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Guide of : how the royal child was made         

The Tale Of The King’s Failed Mission   Our king had a very important mission, he even sent his brother away in order to succeed in his task.   5 minutes later.  

Watching it with subs made the final episode even worse.   I’m so tired of people saying So Bong was only influenced by So Yong’s emotions and feelings. You people had your happy generic het

On 12/16/2020 at 12:45 PM, partyon said:


Oppa is sooo handsome.... Swoon :love:

Imma gonna put up a poll now!


EDIT: A poll is up chingus!


Yes I was happy to see JHssi didn’t disappear completely.   They kept his voice in EP2.  So unexpected!!  Now I’m eager to see what will happen to his voice in a coming episode.  :glasses:


18 hours ago, partyon said:

Anyone know if the ML Kim Jung Hyun has abs?


@Ameera Aliand I are just wondering if we can expect any abs scenes in this drama. It's a valid question. :joy:


"Kim Jung Hyun has abs?" :naughty:














handsome king :blush:




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15 hours ago, Min2206 said:

Yeah but our Mr Queen also got abs, well, before he becomes a s(he) .....  you know, when s(he) started to feel something was missing.  Poor Zoppa ... 


Thanks to everyone who posted pics of Kim  Jung Hyun’s abs. @booha @joonminfan @enzek Good stuff!


After carefully researching all pics and videos, @Ameera Ali and I have come to the conclusion that the King’s wife used to have bigger abs than him. 

So a bit of a pity we didn’t get to see Chef Jang’s abs before he turned into a she...  
Since he did fall into a swimming pool,

couldn’t they have had him fall in shirtless? It would have made sense, no?

Will Smith Reaction GIF

In any case, we are not complaining. We are happy to see the King’s abs too!

We love ALL abs! 


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On 12/17/2020 at 8:09 PM, Min2206 said:

oooh @enzek ooooh @Ameera Ali 

oooh @enzek  ooooo @Ameera Ali


oooooo @partyon



That King?  That's him ... he has?!   Please tell him I am HAPPY
And I like how that girl was gawking and peeping at him ....in the 1st clip

Is she the same girl in Uncanny Counter?!  The one that kickbox?



oooooo  again


Yup, that's the king, KIM JUNG HYUN!

He and Kim Se Jeong (Uncanny Counter) had acted together as main leads before in drama School 2017.

They are so cute there!

credit to the owner



credit to the owner


His concubine in Mr Queen,Jo Hwa Jin (actress Seol In Ah) is also one of the support cast in the School 2017.

credit to the owner



credit to the owner


Other support casts in drama School 2017 that you might recognize:

*Jang Dong Yoon

credit to the owner



credit to the owner


They already finished filming Mr Queen.

Thank you so much for your hard work!

Credit to the owner


Preview for ep 3 with English subtitles:




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10 hours ago, illay said:

from the meaning of opening cartoons that posted by @immorethant 

I am imagining that The young King might saved by the young Queen but somehow He mistaken the girl as the concubine. That will explain why He is so nice to the concubine

I’m with you @illay !! I read from somewhere saying there’s no romance thingy between the king and the queen, which i found that is quite impossible tho there’s no romance genre stated for this drama other than fusion-saeguk. But my inner heart screaming for romance for these two !

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** OST1 with a song title ‘Bong Hwan-ah’  This song is about a douchebag Blue House chef  Jang Bong-Hwan  ((**Lyrics  with uncle google gives a rough summary about the song)) :dissapointed:


노라조(Norazo) - 봉환아 (Bong Hwan A) (철인왕후 OST) Mr. Queen OST Part 1


cr to uploader





a coffee truck from Na In-woo




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I'm deeply grateful and totally agree with the person who wrote this article.

This gave me hope that there are audiences who still being sensible.




Some translation (google+my adjustment)


‘철인왕후’ 혐한·역사왜곡 논란 속 돌아봐야 할 것은…


Looking back at the anti-Korean and historical distortion controversies of 'Mr. Queen'


1. The controversy about the writer of original novel is anti-Korean

"The fact that Korean, Chinese, and Japanese content is shared with the public across national borders and controversy is broadcast live on the Internet has a heated side. As nationalism in Korea, China, and Japan was strengthened and the controversies over Hanbok and Kimchi became more sensitive, the confrontation against their own culture is on the way. Of course, anti-Korean is bad. In other words, contempt for other cultures in other countries is wrong. However, the appropriate behavior that fits in the era of 'Trans Asia' where contents can come across each other is not a 'Rage against anti-Korean' or a 'Nationalism Olympics'. From us, it is time to look back to whether there has been a disproportionate or insensitive cultural appropriation to other countries in the Korean Wave content. If you are country who exports cultural content exporter, you must have a global sense."


2. The controversy over history distortion


The production crew apologized for the criticism that the line “The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty is just a tabloid” disparaged the value of the Annals. However, it is questionable whether the value of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which is a UNESCO World Recorded Cultural Heritage, was degraded.Isn't it just a line that expresses the confusion experienced by modern people who have time slipped in his tone? Of course, it is understandable that it provided a source of misunderstanding to foreign viewers who did not know what the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty or Royal Ancestral rites music were, not Korean viewers. However, if you are a foreign viewer with common sense, you will see it in consideration of the genre and between-the-line meaning. For example, there will not be many foreign viewers who see 'Kingdom' and believe that the Joseon Dynasty was a zombie den.


In fact, that dialogue is not the authentic story represented by the Annals, but it contains the imagination of the other side of unrecorded history. The 'how' and 'why' are important. To imagine the other side of history is not a distortion of history....(this part the writer referred to another Korean movie which I don't have enogh knowledge to translate, so I skipped).....'Queen Cheorin' imagined a different Cheoljong other than the Cheoljong recorded in the dynasty. It is an imagination that Cheoljong, who was recorded as the “Scarecrow/puppet King,” caught in the gap of the sedo politics, tried to reform Joseon through his double life. This idea is not unfamiliar. If King Jeongjo, Crown Prince Sohyeon, and Gwanghaegun had succeeded in reforming, the nation's good luck would not have changed, and would not have been constantly looking for candidates for reform monarchs.

As part of such imagination, it is projecting the last hope of the dying Joseon to Cheoljong. In particular, isn't it interesting to him, who is a 'Boy from Ganghwa', because it can give him a people's character that no king of Joseon ever has.


3. The controvery of using real historical figures of supporting characters


Poongyangjo's clan association responsed with strong warning, saying that it had damaged the honor of a supporting character (Queen Shinjeong). The production crew changed the family name to'Pung Anjo' and'Ansong Kim' in the introduction section of the website. There was a controversy over the role of admiral 'Bae-Seol' in the movie 'Roaring Currents' (명량). This is because the movie did not sympathize with the descendants who are angry with the ancestor's defamation after seeing historical creations. If you are a citizen of a modern country, you must object the history of the ruined old system. The history like the people of the Joseon Dynasty is not supposed to be privatized as the work of my family. It is true that Andong Kim clan and Poong Yangjo clan contributed to the ruin of the country. If you dare to identify yourself as a member of a family rather than a citizen of a modern state, regret/remorse on the actions of your ancestors should be taken precedence.


4. The criticism of parodying the name of the'Octagon' club


In particular, the controversy is growing as the co-production company'Studio Plex' is found to be a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, which was involved in the Burning Sun case. The scene of the'Octajeong' gisaeng house is controversial in many ways. Although it seems to be a disgusting representation of the room salon culture, it is because a queer element is found in the guest reception scene after recognizing that (So Yong/Bong Hwan) is a man and woman (transvestite). Opinions are divided on whether to view it as a transsexual fantasy (of a man) disguised as a woman or as a lesbian practice of a transvestite with a soul of a straight man. In fact, the setting that the soul of a modern man dwelled in the body of the queen itself has the strong meaning of gender confusion. It is still too early to predict the way the drama will turn into. However, in the midst of that, Shin Hye Sun's acting, who leads 90 % of the play, is outstanding. For the time being, I want to watch more of the drama with the heart of supporting Shin Hye Sun.

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10 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:


@Min2206 , @Sleepy Owl , @partyon , @Jillia @Sejabin ,  @sadthe1st 


What you read make difference into bedroom performance :mrgreen:
**reading Alice on the wonderland, make wonder in bedroom :w00t:


** Reading 19+ Related book , results on fading on the night :D


Glad you acknowledge the difference.  Yes , have heard raving feedbacks on that handsome King's expertise.

As for the present King, well, let's wait a bit more yea


S(he) is a witch ... soooon she will bewitch this King and we hope to see his packs @Ameera Ali

Thanks for sharing the article @immorethant  I am still trying to understand the points (2) and (3), the historical parts.  Anyway, I will just enjoy the drama as it is.  After all, PD said it's a fusion fantasy comical play and the fictional characters are terrific-cally cute and funny! 

We will be seeing them tonight! Yay!


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Kim Jung Hyun And Shin Hye Sun Struggle With Their Own Secrets In “Mr. Queen”


Dec 19, 2020
by L. Kim

tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. Queen” shared new stills of Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun ahead of the upcoming episode!

“Mr. Queen” is a historical fantasy-comedy drama about a man from modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon dynasty. Shin Hye Sun stars as Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the soul of Blue House chef Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her. Kim Jung Hyun plays her husband King Cheoljong, who is a weak and ineffective king on the outside but is stronger and sharper than he appears.


Previously, Kim So Yong attempted to adjust to the palace, despite the fact that she was actually a free-spirited man from modern times. She proposed a “no touching” rule to the king, and just when they were getting comfortable acting as a couple only in public, Kim So Yong snuck out of the palace dressed as a man. She came face-to-face with King Cheoljong, who is disguised as someone else, and viewers are keen to find out if she will recognize him or not.

In the new stills, Kim So Yong and King Cheoljong have a tense encounter. Cheoljong points his sword at her, and his piercing gaze studies her nervous expression. Kim So Yong is flustered but she avoids eye contact and dares not provoke him. King Cheoljong suspects she has been following him, but Kim So Yong is just worried that people might find out she snuck out of the palace.



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** Okay it looks like Mr. Queen hasn’t been damaged much after all.  
MQ had a good today.  It made #1 real-time search.  In daum-MQ chatroom, though there are still anti-MQ but also a lot of viewers saying how much they enjoyed MQ.   Also they gushed about Shin Hye-Sun’s great acting.  

And the rating for EP3(9.022%) improved from EP1(8.03%)&EP2(8.8%):allgoodlol:
Yes MQ team did some changes (very minor tweaks here and there but nothing major)  So I began to wonder whether this so called controversy might be anticipated by MQ team to use as a promotional tactic( a big waving headline to draw people’s attention)??   MQ team was very aware of some level of the controversy about the original writer, right after the project was announced, yet it didn’t do anything about it.  Hopefully it’s just my misguided thinking lol
During the controversy I read MQ team already finished all indoor filming except a few outdoor scenes.  So I’m glad MQ made out good. 


Change by MQ team; (tweaked the offending names & deleted Cheol Jong's character profile description )
the name of Pung-yang  Jo clan (풍 조문) => Pung-an Jo clan (풍 조문 )
  And An-dong Kim clan (안 김문) => An-song Kim clan(안 김문 )



PS yeah they created the character IG for Cheol Jong & kim So-yong

Instagram ID for Cheol Jong (iron bell) & Kim So-yong (cowdragon) 


Cheol Jong’s profile;

(before change)

Cheol Jong

the Joseon Dynasty 25th king, real name: Lee Won-beom

산삼암살자 Wild ginseng assassin
중전감시자 Queen watcher/ surveillant
강냉이이탈자  Popcorning-escaper (a person who ends his or her affiliation with a political party)

화분마법사 pottery wizard
도자기 임대인 pot leaseholder



(after change)



Kim So-yong (Queen Cheorin) profile;

chef/ cook(formal title)

In me... looks like there's someone from the other world

#queen SutaGram START





cowdragon + iron bell  :hypehype:





cr to DC





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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후

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