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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Sleepless Princess 离人心上

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42 minutes ago, jessica somerhalder said:

Wait why was this cut?! Legit going through the episode waiting for this to pop up

YouTube page Mango TV Fancy Love Channel - the clip is there. 

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Epp 33 part 2        Epilogue Preview :   OK will translate this before it disappears, the top says epilogue so that should prove we're getting one!  

@suzy0604 me neither - both my usual sites have not loaded this epilogue yet.   @pad-hari are you accessing as VIP or do you have an alternative site where you are watching it?  

@suzy0604 I think some Weibo users hazard a guess about how she woke up but my Mandarin ain't good enough to figure that all out They left their son to XC because it was her dream to travel and

When he cried knowing she’s going to fall in a deep sleep, and she’s comforting him, my feels I hate to see our general in tears. :cries::crybaby:

Gotta wait another week man the struggle I hope she wakes up when he’s carrying her on the cliff

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1 hour ago, Gina Madren said:

I know!  There was a lot of that on YouTube.  The full clip was so cute!

You made me search for the clip in Youtube, but found nothing. Crazy me is searching in my working time. read all the comments here :D :((

Just found this one, w JYC plays guitar and says smth like throwing knives to HYX :D



2 hours ago, suzy0604 said:


Everyone... don't go just yet.. we still have another week for the epilogue..

oh yes, still stay here :)


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So can someone clear it for me, are we gonna get one extra episode or 6 extra episodes on the next week?


I believe that this drama is originally 35 episodes with a happy ending. Then MangoTV cut it to earn more money. If it one extra episode then it make sense but 6 extra episodes kind of stretch. I mean the extra scenes that they cut out must be only about 10-20 minutes. Don't tell me that in order to earn more money MangoTV divided each one of the six episodes next week about 3-4 minutes long LOOL:facepalm:


MangoTV new logo and motto:



Leave it as open ending to get more money!





So this scene get cut out? I wonder when is this happen actually:rubchin:


credit drama_queen_updates

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BTW IM IN U.S AND WATCHED OFF OF https://tv.gboku.com/  To those that want to watch it. it isnt subbed tho fyi..


omg is XY sexy in the last episodes and the bed scene with her as a tiger NIPPING at his neck teasing him...mmmmm..hmmmm.mmhmmm... and then XY pounces her...omg getting the feelings lmao.... CY DEFINITELY  looked so sexy herself she killed that cat look 100%.


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@enzek preech! It obvious that they did that on the last minute, seeing how popular SP got, to milk more money from the audience.. I mean, 15 minutes of flashbacks on the very last episode? It obvious that they cut some scenes, and put it in so called epilogue.

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14 minutes ago, suzy0604 said:

@enzek preech! It obvious that they did that on the last minute, seeing how popular SP got to milk more money.. I mean, 15 minutes of flashback on the very last episode? It obvious that they cut some scenes, and put it in so called epilogue.


I read some Chinese comments using translator that even the screenwriter mentioned in his social media that he is confused with the ending. Is it true?


MangoTV grrr


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Ooh I thought it was coming out later tonight so I was surprised to find the last 3 episodes available!


Here we go : Ep 33 part 1 :


NX is trying to leave the city but there are warrants out for her and her group. Her head guard tells her that there were assassins in the palace a few days ago but XY put NX's groups' pictures on the wanted posters so it will be difficult for them to leave the city. Ning Wang was riding into the city and tried a pick up line on NX, when she turned around he realised who it was and he follows her, making fun of her saying he heard that XY didn't go to her on the night of their wedding. NX tricks NW off his horse saying she will tell him more about how XY and her don't get along, and pulls a knife on him.  He stashes her in his carriage as she has him by knife point and they leave the city successfully.


XY is attending to a still-blind CY, writing on her hand, feeding her bitter medicine.  She asks for something sweet so he sticks something he finds in one of the containers in her mouth but it's a sour plum (our Princess only likes sweet things!) and she spits it out. XY has to run off as XC and Eunuch Gao was approaching and CY's real mute servant was motioning for him to go.  XC comments that CY is stealing a sour plum again as he brings Eunuch Gao in to visit CY.  XY is outside the window listening in.


Eunuch Gao greets CY and she thanks him for visiting.  He comments that the common folk have a saying that if you like sour things you're pregnant with a boy, if you like spicy it's a girl, CY much be having  a royal grandson.  CY says everything is according to fate. Eunuch says that if it's a boy, the Emperor will be happy and might get better faster. CY agrees. Eunuch asks, counting days, how long has the Princess been pregnant? XC and CY hadn't come up with a lie for that yet so awkwardly looks at each other. Eunuch says to that Princess will be a mother soon, surely you won't NOT know the date right hahaha? XY looks on with suspicion. XC tries to cover up by asking the Eunuch not to make fun of them, they they have loved many times (loved each other for a long time?), not just CY, even XC can't remember. Eunuch says, surely it's after CY and XY divorced. XC says they are righteous people, doesn't matter how much he loved CY, they would not be immoral. CY just agrees, but thinks to herself that XC is just going to keep making things up as he goes, but she can't pretend like this anymore, so she has to think of a way to make the Eunuch go away.  She tells XC that she has stomach pains, and asks him to take her to the bed for a rest.  He blames the sour plums and takes her to the bed, which brings the Eunuch's attention to the single pillow on her bed.


XC takes the Eunuch outside and he says to XC that he can tell XC doesn't stay in CY's quarters, citing the presence of only one pillow.  XC says that even though they are in the throes of the love, because of the Emperor's illness, he will not sleep with CY, and has been eating vegetarian (in the hopes that the Emperor will get better - Asian believe of sacrificing something you like so someone else can be blessed) The Eunuch says that he has worried for nothing it's all because of XC's filial piety. XC reassures him and asks him to wait for their good news. Eunuch Gao has clearly been testing them and doesn't really believe him.  XY hears all this.


SNN is unfolding a new set of clothes for LJ.  Her maid laughs that LJ is so lucky that her lady remembers his meaurements, he is so lucky he should be laughing in his sleep.  NN said not to talk about him like that, that LJ is very special in her heart. The maid makes fun of how NN was all crazy about XY before, but NN said that was when she hadn't seen the world.  She describes LJ as a piece of jade, poor but will stand his ground, powerful but won't be suppressed. XY looks dazzling but is not someone you can give your heart to. The maid says so NN will give her heart to LJ, NN says she will know when he comes.


SNN's father catches LJ on the way to see NN.  He says that there is no way LJ is good enough for NN, but he thinks that LJ has potential and is giving him a chance to become something greater to suit NN by completing a task - by rescuing LW from NX.  He promises if he rescues LW and doesn't let anyone else, especially XC's men know, then he will not stop LJ seeing NN in the future.  LJ agrees, and asks him to pass on a trinket for NN so she doesn't think he didn't keep the promise to go see her, and runs off to find LW. SNN's father goes to where NN is waiting, gives her the trinket and says LJ has gone to do what he should be doing.  NN wants to go help him but her father essentially gets his men to drag her to house arrest, keeping guard on her 24/7.


NX is dozing in the carriage, and LW has been throwing his trinkets out of the carriage so that someone can find him.  She opens her eyes and asks him what he's up to, he offers to give her a massage like he does for his mum. She says yes and sticks her leg out.  He then says no, he won't do it he knows she doesn't like him.  She says she doesn't joke so go ahead. He says that men shouldn't touch women so she drags him to her and gets in his face.  LW says please don't I"m shy.  She grabs his jade trinket and says that's nice, he says of course everything he owns is nice. She asks what is the most valuable thing on him, and he shows her the necklace with a lock pendant that the previous Emperor gave him, said to give him a long life. She said no wonder you didn't want to throw that out, and asks her guard if he had picked up all the trinkets LW had thrown out the window, haha. Yes, he replies, all 18 of them!  She tries to slap him, he grabs her hand and begs that " Please treat me like a fart and let me go"  (Hahahahhaahaha this joke works in all languages!)


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6 hours ago, BreezeC said:

OMG!!! Thank you so much for reminding me of that scene - Yes, there is a scene in the boat in one of the mv I think - that gives me hope that it is a happy ending 


  Reveal hidden contents

I just saw pieces of the ending and it is indeed open - I am very confuse about the switching of costumes back and forth and whether they are the story's character or he is making up stories but I just need them to be happy. CY is still not awake and XY looks like he want to commit suicide - This is the most crazy ending - we need the epilogue soon - I am so happy you remind me of the boat scene because I didn't see that yet so that means CY will awake and they will live happily ever after? Pretty please!!! End our suffering soon!!! 


did they shoot the epilogue? I wanna watch that

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Epp 33 part 2 



Back at XY's house, Mr Bai says that with their help, LJ should have arrived at (a place he points to on a map).  XY says that the important thing now is the Emperor.  Mr Bai says Old Man Liu said that the previous Diviner had rescue dS from a beggar, and took him in as a disciple as he was smart and loyal. Now he thinks about it, DS had done that to get into the palace so he could see Fei Xue/Lady Yun (I'm gonna call her FX here). XY says that so DS's original plan was to come to the palace and take FX away, but she died trying to protect him half a year ago, so he is now after the birth stone inside CY to resurrect her.  Mr Bai : "No wonder XM wanted to put extra patrols around CY, if not for him, CY would have come to harm long ago" XY : "We cannot waste my brother's sacrifice.  XC and I already have a plan, he will stabilise the situation in the palace, and we will look for where DS is hiding" Mr Bai asks when XY will do that, XY says ASAP, but before he leaves he has something to return to CY.


LJ approaches the carriage with LW and NX in it. He starts fighting with NX's guard, the horse and carriage runs away. LW is tied up and nearly falls out of the carriage, begging NX to help him.  She rescues him and he thanks her but she says she only did it so her prisoner doesn't get killed by someone else. LJ points his sword at NX"s guard who is on the ground.


Back at CY's palace her servant is feeding her bitter medicine. XC arrives and takes over, reporting that the Emperor is a bit better.  CY says it's TY's birthday tomorrow and asks XC to give her a jade bangle in a box for her.  XC says she can't give it away, the bangle was from the Empress when CY was young and had fallen sick, to give her blessing and protection.  CY says that she doesn't need it, TY needs it more being alone in the King's palace.  XC agress, but CY drops the box as she is still blind.  This leads to XC seeing the piece of paper XY had thrown at CY, which was the divorce request from NX that XY had made her write. XC reads the paper and NX had written the divorce paper requesting that SHE divorces him because he had been unfaithful. As XC reads it, CY says that she must be hallucinating, but she feels like every night someone is there looking after her, but when she reaches out she can't find anyone. XC asks if CY wishes that person was XY?

CY: " I thought we agreed not to talk about him any more"

XC : "If we don't talk about him, would you not think about him then?"

CY : "I hope it's him, and I hope it's not him.  He his a new wife, how can we still be entangled? Give me a bit of time, I'll be better" 

XC : "What if XY and NX are no longer married?"

CY : "Have you heard something?"  

XC : "Nothing" Stands. Hesitates.  CY: "That's okay, you go, I can look after myself......... why haven't you left yet?"
XC " I just heard of a most amazing news in a thousand years - what if a man was divorced by a woman?"

CY :"I've not heard of that, how can a woman divorce a man, if that's the case, the man will be the laughing stock of the city"

XC hands CY the paper "Then XY will that laughing stock"

CY flashes back to when XY accusing her of not knowing what he has done for her, and not caring if they have a future or not.  She rushes to stand to go to XY telling XC that XY was here and she had said a lot of hurtful things to him.  XC says XY is away investigation the DS mystery and may not be in town. CY chastises XC for not telling her that XY and NX were divorced earlier.  XC admits he didn't want XY to hurt CY anymore, but when he saw the divorce paper, he realised that for a proud man like XY would give away his reputation, showing that he must love CY a lot. If XC had kept that away from CY, she would hate him her whole life.  CY calls for her servant who writes on her hand that he knows where XY is and leads her out.


It's night time and we see XY holding CY's hand walking in a garden (it's his house, with their special flower blooming around them) CY asks where they are, why can she smell the flowers? She puts her hand out for him to write on. XY writes on her hand and she holds his hand in both her hands, thinking to herself that these hands are hands that hold a sword. (and clearly not her servant's)

CY : "You're XY, aren't you?"  XY pulls his hand away. "You're the one who pulls up my cover and looks after me every night, is that right?"

XY : "That's right, it's me going against the order and looked for you.  I'm worried about you so I came to look after you. I know what you want to say, you want me to leave, you us to be separate, you want us to seek happiness separately. But without you I can't be happy. CY, just for tonight, please don't say any words to hurt me. I'll take you to somewhere."


Fireworks goes off  (fireworks = kissing in Chinese dramas, yes I feel good about what's coming!).

XY : "Can you hear it? I prepared the fireworks for you, this was supposed to be for your birthday. But in the end we missed it. I wish you can see this. But if you can see it, you won't want to see me. Today, after letting you hear the fireworks, I've completed one of my wishes. Just pretend I'm crazy, only a crazy man would bring a blind person to see fire works (YEP you said it buddy, but the acting is so good I'll forgive you!)"  A tear runs down XY's face (very prettily)  and....... CY can see it! She reaches out to touch his face and wipes his tear. He realises she can see again, and knocks her hand away and wipes his tears.

XY : "Since you can see, I should leave. Look after yourself, look after your baby" XY  tries to walk away and CY grabs his hand and tells him she's not pregnant (yay yay yay finally!) She explains that the pregnancy is just a plan XC had to protect her.  "I am your Xu Chu Yue, always have been"

KISS! and fireworks keep going off in the background!


Crying and smiling.

XY : "Your lies made me suffer so!"  CY :"You lied to me too, suffered so much!"

XY: "Why are you looking at me like that?" 

CY : "No name no title (ie/ they are not "married" or "betrothed") why did you kiss me?"

XY : "Middle of the night, what title do you want?"

CY : "The person in your heart (this is a play of the words in the Chinese title of the drama, like "beloved")
XY : "The person in your heart?"

CY : "You are the person in my heart, in exchange, I want to be the person in your heart. That's the title I want for us"

Smiles. CY : Sign! XY : Contract!  More kissing, more fireworks.


Mr Bai and the servant sees them kissing, Mr Bai smiles and covers the servant's eyes (he's too young to see this!)

XC sees them kissing, and asks his guard "How do you think XY felt at the start? Even though there's no hope, he kept by her side everynight" Th guard doesn't know.

XC says : "I think I know, but also don't think I know." The guard doesn't understand. XC continues : "I used to never understand people like XM, either you love or you don't love someone, why keep hiding but trying to please them secretly, that's not what a man should do. But in the end, I've become like XM."




Epilogue Preview :


56 minutes ago, lovehuche said:


OK will translate this before it disappears, the top says epilogue so that should prove we're getting one!


XY : Wifey, if you don't wake up soon.....

CY appears behind him smiling : if not wake up soon, then won't save the rice you?


XY : The sky and the land can verify, the flowers and the grass can accompany, the two of us, enough.  (head to head)  This is husband and wife ritual greeting (like during a wedding ceremony)

CY : what sort of ritual greeting is this?

XY : I don't care.  After the rituals, then......   

CY : Then.....?


XY : For me, now I just want to stick to you.  Go with you to more places. Write down more stories. Even if one day, your hair has grown white, I can still write down our stories, and read them out loud to you.

CY : Why are you looking at me with big eyes, do you want a kiss?

XY : nod yes!!

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