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I did watched up until Ep 3 today, while the plot has resemblance to Kairos, I don't feel particularly engaged with the story for now. Might be because I am also watching Beyond Evil which is so inten

A lot of twists and turns. The writer makes it hard for us to pigeonhole the main characters into the bad and good compartments. 

Behind the scenes stills released by OCN.        

Lee Seo Jin, Lee Joo Young, And Kim Young Chul Face A Distorted Timeline In New Mystery Drama “Times” Poster




Jan 27, 2021
by S. Nam

OCN’s upcoming drama “Times” released a new poster of Lee Seo Jin, Lee Joo Young, and Kim Young Chul!

“Times” is a “time-warp” political mystery drama starring Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In, the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (played by Kim Young Chul). After miraculously communicating with journalist Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin) from five years in the past by phone call, Seo Jung In attempts to prevent the death of her father – but stumbles upon a dangerous truth in the process.

The main poster for the upcoming drama features Seo Jung In, Seo Gi Tae, and Lee Jin Woo in a contrasting black and white image. Lee Jin Woo, who is living in 2015, stands under the white light, while Seo Jung In from 2020 stands in the dark side of the image. Seo Gi Tae sits in between the two sides with a mysterious red light as he travels between life and death in the distorted timeline.




In the previously released teaser videos, Seo Jung In experiences a warp in time when she wakes up to learn that the current president had died in 2015 due to a shooting incident that occurred during the election campaign for the presidential nominee. The mystery of the time warp is reflected directly in the new poster.

Lee Jin Woo, the reporter who sticks to his beliefs and chases after the truth, Seo Jung In, the passionate reporter who faces the truth, and Seo Gi Tae, the authority who shoulders the weight of that truth, are all in their own separate time and space, but the three characters still look towards the same direction. Viewers are curious to find out whether the three people will work together or come against one another in the upcoming drama.



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Reasons Why Lee Seo Jin And Lee Joo Young’s New Drama “Times” Was Given Its Title


Lee Seo Jin and Lee Joo Young’s upcoming drama is gradually revealing itself!


OCN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Times” is a “time-warp” political mystery drama featuring Lee Seo Jin as Lee Jin Woo and Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In. While Lee Jin Woo is a journalist living in 2015, Seo Jung In is the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul) living in 2020. The story develops after the two are connected over the phone.


With a month left until the premiere, details about the drama are being shared one by one. Here are the two reasons why the series is titled “Times”!

1. Lee Jin Woo’s media outlet, “Times”

The name of the media outlet that Lee Jin Woo runs is “Times.” As a journalist, Lee Jin Woo prioritizes investigating and bringing forth the truth hidden in the dark. This is also the basis for the outlet’s existence. But Lee Jin Woo’s ideals were always challenged by reality. When he disregarded threats coming from individuals trying to hide the truth and continued publishing criticizing pieces, he led the company into financial trouble as he lost sponsors. Like this, Lee Jin Woo’s upright behavior helps maintain the essence of “Times” but also pushes the outlet into crisis.


The production team commented, “‘Times’ is a crucial tie that links Lee Jin Woo from 2015 and Seo Jung In from 2020. Following the time-warp, the characters and their surroundings go through both minor and major changes. Please check what Lee Jin Woo’s ‘Times’ of 2015 means to Seo Jung In in 2020 in the first episode.”

2. 2015 and 2020, the two connected times

Another reason why the title of this series is “Times” is because both the past and the present exist in one story. The plot follows two timelines separated by five years. Seo Jung In, who can’t come to terms with her father’s death, tries to put everything back in place by communicating with Lee Jin Woo. Lee Jin Woo also works with her in an attempt to prevent his oncoming death. As the two start digging up the truth while pursuing their own goals, little cracks start to appear in the timeline. These cracks will lead to unexpected changes in unexpected places, placing Lee Jin Woo and Seo Jung In in further chaos.


How the two react to the series of monumental events and truths that follow will be an important key point to look out for. It will also be interesting to see if they maintain their virtual collaborative relationship through all the ups and downs of being in a time-warp.


“Times” will premiere February 20 at 10:30p.m. KST.



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Watch: Lee Joo Young Begs Lee Seo Jin In The Past To Help Save Her Father In Action-Packed Trailer For “Times”


OCN’s upcoming drama “Times” has unveiled its exciting main trailer!


“Times” is a new “time-warp” political mystery drama starring Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In, the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (played by Kim Young Chul). After miraculously communicating with journalist Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin) from five years in the past by phone call, Seo Jung In attempts to prevent the death of her father—but stumbles upon a dangerous truth in the process.


The newly released trailer begins with Seo Jung In talking to Lee Jin Woo over the phone, telling him, “It’s 2020 here where I am, and you, Lee Jin Woo, are in 2015. Tomorrow, my father will die.” He replies in shock, “Seo Gi Tae is going to die?”


As the trailer shows glimpses of Seo Gi Tae’s murder and funeral, the caption teases, “Linked times, a changed past.” As cameras flash all around them, someone condescendingly tells Seo Jung In off for embarking on a quest for the truth, saying in a disapproving tone, “What is a former president’s daughter doing digging for dirt on a former president?” Meanwhile, Seo Jung In declares, “Someone tried to kill my father on purpose. There are people who secretly set the whole thing up.”


As the caption reads, “Reporters who face lies,” Seo Jung In warns, “If we don’t uncover the truth entangled in this incident, this will happen again.” Lee Jin Woo furiously chases after someone while screaming, “Hey, you RickRoll'D!” and Seo Jung In stares at someone in shock as she asks, “It was you?” Moments later, she is captured by someone as she desperately attempts to make a phone call for help. The caption continues, “Face the hidden truth,” while an unseen voice says, “We need to be first. That’s the only way the Republic of Korea will survive.”


In the final moments of the trailer, Lee Jin Woo agrees to Seo Jung In’s proposal by saying, “Let’s do it. Let’s save Representative Seo.”


“Times” will premiere on February 20 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the new trailer below!



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Watch: Lee Joo Young’s Life Is Turned Upside Down In Teaser For New OCN Drama “Times”


OCN’s upcoming drama “Times” has released a preview of the first episode!


“Times” is a time-warp political mystery drama starring Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In, the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul). Through a phone call, she is mysteriously connected to a journalist named Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin) who is living five years in the past. Using this, she attempts to prevent the death of her father—but stumbles upon a dangerous truth in the process.


In the first episode preview, Seo Jung In congratulates her father, Seo Gi Tae, as he wins the presidential election. It is also revealed that Seo Jung In works as an anchorwoman on a news program. But at the sound of a gunshot, Seo Jung In’s world is turned upside down. She answers a phone call from someone she doesn’t recognize, who turns out to be the reporter Lee Jin Woo.


However, Lee Jin Woo seems to be unaware that he is calling someone in the future. He is shown to be a bold and unconventional reporter, running away from people who are chasing him and yelling from the back of a taxi, “The article is going out tomorrow so tell them to sue! I’m Lee Jin Woo from Times!”


Meanwhile, Seo Jung In witnesses her father being shot, to her shock and horror, but she is also confused when her place of work doesn’t recognize her and security escorts her out of the building. In voice-over, she says, “In one morning, everything changed. As if it had been manipulated.” In the end, Lee Jin Woo seems to be the only one she can turn to, as he says impatiently through the phone call, “You said that you’d do an interview to help Seo Gi Tae. You said you wanted to help your father.”


“Times” premieres on February 20 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below!



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February 10 2021

Ep.1 trailer for OCN drama “Times”


Ep.1 trailer added for OCN drama series “Times” starring Lee Seo-Jin, Lee Joo-Young, & Kim Young-Chul. Ep.1 trailer shows Seo Jung-In (Lee Joo-Young) confused by everything that changes over night. Above is the main poster for the drama series.

“Times” first airs February 20, 2021.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: In the year 2015, Lee Jin-Woo (Lee Seo-Jin) works as a reporter, who pursues only the truth. In the year 2020, Seo Jung-In (Lee Joo-Young) works as a reporter. She is passionate about her work. Somehow these two people connect via a phone call. They try to prevent the death of South Korea President Seo Ki-Tae (Kim Young-Chul), who is also Seo Jung-In’s father. Soon, Lee Jin-Woo and Seo Jung-In face a dangerous truth.








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OCN Reveals 2021 Lineup Of Dramas


Feb 11, 2021
by J. K

OCN has shared its 2021 lineup of original dramas!

Through a video released on February 11, the network gives a preview of what’s in store this year. Up first is “Times,” a time-warp political mystery drama starring Lee Joo Young and Lee Seo Jin. Lee Joo Young plays Seo Jung In, the daughter of the South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul). Through a phone call, she’s mysteriously connected to a journalist named Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin), who’s living five years in the past. She enlists his help to prevent the death of her father, but she ends up encountering a dangerous truth. “Times” premieres on February 20 at 10:30 p.m. KST, and you can check out a teaser here.


Kim Je Hyun, the director of CJ ENM’s IP (intellectual property) Department, stated, “This year, OCN has prepared a lineup of dramas with unique stories, characters, and universes, from “Times” to “Dark Hole,” “Voice 4,” and “Hometown,” all based on the network’s capabilities built up over the past 25 years.” She added, “You’ll be able to see well-made projects that only OCN could create, which will bring genre works to a new height.”





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Lee Joo Young Thanks Lee Sung Kyung For Sweet Gift On Set Of New Drama


Lee Sung Kyung has sent support to Lee Joo Young for her latest drama!


Lee Joo Young is gearing up for the premiere of her upcoming political mystery drama “Times,” in which she stars as Seo Jung In, the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul).


On February 17, the actress posted photos of a coffee truck that Lee Sung Kyung sent on set of the drama.


Lee Joo Young wrote in her caption, “My forever love Bok Joo!!!!! Thank you, Sung Kyung unnie.” (“Unnie” is a Korean term used by a female to refer to an older female friend or sister.)


Lee Sung Kyung’s sweet banner reads, “Our Joo Young, gain strength. Sung Kyung unnie is here. If you’re having a hard time, come into my embrace whenever. Hurray for Lee Joo Young, and Jung In is the best.”


The two actresses previously played best friends in the 2016 rom-com “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.”


Lee Joo Young’s “Times” is set to premiere on February 20 at 10:30 p.m via OCN.



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Premiere Watch: Penthouse 2, Beyond Evil, Times, Vincenzo

by missvictrix


We weren’t joking when we said there were more dramas coming this week! Here’s the rest of the premieres that are joining the party in our weekend slots. These dramas are all pretty different in tone and genre, but each one seems to be coming in with a bang. A really loud bang. Makjang, mafia, murder, and mayhem — take your pick, or take ’em, all!






Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Crime, fantasy
Episode count: 12

Reasons to watch: Another premiere, another return to dramaland to get excited about. In OCN’s latest, it’s Lee Seo-jin that’s back, and he’s opposite Lee Joo-young in a drama that sounds like pieces of Signal and Kairos sandwiched into something new. In the drama, Lee Seo-jin is a reporter from 2015, and he connects with Lee Joo-young, a reporter for 2020, via a phone call. Together they have to join forces, share intel, and stop a huge political crime. Of course, because we have two parallel timelines, I’m expecting a lot of interconnectedness, shared fates, and small actions with huge ripple effects. Good luck, reporters! You’re gonna need it.




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For those of you who have Viki, TIMES will air there. It's only airs on Viki in usa; so the subs might take a while once aired.


Beyond Evil/Monster will air on ODK in usa. ODK usually doesn't do subs, but they do every once and a while. We'll see. It looks scary. These dramas usually turn up later on Netflix with subs.

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Lee Seo-jin returns with another OCN mystery series 'Times'


By Lee Gyu-lee | 2021-02-17



Actors Lee Seo-jin, left, and Lee Joo-young pose for photos during an online media conference for OCN's TV series "Times," Tuesday. Courtesy of OCN


Actor Lee Seo-jin stars in OCN's original mystery series, "Times" ― his first TV series appearance since "Trap" on the same network in 2019.


"I have always been keen on such genre works," the actor said during the online media conference for the upcoming series, Tuesday. "So, I mainly looked through scripts for mystery/thriller genre works. And out of those, I really enjoyed the script for Times, so I decided to join."


The political mystery revolves around a reporter, Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin), in the year 2015 and a newbie reporter, Seo Jung-in (Lee Joo-young), in 2020, who are connected to each other by a phone.


Lee Seo-jin described his character as a bad-tempered, but passionate reporter. "Jin-woo is a goal-oriented reporter who is dedicated to accomplishing what he wants," he said. "He gets involved in the case after getting a phone call from the future, which brings out his temper."



Scenes from the series / Courtesy of OCN


Actress Lee Joo-young expressed excitement about taking her first lead role in a TV series, calling it a "blessing" to work with veteran actors.


"I was learning from them every day," she said. "I was worried at first whether I could pull off a lead role well, but the director and my fellow actors really put their faith in me and helped me through it."


Her character, Jung-in, is the first daughter of President Seo Gi-tae (Kim Yeong-cheol) and a reporter at a major network. But her life turns upside down when she wakes up to a completely different life where her father died four years ago and she is a minor newspaper journalist.


A year later, a phone call connects her to Jin-woo, who is living in the past. She convinces him to help prevent her father's death, which is about to happen in the year he lives in.


"Times is about the lies made-up by powerful figures and about journalists digging up those lies to find the truth," director Yoon Jong-ho said. "This is a new genre that mixes a time warp with a political drama."


Yoon added that he tried to differentiate this series from other fantasy work, despite its time warp concept.


"Nowadays, there are so many different networks and series… enough to wonder if there's anything new," the director said. "I tried to make this series different from other fantasy series… with the messages that lie beneath the story."


"Times" premieres on Saturday.




Sign of the 'Times'


February 16, 2021



Director Yoon Jong-ho with actors Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young, Moon Jeong-hee and Kim Yeong-cheol pose during a press conference for the new OCN series “Times” on Tuesday. “Times” is a political thriller about a journalist trying to stop the death of her father by communicating with another journalist from the past. [ILGAN SPORTS]


Director Yoon Jong-ho along with actors Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young, Moon Jeong-hee and Kim Yeong-cheol held a press conference for the new OCN series “Times” on Tuesday.


“Times” is a political thriller about a journalist trying to stop the death of her father by communicating with another journalist from the past.  


Lee Joo-young plays the role of a passionate journalist in 2020, and Lee Seo-jin portrays a journalist at the news company “Times” in 2015. Kim Yeong-cheol plays Lee Joo-young’s father who is also the president of Korea.


“'Times' is about lies fabricated by those in power and a journalist trying to discover the truth,” director Yoon said. “It’s a mix of time travelling and political mystery."


The series will start airing on Feb. 20.  



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