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[Drama 2020] SF8, 에스 에프 에잇


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Whole Body


The story of characters chasing fortune-telling services that predicts the future.


Genre: mystery thriller


Director: No Duk

2015  <The Legend: Liang Chen Murder> (screenplay, director)
2013  <Temperature of Love> (screenplay, director)



In a society where people believe in the high-hit artificial intelligence fortune-telling service, Seon-ho and Garam, who have their own pain, find their own developers, and eventually witness something different than expected.



To Sun-ho as Lee Yeon-hee 



Lee Donghwi as Jeong Garam



Nam Myeong-ryeol as Lee Ji-ham 



Seo Hyun-woo as Kim In-hong 





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A detective with implanted artificial intelligence partner into her brain will launch an investigation into a murder case.


Genre: SF 


Director: Han Ga Ram

2018 <Body Hour> Debut
14th Osaka Asian Film Festival (special mention) Award
44th Seoul Independent Film Festival (competition section-length feature film) candidate
43rd Toronto International Film Festival (Discovery Division) candidate


During this time, Jiwoo, a detective who lost her parents in a self-driving car accident, trusts her senses and abilities rather than judging by artificial intelligence. Jiwoo got a new recruit one day. But the new detective is none other than an artificial intelligence Seo Nang implanted in his brain. Jiwoo has to solve the murder with the help of Seo Nang. Will Jiwoo and Seo Nang really be a combination of fantasy and catch the criminal?



Lee Si-young as Jiwoo



Hajun as Seo Nang



Lee Joon Hyuk as Banjang




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Astronaut Joan

A drama depicting youth in the midst of a fine dust disaster.


Genre: SF Youth Growth


Director: Lee Yoon Jung

2016  <Don't Forget Me> debut 




In a world covered with fine dust, Cs, who are given expensive antibody injections at birth, enjoy a life expectancy of 100 years, while Ns, who are not, live a completely different life with a life expectancy of 30 years. Io, a 26-year-old college student who lived her entire life thinking she was C, finds out that she was not given an antibody injection due to a mistake in the hospital when she was born, and wonders about the lives of Ns who had no interest in the past. Among them, the only N in school, Joan's life.



Kim Bora as Joan



Choi Sung as Io



Jung-hoon Yoon as Gyeong



Kim Joo-ryeong as Jeongwon Kim






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Human Proof


An android, who shared the body with the son, killed the son's soul


Genre: drama


Director Kim Eui-seok

2017  <Criminal Girl> screenplay/directed



A future society where human brains are connected and combined with artificial intelligence. Hyera, who lost her son in an accident, succeeds in revitalizing a part of her son's brain by combining it with artificial intelligence. Then one day, Hye-ra becomes suspicious that the artificial intelligence is deceiving her, destroying her son's soul, and pretending to be her son. 



Moon Sori as Gah Hye Ra



Jang Yoo-sang as Young-in




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I Can't Love In A Week

A week before the Earth's demise, a romance between two men and women aimed at stopping the end of the world.


Genre: drama


Director: Ahn Guk-jin

2015 Alice in the Faithful Country / Screenplay Director
2018 Drama Stage 'All About My Lovers' / Directed



There is a week left until the end of the earth. People of different tastes start coming out on the news of the end. Even the superpowers!! Hyehwa tries to stop the apocalypse by gathering supernatural powers. And even at the news of the end, Kim Nam-woo is lonely. Can they stop the apocalypse and love?



Lee David as Namwoo 



Shin Eun-soo as Hyehwa 



Hwang Jung-min as Madam Yang



Bae Hae-sun as Anchor 









@Dar, I'm also watching because of Siwon! I'm not really familiar with the female lead. It's my first time watching her.

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Love Virtually


Real empathy romance between a man and a woman who fooled each other's faces in a future dating app and became unable to meet due to an app malfunction.


Genre SF romantic comedy


Director: Oh Ki Hwan

2014 Fashion King
2013  <Parting Agreement (China)
2009 Five Senses of Eros
2007 Someone Behind You
2005 Art of Seduction
2001 Last Present 



In the near future, more than half of South Korea's population is using augmented bean pod, a virtual love app. The number of virtual couples is overwhelmingly increasing compared to the number of real couples due to "JeongKong" that uses a Jeungkong ID to make love with the desired partner with the desired face. Among them is a couple who made their own ID with their unique faces before plastic surgery and are making love in Jeungkong. Their names are Leonardo and Giselle. This is a couple that started one day when Giselle said hello to Leonardo, who had not been seen by anyone for a year because of his unique profile. They were attracted by each other's unique looks and had a great time. Finally, they confess and try to make love... Suddenly the system goes down. What is this bolt out of the blue? System recovery isn't quick... What will happen to their future with no information other than their ID?



Choi Si-won as Seo Min-joon 



Uee as Han Ji Won 



Ahn Se-ha as Gu Seong-tae 



Kim Hanna as Taksujin 





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White Crow


BJ, who has been embroiled in a controversy in the past, tries to restore her reputation through a trauma game, but gets trapped in a virtual world.


Genre: SF Horror


Director Chang Chul-soo

2013 <Secretly Greatly> Director
2010 <Bedevilled> Director



Will BJ Juno, trapped in a virtual world, get out of the game and survive? BJ, a star-studded game with 800,000 subscribers, is embroiled in a controversy over its past manipulation by an alumnus who appeared one day. Juno, who has lost all her wealth, fame and fans, aims to recover her honor and return to broadcasting through a new trauma game. But she can't overcome her trauma in the game, and she's trapped in a virtual world, and her life is threatened.



Ahn Hee-yeon as JUNO



Lee Se-hee as Jang Jun-oh 



Shin Soyul as Shin Jisu 




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Uee Describes What Makes Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Different From All Her Other Co-Stars


Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Uee talked about starring together in a new sci-fi project!


On July 8, the cast and directors of the new sci-fi film/drama crossover series “SF8” took part in a press conference. This new project is a Korean original sci-fi anthology series that covers many different topics from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, from robots to superpowers, and more.


Eight directors have created their own 40-minute projects for “SF8,” including Oh Ki Hwan directing the romantic comedy “Augmented Infatuation” (literal title). Starring Uee and Choi Siwon, it tells a story set in the future about a woman and man who meet on a dating app without showing their faces. Because of a malfunction in the app, they end up unable to meet in real life.


It’s described that the two actors were chosen because they have the most perfect faces, as is required for the story. Director Oh Ki Hwan said at the press conference, “They’re the most handsome man and most beautiful woman in Korea,” and Uee and Choi Siwon made everyone laugh by repeatedly saying, “Thank you!”




Uee talked about how she’d reacted to being cast as the female lead Ji Won. “I asked at my first meeting, ‘Is it really true that I was cast? Am I really playing Ji Won?’ and I thanked them several times. I said that I’d try hard to be a person who’s a good fit for the role of Ji Won.”


Choi Siwon joked to Oh Ki Hwan, “I did my best, but I don’t know if it was to your liking.”


Uee also shared the fun they had on set together, first pointing out that Choi Siwon is very senior in the industry compared to her.

“I dance a lot when I’m on set, but I usually dance alone,” she said. “Whenever I start dancing, my co-star gets flustered, but [Choi Siwon] is the first and only co-star who’s danced together with me.”


“He was the first senior actor who moved his shoulders with me when I danced,” she continued. “I was grateful.”


Choi Siwon said about working with Uee, “We both started out as idols and we’ve known each other for a long time, so it helped with quickly adapting on set.”

“SF8” will be exclusively pre-released on the platform Wave on July 10, and it will air on MBC starting on August 17.








Watch: MBC’s Sci-Fi Crossover Project “SF8” Previews Dynamic Story In New Poster And Teaser


MBC’s upcoming sci-fi crossover project “SF8” shared a glimpse of the intriguing plot via a new poster and teaser!


Set in the near future, “SF8” tells the story of people who dream of a perfect society through technological advancements. This project is a Korean original sci-fi anthology series about an array of subjects including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, gaming, fantasy, horror, superpowers, and disasters.


The eight Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) directors participating in this project include Kim Eui Deok, Roh Deok, Min Kyu Dong, Ahn Gooc Jin, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Jang Cheol Soo, and Han Ka Ram. Each director will present a 40-minute project for “SF8.”


Previously, the project confirmed a star-studded lineup of actors would make an appearance. The poster shows the cast members, including Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, Lee Yeon Hee, EXID’s Hani, Moon So Ri, Kim Bo Ra, David Lee, Uee, Lee Shin Young and Lee Dong Hwi. Each of them will star in unique stories related to different sci-fi topics.





The teaser begins with suspenseful music that promises thrilling episodes. One by one, the cast members appear in their unique situations. The clip gives a peek into eight different kinds of future that includes human-like robots, AI detectives, war machines, and various high-tech machinery.


“SF8” will be exclusively pre-released on the OTT platform Wave on July 10, and it will be available on MBC in mid-August.

Watch the teaser below!






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UEE shares her favorable experiences of filming with fellow singer Choi Siwon in their new project 'SF8'




A production briefing for the new upcoming cross over project 'SF8' was held on July 8th at the CGV movie theater located at the IPark Mall in Yongsan. 'SF8' is a new film project that is a cross over between a movie and drama.


This grand project will be filmed by Soofilms with the Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) and Wavve. This film takes place in the near future when half more than of the people of Korea uses a virtual dating app. In this virtual app, the users are not required to meet in real life and thus there are more people dating virtually. 

UEE plays the role of 'Han Ji Won' who is using this virtual dating app and met 'Leonardo'. Choi Siwon plays the role of 'Seo Min Joon' who is also using the app and dating 'Jezel'. 






When sharing about her experiences with filming, she stated that she enjoyed it very much. She mentioned that "Although Siwon is my senior, he treated me really well." She continued to say, "I usually dance a lot when I'm on set. And every time I would dance, the other cast members would become flustered. But Siwon was the first actor who danced with me. I really felt happy. I think we were able to connect in that aspect since we were both singers before we were actors."

'SF8' will be a science fiction anthology tv-series and will tackle the themes of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, robots, games, fantasy, horror, superpowers, and disasters. It will be released on August 17th on the OTT platform WAVVE.






Above all, the most anticipated Wavve content is "SF8," directed by eight film directors. "SF8" is a Korean-style Science fiction project that Wave presents hand in hand with MBC and the Korean Film Directors' Association (DGK), and a crossover project for movies and dramas, with all the representative directors including Kim Eui-seok, No-duk, Min Kyu-dong, Ahn Kook-jin, Oh Ki-hwan, Lee Yoon-jung, Jang Cheol-soo and Han Ga-ram. It is a project completed with works of various materials such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, games, fantasy, horror, superpowers, and disasters, and is already being compared to "Black Mirror," one of Netflix's most popular series.




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Korean film directors venture for sci-fi anthology with ‘SF8’




Everything about the upcoming series “SF8” -- a sci-fi anthology series which will be streamed via streaming platform Wavve and TV channel MBC -- is new.

Under the collaboration of major TV channel network MBC and the Directors Guild of Korea, eight filmmakers from the association teamed up with production company Soo Film to helm each episode of the eight-part sci-fi anthology. After a year and half long haul of production, “SF8” will be released through local over-the-top platform Wavve on Friday.

Ahead of its premiere, the directors and lead cast members of each of the episodes attended a press conference in Seoul, Wednesday.

According to director Min Kyu-dong, who helmed the project, the upcoming series is a new mid-form anthology production of eight stand-alone episodes, each ranging around 50-minute in duration.

“I wanted to make a chance for (young directors) to create a new form of sci-fi content, in which they can talk about their own stories,” Min, who directed the episode “The Prayer” said during the press conference.

In response to the set’s comparison to the mega-hit British sci-fi series “Black Mirror,” Min said, “While ‘Black Mirror’ takes place inside a single universe created by the same screenwriter, we have different directors for each episode revolving around different subjects and audiences will be able to choose which episode to watch according to their preferences.”


Featuring Lee Yoo-young and Ye Soo-jung, episode “The Prayer” shows an unlikely human dilemma faced by a caretaking artificial intelligence robot, whereas “Manxin” from veteran director Roh Deok draws a society blinded with misled belief in an AI fortune-telling service. Actor Lee Dong-hui and newly-wed actress Lee Yeon-hee teamed up with Roh. Director Han Ga-ram’s “Blink” draws the teamwork of a human investigator, played by Lee Si-young, and an AI robot, taken up by Ha Jun, in resolving a murder case. In rookie director Kim Ui-seok’s “Empty Body,” veteran actress Moon So-ri stars as a mother who tries to revive her dead son by combining part of his brain with AI.

Rising star actors Kim Bo-ra and Choi Sung-eun star in director Lee Yun-jeong’s “Joan’s Galaxy,” a disaster piece that shows a new form of class division. Singer-turned-actors Uee and Choi Si-won partner in director Oh Ki-hwan’s futuristic rom-com “Love Virtually.” Another singer who recently embarked on her acting career, Hani of girl band EXID will star as a star game broadcaster who gets entangled in a virtual world in director Jang Cheol-soo’s “White Crow.” Director Ahn Guk-jin’s “Baby It’s Over” is an apocalyptic fantasy-romance piece starring actors Lee David and Shin Eun-soo.

According to the directors, all the eight episodes were produced with the same amount of budget, which -- although the amount was not specified -- in total was lower than the average budget of a small commercial film.

“While commercial film productions usually involve diverse conflicting interests that inevitably limit the directors’ freedom as a creator, (with ‘SF8’), we had more independence in production,” director Roh said. "Although there were physical limits, I think we went through the process of discovering what we can do inside those boundaries.”

“We have a stereotype that sci-fi productions usually come with visual spectacles. But with 'SF8,' we wanted to make a story that gives the viewers something to think deeply about,” Min said.






Siwon Is Starring In A New Sci-Fi Series—Here's What We Know About It So Far




Yup, Siwon is making a small-screen comeback! And if you're into *futuristic* shows like Black Mirror, you'll surely love his new project, SF8. 


What is SF8 about? 

SF8 is an eight-episode anthology series set in the future, with each episode featuring a different cast and director. Soompi writes that this series is about "an array of subjects including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, gaming, fantasy, horror, superpowers, and disasters." Siwon will be starring opposite Uee in the episode Augmented Infatuation, also known as Love Virtually. 


What do we know about his role? 

Augmented Infatuation is a rom-com that features a man and a woman who meet on a dating app called Love Virtually—without showing their faces. But because of a malfunction in the app, they can't meet IRL! This episode is directed by Oh Ki Hwan, whose previous projects include the films Fashion King (2014) and Five Senses Of Eros (2009).   


In a recent press conference for the show, Siwon talked about working with Uee: "We both started out as idols and we've known each other for a long time, so it helped with quickly adapting on set." Uee shared that Siwon would even dance with her on set, which no co-actor has ever done before! 


When will it be released? 

SF8 will be pre-released on the platform Wavve on July 10, and it will air on MBC starting on August 17. There's no word yet about a PH release, but we're crossing our fingers! 






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8 episodes, 8 directors, one brave and bold new concept

Due to the surge in demand for over-the-top platforms, the barrier between television, streaming service and cinema is merging. 
The cinematic experience is no longer only accessible at movie theaters as the advancement of technology has enabled audiences to recreate it on smaller screens.  
And with this technology, the industry is finally venturing into a genre that has been long avoided— science fiction. 
Due to the pressure of providing visual effects that exceed people’s expectations, which comes with huge risk considering the costliness, the genre has been shunned by the local industry.  
But now, the first-ever sci-fi blockbuster ”Space Sweepers” is set to be released in theaters in September, along with a highly anticipated sci-fi project set to arrive on the streaming service Wavve and MBC broadcast very soon.  
“SF8” is a crossover project between Wavve, MBC broadcast, Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) and film production company Soo Film. In eight episodes, eight directors from DGK came together to depict their own versions of what the future looks like using technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).  
“MBC CEO Choi Seung-ho came by our guild as a director to suggest a collaborative project,” director Min Kyu-dong, and the DGK representative who oversaw “SF8,” said at a press event in CGV's Yongsan branch in central Seoul on Wednesday. “From last year I was contemplating what we could create together and thought of sci-fi. The genre nowadays is strongly imprinted as something that’s daunting and difficult [for local filmmakers to try out], and is thought to be monopolized by Hollywood films. Through this opportunity, we wanted to become pioneers setting the course of telling new stories without any limitations and also get an opportunity to meet a new audience [through Wavve].”  
Min directed one of the eight episodes, titled “The Prayer,” about an AI caretaker who struggles between taking care of her designated patient and the patient’s guardian.  
“The total production cost [for the eight episodes] was less than that of a budget for a small commercial film,” Min said. “There were those who would say that this challenge was too far-fetched. But I think the filmmakers were generally happy telling stories that they’ve wanted to tell without any barriers.”  
“The creative freedom was much less restricted compared to commercial films,” director Roh Deok added. “In films, there are many, many interests involved starting from the script-writing process which may not be able to 100 percent support the filmmakers’ creativity. But for this project, the directors were free to do whatever they wanted to do. So despite the tight budget and schedules, I think directors found new possibilities and enjoyment in areas that they did not expect.”  
About a dozen of veteran and rookie actors portray different characters and tell their complex stories and relationships: Well-known actors such as Ye Soo-jung, Moon So-ri, Lee Yeon-hee, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Dong-hui, Choi Si-won and U-ie, while rookie actors such as Jang Yoo-sang, Choi Sung-eun, Ha Joon and newly debuting singer-turned-actor actor Ahn Hee-yeon feature in the eight episodes.  
Although each story portrays different futures using different topics, the overall theme of the eight episodes is humanity.  
“One of the stereotypes about sci-fi is that creators have to offer some kind of amazing visual spectacle,” Min said. “But when looking at various high genres [amongst sci-fi], there are films that ask fundamental but philosophical questions. [The audience] may find it awkward or alien to see an Asian face in sci-fi, but I think this attempt is a trial-and-error process that we must eventually pass through. We have done our best given our limited budget, and we may be compared to big-scale western films, but this was our own challenge which I believe should be categorized separately [from those films]. But we will accept [criticism] on points that we should, and it’s something that we should do so joyfully despite our worries and fears.”  
When asked for his thoughts about anticipation that “SF8” will be the local equivalent of Netflix series “Black Mirror,” Min pointed out that “SF8” will offer more diversity, having stemmed from the inspirations of eight different filmmakers.  
“The only rule in this game was to find a new kind of visual [that no one has seen before],” Min said. “I believe the directors had a hard time inputting that into their work, but there was also this strange kind of pleasure and happiness creating works about disasters while experiencing one simultaneously.”  
Each episode is about 50 minutes long and the eight episodes will be released exclusively on Wavve on July 10 and aired on MBC from Aug. 17. 



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