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Safety regulations and employee protection laws

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What are your guys' opinions on workplace safety laws?

Let's take personal protective equipment or PPE (things such as gloves, hardhats, ear plugs). Should privately owned companies inform workers of dangerous conditions and provide or at least suggest suitable protection to said dangers? Do you guys think that the company can require employees to wear PPE?

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Hi Albert,

Its a no brainier, of course PPE is absolutely essential, and it should be provided by the employer. Work safe laws, and an investigative and enforcement bodies like 'Work Cover' are absolutely necessary. Lets turn back the clock to the good old days when there was no "safety", safety was what you made it, as for PPE virtually nothing. Take the Sydney Harbour Bridge project of the 1930's, 16 men died due to accidents, only 2 fell to their death. 16 was considered amazing for a project of the scale in those days. Hundreds of workers were killed or permanently incapacitated every year from work related accidents. There was no compensation paid. In those days there were few industries that could be considered safe. Even today with our safety laws and requirements, up till May this year, 76 workers have been killed on the job, in 2019, 174 died.

Today in undeveloped countries like India with scant regard for safety, little enforcement of industrial laws, the official figure for deaths or serious work injuries is put at 50 per day, the actual number is much, much higher.

In Australia it has been the work of the "despised" trade unions that dragged the employers and politicians to the table to create laws for the safety of workers, and associated compensation payments that came with the introduction of those laws.

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