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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Sleepless Princess 离人心上

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Epp 33 part 2        Epilogue Preview :   OK will translate this before it disappears, the top says epilogue so that should prove we're getting one!  

@suzy0604 me neither - both my usual sites have not loaded this epilogue yet.   @pad-hari are you accessing as VIP or do you have an alternative site where you are watching it?  

@suzy0604 I think some Weibo users hazard a guess about how she woke up but my Mandarin ain't good enough to figure that all out They left their son to XC because it was her dream to travel and

For those who can access, someone uploaded clips of the epilogue




Haha, these two end up together. Turns out during the poisonous smoke affair, she went to save him. 



And the joke is....the wolf on the right is the one that the princess gave XY and the one on the left (the much larger one) is given
by the princess to the prince (and he is absolutely bragging that his is larger than the one XY got.) :P

Then Nai Nai punctures that ego by saying "So you are her dog?"



Nai Nai's maid ends up with the Princess' brother (is it the brother or the guard?) and Nai Nai is furious.

Watch about 5 mins here: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4547356687794228?from=old_pc_videoshow

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It was really hard to dodge all the spoilers of epilogue! But I did it! Phew!


I want to first watch the whole of epilogue without spoilers then come back to save all those gifs!


Whoever finds the link first at whichever place just post it asap with red flags!

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I’d like to thank everyone for the recaps and translation. I’ve been lurking since day 1 but ended up making an account the last minute and was able to rant my stress away. 
I can sleep peacefully now though I have to work at 7:30am. I stayed up wanting to watch the last episode and failed miserably but these pics and gif made me feel at relieved. I need some coffee :crybaby::rip:though I knew they were going to have a happy ending I still stress over that it was an imagination *cries intensifies* this drama has made an impact on me and isn’t good for my poor heart haha, but I still love and enjoyed it. This is the first drama I had a dream the two leads had a baby. Lmao I can’t believe it actually happened (I guess I really wanted them to be happy) I’ll be honest I’m glad I stuck with my instinct from the beginning that XY was telling his story as the last story to the kids. I’ll be watching this later tonight smiling, spazzing to myself, and die over these two. 
  Once again thank you to everyone on here. I really appreciate y’all’s hard work 

p.s I see now she’s the one dragging him around instead of him carrying her like a sack of weightless rice. :Megalol:

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The epilogue is so sweet with extra brown sugar and maple syrup! Got many question like :

1. How come CY just woke up like that? Whats the trigger?

2. Why did they left their son to XC?

but the highlights are :

1. CY "abusing" XY until his waist is sore.. ehem.. ehem..


2. XC the emperor being happily bullied by his nephew.. lol

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@suzy0604 I think some Weibo users hazard a guess about how she woke up but my Mandarin ain't good enough to figure that all out :P

They left their son to XC because it was her dream to travel and XY was making that come true.


I think the joke is that XY hid all the letters that came from the pigeons and finally CY realised XC had written a thousand letters. Geez, XY is really good at preventing the wife from finding 1000 pigeon carriers?????? :w00t:    And it's hilarious to watch CY totally calm about XC's decision to send their devil of a son to military camp and XY is panicking away....... Instead CY is placating him, telling him that their son has XY's blood, so toughing it out in military camp will do him some good. Judging by what a devil he is, I reckon the camp will really do him some good too.


Oh, and the scene where XC is telling his 'nephew', "I've known your mother for 20 years and she ended up with a guy she had known for a few months. Even then, I didn't shed any tears, so you should stop crying." And the nephew stops crying, reaches out to pat the Uncle's face and says "You really are deserving of pity!"  That was truly hilarious!!!


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thank you so much to everyone for sharing their thoughts and giving updates to the epilogue!!!!!!!! thank you a million times q__q best bday gift ever ♡♡♡♡♡


tho I'm sure there's more post to come, I'm gonna go back to sleep lol zz


THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BEING HERE and let's stay together a little while longer heh

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