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Mr. Queen: Episodes 1-2 Open Thread

by missvictrix



Mr. Queen is here, and so far it’s every bit the crazy ride we expected. In its opening week we meet our hero, follow his magical mishap, and then join him in a world of Joseon mayhem. It’s wacky, it’s bawdy, and the hijinks are only getting started.




Our drama opens with a pretty frank picture of our hero JANG BONG-HWAN (Choi Jin-hyuk). After his awesome comedic performance in Zombie Detective, it’s fun to see him here, even if it’s just a cameo. Bong-hwan is a top chef at the Blue House, and though he might be ultra talented, he’s also totally full of himself… and he’s such a player!

Just in his few minutes onscreen, we see him checking out every woman that’s breathing, whether it’s a love affair in the kitchen supply room, or blatant sexual interest in every woman that passes. He gets in trouble with the law, and in a crazy scuffle, winds up falling from his balcony (but he’s not above checking out an attractive woman on his way down).He smashes into a swimming pool, cracks his head open… and this is the moment where the body swap begins. After a random underwater kiss with a woman in hanbok, though.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/12/mr-queen-episodes-1-2-open-thread/



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Guide of : how the royal child was made         

Watching it with subs made the final episode even worse.   I’m so tired of people saying So Bong was only influenced by So Yong’s emotions and feelings. You people had your happy generic het

The Tale Of The King’s Failed Mission   Our king had a very important mission, he even sent his brother away in order to succeed in his task.   5 minutes later.  


On 12/15/2020 at 4:11 PM, immorethant said:

My personal opinion.


The producion team and the beginning of drama already stated clearly that the drama is fictional and the characters and events are unrelated to historical events. Also they already presented this drama as 'fusion' + 'comedy' + 'sageuk' drama , they didn't say or try to sell it as a sageuk 'based on true story with accurate historical fact'. I think most audiences can distinguish between comedy vs reality.


Regarding the issue about the original story was from Chinese writer who is anti-Korean, it has nothing to do with the content of drama. 

Instead I think this drama's trying to present a lot about historical Korean costumes, foods, royal manners, wedding ceremony, political conflict between Andong Kim and Pungyang Jo clan. Everything may not be 100% correct becaust it's a comedy drama, but it helped made more people interested and want to know more about Korean cultures.  And also the production, story and especially acting in this Korean version are far better than the original. I think Korean people should be more proud that their country has many talented actors and production teams to make a good drama like this from original low-cost drama to achieve this kind of love and attention worldwide.


Yes, the production team already stated clearly at the beginning of drama that the drama is fictional and the characters and events are unrelated to historical events. I don't have any problem because when I'm watching historical dramas whether they are Eastern or Western, I understand that they are not to be taken seriously like documentaries so I just take them as a entertainment values.


But there were already 763 complaint from local netizen with just the 2 episodes airing. And since I'm curious with the Korean comments on the tvn drama channel in youtube, I'm translated some of their comments on the clips of episode 1 and 2 using google translator to get the rough understanding of their comments. Of course, google translator are not 100% accurate, but I can say that many commentators feel offended/insulted and feel that this drama trying to taint or give bad image to Korea history. You can read their comments there yourselves.


What I actually want to say is, it is possible that this drama will get edited and some scenes will be cut out for later episodes. Of course I don't want that happen, but if that happen I hope at least the drama plot and scenes will not be disjointed or become weird.


The local netizen complaint about sexual innuendoes remind me of the drama Backstreet Rokie controversy.




Both dramas are not the same though. There is a scene of underage female high school student kissing an adult male stranger in the Backstreet Rookie while this drama is about two adult couple that already married so I don't think the sexual innuendoes is the main problem.


Still, I don't understand why this drama production didn't just use fictional character for royal like King, Queen and Queen Dowager? Less problem for sure especially with those funny censored 19+ scenes LOL

Ngapa Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


But no matter what of course I will watch and support this drama until the end. Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun acting skills and chemistry together are daebak!

I already imagined their mutual romance scene in my head since our king catch our queen from falling with his arm LOL

credit to the owner


johnny depp ship GIF




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2 hours ago, enzek said:

Still, I don't understand why this drama production didn't just use fictional character for royalties like King, Queen and Queen Dowager? Less problem for sure especially with those funny censored 19+ scenes LOL

Intereting question.  Why ? 

I think the reason they used real historical persons is that the writer intended to have Bong Hwan uses his history knowledge to make some impacts or change the course of history.  So the queen can have more parts in political plot and still maintain the attention as the key person. That's the thing lacking in 'Go Princess Go' which after the queen became more feminine I found her character became quite boring. 


They also chose to use the weak puppet king Cheol Jong because they can create more interesting character by giving him dual personality. He is smart but he has to hide his ability. It's different from the original Chinese version that everyone in the palace knows the king is smart and is skillful warrior but that made him quite a bland character.


Being appear as weak person and has lots of enemies in the palace requires Cheol Jong to find allies and later he will find it with So Yong when her knowledge proves useful. It's interesting to see the king and the queen being the same team fighting both Kim and Jo clans together to gain true power.  I think in later episode it will be less 'comedy' but will become more of 'fusion'.  


I agreed that those 19+ censored scene of the queen dowager probably crossed the fine thin line of some audiences.  But in the overall the reference to historical figures is still important to make the story and characters more serious/interesting and not too much absurd like the original version.




The more I think of it...

Is it possible that...

It's all planned by tvN to make all of those controversies. 

There are lots of complaining in 4 different issues from just only 2 episodes, it's not normal thing.

And today tvN came out to make apology statement and promise to delete those scenes from replay service, but they still emphasize the theme of this drama as 'fusion', 'fantasy', 'comedy'. 


And from now on .....

- the supporter will always support

- the neutral will know about this drama and eager to watch to see what makes the controvesies like this

- the hater will also watch because they want to check if there will be any more scenes to complain.


It's the twist of twist of twist :lol:




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“Mr. Queen” Production Team Issues Statement Addressing Controversies


In order to respond to controversies that came up before and after the show’s first episodes aired, the production team of “Mr. Queen” issued a statement on December 15.


tvN’s “Mr. Queen” is a historical fantasy comedy drama about a man from modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon dynasty. The program premiered on December 12.


“Mr. Queen” is based on the original Chinese web drama “Go Princess Go,” which was based on a novel by a writer who has made negative comments about Korea in another work. “Mr. Queen” was criticized by some for dramatizing a work by such a writer.


Some people have also expressed that while it’s understandable that comedic situations would happen in the show due to its genre, the show crosses the line considering that the characters are based on real people.


Another controversy has surrounded a line in episode 2 in which a character referred to The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty as “merely jirashi.” The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty are the annual records of the dynasty and are designated as the 151st national treasure of Korea. The annals, which consist of a total of 1,893 volumes, are also listed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World registry. Jirashi is a form of newsletter that contains unconfirmed private information, which may include rumors and speculation.


On December 15, the production team of “Mr. Queen” released the following statement:

This is the production team of the drama “Mr. Queen.”


We express our sincere gratitude to the viewers who love the drama “Mr. Queen,” and we share the following statement regarding viewers’ opinions.


“Mr. Queen” is a work that was planned after purchasing the remake televising rights for the web drama “Go Princess Go,” which was broadcast in China by the drama’s production company. What was purchased from the production company was the remake televising rights for the web drama, not the original novel. Also, at the time of the contract, we were not aware that there were negative comments made about Korea in another work, “Princess Amity” [literal title], by the novelist who wrote the original work that the web drama “Go Princess Go” was based on.


After a substantial amount of planning and production had been carried out for the drama, we ascertained this fact through an online community. Despite that, we sincerely apologize to the viewers for not recognizing this in advance. We plan to do our best in production so that you do not feel uncomfortable while watching the drama as a new creative work different from the original work.


Also, we seriously accept that the line about The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty was inappropriate, and we have deleted the narration that was a problem. In regard to other historical figures and incidents as well, we had no intention to represent them negatively.


With “Mr. Queen” as a drama of the “fusion historical fantasy comic” genre, we borrowed figures and settings from history, but it’s fiction based on a creative work that began with the idea of “What would happen if a modern soul met a real figure and caused waves?”


We once again express our apologies for causing discomfort, which was contrary to our intention of making people laugh in a healthy way. We will pay closer attention in production and do our best in order to create a good drama.

Source (1) (2) (3)



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** I translated the news article which was published before the latest announcement from the production team. 

PS  a good chance some parts might not be conveyed accurately  sorry :)


tvN'Mr. Queen' is suffering from various controversies, such as the hating Korea controversy over the original work, distortion of history, and lack of gender sensitivity.

On the 15th, it is reported that over 700 complaints have been filed at the Korea Communications Standards Commission because "Mr. Queen" distorted the real person and history and degraded the existing cultural heritage.



In addition, the Pungyang-Jo clan association(org by descendants??) expressed displeasure, saying that Queen Shin-jeong, Jo who is the real character of the Joseon Dynasty, was distorted as a superstitious character in the drama.

In fact, in a recent broadcast, Queen Shin-jeong, Jo, used amulets in a superstitious manner, and presented a cursing amulet to a royal concubine who was from the same family.


In the broadcast on the 13th, the line, “Even ‘The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty’ is nothing but mere gossip” was on the chopping board (meaning, put under fire /unpleasant fiery gossip/out of favor)
It is pointed out that ‘the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty’ which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is released worldwide through the global OTT channel, and the disparaging line about it is not appropriate.


In addition, there were opinions that the gisaeng's place "Octa-jeong" in the drama is reminiscent of the club Octagon, where last year's gang rape incident broke out, and the main characters' lines are also full of sexual harassment.


“Mr. Queen” is based on the original Chinese web drama “Go Princess Go,” which was based on a novel “Go Princess Go” by a writer, Xian Chen who used derogatory words about Korea  several times in this novel.   She became controversial in Korea.   Prior to the broadcast, the public showed uncomfortable feelings about the author who showed a disgusting disposition in the original work. “Mr. Queen” was criticized by some for dramatizing a work by such a writer.    Conscious of this, director Yoon Sung-sik drew a line at the production presentation, saying, "Only the setting that the spirit of a playboy male entered the body of the queen was brought in the drama".


Currently, the production crew of tvN's "Mr. Queen" are struggling with various controversies.


“Mr. Queen” describes the story of the Korean Casanova Bong-hwan entering the body of Kim So-yong, Queen Cheol-jong during the Cheol-jong Joseon Dynasty. In the first broadcast, “Mr. Queen” made an average rating of 8.0% in EP1, and achieved in EP2, 8.8%.




**if anyone is interested

Queen Shin-jeong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Shinjeong

Cheol-jong of Joseon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheoljong_of_Joseon
Queen Cheor-in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Cheorin


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Watch: Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Choi Jin Hyuk, And More Go All Out For Action Scenes On Set Of “Mr. Queen”


tvN’s new drama “Mr. Queen” released a hilarious new behind-the-scenes video!


The video begins with Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun rehearsing the details of their movements. The director steps in to give directions, and the actors comply by going full out in the action. Kim Jung Hyun tries to hold in his laughter, but he calmly admits, “I kind of laughed. I’m sorry.”


Shin Hye Sun also immerses herself completely in her role, nearly tripping to grab a book and coughing from drinking too eagerly. In a different scene, she makes a hilarious poses to create great comedic effect.


When Shin Hye Sun forgets her lines, Kim Jung Hyun apologizes first, bringing laughter to the set. Cha Chung Hwa also makes a small mistake while filming, and the director jokes, “Does court lady Choi (Cha Chung Hwa) also have feelings for King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun)?”


One of the cast members comments that Jang Bong Hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk and Shin Hye Sun’s character) is too talented since he’s good at cooking and knows so much about history. Shin Hye Sun adds, “He adjusts so well after arriving here too. He doesn’t lack anything.”


The director steps out again to assist with Kim Jung Hyun’s action scene. Although Kim Jung Hyun nearly hurts himself while jumping, he acts through the pain as if nothing had happened.


Finally, Choi Jin Hyuk talks about his special appearance in the drama. He shares, “It’s been a long time since I’ve made a cameo, and it’s such an honor. I’m very grateful to be called upon for such a good project. It’s an interesting and unique subject, so please continue to look forward to it in the future.”


Watch the full making-of video below!


The next episode of “Mr. Queen” airs on December 19 at 9 p.m. KST.



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I’m really enjoying the show as it is...a good fictional story.  Shin Hye Sun is really a talented actress.  Her actions are so on point.  And I love Choi Jin Hyuk’s cameo.  Such a pleasant surprise as I didn’t read the news of this show beforehand,

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I'm really liking this! I'm picky about humor, but so far it's all worked for me. Historicals are my favorite genre, so I'm enjoying the moments spoofing the standard scenes we see. The queen visiting the gisaeng house and only getting accepted when she confidently plonks down money, then all the ladies fawning on her, was particularly funny to me! Shin Hye Sun is doing a good job with the body language and demeanor of a modern man without it being over-the-top cartoonish.

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Hi! I answered the poll but my #1 theory for question 1 is not there. I think the king used to have feelings for Soyong, but there was a misunderstanding that made him believe she was just trying to help her family betray him. Every time he talks about her he sounds very emotional and I see that he's hurt when I look at his eyes. I think he's so desperate to have the concubine by his side because he's trying to create a barrier between Soyong (now BH) and him. He doesn't want those feelings to mess with his decisions. That's why his friend told him not to let his feelings get in the way when he hesitated and couldn't fully draw his sword in the gisaeng. 


I've noticed that the number of views on the MQ channel on Naver have increased a lot and the number of subscriptions keeps going up. Maybe this means the show will be fine.


I personally find the reasons for the scandal quite ridiculous. The producers only bought the copyrights (of the WEB DRAMA) because they wanted to use the male soul into the female body idea without getting into a plagiarism scandal. The anti-Korea content was in a completely different novel by the author. Did knets really expect the producers to read all the material written by the original author before purchasing the copyrights when they only wanted a small part of the WEB DRAMA? 


The dialogues were inserted within a context, and interpreted within that context, there's obviously no intention of stating that SK history is a lie. It's fiction and I only see it that way. 

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Today I read a post from Korean webboard that interpreted and explained the meaning of opening intro.

I don't know if it will be accurate to what will happen in the drama.

But I think there are many interesting points, so please allow me to share here. 


All explanation and gifs credited to original writer of this post.  :heart4:



(spolier alert)




The scene showed the past of young Won-Beom (Cheol Jong) alone in the well.

He fell into a well when a child, facing difficult situation alone.

And a flower petal (So Yong) was falling to Won-Beom in that well, probably to rescue him.




The first appearance scene of Choel Jong will flower petals falling down is similar to what happened to him in the well.




Cheol Jong noticed the falling flower petal on the head of So Yong. This could mean something.

Probably seeing petal always reminded him of the incident when he was young.






The scene from teaser, Cheol Jong had a nightmare and in his sleep he embraced (someone in his dream) and said "You save me 'again' (네가 또 나를 구했구나)"

What did he mean 'again'?

So he was saved once in the past and he was dreaming of that person.

(Remark - Probably he was saved by So Yong, however, later he was sent to GangHwa Island and didn't know who she was. But when So Yong met him again when she was selected as a queen she might recognize him and fell in love with him. I think if Cheol Jong knew who she was in the past then he will feel sentimental with her. Probably the scene at the lake, So Yong might tell him about the past and his feeling started to change but because of her late cruel behaviour, he still didn't know which one was her real personality and had conflict on if he should love or hate her).


From the casting news and IG, both are child actors who took the role of young So Yong and Won Beom. So there will surely be the scene telling their childhood story in the drama.







The next scene.

Plate with pattern = Palace

Water in the plate = Lake in the palace

Petal floating on the water on the plate = So Yong who fell into the lake in the palace




This scene showed egg-topping rice bowl on a white plate in the center of the table, and also steak on a square wooden plate, meaning of So Yong (Bong Hwan) who is a chef but now he was in conflict between traditional Korean and modern culture. The surrounding food are also means people who surrounding So Young in the palace.


The life in palace of awaken Bong Hwan was expressed here with metaphor of cooking/food, and he also overcame the difficulties with his cooking skill.


An arrow shot by So Yong/Bong Hwan went pass through the table and the food.

Table = Palace

Modern Food = So Yong/Bong Hwan

Palace Food = Palace People, Palace Life

So Yong/Bong Hwan, who shot a big bow and overcame the many difficulties of life in the palace




The moon floating in the night sky = Won Beom/Cheol Jong at night with a lot of troubles

The scene changed from Cheol Jong/Won Beom at night to a scene with the moon and the sun floating around.
Moon = Cheol Jong/Won Beom
Sun = So Yong
It also expresses the Won Beom who led a different life between day and night
And with influence from So Yong, Won Beom was gradually changing and growing into the true king Cheol Jong.
Eventually the moon (Won Beom) and the sun (So Yong) merged into one.
All misunderstandings and conflicts were resolved and the two eventually became one.
It is a total solar eclipse where the moon and sun become one.
And no need to explain, it also means the merging of Bong Hwan's soul and So Yong's body.
It turned out that the day Bong Hwan and So Yong fell into the water was a total solar eclipse. So the souls may swap back again on the day of the total solar eclipse.
(Remark - this sentence I translated from original post, so I'm not sure it's just a metaphor of solar eclipse or the solar eclipse was actually happened on the day that So Yong fell into the lake).
It can be interpreted that at the end the love of Cheol Jong and So Yong is possible.
And Bong Hwan went back to his time safely.
(Remark - This one also from the original post , but in my opinion another possible ending is that Bong Hwan completely transformed into So Yong and in love with Cheol Jong like in Go Princess Go).

The last scene.

Queen Cheorin surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

Giving hint of a happy ending.


(Remark - I think butterfly also represents transformation or rebirth. It can be interpreted that Bong Hwan transformed into So Yong, or it can be the original soul of So Yong comes back and after conflicts with the king resolved then reborns into sweet and nice person ? Only way to know is to keep watching until the end !! ).


Again, all credit to the original post.





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That is such a beautiful interpretation! Thank you so much for sharing @immorethant:love:


I really look forward for our royal couple comradeship and how they cooperate against those enemies around them:kiss_wink:


Poor So Yong:tears:


Can't wait for this part!


credit to the owner


The bio of main cast in this status is informative too:

credit to the owner


I don't know why must controversy happen to this wonderful drama.

I really wish they won't cut out any scenes as they originally planned for this drama, pretty please!

ncaa football please GIF by ESPN College Football


2 more days to see our royal couple slaying onscreen again!

credit to the owner


The King and his Mr Queen:lol:

credit to the owner



credit to the owner


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The controversy is dumb....its a reimagination and dramatized fiction based on real characters...Its fairly common...A few years ago there was Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, a movie..then there's The Crown on Netflix, Victoria on Amazon, The Great on Hulu...people need to lighten up

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1 hour ago, partyon said:

Anyone know if the ML Kim Jung Hyun has abs?

I are just wondering if we can expect any abs scenes in this drama. It's a valid question. :joy:


I don't know whether he has abs for this drama. Let's wait for his fight scene and oh-my-the-main-male-lead-is-bleeding-so-now-the-main-female-lead-will-tending-him-and-that-the-blossoming-of-their-romance/bromance-yahoo! to see whether he has abs in here or not LOL


For research purpose:




Anyone that found the same scenes in his other dramas, you can share in here too LOL



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15 minutes ago, enzek said:


I don't know whether he has abs for this drama. Let's wait for his fight scene and oh-my-the-main-male-lead-is-bleeding-so-now-the-main-female-lead-will-tending-him-and-that-the-blossoming-of-their-romance/bromance-yahoo! to see whether he has abs in here or not LOL


For research purpose:

  Hide contents


Anyone that found the same scenes in his other dramas, you can share in here too LOL



oooh @enzek ooooh @Ameera Ali 

oooh @enzek  ooooo @Ameera Ali


oooooo @partyon



That King?  That's him ... he has?!   Please tell him I am HAPPY
And I like how that girl was gawking and peeping at him ....in the 1st clip

Is she the same girl in Uncanny Counter?!  The one that kickbox?



oooooo  again

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Queen Cheorin/Mr. Queen, 철인왕후

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