woon, the beautiful woman he falls in love with through the app.

Love Virtually is a romantic comedy about the search for true love. In a futuristic world where virtual reality is the norm, this couple will mix the real world and virtual reality by meeting before and after cosmetic surgery. 



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