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[Drama 2020] SF8, 에스 에프 에잇


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New York Asian Film Festival To Feature Korean Films For Streaming


The 2020 New York Asian Film Festival, which takes place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 12 , will feature a selection of South Korean arthouse and genre titles that can be screened at home via an app.


As the boundaries between what is strictly film and TV blur, the festival will also present SF8, a series of eight stand-alone 52-minute science fiction films that will make their international premiere at this first virtual edition of the film festival. Each film is directed by a prominent Korean filmmaker, with the series featuring works directed by Min Kyu-dong, Jang Cheol-su, and Noh Deok. The anthology has drawn comparisons with Black Mirror and in Korea it is set to air as a TV series.


The SF8 anthology includes the international premieres of The Prayer (Min Kyu-dong, 2020), Empty Body (Kim Ui-seok, 2020), Love Virtually (Oh Ki-hwan, 2020) White Crow (Jang Cheol-s, 2020), Blink (Han Ga-ram, 2020), Baby It’s Over Outside (Ahn Gooc-jin, 2020), Joan’s Galaxy (Lee Yoon-jung, 2020) and Manxin (Noh Deok, 2020). 


Now in its 19th year, the New York Asian Film Festival is a leading festival of popular Asian cinema. This year’s festival is a collaboration between the New York Asian Film Foundation, Film at Lincoln Center and Smart Cinema USA.





New York Asian Film Festival Unveils Virtual Lineup


Powered by Chinese streaming technology, the New York Asian Film Festival will this year move from the real world to the virtual. With strong focuses on women filmmakers and Korean movies, the 19th NYAFF will run Aug. 28-Sept 12.


The Korean flavor is at its strongest with “SF8,” a series of eight stand-alone 52-minute science fiction films by directors including Min Kyu-dong, Jang cheol-su, Noh Deok. The series premiered on Korean streaming platform Wavve and will have its international premiere at the virtual festival.





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OTT-TV crossover project series 'SF8' to hit small screen this week


"SF8," a science-fiction crossover project series made by major South Korean TV broadcaster MBC, local video streaming platform Wavve and established film directors, will provide a new window to multi-platform and -genre stories in the near future, its producers said Thursday.

Eight film directors from the Directors Guild of Korea participated in the yearslong movie-drama collaboration to produce eight different sci-fi episodes about the world in the near future where human relationships are changed by technological advancements, like artificial intelligence.

The eight 50-minute-or-so episodes are "Prayer" by Min Kyu-dong, "Blink" by Han Ka-ram, "Joan's Galaxy" by Lee Yoon-jung, "Manxin" by No Duk, "White Crow" by "Jang Chul-soo, "Love Virtually" by Oh Ki-hwan, "Baby It's Over Outside" by Ahn Kook-jin and "Empty Body" by Kim Ui-suk.

Following the first release on Wavve in July, MBC will air the programs one by one every Friday starting this week.

"When we first designed this project, we intended to make pieces that are free from special techniques and the process required for a commercial film," director Min Kyu-dong, who leads the tripartite crossover project, said in a press conference in Seoul.

"It was very fresh and strange for us to take into account TV audiences and smartphone users, not those who spend two hours in a theater," he said. "So we have to change our mindset and direct and shoot scenes in a different way, given smaller screens."

He said TV viewers will initially find the film-like sci-fi dramas unfamiliar in terms of the length and the genre but will be curious about the storytelling and rendering that are rarely seen in TV shows.

"It's like we prepared a foreign cuisine for our guest," said Min, who directed "All About My Wife" (2012) and "Herstory" (2018). "Years later, I think this project will be remembered as a turning point in Korean media history."

Director Oh Ki-hwan, who directed the romantic comedy "The Art of Seduction" (2005), said the crossover project reflects the borderless media world, in which people can choose their favorite platforms or devices whenever and wherever they want.

His rom-com episode "Love Virtually," slated for Sept. 18, revolves around a couple who interacts and communicates with each other through a virtual reality application.

"These days, long-running film directors join hands with TV stations or Netflix, or vice versa. There has been no clear division among platforms," he said. "Now, films, TV series or short-form dramas are released through various platforms and channels."

Director Jang Chul-soo, who made the action comedy "Secretly Greatly" (2013), said he is scared of receiving real-time responses from TV viewers after his horror "White Crow" is shown on Sept. 11.

"As a film director, I've never been bothered by viewership ratings day by day," he said, laughing. "It's interesting that many unspecified people will watch my show." (Yonhap)





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[SF8ㅣTeaser Trailer] "What must I do if I have to kill a life to keep another one alive?"





SF8: The Prayer: Episode 1 (Review)

by missvictrix


The Prayer is less than an hour long, but packs a heck of a punch. I’ve detailed the set-up that leads to the climax, and by the time we reach that point of the story, it’s clear what the drama is interested in exploring. We not only look at the morality (and consequences) of Ho-joong’s choice, but take a deep, dark look at the real question: who is more humane — the human or the robot? It’s not a question that’s answered as much as it is set up for us, and we’re left to weigh it along with the other themes the drama has explored. More than a story about a robot that becomes sentient and makes a life-altering decision, our drama examines so much more — I could wrap my brain around this for hours.


full review:





Hi @brooksmom, "Love Virtually" with Siwon airs on Sept 25.

I agree, better save watching the episodes during the daytime. But watch Siwon's immediately! :) 



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SF8: The Biggest Sci-Fi Project Featuring Korea's Top Film Directors


Eight directors present their own Korean version of sci-fi in 40-minute episodes


SF8 is a Korean science fiction anthology series that in eight different episodes reflects a world where technological development and human fantasy reach unimaginable limits.




Produced by MBC together with leading Korean film directors, the project is a film / drama crossover featuring original Sci-Fi Anthology series for which each of the eight directors has created their own 40-minute work.


Directors include Kim Eui Seok, Roh Deok, Min Kyu Dong, Ahn Gooc Jin, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Jang Cheol Soo, and Han Ka Ram, who will address topics including games, fantasy, robots, Big Data, disasters, superpowers, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).


Viewers will find eight installments that will make them enjoy a wide range of horror, mystery, action, melodrama, romantic comedy and drama film genres. The production is directed by the renowned Soo Films.




Have you already seen Netlflix's Black Mirror? Well with SF8, you will be very interested in:


1. The Prayer: In a care home, a mother has been in a coma for 10 years and her caregiver is exhausted. The nursing robot, who cares for both of them, becomes distraught when it comes to deciding who to save. 

2. Manxin: An artificial intelligence divination service called Manxin boasts a surprisingly high level of precision.

3. Joan's Galaxy: The world is covered in fine dust, and Cs, who were injected with expensive antibodies at birth, enjoy a life expectancy of 100 years, while Ns, who were not injected, live a completely different life.

4. Blink: Ji Woo is a detective who believes in her sense and ability, loses a suspect and is forced to receive a new recruit - nothing less than a presence of artificial intelligence, Seo Nang, implanted in her brain.

5. Baby It's Over Outside: The world is going to end in a week. As the end draws near, people reveal all kinds of hidden abilities, including psychic abilities.

6. White Crow: Juno, a star gaming broadcaster with 0.8 million subscribers is embroiled in controversy, loses all her money, fame, and fans, and is trapped in the virtual world of a devilish game that keeps people coming back to your past traumas.

7. Love Virtually: In the near future, more than half of the world's population uses "Love Virtually", a virtual application. People find the partners they want with the face they want.

8. Empty Body: In a future where the human brain and AI can connect, Hye Ra's son dies in an accident, but she manages to revive him by combining part of his brain with Artificial Intelligence.




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Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks)

All chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event!


We have chosen three sageuks:

1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho)

2) Empress Ki (with Ji Chang Wook)

3) The Moon Embracing the Sun (with Kim Soo Hyun)


All three dramas were big hits back in the day, some even achieving over 40% viewership ratings!


You can join one of the re-watch parties or all of them! It doesn't matter if you have already seen the drama or it's your first time. Everyone is welcome to join!



Your Event Organizers,


@partyon & @Lmangla

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SF8: The Prayer – Episode 1 Recap & Review

16/08/2020 by Greg Wheeler


Pray With Me, Sister


As a massive fan of Black Mirror and Inside No 9, MBC’s SF8 project is something I’ve been looking forward to watching for quite some time. The first episode certainly doesn’t disappoint and if this is any indication to go by, it could prove to be a serious science fiction contender in the Korean drama world.

While we’ve have sci-fi projects in the past, this one feels very gritty and dark. The thought provoking questions are certainly something that are very welcome and the ambiguous ending leaves lots of food for though.


full review:




3 reasons to watch the SF8 super-hit: heavy sci-fi movies with addicting eye-catching action!


Here are three reasons why you shouldn't miss SF8, a sci-fi film anthology that includes heavy psychological content, combining action scenes and stunning and vivid virtual reality.


SF8 is a Korean film that exploits the theme of science fiction with a heavy psychological script combining vivid action scenes. If you are a fan of this genre and are especially interested in robotics and artificial intelligence, you should definitely not miss SF8.


The film is the product of eight famous directors, promising to bring a variety of wonderful experiences


Unlike traditional dramas, the SF8 series consists of eight short films with separate content. According to published information, the film is the product of eight famous, experienced and famous directors in the Korean film industry. This is a key factor in helping to create a series that covers a variety of content, satisfying the tastes of the masses pursuing the sci-fi film series, promising to bring experiences. The most wonderful for viewers to see the image of a more advanced world in the future, when artificial intelligence flourishes, living parallel and equal with humanity.




Beautiful film images and other types of effects, faithfully portraying a world that has reached the pinnacle of science and technology


If you are a fan of sci-fi movies and have an interest in anthropomorphized artificial intelligence, SF8 is not a bad choice. In each SF8 frame, effects are subtly integrated and processed, highlighting the content and emotions the episode wants to convey. Especially in the action scenes, techniques are used for harmonious integration,  satisfying the viewer in both visual and emotional parts. 


Content "heavy capital" mentality, makes viewers think and worry


SF8 is set in the modern world in the future, when technology and science develop rapidly, robots and AI can be integrated into the human body, living in parallel with humans, creating new social norms. By using the robot's mindset and AI operation, SF8 makes viewers think and wonder about their purpose to live, the tension between reason and emotion, and internal battles. Through each character's dialogue, the film shows the suffering and difficulties that people in modern society have to face. 






Recommended Best Science Fiction Korean Drama for August 2020


1. SF8 (14 August 2020)




SF8 is a drama that tells about people who dream of becoming perfect through technological advances.


'SF: 8' is a Korean scientific anthology drama about a series of subjects of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, games, fantasy, horror, supernatural powers, and disasters.


This drama stars Choi Si Won, Uee, Kim Bo Ra, Lee See Hee, Shin Eun Soo. 


'SF8' consists of eight episodes including 'SF8: The Prayer', 'SF8: Blink', 'SF8: Joan's Galaxy', 'SF8: Manxin', 'SF8: White Crow', 'SF8: Love Virtually', ' SF8: Baby It's Over Outside 'and' SF8: Empty Body '.


The sci-fi anthology MBC drama is scheduled to air on August 15th. For those of you who are curious about the story, you can stream or download via Viu.



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Hi again @syntyche Thanks a lot for sharing all the information on SF8. Off to check out all the trailers. Thanks for sharing some recap links too. 

The first episode was really well done. I thought Lee You-young was fantastic especially in the ending scene which gave me goosebumps. The two most shocking scenes for me were the hug scenes after the mother's death, the people in the crowd wishing their robots would do the same and the caregiving robot in the neighbouring room doing absolutely nothing for the person who paid for her who has the same face. Can't say I like it but it was really good and looking forward to rest of the episodes. I hope some of them will have happier themes.


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New stills released for the Korean drama "SF8" (2020)







Hi @Edgar Pordwed! It's nice to know that you're interested in this series. Episode 1, like one of the reviews say, made me think about the theme, conflicts and questions raised even after watching the episode. It's a little less than an hour, but it packs such intricate story and neatly presents it in a package. It's not the typical k-drama theme, but if you're up to watching genre that challenges your usual view of things, this might interest you.


I've seen the second episode, and just as first one, it presents a different reality which makes you think about how things are and could have been. It's not necessarily a happier theme, but I know at least one upcoming episode that does have that vibe. So please look forward to that!

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SF8: Manxin – Episode 2 Recap & Review


Much like The Prayer last week, Manxin doubles down on the thought provoking questions within its intriguing premise. The idea of a fortune telling app having that much accuracy is fascinating and definitely accurate to how humanity would react to something like this.


So far, the first two episodes have really ignited this anthology series in the best possible way, with both highlighting the dangers within our ever-expanding digitalized world.


full review:



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I think I'm lost. I thought Siwons' turn had come up. Instead I'm watching him in a reality program like Naked and Afraid. Actually, if that was the case, I'd think I had hit the jack pot. Anyway, it must be scary being out in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean. Probably sea sick too.

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New York Asian Film  Festival IG update




MARK Your Calendars
8-films (52-mins, each)

Limited-series run: Sept 5 - 12

Praised as the Korean BLACK MIRROR -- SF8 is exemplary of the new wave of prestige TV fiction that's found its best expression with shows like HBO's WESTWORLD where the lines between small and big screen media meld into a revolutionary visual grammar.

PLACE THIS at the TOP of your watch-list 》 Tickets available starting Sept 1st, 2020

SEE you online Aug 28 - Sept 12 on the SmartCinemaUSA app!!






SF8 - The Prayer (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

In the near future, at a nursing home entirely run by machines, a woman has been in a coma for 10 years. This episode revisits the question of whether machines can think..and goes one step further - can they experience the anxiety of choice?

Dir: Min Kyu-dong
Cast: Lee Yoo-young, Ye Soo-jung, Yeom Hye-ran






SF8 - BLINK (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

Driven by a fierce sense of justice, Ji-woo (Lee Si-young) is a female detective who doesn't play by the rules in a world where cops are now assisted by AI software that feeds data straight through their eyes.

Dir: Han Ga-ram
Cast: Lee Si-young, Ha Jun, Lee Jun-hyeok



@brooksmom, hi, you must be watching Siwon's new reality show, "Yacht Expedition." It's indeed an interesting show. Until his SF8 episode airs on Sept 25, his sea adventures should keep us entertained in the meantime.  :D


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SF8 - LOVE VIRTUALLY (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

Romance stands at the crossroads between the real world and virtual reality in a future where half of the world population uses the 'Love Virtually' app.

Dir: Oh Ki-hwan
Cast: Choi Si-won, Uee, Ahn Se-ha, Kim Han-na






SF8 - WHITE CROW (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

Juno has all the things celebrity can get her; a star game broadcaster - she enjoys a vast following of close to a million subscribers. But when a former classmate claims she made up her own past, Juno's fall from grace is swift and brutal...her past and the truth aren't the kinds of things she can escape.

Dir: Jang Cheol-su
Cast: Hani, Lee Se-hee, Shin So-yul






SF8 - JOAN'S GALAXY (S.Korea) ☆Sept 5 - 12 only☆

In a world devastated by fine dust pollution, society has been divided into two categories: the "Cs" and the "Ns". People classified as "C" are privileged and injected with a vaccine at birth, which allows them to live up to 100 years; the others, known as "N", only live to age 30...

Dir: Lee Yoon-jung
Cast: Kim Bo-ra, Choi Sung-eun, Yoon Jung-hoon. Kim Joo-ryung


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On 8/22/2020 at 3:34 PM, Edgar Pordwed said:

Yeah I'll be watching all of them. I'll watch Episode 2 this weekend. Thanks! Are we the only people watching this show? :P No one else is here! 


I must admit I kinda dropped the drama too after the first ep. And I find it odd that there are hardly any posters here except @syntyche who is keeping the thread going with articles, updates, videos. Just now, I looked at other forums and there is at least five posters and some ten, another one 37, who post their opinions without being there to promote the series. They all say the series has great actors, others remark that they like this genre. So, I'm convinced, I must go back and watch the series ep2, ep3 this weekend and maybe re-watch ep1.  I have noticed a lot people are in love with the drama The Flower of Evil.:rolleyes:. I have to back and watch that one too. 



"SEE you online Aug 28 - Sept 12 on the SmartCinemaUSA app!!"


I never heard of SmartCinemaUSA. WIll have to look for it.:)


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