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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Heroic Husband 赘婿

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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 赘婿 / Zhui Xu
English title: My Heroic Husband

Genre:  Historical

Director: Deng Ke

Episodes:  32

Broadcast Date: 2/14/2021  - 3/10/2021



Guo Qi Lin as Ning Yi
Song Yi as Su Tan'er
Jiang Yi Yi as Liu Xigua
Gao Shu Guang as Qin Siyuan
Hai Yi Tian as Fang Tianlei
Shang Yu Xian as Lu Hongti
Yue Yang as Su Zhongkan
Liu Guan Lin as Su Wenxing
Qian Bo as Cai Yuanchang
Wang Cheng Si as Attendant Geng
Huang Cheng Cheng as Li Pin
Li Yu as Song Xian
Zhao Ke as Yao Ping'er
Cui Peng as Dong Daofu
Feng Hui
Cao Xi Yue
Liu Yi Hang as Chen Fan


The story follows a modern businessman who time-travels back to the ancient times, into the body of a useless son-in-law of a commerce family. He then embarks on a journey and involves himself in the affairs of the country. (Source: DramaWiki)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Coming soon...


Additional Links:

My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Weibo




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Binged the first 8 episodes (w/ Vietnamese subs) and I love it! Now I have another drama to watch while waiting for episodes of My Star Bride to be available. But from the intro...this is only the 1st season?!


What an amazing way to start the series!



I found it so humorous to think that in Joy of Life Zhang Ruoyun, Guo Qi Lin and Song Yi were siblings and now the 3 of them are related as husband/wife in this one.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Heroic Husband 赘婿
11 hours ago, creidesca said:

Now I have another drama to watch while waiting for episodes of My Star Bride to be available.



Awww you are also watching MSB.  woow!!!! another fan.  I love it.  Both the leads are doing a great job.  they have released 5 episodes already from ep.11 to ep.15 today.  Started to watch just now.  writing irrelevant post about another drama!!!!


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Finally airing! Just watched few minutes of 1st ep (major reason because wanna see Zhang RuoYun), omg the opening music is so good! And the music background also very good! I thought they will choose some upbeat chinese folk song for this comedy romantic drama lol. Put on the list with Duoluo Continent... Sigh so many dramas and novel to catch... Inhale exhale inhale exhale...

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This drama is soothing and easy to watch (post Mr Queen especially) The leads are great especially the ML. I’m always for more unconventional looking leads. The always perfect looking idols if they aren’t like a super strong actor can really bring down the drama for me. The equivalent of a pretty brick wall. However the ML is witty, charming and caring. The FL is mature, decisive while also being vulnerable (in fact in JoL, in the episodes I watched before dropping, I wished the actress was the FL, I find her so adorable) 

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On 12/5/2020 at 6:31 PM, Kathy said:

Any air date on this?  I'm really looking forward to it.


On 12/9/2020 at 1:23 PM, lovehuche said:

Wish this one was airing now.  I don't have anything to watch now


The drama is airing now!


My Heroic Husband has been liscensed and is being subbed in English by several streaming sites. Drama is region restricted so you will need to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. (All links working USA)


IQIYI: https://www.iq.com/album/1c6abwc1b99

(Drama is VIP at IQIYI)


NewTV Hit Drama YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUg6CGAXr7plVQBbCcD857wRjgQN79fXt


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I have watched the 1st ep, mostly conversation (of course), and somehow Qi Lin look more handsome in here than in Joy of Life. Especially when he sneakily watching whom-supposed-to-be his future wife, i like that moment, he looks so handsome. 

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I'm in episode 18 and sure it's started to be dramatic. I recommend to all my friends to watch it because the story is good. I love something like the ''travel back'' genre but the way how they did it it's really GOOD!!!


If you like something really light and comedy, this serie is for you

If you search something like a beautiful actors and actress ...sorry this isn't for you. 

If you love ''Joy of Life'' and want to see some actors and actress back in this serie, I would recommend you.

If you are in business work and want something funny this is your story

If you are like to play chess and want to see some face slapping situation, this is your!!

If you want to see a calm ML who is EXTREMELY intelligent and know all a situation ...HEHE this is your!!


Romance is there...but that isn't focused on, it's will focused in political and how our ml will sadly fall in that..and he doesn't want it...but sadly ...


I recommend it because in YT it's soon 1 MILLION view after ONLY one week....you can see it's really a great serie :) 


btw it's from a novel and seem it's suppose to be a harem novel ..ohhhhh lucky isn't something like that is this serie or I wouldn't not watch it 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Heroic Husband 赘婿

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