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Update #11 - Discord, Events, Timeline, etc.




Soompi logo 4.png  + 2x2jm9.png


This week, we have launched a dedicated chat server on Discord called "Soompi Chat".


It's a third-party based application voice chat software enhancing exclusively the experience of the Soompi Forums.


The software is available on Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Android and it is completely free to install.


We recommend every member of the community to register an account on Discord: https://discord.com/


The following step is to follow carefully the given instructions on how to setup properly your headset / microphone before joining our chat server : https://discord.gg/PDvmdXE


In the following weeks, major events of the forum community will be conducted there. This includes giveaways, rewards, gifts to be redeemed in the Members Shop, coupons & much more!


"Soompi Chat" will have its own economy where members can earn points and experience points. There's even a bank feature to store your points.


Discord is officially a replacement for Slack, a proprietary third-party chat software which launched in 2016 and got removed the following year due to inactivity related to performance issues.


In the following weeks, Chatbox will be officially decommissioned. Discord will serve as a pillar for problem solving in the community, forging bonds between members in a spontaneous alternative, and as an event feature complementary to the forums.


"Soompi Chat" will also oversee the rebirth of our beloved traditional games of "Mafia" (loosely based on "Town of Salem") and "Eyes, Nose, Lips". (re: @jeijei)


The Discord Lead Managers will be: @phikyl @stroppyse @Hanyeoun


If you wish to become a Soompi Discord Manager: Click here!





Discord Launch Event (August 1 to August 31)


The Discord Launch Event will begin shortly. There will be a weekly prize in which members can win a one-month subscription to Discord Nitro which includes perks such as:


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 10.06.52 AM.png 


Prizes will include Soompi Points, exclusive medals, coupons for the Members Shop, additional forum reputation points & much more!


On the first week of August, the staff will welcome any members to participate into the general chat of our server to discuss the future of the community, voice out their concerns and feedbacks in order to help us modernize our forums to reflect a new age of social computing. Whoever provides helpful feedback will be properly rewarded!


Following that week, we will conduct games where members can compete each other for prizes as mentioned above.




Regarding our plans for the community, we would like to share how the entire Soompi Forums community experience should look like by the end of the year:


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 7.40.20 PM.png


Pretty cool, huh? Every feature will interact with one to another. All of them will be fully integrated and seamless into the forums




In order to execute that vision of the planned timeline for the remainder of the year, we have recruited additional new staff trainees:


Junior Moderators:


@MinLyn (Kdramas)

@Lawyerh (Shippers' Paradise + Sitcoms)

@Sushimi (Actors & Actresses)

@gm4queen (Actors & Actresses)

@JC's Lingxi (Shippers' Paradise)

@Lynne (Global Entertainment)


Furthermore, we have made a new category of staff which will also contribute into that revitalization project to revive the community. That category is named: "Auxiliary staff positions". They are not responsible for moderating forum content but serves different purposes for the community.


Event Organizers:


- @Lmangla

- @snowlou

- @partyon


Graphics Designers:


- @bairama

- @lyrically aesthetic





The club maintenance has been temporarily disabled for an unscheduled maintenance which debuted yesterday. We understand this surprised some members but we assure you the feature will be back within the week. The purpose of this maintenance is to bring hotfixes to the club module which was one of several contributing factors behind the overall performance issues on Evolution Mode 4.4 (Beta). We apologize for the inconvenience!


Stay tuned for more updates!



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20 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

You can comfortably just type if you like so @mirmz 


thanks @Alice Wonderland for clarifying <3

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