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Guide of : how the royal child was made         

The Tale Of The King’s Failed Mission   Our king had a very important mission, he even sent his brother away in order to succeed in his task.   5 minutes later.  

Watching it with subs made the final episode even worse.   I’m so tired of people saying So Bong was only influenced by So Yong’s emotions and feelings. You people had your happy generic het

2 hours ago, Phillip Lundgren said:

So Bong was checking the corpse by caressing over the dead body. She said something then smirked.She must have said "Not his size!" :smirk::tounge_wink:



exactly! my mind suddenly wait what...

so that hot night, that we thought she totally not sober...

yet she memorizes his body features and 'his size':crazymad:

can't imagine if CJ ask her, how did she found out if the corpse is not him lolololol

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I truly hope the writer gives Byeong In a redemption card, like he/ she did to Hwa Jin. He is annoying sometimes, yet his consistent mission is to protect So Yong, not seeking for power or the likes. He fights against Cheoljong because he witnessed Cheoljong tried to kill So Bong. Although So Bong told him that she didn't love him, it's never clear to him that the So Yong he loved were actually dead. The completely different version of So Yong he sees right now is indeed an upgraded version with Bong Hwan's soul. I want justice for Byeong In!







credit to tvN

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Maybe just me but in the preview it looks like she is fully So Yong. I wonder if Bong Hwan is back in his body. His present story is left without closure so it make sense to me if he goes back. I mean he is framed and in coma so he need to clear his name. I really wonder how they gonna end this. :) 

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후

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