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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Sleepless Princess 离人心上

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Thank you so much for explaining.  I have watched all the current aired episodes but have no clues what is going on cause i don't understand the language. There weren't much discussion here on this drama.  I really enjoyed the drama so far.   This my first drama of the ML.  

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Epp 33 part 2        Epilogue Preview :   OK will translate this before it disappears, the top says epilogue so that should prove we're getting one!  

@suzy0604 me neither - both my usual sites have not loaded this epilogue yet.   @pad-hari are you accessing as VIP or do you have an alternative site where you are watching it?  

@suzy0604 I think some Weibo users hazard a guess about how she woke up but my Mandarin ain't good enough to figure that all out They left their son to XC because it was her dream to travel and

@MidnightRain @angelflower

Thank you so much both of you!

At least it clear some of my question about the plot and characters.


The eng sub is terrible since they are auto translated but I really like the main couple chemistry in this drama. 


Hu Yi Xuan is cute while Zheng Ye Cheng is smoldering hot. I really like his attire and hairstyle here than his other historical drama. And their interactions as main couple in the drama is so adorable.


I have a question about the future plot.


Who is the other woman that the general has to marry later? Is she a foreign princess?


About character in the past episode.


Who was the woman that gave jade pendant to Xing Chen & Chu Yue when they are children in the Chu Yue's flashback?

What did she told them?


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@angelflower I read the character descriptions here on douban. ^_^




According to the spoilers I read on douban, she is a foreign princess, her country was the one that was conquered by the general in the beginning of the series before he relinquished all his duties with the emperor. He is forced to marry her by the emperor, but he will write a dismissal of the engagement/marriage to the emperor later on. 


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Somehow reading more spoilers on Xue Mu, the general's brother. 



Xue Mu is the older brother of the general, their parents died when Xue Yao was a kid and Xue Mu was a teenager. Xue Yao was practically raised by his brother in the army, so they were super duper close. However, due to Su Nun Nun's (Xue Yao's sect sister that's in love with him) father, Xue Mu had to leave the active troops and stay back in the palace as the head guard. This is also why he turns cold to Su Nun Nun, even though they were close before, because Xue Yao blames her father for indirectly causing the death of his brother. Somehow, something happened, and Xue Mu ended up burnt to death in the place that houses the imperial family's memorial headstones. The spoilers tell us that he died trying to save the princess, and that he asks Tao Yao, the princess' maid to continue to protect her. 


The netizens are also speculating that he is also Master Guan Shan, the author whose works that the princess reads and admires. Apparently he wrote the story to help the princess ward off her loneliness, the story talks about the travels and the promises that the princess will find her soulmate in the future. In ep 5 when the princess goes to the bookstore to ask if Master Guan Shan has written more novels, the owner tells her that there hasn't been any new works of his out for a while now. This is because Xue Mu has been dead for a while and unable to continue writing the story. 


It seems that Xue Mu has been secretly admiring and protecting the princess from afar. The netizens constantly refer to a letter, which I know nothing about because I'm still behind, but apparently it talks more about his hidden feelings for the princess. I guess this is why when the great reveal happens that the princess is his secret love, Xue Yao will be in so much pain. He loves the same woman as his brother, and this woman is also the cause of his brother's death. Eek, so much angst.


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I thought of another point I was going to explain - the king is afraid of the Xue family's power, and the fact that they command the military. That was the real reason he gave Chu Yue in marriage to Xue Yao, because by their country's law, XY could no longer be the general once he became the Prince Consort. XY knew that but there wasn't much he could do short of go against the king's wishes. I suspect that this will be the reason again when the king decides to make Xue Yao marry Xi Zhao's princess (the other territory) - it will probably be when he realises the divination ability CY has, and so he would seek to break XY's bond with her. OR... it could just be simply that the princess fell in love with XY (because who wouldn't LOL) when he conquered her country and the king is just killing two birds with one stone.  


@MidnightRain I have some thoughts about Xue Mu: 


I think it was a one-sided love that he had for the princess - she probably didn't even know him, or if she did, she didn't know who he was. As for the letter - it does appear in one of the early trailers before the show started airing - it probably will be how XY discovers that the woman his brother loved is his wife. It hasn't shown up yet - I think it is after they both have deeper feelings because otherwise there wouldn't be much angst involved lol. 

I thought that Xue Yao was Master Guan Shan for some reason... but the netizens may be right - it might be his brother instead.



@enzek The lady was their "mother". Since XC and CY are not really blood-related, I can't say whose mother she was. But basically she told them to look after one another. I don't think she's an important character (nothing up to present suggests that she is). 


I am quite enjoying this drama, I have to say. There's something about Zheng Ye Cheng that's really attractive... and I like Hu Yi Xuan's acting so far as well. I think it helps also that they've not written her character as a silly, naive girl. Although she has needed rescuing several times already, the situations were somewhat beyond her control and she doesn't sit there waiting but actively tries to save herself. 

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Here is another early trailer from before the show started - there's still scenes that have not appeared - which means SPOILER alert, stop if you don't want to know. I won't put this under spoiler tags since this was an early release:



XY: Older brother, rest in peace.


Bai Li Qi (XY's right-hand man): Should we continue investigating?


XY: These assassins definitely came for me. They seem to know my older brother.


Assassin: Xue Mu?

XY: You know Xue Mu?


XY: And this princess seems to be our only lead.


CY: Father may have simply married me off, but I won't simply accept my fate.


Hooded men: Headcount! (He said "bao shu" which can also mean hug (bao) the tree (shu) haha).

Man: What are you doing?

CY: Help! Save me!


Dong Shi (DS - current Diviner): There are assassins everywhere out there.

XY: Get them!

DS: There's no place safer than being at Xue Manor.

XY: I'm the least safe here.


CY: Help!


XY: Do you really not know these people?


BLQ: I feel like that princess is hiding something. 


(The letter - AHA. I paused to read it this time. It is a letter written to Chu Yue by Xue Mu, who reveals himself to be Guan Shan. It is his first and last time writing to her. He has been writing as GS to show her the outside world (which she cannot access being trapped in the palace). He apologises for his weakness and cowardice and says that although his heart is Guan Shan, she will be someone's Wan Wan (GS's love in his story), the most beautiful bride one day. As her guard, he watched over her from a distance and unwittingly discovered her secret. She bumped into him when she became a rabbit, and when she became a horse.... then she dreamed that her nanny would die from drowning...)

XY: What is this?

CY: I'm sorry.


CY: I don't know your older brother. I really don't... how could I..? 

XY: My brother's life... only in exchange for "I'm sorry"?!


CY: Save me!


XY: If they're after you, what is it that you have that they care so much about?


XY: Things aren't as simple as they seem.


Man (master of the assassins): Then go on the road to the underworld and ask his older brother.


CY: What do you want?

XY: All I want is justice.


Evil master: At full moon...




Lines in black have already appeared in current episodes. 

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I'll do the scenes from the beginning theme MV as well, while I'm at it. Can you tell that I'm waiting impatiently for new episodes to come out? :sweatingbullets:


The song is by Yisa Yu and Henry Huo (note - I have no idea how to translate the title - it's one of those really Chinese phrases that doesn't translate well):


CY: Do you have someone you really want to protect? (same line in the other MV - already appeared)


XY: This is called "Li Ren Flower" (sorry I don't know if there's a proper name for this flower). It only blooms once a year. I missed the blooming period every year before this.

CY: Can I watch it bloom with you this year? (- this appears in Ep 8)


CY: What are you doing??

XY: From now on, I'll be able to find you wherever you go. (- this is from Ep 3)


XC: Xue Yao's not the only man on this earth. I can also protect you. (already appeared but can't remember)


CY: You're my love. In return, I'd like to be your love too. (心上人 "xin shang ren" feels more romantic somehow - lit. means person on my heart).


Man: Today, the beautiful and elegant Princess Na Xi of Xi Zhao will be given to General Xue Yao as wife. 


(Marriage annulment letter) 

XY: Even if I get married (again), the bride can only be you.


CY: Na Xi is both our benefactor. It will be unrighteous if we continue being together.


XC: Some thoughts become an obsession once they grow; they torment me day and night. (I feel like I've heard this but I'm not sure).


XY: Xu Chu Yue... only you... are my wound. 


CY: I'll be fine.


XC: If her happiness can only be given by you, I can let go. You must promise never to wrong her. 


XY: We missed each other once. This time, I won't miss it again.


CY: Signed.

XY: And sealed. 


Lines in black have already appeared.


Ah love the final scene. Can't wait for them to have real kisses (so far she has initiated all of them, but all under some situation) :ph34r: 


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3 hours ago, angelflower said:

I am quite enjoying this drama, I have to say. There's something about Zheng Ye Cheng that's really attractive... and I like Hu Yi Xuan's acting so far as well. I think it helps also that they've not written her character as a silly, naive girl. Although she has needed rescuing several times already, the situations were somewhat beyond her control and she doesn't sit there waiting but actively tries to save herself. 


I agree hehe Zheng Ye Cheng is super attractive here and it helps that he have the body and muscle to carry the female lead numerous time - it makes it believable that he is a general as well as his straight posture. Oh, and the tan skin of his also helps lol I never seen Hu Yi Xuan in any drama before but she really surprise me with her natural acting and she is adorable in her expression - especially when she is shock. True that she is a princess that often needs the general to save her but she is actually quite smart, insightful, and try to get herself out of messy situation before the general comes to the rescue, which makes her character quite likable. I really dread seeing the angst, the misunderstanding, and the conflict...I can watch their cute bickering on regular stuff on a daily basis throughout the entire drama...  


At first I found Xing Chen's character to be annoying but when he discovered his true feeling for CY, I felt really bad for him and his reaction, staying away from her until he resolved his feeling, makes me really like his character - Hopefully, he won't turn around and start pursuing her but continue to be a little brother in front of her but protect her behind her back and wishes her and XY's happiness. If the story kept XC as the one sided love but never reveal it to CY, I think this character will win a lot of our audience's heart - hopefully, no disappointment there. On a second note, he would make a great king and maybe then CY and XY can travel the world with no problem :)



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I started watching this whilst waiting for something to happen in "A Class of Her Own" and now I am totally in love with this drama.  Have always loved the ML in all his other dramas but watching him as the tough general falling in love with the cutest princess is just :glee:


I can read most of the subtitles and can understand some spoken mandarin so I will try to translate the previews when they become available!


*XY poking at CY's face and pushing on her nose*

CY : What are you doing?

XY : Only you're allowed to have nightmares? Can't other people have  bad dreams?

CY : What nightmare did you have?

XY : I dreamt that you became a pig.

CY : You're the one that becomes a pig, your jokes are not funny!

XY : Not funny but you're smiling? Piggy :)

They get attacked and has a "moment"


*CY in blue outfit at the entertainment house*

Audience : Get off, get off the stage.  What singing is this, quick, get off!  *throws food at CY"

*XY comes to shield her*

Audience : hurry up, get off the stage

XY : Come with me.


*CY sitting down giggling to herself*

CY thinks to self : Can't believe the type of words that I can only read from books, the hero saves the damsel type story, can actually happen to me!

XY : you, are you OK?

CY : OK! ( literal translation - no issues)  Thank you for saving me


*XY stares out the door opening with CY coming in with bedding*

CY : Big Pillow (her pet name for him), I'm here!

*XY smiles, CY disappears - it was just in his head*

XY : What am I thinking? 

XY : Tonight, are you having another difficult night (staying up)?


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Ep 16 Preview :


CY thinks to self whilst hugging XY : You finally came!

XY : Tomorrow is your birthday, I'll come to the palace to take you out.

CY : How do you know it's my birthday ?

XY : I... none of your business. No, I mean, you should quickly go and pack your things, so we can leave first thing in the morning.

*XY walks away, CY is smiling*

CY : You obviously miss me!


XY : Today, the way you treat my wife, I will report them to the Internal Affairs Management (head of the servants I think)

Maids : Wife? You are the infamous General Sit?

XY : Yes.  Did you also hear, that I am 6m tall and shaped like a demon? (the measurement he says is "2 Zhang" which is about 6.4m)

*maids all run away*


CY : Why are you holding the paddle?

XY : To give to our son. In the future if anyone dares to bully you, then he can "treat" them with this.

CY : Who wants to have a son with you?

XY : Mm, a daughter is also good. But if it's a girl, we'll have to make this pink. That way it will look prettier.

CY : "Prettier you big head demon" (It's said like she's embararrassed so, a more polite version of "prettier my RickRoll'D!") Who wants to have children with you?


XY : You can try to trust me, the way you trust Xing Chen.

CY thinks to self : Can I really trust him?


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I agree its a good drama but I love what they wear the ML in the black and gold custom looks like it was tailored for him most of the custom look better in this drama then most custom drama I watched his wedding custom was beautiful 

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I always like the FL, I liked her in the drama where she turns into a cat (don't remember the title) she has gotten better. I like this drama... watched a few episodes but had to stopped because I want to binge watch it when it ends. But I love spoilers so I read and watched previews lol. They are super cute as a couple. 

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Hehe yay new previews are out! I'll translate them before I go watch the latest episodes :D


@lovehuche That is for Episode 18, so I'll do Ep 17 first.


Episode 17 Preview:


(Some context first - our OTP wrote a sort of agreement in earlier episodes - when they were bickering basically. They listed each other's faults in order to get a divorce. But after that, I think they agreed on a month's time to get along with each other - I can't remember the specifics of what they said.)


(practices holding out the divorce agreement)

CY: Erm... General... a month's time has passed. I (she uses the title "Wife") have decided to live the rest of my life with you. Let's void the divorce agreement - here you go.


CY: That's too embarrassing. 


CY (pretends to be XY): I knew it would turn out this way.

CY: Then he'll hold me by my waist... and say "I wanted to be with you a long time ago. That's wonderful." (pretends that XY will kiss her :lol:


(in her room)

CY: Three...two...one!

(sees XY passing by again)

CY: So cute. I already saw you.

(XY hurriedly walks back and forth. CY calls out to him.)


CY: General, are you a little fly? Why are you circling around me?

XY: Flies only circle around cracked eggs. Wouldn't it be better to say that I'm a butterfly or a bee?

CY: Ah... You're complimenting me. (LOL)


XY: Here are the good wishes that Mr. Bai collected this morning.


XY: “Be prosperous for five generations; two children in three years"

XY: Let me try another one.

XY: (I don't really get this one... but I think basically it implies them consummating - which is why she gets embarrassed.)

XY: Let me try..

CY: That's enough.



So it looks like in this coming episode the princess has not just realised her feelings but is ready to confess them! And we're going to see his side in the next preview too :wub:

And then the next one.


Episode 18 Preview:


(KISS SCENE! - This is the one I was looking forward to from the MVs... because he says that she can't leave with another man and that she's his.)


(In their palanquin)

CY offers her cheek for a kiss.

XY: What does that mean?

CY: This is the only way you can thank me.

CY: From now on, you can only be this far away from me. 

CY: Er.. no. THIS far.

(A jolt knocks her into his arms.)

CY: Oh dear... what's wrong with this horseman? It's making me so dizzy. Oh I'm too dizzy... I can't get up. (HAHAHA go get him, girl! :lol:)


(After getting down)

CY: (hugs him) So you do care about me.

Mr. Bai: Princess, I have important matters to discuss with the General.

CY: Mm... not important.  

XY: It is important. (walks away)

CY: Trying to hide from me? I've read all the romance novels in the country; do you think I won't be able to get you, Buckwheat Pillow? (Haha... he's an upgraded pillow now).




EEP. Ok I'm off to watch the Episodes 15 and 16. Will come tell you guys what happened later.


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