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[Drama 2020] The Spy Who Loved Me, 나를 사랑한 스파이


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@memory magnet Agree with you.  I love they  brought the fun back in EP16 after the much anxiety of EP16.  How I wish this came sooner for more of the bonding and fun stuffs.  The mission at the end was fun but I was hoping it hashed out a bit more.  When I saw Areum & Jihoon practice ballroom dancing, I was expecting an extravagant ballroom dancing because these are rich people.  I guess they didn't have enough time and probably not enough budget to throw that at the end.  It's good to see Areum working with Interpol as a side job because she is good at that.


All in all, I am satisfied with the ending.  I had said before, I don't mind Jihoon having a new relationship or the 3 of them go on their separate ways... the ending is satisfying and logical NOT JUST BECAUSE JIHOON IS THE MALE LEAD (same old complains whenever certain ship don't sail at the end lol).  It's unrealistic to expect Areum to be with Derek at the end because that means she has to ghost with him in some foreign land since he can't live in Korea.  She has to drop everything she builds with sweats and tear as well as leaving her mom behind.  It's not unrealistic to expect that in real life and like it's pointed out in the article from Areum's narration, with so many lies, there will always trust issue if they stay together. Understandably feeling sorry for Derek but it is a happy ending for him too as he is still alive and moves on. 




201218 “Goodbye, #TheSpiesWhoLovedMe’… Last Greetings From Shinhwa’s Eric Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na, Lim Ju-hwan
MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday mini-series ’The Spies Who Loved Me’ (directed by Jae-jin Lee, screenplay by Lee Ji-min) ended with the last episode on December 17th. Jeon Ji-hoon (Moon Jung-hyuk), Kang A-reum (Yoo In-na), and Derek Hyun (Lim Joo-hwan) entangled in a relationship with thrilling espionage battles and the sweet yet realistic romance. The three people who have been passionately loving and running fiercely have started a new journey. It was a perfect happy ending and a new beginning for the three people who are living in charge of their choices in their respective situations.




#Secret romance added to the spectacle of espionage! The essence of a novel romantic spy

It was refreshing and novel  setting of Interpol secret agents, industrial spies, two men with special secrets, and a wedding dress designer who got entangle in a spy war. The thrilling espionage war that was added to the romance of two men and women, who should had never met, brought romantic comedy to a different level. The drama combined director Lee Jae-jin’s well-organized production of various elements such as romance, comedy, spy action and writer Lee Ji-min’s sensual script.The colorful characters unfolded by actors with both personality and acting ability boosted the fun of spy war and captivated viewers.


#The Correlation Between Marriage and Espionage?! Reflection on Love as a Result of a Novel Combination

‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ presented a differentiated romantic comedy, closely intertwining the subject of marriage and espionage. It contains a pleasant reflection on love and marriage, the sweetness and bitterness of life ones learn post-marriage intertwined with the endless deceit of espionage. Marriage begins with love and is maintained by trust. The sweet deception of being fooled and pretending to believe, the symbiotic relationship of overcoming the harsh world and crises together, and at time ambiguous wonders of whether one is on your side or not for both marriage and espionage, were all in sync. Just like Kang Areum’s narration, “I don’t know the size of my husband’s mind. Would I be able to figure out everything about him even if we spent the rest of our lives together?”, she thinks they know everything about each other but it’s only when she is deceived by the spy who lied to her again that she realizes that ‘love’ and that the ‘me’ is who has only seen what she wanted to see. Herein lies the beauty of ‘The Spies Who Loved Me.’


#The Sweet Deception Perfected by ’Roco Craftsman’ Moon Jung Hyuk X Yoo In Na X Lim Ju Hwan Was Different, As Expected!

Bidding goodbye to the drama, Moon Jung Hyuk said, “It was a very enjoyable project. I was able to film without loosing laughter from the beginning to the end. In addition with Yoo In Na, an actress who has good energy, and Lim Ju Hwan who I work well with, I am happy working together as a team with good people. I want to say thank you to everyone.Yoo In Na also said, “I had a fun and happy time displaying a new side of me through Kang Areum. Thank you to everyone who loved ‘The Spies Who Loved Me.Lim Ju Hwan expressed his feelings, saying, “I’m glad that it ended well at a time like this. The staffs who welcomed me on the first shoot and made the set of the last shoot warm. The writer, director, senior actors, junior actors, Moon Jung Hyuk and Yoo In Na have all worked very hard. I want to sincerely thank all of you.








Source: imbc
Translation: EricMun.tumblr





201219 Bae In Hyuk: “Moon Jung Hyuk Encouraged Me to ‘Do Everything You Want to Do’”  + Jeon Seung Bin: “Thanks to Eric’s Advice, I Was Able to Follow Along Easily”



Bae In Hyuk, who plays the role of Kim Young Gu, the youngest analyst at Interpol’s Industrial Bureau, added to the drama’s fun by showcasing his tikitaka chemistry with Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk) who plays the role of Interpol secret agent Jeon Ji Hoon.


Bae In Hyuk, who is said to be a devoted fan of tvN drama ‘Another Miss Oh’ starring Moon Jung Hyuk, expressed his gratitude by saying, “I was excited and nervous when I found out that we were going to star in the drama together. I was worried about being a nuisance. However, when we started filming and working together, he was very considerate and made me comfortable which I think is why I was able to bring the character of Young Gu to life until the very end.


He added, “In a scene between Ji Hoon and Young Gu, he was considerate while giving me courage by saying, ‘Do everything you want to do.’ I was so happy.





Jeon Seung Bin, who played Peter, said, “Thanks to Moon Jung Hyuk’s Advice, I Was Able to Follow Along Easily


-How was your collaboration with Moon Jung Hyuk?

He gave a lot of advice when I went on the set. I was able to follow along easily because he led me to express my emotions and movements in the scenes.


-How was the atmosphere?

All the actors and staff were very considerate of each other. Luckily, all the filming sites I’ve been on have been that way so far, but it was a particularly more harmonious set.


Source: Newsen, isplus 
Translation: EricMun.tumblr



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On 12/19/2020 at 1:24 AM, Rogue85 said:

           Congratulations to The Spies Who Loved Me casts, director, writter, staffs and crews for giving us this wonderful romance, comedy, action drama series. I know that there are some difficulties while filming because of some health safety and guidelines but happy because they finished it safely and everyone were healthy. 
           Yoo In Na, Eric Mun and Lim Ju Hwan did a great job in portraying Ah Reum, Jihoon and Derek and also the supporting casts, they also did well.
          I hope that Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan who played as Ah Reum and Derek and they called now Apple Couple will do a series again because they really have that natural onscreen chemistry that the viewers had noticed. I want Derek and Ah Reum to be together in the end but we all know that it's Jihoon and Ah Reum were the main lead and must comeback as a couple again. I'm still happy because Derek was not dead and free now but I think he was very lonely without Ah Reum.  Ah Reum said that Derek might find a new love in one of his travel. I hope that Derek will find his true happiness in one of his travel.


Not just this drama but it always amuses me with the "because xyz is the main lead" when certain ship doesn't sail instead of seeing if the ending is realistic and logical.  It might come off as I'm bias because I'm a fan of Eric but to me Areum & Derek ending is rather unrealistic and I had said before, I don't mind if he didn't end up with Areum at the end.  Coming to the finale, I was expecting 3 possible endings because writer could pull any: either they all go their separate ways, Jihoon and Areum are reunited, or Areum stays with Derek. The 1st one probably make all ships happy :joy: 


Like @memory magnet pointed out, Derek is a rock in a hard place with his line or work as industrial spy and everything that happened.  There are just so much baggage between these 2 if they stay together.  Derek should not be faulted for his mom's action, his mom is the one ordered the killing, it's still big a baggage in the relationship. Beside, after all the deceptions, trust will be a huge issue in their relationship as Areum pointed it out: “I don’t know the size of my husband’s mind. Would I be able to figure out everything about him even if we spent the rest of our lives together?”   Derek can't live in Korea as who he is any more so Areum would have to ghost with him to some foreign country with a new identity and that means she has to drop everything that she has built with sweats and tears as well as leaving her mom behind in Korea.  How is that fair to her and how is it realistic in real life?  Beside, there's always risk of someone discover their identity if she chose this route.  That's why as much I feel sorry for Derek, I'm glad he realized that and let go as well as Areum made a conscious choice of not turning around to face Derek (knowing it might change things) when she saw him at the hotel.  She consciously chose to move on.  I believe Derek left the pin & the apple to affirm he's alive.  As sad as it is, it's a good thing on his part but above all, the he is alive. It could had been much worse.


As for the chemistry, it's not that Eric & Inna didn't have chemistry. They didn't have that many lovey dovey scenes compared to AR-DH during the drama for obvious reason that Areum was married. Eric always has great chemistry with his leading ladies and co-stars (Another Miss Oh, Discovery of Love... ).  I've seen WookNa fans saying they didn't think they can ship Inna with anyone but Lee Dong Wook but they like the pairing of Inna & Eric in this drama. :lol: 



Throw back the ramen couple.










More than the romance, I am happy how Jihoon and Derek went from love rivalries to more trusting relationship and should I say "friends".  I love such character growth between these 2.  MBC please give them the best bromance couple for the year end award!











"Bring yourself back to the happiest moment in your life"

I like that that moment is "now" not something of the "past".  It's a meaningful conclusion.

I am happy the drama end well despite all the up & down (covid, hurricane, torrential rain when they filmed in Jeju..)









photos as credit


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I've caught up and finished the show!! :hooray2:


To be honest, from halfway through the drama I thought that the loveline would not end up the way I wanted BUT PHEW. THANK GOODNESS!! :fullofhearts:



Although I do find that they could have developed Eric x Yoo Ina's romance during those 2 years better... so we can understand why they ended up together in the end. Their flashbacks were always cute, but they had very rare few, true CURRENT moments together that were mutual.

I felt that there was a lot of emphasis for Derek x Yoo Ina towards the end... but no complaints, I was rooting for Eric hehehehehe


In regards to Helmes -



I'm surprised that they left the Derek's mother and Tinker's story open-ended... thought they would do something about that. So I guess Helmes is basically still out there? Kind of unsatisfying on that note.



Overall, I still like Eric x Yoo Ina as actors and actresses soooo much!! Hope Eric comes back with another rom com soon (plus Shinhwa activities of course heheheheeh)

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All in this forum, thanks for being in the journey. @Phi Always appreciated your constant info and posts in this forum. Also thanks to all others.


This is another underrated Korean drama I have seen this year. Due to covid and lack of travel, I have watched a TON more of dramas than I usually can consume. WOW.


This was great --strong woman. Though I loved Eric Mun alot, I am glad she did not just go all lovey dovey on him and cheat on her hubby Derek with the sexy Ex. In that I respect her for trying to make it work. Also her finding out she had a knack in being a spy. She realized her mistakes with her first marriage and tried to improve on the second one and work it out.


Eric Mun always delivers and in this one he did. He had a tough time seeing his beloved he left and made divorce him due to his job. Then he finds out she is married to an industrial spy. He wants to be with her and despite all his feelings he takes the high road and tried his best to protect his ex and her hubby with all his might.

KAIST the cute pie pining for his colleague and believing his sunbae Jihun. I loved how he constantly was cute about being jealous when SR was acting as a seducer. At the end when she teased him to act and he KISSED her. OMO OMOM Go KAIST for being forward and trying. She knew his crush and he just went for it. He loved egging him on. To see them together was cute.


I wish Ahreums friend had a love interest or life outside of the bridal shop. Felt bad for her.


The feels when Jihun had to arrest his father figure /friend Kang when he betrayed INTERPOL.


The great cameo by a REAL KAIST grad who played Sophie-Yoon Soo Hee. She is very smart IRL and gorgeous.


The actor who played Tinker, I saw him in another sleeper tvN drama in a minor role so glad he got a leg up and a bigger role this time YEAH . Handsome actor and nice to see him whenever he was on the screen.


Found this posted -clips from 15 and 16



Making of the OTP at the auction scenes  and their kiss was the REAL last filmed shot.



Last interview






Sad to say farewell but it is over. TT.

See you all in another forum!

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The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 14

by selena



It’s time to choose a side and tackle the issue straight on. The problem is…can our designer and her husband be trusted? The only way is for him to turn his back on family and give up the only life he has ever known. The many cogs in the wheel come together to make things happen, and it’s a difficult time for everyone involved.



As Derek’s mother takes in the sight of the unconscious spy, she says that whoever hurt him must face the consequences. Ah-reum nearly exposes her and Ji-hoon’s hiding spot in the bathroom when she accidentally nudges the doorknob. Thankfully, Mom’s whisked away by a nurse before she could investigate.

After Ji-hoon sneaks out, Ah-reum stays behind and thinks about her choices: feign ignorance or run. She takes a measured breath when Mom returns before putting on a tearful display. She runs to her mother-in-law and cries, “Derek almost died. How could something like this happen?”


The women dutifully play their parts as the worried mother and heartbroken wife, vowing to teach the culprit a lesson once they’re caught. Ah-reum is determined to catch Mom and when the Helmes boss suggests praying for Derek’s recovery, our seamstress thinks that she should be praying for herself.




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The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 15

by TeriYaki


Even though our designer is determined to stand by her husband’s side, she can’t pretend that her faith in him hasn’t been shaken. Her husband doesn’t need his vision to sense how much she’s suffering because of his many lies. When their situation becomes more desperate after an unexpected complication, our designer’s husband is faced with a difficult choice.



As she leaves her son’s room after her visit with Derek, Hera whispers into Ah-reum’s ear, “Derek killed Sophie.” Ah-reum hotly accuses her of lying but Hera just shrugs that it’s up to her to decide if she trusts Derek. Shaken, Ah-reum returns to Derek and as she stares at her husband, she tells us, “Derek’s mom planted the seeds of suspicion…to test how strongly we trust each other.”

The next day, Ah-reum guides Derek on a walk and when he trips over a rock, he admits that he may not be able to see but he can tell that she’s hiding something. Ah-reum denies it but when she takes Derek’s hand he pulls it away, “Do you even want to walk with me?”


After getting Derek settled in his room, Ah-reum leaves him alone to get some rest. In the hallway, her phone alerts her to an incoming video and a man watches as she views the footage of Derek at the amusement park the day that Sophie was killed.





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Im Joo Hwan Says He Has No Regrets About Ending Of “The Spies Who Loved Me” + Shares What Genres He Wants To Try


Dec 25, 2020
by C. Hong

Im Joo Hwan recently participated in an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper’s Star Today about the end of his drama “The Spies Who Loved Me.”

In “The Spies Who Loved Me,” a wedding dress designer named Kang Ah Reum (Yoo In Na) gets caught between her ex-husband, Jun Ji Hoon (Eric), and her current husband, Derek Hyun (Im Joo Hwan), who are both spies working undercover.


At the end of the drama, Derek Hyun is unable to choose between his wife and his mother and instead disappears and fakes his death. His wife, Kang Ah Reum, reunites with her ex-husband, Jun Ji Hoon, while his mother blames her crimes on her “dead” son and is released by the police. Although most of the characters in the drama get a happy ending, Derek Hyun is the only one who doesn’t.

Im Joo Hwan said, “I’m very satisfied with the ending. I think that leaving is one option in order to protect the one you love. I also think it’s love to recognize that you can protect someone and let them know. I think that Derek Hyun chose to go this route on purpose. In one of his lines, he says, ‘I don’t want to see Kang Ah Reum lose her confidence.’ Even though it hurt him, he left in order to protect Ah Reum. Ah Reum has given up on Derek Hyun and has moved on, but he wants her to not waver in her choices. I think that I would have acted the same way in his shoes.”

He added, “I think that he must be quite sad. If only he wasn’t a spy, he could have lived happily with the people around him.”




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The Spies Who Loved Me: Episode 16 (Final)

by selena


The truth can’t be kept from our quick-witted designer. While dealing with the loss of someone important, she decides to live life for herself going forward. She soon discovers a new passion, although it’s not something her ex-husband would pick for her. Embarking on a new adventure, the exes work together to crack another case.





Ah-reum takes the two identical wedding bands to her jeweler who confirms that the one from the reservoir was recently rush-ordered by Derek. This gets Ah-reum thinking and she searches up how to assume a new identity, then realizes that Derek is alive.

A motorcyclist cuts off Ji-hoon’s path in an alleyway, hopping off and flippantly greeting him with, “Happy to see me? I came back from the dead.” Derek thanks Ji-hoon and explains that the only way to end the investigation was to disappear…so he did.


Ji-hoon chastises Derek for putting Ah-reum through so much, but the ex-spy insists that she would’ve gone through worse had he stayed. Ji-hoon calls him out for being a selfish jerk and urges him to come to his senses. “You think you can live a normal life after abandoning your wife?”


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/12/the-spies-who-loved-me-episode-16-final/

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Some clips with English sub.


 [ENG SUB] ERIC'am A Walk-through The Set of 'The Spies Who Love Me' (feat Jeon Ji Hoon)


The set of Gulliver is so interesting with the many passageways but Areum's dresshop is the biggest of all.

At 6:12 he talked about the lace falling down scene...  then pointing the finger naughtily.  Such a tease!! :)






[ENG SUB] 201021 ERIC'am "The Spies Who Love Me" Production Presentation Site


Another ERIC'am.  It's old but it just got subbed and a bunch of interesting bits.  At 1:32, Inna said she reduced her loveliness for the drama. MC said "really?" and Inna asked why she acts surprised.  MC said Eric seems like he hasn't heard this before.  :)  Then Eric said yes Inna did reduced her cuteness for this drama but he doesn't know about loveliness... :lol:  What a way to give compliment!!!  :wub:  Juhwan kept 'complaining' Inna turning his back to him.  I love the trio's chemistry and playfulness so much.


The pole dance wasn't in the script originally.  He was preparing for a cute footwork routine for this scene instead.. until he arrived on scene and saw the pole on stage lmao.  Change of plan!


He such a tease at the end when he's asked to demonstrate his (Jihoon's) photography skills :lol:





[ENG SUB] Behind the scene for EP.09 & 10




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     Hey! to all Yoo In Na fans, while we are all excited and waiting for her upcoming drama Snowdrop, let's all watch again her in the 2020 MBC action, romance, comedy drama series title " The Spies Who Loved Me "  where she play the role of a beautiful wedding dress designer named Kang Ah Reum only on iQIYI platform. I think this drama must also become available in other platform but as we all know iQIYI had it exclusively. Do you know that Chinese dramas were mostly uploaded in iQIYI, yes there are also korean dramas too but mostly chinese drama and movies. 


     Here are some video clips of Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan in The Spies Who Loved Me. Actually they are my favorite rather than Eric & Yoo In Na pair  because for me, Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan have more great onscreen chemistry and I liked their deep love story more and actor  Lim Ju Hwan won the Excellence Actor Award for playing the role as Derek Hyun in The Spies Who Loved Me in the 2020 MBC Drama Awards.

    In one of the interview of Lim Ju Hwan, he said that he wants his next drama to be a Historical or Period drama. I'm thinking what if Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan do a hystorical or period drama, that's a great idea. 










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