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[Drama 2020/2021] Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후


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46 minutes ago, Phillip Lundgren said:

In the preview of episode 13, So Young says "Recover as if nothing ever happened so I can stab you in the back". I am actually confused... I am not so sure if it is "stab you in the back" or "stab you back" because I only watch the Engsub version. What she means in Korean may be different. However, neither means positive. 


I recalled Hwa Jin once told So Young right before she jumped into the lake that she knew So Young tried to kill the King. Back then, I thought Hwa Jin referred to the Kim clan attempting to kill Cheoljong when he was young. Moreover, So Young was trying to remember a misison she had to do when she and Cheoljoing were on the way back to the palace. Out of a sudden, I do think that So Young failed to kill Cheoljong and Hwa Jin knew it, thus she decided to commit suicide because she won't survive either way when the Kim clan kills her to suppress evidence or when Hwa Jin tells Cheoljong the truth. I would love to hear your opinion guys. :grin:


Although this is the least expected scenerio to me, I can't exclude it after watching the last episode. Expect the unexpected. :sweat_smile:

I think Sobong intends to "slap him at the back of the head" not "betray" like "stab in the back." She meant it literally, as is the practice in some cultures when someone does something stupid.

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8 hours ago, shimshimae said:

I had issues with the cousin character in the beginning episodes when he kissed a very visibly distraught So Yong- it felt very wrong. This dude has some serious repressed feelings issues - I mean, he's fallen down to the level of almost kissing a sleeping person. I want to see more character growth for him - he might have fallen in love with So Yong but So Bong is not So Yong. (although he may not realise or accept it) I hope he makes peace with the idea that the royal couple should be together. He is clearly suffering a lot. 


firstly let me start off by saying that i'm a HUGE shipper of king x queen and like many others, i am one of those crazy fan who replay the kiss scene to get through the week and i'm equally disturbed when this dude kiss the queen when she's vulnerable OR when the dude stops the queen from reaching out to the king (like wth dude?!) :rage::rage::rage:


minus abovesaid ethically fraught scenes, now if this drama was written from cousin pov, what i like about his love for the queen is he puts her happiness/wellbeing/safety first above all else and even as his life mission.


and i would say we need to see things from his shoes. u can't really blame him in the sense that the queen's only direct indication on her relationship matters so far is that she's just pretending to be lovey dovey with the king for practical reasons. so naturally, he thought the queen is in self-sacrifice mode for the clan. and then all he ever saw ever since she entered the palace is her crying, jumping into the lake, someone trying to kill her (made worst when he realized it was the king himself), her falling into vegetative mode for some mysterious reason and the king "demeaning" her by showing his affections for another woman publicly.. which also led him to call the king a possessive loser or in other words, why act all territorial when you don't even like her in the first place.. which also led him to go all like "you crazy girl [my insert] then why you even get intimate with the king when you knew that he tried to kill you/ you don't love him" (before he gets cut off by sobong crazy existential antics). 


as much as i hated that he stopped the queen from reaching out to the king, sure he might have been a sour grape when he did that but on the other hand, he might have worried about her safety and secondly, to avoid the clan's misunderstanding that the queen stands with the king.  


while sobong bailed the king out in many occasions, similarly cousin bailed her out. if he didn't come to sobong's rescue outside of oktajeong, drama would have ended at ep 2 as the case of misadventure of a husband and wife. and he did let her go in the first place because she had looked so happy to enter the palace.


my theory/speculation: as it stands out, it's all a big misunderstanding. he's turning into a villain out of his desire to protect the queen because he's afraid that if the king gains power, he will eliminate her. i believe he will either raise to the occasion (somehow helping the king in some way while helping the queen) or fade to oblivion once king and queen sorted out how they really feel and publicly acknowledge it.

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6 hours ago, aisling said:



When Cheoljong was pleading to the skies with tears running down his cheeks I started crying too... Kim Jung Hyun delivered one of the best moments of the whole series. I hope he’ll get the same recognition as Shin Hye Sun after this drama.


Same with you... When I watched it streaming, even though I didn't understand any words, but my heart hurts when I saw his tears and I completely felt like The Queen....

Imagine how hurt The King was and made A King cried hopelessly.


And same time I cursed that Royal Concubine. What she said? She came to help The Queen?!? Non sense!!!! She just wanted to keep her fake territorial around King - but she clearly knew that The Queen would easily took that from her because The Queen is the real and she's only a liar, fake. If she really wanted to help King, she would give that confidential book to the king. RickRoll'D!!!!! I hate her... Indeed she's a Queen, I meant that Royal Concubine, she's indeed Drama Queen, Makjang...


5 hours ago, aisling said:

I also want to talk about Cheoljong’s intelligence. We all know there’s a sharp side to him, but I was still astonished by his memory skills and quick wit.


I thought he was exaggerating, but then he wrote down EVERY single alien word she said to him in the Queen’s Dictionary. He remembered it all, even the words she said just once or thoughtlessly in passing! 

Then at the banquet he came up with all the food explanations on a spot! Of course So Bong helped him with the name of the meal but he still needed to think of the rest. 


So he must be pretty smart, right? Now imagine if the king’s intelligence joined So Bong’s craftiness! What a team they would



I like how both the king and the queen had met their understanding without many words.

The Queen actually lil bit worried if The King could understand how to explain that meal. And then The King could explain that meal become something meaningful.

As The Queen ever said, The King indeed a politician, from simple words, The King could explained to deep meaningful words.

The Queen only drew and wrote the name of the food, but the king could explained the theme.


Oh yah from @sw33tm3lodyfanmade video, I just realized that every time The King asked help, the one who gave hand to help him always be The Queen, since they're little to every time he had nightmares. Just the King said, every time he had something to think, The Queen came to untie all his problem.


I hope The King understand that The Queen truly worried about him, that's why she asked him to stop, she worried he would get hurt.

and the way the king said sorry if that made the queen felt uncomfortable.

But please understand that even though the queen not to agree with his way, but the queen was the one who always to help him to handle the crisis.


Oh yah about the spin off, they said that would be like a prequel. We will get the story about the king and So Young.



I have the feeling about the story of spin off will show their meeting again before so young become the queen.

From all the dialog between The King and his brother, I have feeling that actually from beginning The King has feeling towards The Queen. They ever met before and has fallen in love again without knew who they were. The Queen when she knew she's so happy for that, but The King when he knew suddenly he should to cut off his feeling.

Remember in their 2nd night after their wedding, his brother asked the king not let his feeling control him.

And less than 10 night after their wedding, the king completely wavering and totally couldn't deny his feeling towards the queen, he just stated that he's person who couldn't love the queen. Maybe that statement that kept repeating in his mind.



Yah, that's only my own guessing right...


About KJH's IG Live last night, so happy and cute.. when he called SHS to come near to him, I really could feel his lil bit clingy... Hahahahahaha... And then when he called her "Noona" and asked to do live together.

Please... IG Live together... Please heal our hearts and minds that became crazy mad because of the ending (we need to wait till Saturday night but now still Tuesday, it's only around 9 am in my area)


We don't have wrap up party, can we get both of you IG live together before this week airing time or after airing time? Please I like both of your awesome acting and professional principal, but I also love both your lovely and sweet interaction off screen...

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12 hours ago, orion00 said:

I'm a bit curious about Bong Wan and his mum relationship. When the queen delirious after acupuncture, he keep saying that his mom always wanted a daughter not son? And he said are you happy now mum? The king heard this and thinking that the queen missed her mother (the queen lost her mother at very young age). 

I am curious about this as well. SY's mom died giving birth to her. So she has no memory of her mom's face. What if SY's mom and BH's mom look the same?

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whIn the world of saeguk's, most of the time, we are watching a lot of angst and terror. This drama however, has been full of laughter and high jinx and has honestly been exceptionally enjoyable.


Episode 12 is the first time, I felt all of the typical angst. So many snakes in one palace. My goodness, it seemed like the entire country was against this banquet. Every thing he tried was met with resistance. The palace cooks getting poisoned. The food and supplies being taken. Twice. The ridiculous request for him to fight at his own banquet. I honestly cannot stand Kim Jwa Geun. I hate how he is always scheming with the Grand Princess Dowager and how he has so much influence over the governing body. He was incredibly disrespectful and smug to the king, and all because of that ridiculous ledger.


Speaking of the ledger, Hwa Jin is dead to me. She is a liar. She claimed that she loved the king so hard and she cares so much for his best interest and the first chance she got, she betrayed him. Male soul or not, the queen has consistently stood by his side and helped him in any way that she could. Were it not for her, the banquet would've been a colossal failure. But everything was going too well. So, they had to pull this mess. I hope the Grand Princess Dowager starves from here on out. What a ridiculous way to try and hold onto power. What the king needs is someone who can move in silence and get all of the dirt on the Kim clan. Unfortunately, the queen is going to have to break from her family in order to do this. I think she will.


As for Hwa Jin, she is going to find out just how much her decision has hurt her before it is all said and done. She doesn't love the king. She just hates the queen, because she has such a deep inferiority complex. I think Bong Hwan will do enough while still in her body to set her up where she and the king can be in a better position. I love how they were doing a Joseon version of sexting. I want to see the bad folks ran out of the palace.

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15 hours ago, ainipang said:

For now, only King's friend are aware about the explosion weapon, the one who use sniper. Since other arw shocked during the shooting demonstratiin about the sniper/rifle. He also kinda inspect the table before he see the mask guy. So me think the explosion is the king idea. But for what.. i dont have any idea.

I suspect you are right, I think it's meant as a ploy to disrupt whatever the baddies are planning and rattle their cages a little, also to take the pressure off him for a while, though it's a huge risk if he suffers from injuries that he can't recover from - our brave King

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random conspiracy theory:

cousin byeong-in may have started to get involved into the politics out of his desire to protect the queen but he might be dragged further down the road into the web of deceit, lies and treachery because of something to do with his background story being the adopted son of kim jwa gun/goon


2 hours ago, VesperLynd said:

I am curious about this as well. SY's mom died giving birth to her. So she has no memory of her mom's face. What if SY's mom and BH's mom look the same?


yeah i'm curious about the link between soyong and bonghwan. bonghwan's parents are teachers in korean history and chinese (so he had an easier time getting used to joseon). bonghwan is a blue house chef (his experience and leadership have saved the royal banquet). the parallel between bonghwan and soyong universe about a han guy sabotaging a political mealtime (the scene below). it's as if bonghwan is destined to timeslip into soyong (for lack of a better term).



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Watch: Shin Hye Sun And Seol In Ah Showcase Their Silly Sides On Set Of “Mr. Queen”


Jan 19, 2021
by L. Kim

tvN’s “Mr. Queen” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

The making-of video shows the cast filming the banquet scene. First off, Kim Jung Hyun and Na In Woo practice their face-off scene. The two actors are completely immersed into their roles, and the crew members applaud at their synchronized action skills.



Next, Shin Hye Sun and Seol In Ah join hands to film the scene in the forest. Seol In Ah spots the making-of camera and playfully aims her arrow at it. She looks like she’s doing a steady of job holding the bow and arrow, but she frantically declares, “I’m scared!” However, once filming starts, the fear is gone, and it’s replaced by charisma and fierceness. When filming is over, she desperately tried to hand over the weapon to someone else, saying, “I can’t hold this! I feel like I’m going to hurt someone!” Shin Hye Sun jokes, “You’re going to kill someone,” and Seol In Ah quips, “I wonder who that’ll be.”




Shin Hye Sun is in high spirits as she films her comical scenes. During break, Cha Chung Hwa and Chae Seo Eun (who play her court ladies) help her walk in her royal dress. Shin Hye Sun hums cheerfully as she waddles from side to side.







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It has been 2 days since the last episode and I can't still move on from it, :bawling:  I can't help but think whose is all behind this, for me it's the Jo Clan since they got the ledger because since they want to dispose the queen at the same time the king. HJ will blame SB saying that she was not during lunch time and she pick up the scent of the queen with oil and saw that he hid the apron inside her skirt, and since it was the order of the queen to the royal chef that the queen was in the banquet, so those are the evidence that will point to the queen. 

Plus it's so predictable if KJG will boldly kill the king in front of everyone, his main agenda is to make the king look weak in front of the concubine family and he achieved it by capturing all the rebel soldier with fake identity. 

Otherwise like someone said it is the King's plot even with the cost of his life just to end the reign of corruption in the place. But of course we need to find out because Mr. Queen has been so unpredictable since episode one, we keep on predicting what will happened but the drama is giving us different story every week that keep us on the edge of the sit, for me until now I know that SY and BH is still sharing the body of SY, but BH  is still dominant, and it's really BH was is falling in love with Cheoljong and vice versa, but BH is starting to accept the he might be back in the future so he is embracing her body shell to the point that he is also discovering who is SY and all of the people why his soul merge to her not the body of the male?

I know sooner or later we will discover bit by bit, and now I'm alright if BH will change into SY but he will keep his fighting spirit because honestly he as well need character development that hopping to different women is not good, now that he is inside SY body he must learn to respect women. Although I really find So Bong, (now we called him/her So Bong because they share the same body) he is adorable because he learn to help and care for the people around him and thank God that for his experience in Jeoson era. Now his job is to help SY and Cheoljong to save maintain their status as king and queen.  

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Shin Hye Sun updated her IG! Gosh, look at the cast, why are they so cute??? Even our villains are so lovely doing a heart gesture.


 I wonder why Kim Jung Hyun suddenly became serious after doing that heart gesture? 

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9 hours ago, sw33tm3lody said:

YES! He was outstanding. 


This is the closest he's been to his acting in "Time". His performance was super intense and detailed. Kim Jung Hyun is an acting genius and I'm SO glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves. I'm over the moon with the combination of these two powerhouses. SHS and KJH are setting the bar so high for the upcoming dramas and their casts. Mr.Queen really had it all. I'm gonna miss it and the cast a lot when it's over. 


LOL. I'll call it the KJH effect because it's become a thing: as soon as his characters get development, the audience gets fully attached to them (and him) because his acting makes them endearing. I can't imagine anyone else pulling off this character because it requires a huge acting spectrum and an actor who can glide around genres convincingly like it's no big deal (slapstick comedy, melodrama, action, thriller, suspense, sageuk) within the same drama (and, sometimes, within the same episode). The only male actor who has convinced me when transitioning from one genre to the other (without drastically changing the tone of a scene) is Kim Jung Hyun, and the only female actress is Shin Hye Sun. It requires TONS of versatility and charisma. How many actors can go from a goofy grin to a scary glower in a matter of seconds? Very few. 


On another note, I kind of suspect Cheoljong planned the explosion. It would benefit him because 1) the Kims will be suspected of treason and 2) he will be able to pretend he's lost his hearing and use this as a tool to further his plans.


When you mentioned his drama Time, it hurt me so much when I remember about his character there:bawling: And yes, Kim Jung Hyun performance as a depressed and powerless king in episode 12 is really amazing

After watching episode 12 with the subtitles, I also think that "this was Cheol Jong's ploy" theory might be true.

When his secret soldiers were captured and had to kneeled in front of him at the royal banquet, their dialogue:


Kim Jwa Geun: "All of them disapprove of the royal court, but they have been guarding Your Majesty in disguise. Their ultimate goal was to plot a coup".

Cheol Jong: "No, that cannot be. Someone is falsely accusing my royal guards to weaken security and harm me".

Kim Jwa Geun: "By "someone", who exactly are you referring to?"

Cheol Jong: "You, Training Commander Kim Jwa Geun".


Well Kim Jwa Geun look a bit startled but then he keep going on with kinda threaten Cheol Jong with "you are foolish" blah blah "you think those three families got your back" blah blah.

And then there was a scene where his mouth kinda curved into smirk in the midst of his tears.


Since Cheol Jong dare to accuse Kim Jwa Geun clearly in front of the official at the important event, that ploy might be one of Cheol Jong trump card to bring down Kim Jwa Geun.


I read on the twitter that it seems they already finished filming the 10 minutes extra story as well.


credit to the owner


I read comment said that the lady on the middle is the director's daughter:D

Anyway Kim Jung Hyun look tall as usual here

credit to the owner


He might look short when he is in the scene with Byung In and his brother, but both actors themselves are too tall.

Not to mention those men hat LOL


credit to the owner


Don't think, just fall;)

credit to @Kaizen68


He is soo:wub:


credit to the owner


credit to the owner


credit to the owner


Still hesitate in falling for him?

credit to the owner


The royal couple chemistry is so strong that even in just the indirect interaction between them I can feel their chemistry:wub:

credit to the owner




credit to the owner


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