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Call me a romantic but I’d like to think that soyong exists in the time when she goes to the king to ask him to save damhyang( much like herself in her youth) and of course during sexy times... since bonghwan always wakes up shocked... so technically the king is falling in love with soyong as well...

thats how I’m going to reconcile it in my mind...

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Guide of : how the royal child was made         

The Tale Of The King’s Failed Mission   Our king had a very important mission, he even sent his brother away in order to succeed in his task.   5 minutes later.  

Watching it with subs made the final episode even worse.   I’m so tired of people saying So Bong was only influenced by So Yong’s emotions and feelings. You people had your happy generic het

5 hours ago, maria_m2me said:

So I have something weird about this Prince YP, maybe he will do something bad to our Queen, indirect hurt his own brother because of his love to concubine.


When I saw EP14, I felt the opposite. We get a scene where Prince Yeong Phyeong feels something off about queen having the crime book. The expression is of something wrong. It's like he's having a thought that someone purposely put a trap for the queen. Even though drama didn't show the flashback, i'm hoping he was remembering Jo Hwa Jin trying to give him a book, but didn't in the end.


Prince Yeong Phyeong is a strict moral code guy who possibly could be more passionate about king gaining back his power for the nation than king Cheol Jong himself. He probably will be disappointed and feel betrayed if he finds out about what Jo Hwa Jin has done. I mean he will emotionally struggle, but it's more likely that he will expose Jo Hwa Jin than hurt his half-brother, who is technically Prince Yeong Phyeong's life goal (making Cheol Jong into a great king).


I have seen Prince Yeong Phyeong empathizing with Jo Hwa Jin a lot, but when it comes to the queen So Bong, it's all about business. He is worried about So Bong being a clever enemy who is tricking Cheol Jong.  He is desperate and paranoid that So Bong will ruin all their plans to gain back king's power. Even though he's frustrating, he's being practical and it's very understandable situation for him with his disadvantages, especially since it's hard to change your mind when you hardly interact with queen yourself. 


3 hours ago, cenching said:

Btw, do you think that Prince YeongPyeong is a traitor in the making??? He hates SoBong with passion and loves HwaJin with equal passion.


He didn’t inform CheolJong that SoBong is in danger from Kim Clan. He has never approved of CheolJong’s love for SoBong despite SoBong had proven herself over and over again that she’s on CheolJong’s side. 

Now that CheolJong’s openly loving SoBong and what My Queen wants, My Queen gets attitude, he must be burning with angers inside. Not to mention CheolJong has been neglecting HwaJin and never consummated their marriage. I suspect HwaJin must had said something during CheolJong mummy stage because he started to gives her cold shoulder after that.


Not really, EP 14 actually showed the opposite. Besides, he never hated So Bong with passion. I'm not sure if he loves Hwa Jin with passion either. Definitely nothing compared to Kim Byeong In.


From his perspective, he's being practical and pessimistic when it comes to queen. Cheol Jong was extremely lucky that it was So Yong and Bong Hwan who became the queen. I mean when it comes to Bong Hwan, Prince Yeong Phyeong is half right. Most Kim clan are evil and do wrongdoing all the times. They literally killed his family. Prince Yeong Phyeong and Cheol Jong were lucky to survive. It makes sense for him to think that Kim clan would have put their ally in the queen position. It's pretty logical to think that queen could be acting kind and sweet trying to steal Cheol Jong's heart to control him.


If Jo Hwa Jin actually thinks like Prince Yeong Phyeong, she probably wouldn't be queen dowager Jo's puppet right now.


Prince Yeong Phyeong did inform Cheol Jong that So Bong is in danger. The nurse lady didn't magically figured out king's secret training ground. Prince Yeong Phyeong said "it could be a trap, so we shouldn't tell him right away." Like always, he's being practical and pessimistic. It's obvious that he made sure it wasn't trap by meeting the spy, blind nurse palace lady. Prince Yeong Phyeong will always choose Cheol Jong's safety over So Bong's. To be honest, I won't blame him for it. He's literally king's royal bodyguard. He's doing his job.


When Prince Yeong Pyeong was most emotional and angry, it was when he thought Cheol Jong was being swayed by evil So Bong. Prince Yeong Phyeong was more angry at the fact that queen will control the king and ruin their plan than king loving the queen instead of Jo Hwa Jin. Sure, he was upset about Jo Hwa Jin being neglected and empathized with her. However, I never saw Prince Yeong Phyeong being mad at Cheol Jong for not sleeping with Jo Hwa Jin. Prince Yeong Phyeong was more focused on the crime book than Jo Hwa Jin.


Most importantly, just like Cheol Jong, Prince Yeong Phyeong never deeply talks about their plans to Jo Hwa Jin. He didn't tell her exactly what Cheol Jong was doing in queen's home (finding crime book), even though he knew how much Jo Hwa Jin was upset and worried about it. That alone shows me what is more important to Prince Yeong Phyeong.


I don't know which person Prince Yeong Phyeong likes more. Cheol Jong or Jo Hwa Jin?

But i believe Prince Yeong Phyeong's top priority is neither of them.

His top priority is creating a powerful king who cares for his people and nation. 

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As I watched again episode 14 with my mother language, in preview for next episode, Prince YP said that BI control Jo Clan. Why he could think like that? °curious°

What will he get from that maid? That maid was a maid from Queen's aula right?

And also in preview when he accompanied The King to follow the Queen, why he acted like that? He still distrust The Queen became King's ally.


Suddenly I have the feeling. For saving SH, maybe The King and BI joint hand together. Maybe The King told to BI that his father and Great Queen Dowager wanted to kill the Queen?

Curious how The King could help DH?

DH really likes Queen's own children. If BI wanted The Queen's happiness, he should agree to save DH's life right?


As I remember from novel version, their first child was a daughter and then the second one was a son.

Tonight when we watched episode 14, my mom said maybe later The Queen got pregnant, but their child should not be a son. If that's a son, both of them could be killed by Kim Clan.

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40 minutes ago, mushforbrains said:

Call me a romantic but I’d like to think that soyong exists in the time when she goes to the king to ask him to save damhyang( much like herself in her youth) and of course during sexy times... since bonghwan always wakes up shocked... so technically the king is falling in love with soyong as well...

thats how I’m going to reconcile it in my mind...

I don’t think Kim So Yong even knew Dam Hyang. Didn’t So Bong meet DH for the first time when she entered the kitchen? Kim So Yong probably never put her foot in the royal kitchen.


We still don’t know where So Yong’s soul is. This drama is very different from other “souls swap” dramas because it has showed us only one soul, we don’t know what happened to the other.

At this point when there are only six episodes left I can only see two logical explanations:


1) Jang Bong Hwan is the reincarnation of Kim So Yong. Souls have no gender. You can be born as a woman in this life, but as a man in the next one. What matters is the soul inside. Thus in the future timeline the chef’s body was dying (his head was bleeding), but in the past the queen’s body didn’t sustain any serious injuries. Because of those two incidents happening at the same moment, the soul slipped into a less injured body in order to live on (the chef wanted to live on desperately). 

Of course this is only a fantasy drama but the writers ought to make rules that are narratively acceptable! This is why some dramas are masterpieces while other garbages. If the writers can’t convey their messages or can’t explain logically why things are happening as they’re happening, then the majority of audience will be confused or unsatisfied.


There must be a connection between Jang Bong Hwan and Kim So Yong. Must be. You can’t randomly put one soul to someone’s body without any explanation, there is ALWAYS some kind of bond. WHY it was Jang Bong Hwan and not any other soul that got the chance to live on? And why the soul slipped into Kim So Yong’s body? Why not any other body? Also WHY would the writer elaborate Kim So Yong’s background and childhood connection with Cheoljong if she wasn’t important? The only logical explanation would be that JBH and KSY are the same soul. The Joseon queen and the 21st century chef are the same soul and regardless the gender they both fell for Cheoljong. That’s the poetic stuff Koreans love, don’t they?


There was a talk about reincarnation and alternative universes in one of the episodes.




2) The other explanation that makes less sense but might work with some smart writing is this: Jang Bong Hwan was supposed to be born as a woman originally. But because of some circumstances JBH was born as a man. There was this moment that made me think of this explanation:



Personally I don’t find this explanation satisfactory, but it’s still better than pushing Jang Bong Hwan out of the whole story and make Kim So Yong came back to reap the harvest of Jang Bong Hwan’s work! That would make NO SENSE. Jang Bong Hwan is the main character of this story and if Kim So Yong came back for the last episode to live happily ever after with Cheoljong, then Mr Queen would be the last drama the writers would ever write because no one would hire them again.

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Tbh, I am totally clueless in how the way they will give us a satisfactory explanation regarding JBH/KSY. But one thing I am 90% sure, KSY won’t be back because she’s positively dead in the bottom of the lake. She chose that path and there’s no turning back. In last week episodes, the drama made it clear that it was JBH the whole time, KSY never took over even once. The thought of KSY took over is only JBH’s wishful thinking in order to deny his own feelings. 


KSY and JBH is a totally different person. CheolJong falls for JBH NOT KSY. KSY is a Joseon era woman who won’t be as outrageous and brazen as JBH. She was bred for the throne. CheolJong attracted to JBH’s personality in KSY’s body. IF she does comes back, CheolJong will grows cold.


The only time we were given information about KSY as a person was when JBH asked her maid and her replied was basically telling us that KSY was an arrogant proud noble woman who won’t hesitate to flogged and killed those whose offended her in the slightest. Just like Kim Clan in general.

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I’ve been hyping Mr Queen on Twitter that I forgot to post here about Ep13 & Ep14. 
We’re are back to romcom genre hahaha. This drama rollercoaster emotion is just amazing, actually my heart cannot handle it anymore! in a good way! EHEK


Can we conclude for now Ep14 is the best episode ever hahaha!!!! 


Wanna point out Jang So Yong ornament on next preview (pfffttt) for Ep15.

*isn’t it too much HAHA but we don’t know her intention ! Well, Soyong look sexy and fierce with that black hanbok and red lipstick. Totally ready to fight with someone LOL!



Soyong looks so powerful here! Her head full of ornament is the main MVP hahaha



Her eyeliner tho, her eyes is getting sharpen hahaha


Finally, we gonna see Sobong and Cheoljong unite and achieved mutual understanding (well we know they freaking LOVE each other) no doubt about this.


and Cheoljong saying that we are not doing “no touching” anymore.. ok I see you Cheoljongiee.



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That little girl was a show stealer today! She is so adorable. My heart shattered into pieces when they evil clan members were out to punish her and were baying for her blood! How low will they stoop for power and to fulfill their greed? I hope the alliance between the King and the Queen sets things right. The corruption has gone for too long. These evil men make my blood boil!:rage: They have no loyalty. They are just guided by their ambition and greed, their unquenchable thirst for power. Kim Jwa-geun is such a snake! Nothing seems to debilitate him! :rage:Taking out his anger on the Queen and then on an innocent child! You'd rot in Hell, mister! :rage:


Another scene that stuck with me was how the King readily embraced the Queen near the lake. No hesitation unlike the one he experienced while Hwa Jin embraced him. He seemed hesitant to return her embrace. But while embracing the Queen, I love how he readily embraces her, although our mad hat Queen held herself back, quite resolutely IMO.  Also, is it just my imagination or did the King really look crestfallen when our Queen told him that she could/ would never forgive him? I just want the Queen to return the King's embrace. I think that would be a big thing as it would imply acceptance on part of the Queen.


Finally, I loved to see how the subtle gesture on part of the Queen affected our King so much. When she took his hands in hers and begged him to save the life of that little girl. I loved how the camera zoomed to their entwined hands. The King seemed to find the Queen's reliance on him , the way she put her trust in him to safe the child, made my heart swoon. Though she was probably unaware of the effect that small gesture had on him, it seemed to fill our King with hope. I think every husband wants his wife to rely on him and The Queen did so quite unknowingly, putting her trust in her husband to save the child. I thought it was a heart-touching moment.


I am little worried about the courtier plan to prove the King to be incompetent and set up a Defense Council to control him. Does not forebode well for our King. And lastly, what is Byeong-in plan when he realizes that snake of his adopted father tried to kill the love of his life. Will he come to senses and stand united with the King or will he continue with his misguided plans of 'protecting' the Queen from the King. (You have started to exasperate me, Byeong-in. He's is one of those men who you think would make amazing boyfriends but after dating him for sometime, they start to exasperate you ):lol::crazy::P


P.S. Thank you all for the GIFs and images, especially of His Royal Hotness in Black! When he is looking like that, how can you not be seduced? Yes, I am very shallow. :tears: He looks super dashing in everything. No wonder the Queen is having a tough time  controlling her 'tigress' urges. I love how KJH makes those transitions from those puppy eyes, chasing his Queen, absolutely smitten by her hot and cold behaviour to dishing out justice and teaching those evil courtiers a lesson. (That's the secret mantra, I believe. Keeping them guessing.:D Then there is never a dull moment. )


Looking forward to the seduction.


Thank you @kdramagrandma, @aisling and @enzek for enlightening me. My heartfelt gratitude to @cenchingfor asking such a life-changing question. It didn't even strike me till you asked for your friend. Khamsamnida chingus!

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I’ve catch up and I’m sooo happy they didn’t chicken out, now Chef knows the true magic/power of the female O:elated:


and has the King sprung with the power of WAP  :shaq:

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Translation of the director and both screenwriter praise to both of our excellent Queen and King:wub:

credit to the owner


credit to the owner



credit to the owner

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Masterclass acting by our king, Kim Jung Hyun. Did you guys notice how his eyes welled up with tears slightly during this sentence? He was holding up and didn’t want to show his weakness in front of the servants.



But when So Bong reminded him of how he treated her on the night of the lake incident, he felt so guilty and pained by his own actions. The way he’s trying not to cry openly is even more impressive. This man is crazily talented.

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29 minutes ago, aisling said:

But when So Bong reminded him of how he treated her on the night of the lake incident, he felt so guilty and pained by his own actions. The way he’s trying not to cry openly is even more impressive. This man is crazily talented.

@aislingIndeed he’s one of the excellent actor out there. Kim Jung Hyun eyes is so expressive that you can know what his feeling and emotion, he trying to show to audience like freaking smooth. 


Not to mention they way he controlled his voice to match with the situation not just as whole but the details of each word coming out from his mouth is so amazing.


I really amazed by his acting like REALLY!!!

He’s on par with Shin Hye Sun that why they are being paired as main lead.


They deserved all the praise. Thumbs up!

I know I’m not the only one want both of them to work again but in different timeline. 
It will surely BLOW UP!celebrity big brother hands GIF

1 hour ago, enzek said:

Translation of the director and both screenwriter praise to our excellent Queen and King:wub:

@enzek awwww, both director and screenwriter really satisfied with them, Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun really bring up the character to the NEXT LEVEL!! Trustworthy actor and actress!!

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@aisling He almost ruined his first plan at So Yong's house too remember, when he got too carried away in their make out sesh.....He is so bad at this where So Bong is involved. Guy's been thirsting for her for some time now.

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Meanwhile on reddit






I can't agree more. :joy: I do think Seol In-ah does a pretty good job, but her role is limited in terms of character growth. What I have seen so far is a girl who could not stand the presence of Kim So Young. Hwa Jin has been living as a shadow of So Young since she was a kid. She does not earn the Concubine title by herself either. Her current position is because Cheoljong keeps thinking she saved him from the well. She neither loves Cheoljong that much as she claims. Let me put it differently. She loves Cheoljong because he is the King, not Cheoljong as a person. With such hatred towards So Young, I expect a more intensive move from Hwa Jin, rather than giving the book to Jo Daebi or just saying "I suppose now you understand how I feel". Oh, come on gurl!  :no_mouth:


I will be satisfied if Byeong-In is the one to reveal the truth that it was So Young who saved Cheoljong, not Hwa Jin. It will be objective enough for Cheoljong to ignore any excuse from Hwa Jin. :lol:




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I've been trying to catch with all the posts that I ended up quoting several of them.  ...I've cut them for space and inserted my 2 cents in the colored text...well here goes...


19 hours ago, aisling said:


But what struck me most in this episode was the reason Bo Song thought to herself when she rejected Cheoljong.

***"I'm not Kim So Yong ... I can't do this.."...***

Can anybody tell me what So Bong meant by this? She can’t love Cheoljong back because she’s a man or because she feels guilty by taking So Yong’s place? I’m very intrigued by this!


My guess is - he meant that he, BH , doesn't have the depth of feelings that SY had for CJ (at least as far as he is currently aware of), as well as the background and political knowledge that SY had, so he couldn't be the "queen" CJ needs..  Accepting CJ's feelings means accepting being the King's true partner, so he needs to do his duties as a queen and not just play around the palace.  It also means he has to finally choose CJ's side, exposing him to more danger. And we all know how BH values his own survival above all else.

It might also mean that he' s not as forgiving as SY was.  So it's hard for him to forgive CJ's actions against SY.  He has already forgotten CJ trying to kill him.

He said the SY died that night in the lake but it's like he's calling out those people who did her wrong - CJ, her father, and I'm hoping the dowager queens too...



I’m actually surprised So Bong admitted it to herself that she liked it with Cheoljong. She even said she liked it more than before. The way I see it she basically admitted that sex in a woman’s body with a man she was insanely attracted to was better than all the sex Jang Bong Hwan had with women. If anybody still think that Kim So Yong took over the body at that moment, I hope this is a proof that So Bong was still very much conscious.

It might be that it was better because feelings were involved on both sides?  I get the sense he mostly had flings before...I wonder if that short flashback where he saw HY's face morph into CJ's is true.  Did he actually see that it was CJ he did it with?  If so, I'm relieved. 

Alcohol lowers inhibitions so it would have been easier to just accept it and go with the flow..As he's said, it felt good and BH never seemed to have that much self control to deprive himself of pleasure anyway LOL.


I think the main problem won’t be So Bong’s sexuality crisis but the issue with their identity. It’s one thing to admit that you’re attracted to a man, but living like someone else for the rest of your life is something bigger. I think So Bong feels like a fraud, that’s why she can’t accept Cheoljong’s feelings for her.

Good point


19 hours ago, poopytubby said:


i think sobong is feeling guilty for having feelings for cheoljong. the thing is i don't think she/he/they have it completely down what their identity is yet. they don't know if soyong is going to return completely, and if soyong returns what is she gonna do when she finds out the king is in love with not really her?



Identity is a big issue in this series especially with BH, SY, and CJ but in different ways.

As we saw in the flashback, SY losing track of her identity and purpose in life played a part in pushing her towards suicide, along with the threats and CJ's disregard for her. BI kissing her might have been the last straw. She realized how truly helpless and powerless she was as pointed out by KGJ. She started to question why she's actually trying to be queen.  Since CJ openly hated her, she had even less reason to be suffering  just to be queen.

She wasn't willing to play the dirty political games and she was wise enough to realize that she could only help CJ and herself if they cared for each other and worked together. But CJ rejecting her that night made that plan useless.

So she was lost, didn't know why she was where she was, found that what she believed were all lies, told to her and told to herself.  She didn't know how to get out except by jumping into the lake. She took herself out of the game so at least she wouldn't be used as a pawn anymore.


BH has repeatedly said in his monologues to himself that he felt like he was losing himself.  It was funny, yet quite sad, when he was looking at his name on that rock asking if this was how JBH disappears or ends.  He has to constantly question if his actions are prompted by the memories , or even the hormones floating around in the female body he's inhabiting. Or were they really his own and he just needs to realize and accept it? 

In a way, this situation he landed in is demanding that he change -  adapt to the circumstances and change his usual mode of operating.  He needs to redefine  his identity.

He can no longer just keep his head low and do as little as possible to get by.  He needs to get involved and use his abilities and knowledge (he has an insider knowledge from history!) to navigate the palace.  At some point, getting by will not be enough, as we can see when they still tried to kill him even if he didn't do anything and even agreed to their scheme of spying on the king.

He needs to partly let go of his identity as a person from the 21st century who still has  chance to go back and accept his identity as the Queen in Joseon, in a deeper way. He has to take those reins as CJ has, and wield that authority, accept the duty.

Even if he's aware that there are deadly machinations going on, he still isn't as wary of the danger and suspicious enough of people's motives and actions as he should. Although he knows that the great dowager queen is capable of bad things, I don't think he realized just how bad they all are, so he wasn't guarded enough.. I hope that the assassination attempt and them using DH as a scapegoat finally wakes him up to the very real danger closing in.


CJ has been playing the puppet king while he waits to show his true identity of a strong, intelligent, compassionate king.

He is the one who was able to hold on to his core identity even against all the pretending, the threats and pressure form all the forces against him. He has a solid grasp of who he is, what his principles are, what lines he will not cross.


11 hours ago, shimshimae said:

I absolutely love So Bong for being so forward about her passion - she seems to have a thing for the king's neck - she grabbed it several times during their epic make-out session as well. 


That is probably the alpha male coming out LOL.  So he takes the initiative as he did in the past, even if he was  with a guy.  He is lucky that CJ at this point, has stopped trying to get him to conform to the usual behavior of a joseon noble lady  and now actually likes the queen's quirks.

Cheoljong is my favourite character in this drama so far (So Bong is So Bong lol) - the way his character unfolded is just a joy to watch - he has a very very tragic situation with little to no power - he is someone who should be rightly paranoid and easy to control like how the evil JG predicted but he outgrows his fears and nightmares - he refuses to be a victim and tries his best to fight his way out. He is also very true to his own feelings as well as his cause - I really like how there's no unnecessary drama (at least till now) - about his "torn" feeling for the queen and the concubine - he's already made peace with the fact that so strong are his feelings for So Bong that no past love can compare or come nearer to them. I think part of this is because (like I mentioned in my earlier posts) Cheoljong feels free and alive whenever he's with So Bong - with everyone else there's always something "expected" from him. With the queen, it's just his own interest in figuring out who she is as a person (once he figured out she's no longer a threat). 


CJ is also my favorite character because he has the best growth arc so far. Plus, I always like rooting for the worthy underdog..  We can easily trace how he started from being the cold guy who was closed off from the queen bec of his prejudices against the Kims, and see how he got shaken out of his preconceptions by the out of the box shenanigans of the queen.  He was smart and wise enough to pay attention and draw the right conclusions instead of letting his cynicism and prejudices dominate, as Prince YP does.  He sincerely tried to understand her. And he understood her situation enough not to demand that she be actively on his side, it was enough to just not be his enemy.  He knew it's a tall order to go against her clan and it would put her in danger.  He usually would rather take the risks himself than have other people do it. 

I like that he is rational and able to think his way through logically and keeps his cool (except when it comes to his queen). It's been interesting to watch him try to keep up and even stay ahead of all the forces against him. His observation, analytical skills and savvy have enabled him to predict how the factions will react so he can stay a step ahead. 

But I wonder how long he can keep this up, he needs to solidify his power and break up the power of the clans while they're still in surprise.  They're already regrouping and they showed that both clans can work together against a common enemy if it is in their own selfish interests.

CJ's characterization has layers, the more serious political fight for his life , as well as the more pleasant development of his relationship with the queen.  He shows a whole range of emotions and complexity. 

We don't get to see this as much with BH since he generally likes to keep it superficial. So except for when he has existential crises, we hardly get to see more of his introspective, more serious thoughts.


Also, I think, the royal couple make a good pair because they don't have any resentment or built up frustrations regarding each other - they vent it out (although it's their servants who take the brunt of it most times) - they yell and argue with each other and more importantly, you have a husband who listens to everything his wife has to say!

Yep, it's great how much they communicate when they actually get a chance for a face to face talk.



I think if it wasn't BH, CJ would not have fallen in love with SY as things stood. 

SY was too used to suffering in silence.

Even when she said he should love her, how was CJ supposed to understand what she meant? I don't  know if she never got the chance or just never tried to communicate with CJ. But she was constrained with the strict behavior rules of her time and her being a Kim.  BH smashed through all those rules and caught CJ's attention enough for him to pay attention. It gave the opening for him to see that things were not what CJ thought they were.  It was the flaws that BH showed proudly that made him special in CJ's eyes.

He is a constant mystery for CJ that keeps him fascinated.  A puzzle that morphs just when he thought he had it figured out.

And I don't think that SY would have been ruthless enough or sneaky enough to help CJ win the fight in the palace.  BH's sneaky, unorthodox ways might just be what will help tip things in CJ's favor.


If BH goes all in and allies with CJ as shown in the preview then I look forward to how they will shake things up.  I hope that we get to see BH finally take a stand and choose to actively fight instead of staying in the sidelines. He was in the Special Forces after all LOL.


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2 hours ago, cdcotr said:

If BH goes all in and allies with CJ as shown in the preview then I look forward to how they will shake things up.  


Love this quote of yours.

Yes Sobong always go all in doesn't it? The way s(he) kisses or gambles or cooks or pull cheoljong out of the well. S(he) never really does things in half. And I guess that's part of her charm - just focus on the present and react accordingly and passionately.


And is it only me? I think our king and queen could afford to show a little more skin in the morning after scene for more realistic effect :joy:  

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I think someone asked for this gif? Special Director Hong is freaking hilarious! His exaggerated movements are so cheesy LMAO :joy:






Does anybody know the background music whenever Hong Yeon sees her crush? Is it something made for Mr Queen or is it music from somewhere else?

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I think soyong from the brief snippets that we see was quite a strong person in that she understood the court politics but she still made herself clear...  she confronted hwajin... cheoljong and the grand queen dowager... but in a more nuanced way... ie the language was still veiled...and still powerless to change things... then with the final rejection decided to take her life....

but having bonghwan taking residence and deciphering her memories... he basically mansplained it to CJ...

so for me it’s like those heart transplant k dramas... the body n heart still beat instinctively for the one she crushed on all those years. 
actually both SY n CJ don’t really know each other except for that time in the well.....

Plus BI told him what a great girl she was...

so I’m hoping the heroic feelings are SY but layered now with the bravado of BH..

BH struck me as a bit of a cad... more wily and hence a good sense of self preservation.

im obviously team soyong....

very taken by the memories coming through...

but hopefully they will do it as that they are truly a single soul ( parallel time lines) as described during her talk about reincarnation 


lol... getting too emotionally invested in this...


so agree on the very proper bedroom attire in the morning after scene.... 

erm those Korean hanboks are pretty tough to get into... plus post drunken hot night....:scream:... like how?

i think director-nim should be more realistic.... lol...

I so looking forward to that ep 15 scene... when she walks in on him in spy/fighting gear....lol

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후

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