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How to start your own business?

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You will need at least 2 years so that your so-called online 'business' started to show at least some results. Sometimes it feels one will die sooner. So I firmly believe there are much faster ways to money, and one of them is sports betting , so if you play wisely, you have a chance to learn winning.

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I worked as a programmer for the company two years ago. My salary ball less than it should I did not like it. I once read a course on ............. . After that, my life changed dramatically. I left the construction company and opened my own. I'm all right now. I wish you good luck.

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- second-hand clothes

- food

- vintage accessories/costume jewelry


*research your niche market

*set up IG/FB store

*market your shop aggressively

*cry in the corner 

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where r u from?


I've got an idea of 'underground' & kinda 'dirty' business, I mean it is about worms hehe. I live in tropical area. If you're interested in my story, then I hope its help.

I'm currently running it, long-short story when I started it, I was investing in the main business (the worm cultivating), found that bcs I read some section in agriculture & get interested & then met this worms invest co. After some investment, I discussed with the owner for some chance in sustainable life/eco business idea then he offered me to also start into the practical thing first (cultivating, then the owner will buy my worm products). So I start learning to cultivate a little, practicing & decided to do some analysis to local people around. Some of them aren't having jobs/stable income, then I introduce them to this worm world for helping my cultivation (bcs it considered easy, the feed is what people throw away from foods/kitchen, its enough if it is organic) and share the profit. After growing the worms cultivation, then its poo also could be sell as organic fertilizer, or combo with the worms to make the soil great for orchard. The markets would be fisherman, maritime & plantation. The business would not look like you really have business at first, so thats why I called it 'underground' business. But it is cycle & sustain enough if you have found markets or greater, grow it. Because it comes from food and then help makes the food, I think. Im praying for more branches of idea from my worm world could be successfully in the future tho. Aameen!


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Whatever you do, don't quit your day time job yet. Takes at least 6 months to a year before you see profit. 


I signed contract with a sushi franchise last August. Currently selling more than i ever had before pandemic because I've built my brand but I am taking it as a sign to move on. I can't help but worry each time i step in front of covidiots. I cross path with over 100 people a day. With high positive rate in Florida,  i have a feeling it won't be too long before someone i know personally is infected. I make twice compared to a 9 to 5 desk job, but health comes first.


Are you ok being on your feet all day? Do you enjoy interacting with people? Are you comfortable being outside or in environment with limited climate control?  If not, start an online business or stock profile. 


Pick a niche you somewhat enjoy or even love.  Connect with people that has experience in the field. I opened llc with legalzoom but I know better now. It's a waste of money because all info you need is free on the web.


Check out local nonprofits that assist small business startup. They can help you every step of the way, even with loan application and business planning. You meet entrepreneurs in all business aspects.  Might not have any live meetups due to pandemic but might have online meetings. 

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