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Han Hyo Joo 한효주

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Name: Han Hyo Joo
Korean Name: 한효주
Birthdate: February 22, 1987
Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 172cm (~5'8")
Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)
Shoe size: 250 (Size 8 in USA)
Nicknames: Insang-nyeo (Impressive Girl), Hyo, Katie, Chi Hua Hua (치아와) & Han Taeng Deung (한탱등)
Talents: Telling fairy tales, Piano, Writing, Running, Fencing
Hobbies: Singing, Watching Movies, Writing, Practice acting, Playing piano, Listening to music, Reading, etc.
Favorite Color: Pink
Ideal Man: Someone who is very enthusiastic about his work, and whom she can rely on.
Education: Yullyang Middle School - Cheongju Girl's High School - Bulgok High School - Dongguk University
Entertainment Company: BH Entertainment




Current endorsements:

  • Daebang Construction
  • LG The Saga of 秀
  • LG Sooryehan

Past endorsements:





  • Hankook Tire
  • LG Sooryehan


  • Black Yak
  • 1-Day Acuvue Define
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • Givenchy eyewear
  • Hankook Tire
  • SSG.com


  • VIKI
  • Black Yak
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • 1-Day Acuvue Define
  • Daum "Art and Shake" App
  • Good Downloader
  • Black Yak
  • VIKI
  • Samsung Camera Mirror Pop MV800
  • Korean Cable TV Association (KCTA)- Digital Cable TV
  • Oksusu Corn Silk Tea
  • Lotte Card
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • Samsung NX Camera Series
  • Head Sports
  • LOVCAT Paris
  • LOVCAT Bijoux
  • Lotte Card
  • Xylitol
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • VIKI
  • Mr. Pizza
  • Samsung Camera Mirror Pop MV800
  • Samchuly


  • Grand Mint Festival Lady
  • Yoplait
  • Lotte Card
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Korea's Housing and Population Census
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Seoul Summit G-20
  • Mr. Pizza
  • VIKI
  • LG SU:M 37'
  • Samsung Camera NX Series
  • Jambangee
  • Samchuly
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Design Korea
  • Save the Penguin Campaign
  • Sweetest Love Campaign by Vogue
  • Jambangee
  • LG SU:M (Breathe) 37'
  • VIKI
  • Nong Shim Natural Snacks
  • Samsung Camera VLUU series
  • Cello
  • Kia Soul
  • Baskin Robbins
  • South Korea's representative for Lacoste
  • Samchuly
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Korean Air Force
  • Samchuly
  • Maxim Coffee
  • Korean Air
  • Enprani Cosmetics
  • Ensure Traffic Order Campaign 
  • Crencia
  • CYOU Soju
  • Green Time Tea Time
  • Enprani Cosmetics


  • Anti-Smoking Campaign
  • Crencia
  • Han Game 
  • Pizza Hut 
  • CYOU Soju






  • "사랑해요" ("I Love You") by Simply Sunday (2004)
  • "그대가 세상에 있는 만으로" ("Renaissance") by Position (2005)
  • "Paris" by Epik High (2005)
  • "이별은" ("Farewell is..") by U (2006)
  • "Tree" by Kwon Jin-won (2006)
  • "남잔 그래" by Lee Woo Sang (2009)
  • "사랑한단 말을 못해서" ("Because I Couldn't Say that I Love You") by K.Will (2009)
  • " 정말이니" ("Are You Serious? ") by Rumble Fish (2009)
  • "Love Tonic" by As One (2009)
  • "Don't You Know" by Han Hyo Joo ft. No Reply (2010)
  • " 사랑하겠어" ("I Choose to Love You") by Hyorin (2012)
  • "I Love You" by Han Hyo Joo ft. Sweet Sorrow (2012)
  • "Hide and Seek" ("숨바꼭질") by Han Hyo Joo ft. Broccoli, You Too? (2012)


  • "처음이었어요" ("It's The First Time") by Han Hyo Joo for the Nonstop 5 soundtrack (2005)
  • "달려라 자전거" ("Ride Away") by Han Hyo Joo for the Ride Away soundtrack (2008)
  • "왈칵눈물이" ("Sudden Burst of Tears") by Han Hyo Joo for the Soul Special soundtrack (2009)
  • "바람이 불어 이별해 (Prologue)" Narration by Han Hyo Joo for Love Tonic (2009)
  • " 서울" ("Oh Seoul") by My-Q ft. Han Hyo Joo for For This, I Was Born (2009)
  • "Don't You Know" by No Reply ft. Han Hyo Joo for the Grand Mint Festival (2010)
  • "그대" ("You") by Brown Eyed Soul ft. Han Hyo Joo for Brown Eyed Soul (2011)
  • "아침 8" ("8 A.M.") by My-Q ft. Han Hyo Joo for Ready for the World (2011)
  • "연애시대" ("Alone in Love") Narration by Han Hyo Joo for Lee Seung Gi ft. Ra.D (2011)
  • "I Love You" by Han Hyo Joo ft. Sweet Sorrow for LG SU:M 37' 5th Anniversary CF Song (2012)
  • "숨바꼭질" ("Hide and Seek") by Han Hyo Joo ft. Broccoli, You Too? (2012)
  • "Let Us Forget" by Han Hyo Joo for the C'est Si Bon soundtrack (2015)
  • "I'll Give It All To You" by Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo for the C'est Si Bon soundtrack (2015)
  • "Love, Lies" by Han Hyo Joo for the Love, Lies soundtrack (2016)
  • "Spring Lady" by Han Hyo Joo for the Love, Lies soundtrack (2016)




  • 1st Runner-Up for a clothing company Model Selection Contest (2003)
  • Winner for The 9th Binggrae Smile Pageant (2003)
  • Popular Songs' (SBS Inki Gay) MC (2005-06)
  • 26th Korean Screen Critics Award - Best Female Newcomer, Ad-lib Night (2006)
  • 20th Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actress, Ad-lib Night (2007)
  • Korea's Best Dressed Award (2007)
  • KBS Drama Acting Awards - Popularity Award (2007)
  • KBS Drama Acting Awards - Best Couple Award with Park Hae Jin (2007)
  • SBS Drama Award - New Star "Iljimae" (2008)
  • MNet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Female Drama Star (2009)
  • SBS Drama Awards - Best Couple with Lee Seung Gi / Best Actress for Special Production Dramas / Top 10 Stars Award (Brilliant Legacy) (2009)
  • 5th Seoul Drama Awards- Hallyu Star Female Actress (Brilliant Legacy) (2010)
  • Korea Drama Festival - Best Actress (Dong Yi) (2010)
  • MBC Drama Awards - Female Popularity Award / Daesang (Dong Yi) (2010)
  • 47th Baeksang Art Awards - Best TV Actress (Dong Yi) (2011)
  • 45th Taxpayers' Day (given by Ministry of Strategy and Finance) - Presidential Commendation as Honest Taxpayer (2011)
  • CETV Asia's Top 10 Popular Star Awards - Hallyu Star Prize (2012)
  • 22nd Buil Film Award - Best Actress (Cold Eyes) (2013)
  • 34th Blue Dragon Award - Best Actress (Cold Eyes) (2013)
  • Actors' Night Award - Top Star Award (The Beauty Inside) (2015)



Additional Links
DC Inside
Daum Cafe

graphics credit: bashful_harmony and itic
Youtube credit: original uploaders


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i was going to make a thread for this gorgeous and cute girl. isn't she just adorable?

Yes she is haha too cute actually. Now if only I could find her Bio. I'm searching like crazy.

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SHE'S 18? OMGOMGOMG. there's no way she'd get with me -.-;;

LOL that's funny. She's young and talented. What more can you say. I can't get into her cyworld. can anyone? I need her bio.

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I was debating for the longest time if I should start a thread on her, but I haven't done it since I didn't have much information on her.

But, since we're doing this so informally, here are some pics + info I have of her:



























Credits: All pictures from mtmhj daum cafe. :)


Name: Han Hyo Joo

Date of Birth: 1987/2/22

Height: 170 cm

Entertainment Company: Yiga Entertainment (이가엔터테인먼트)

(same as Ivy, Han Ji Hye, Bobby Kim, Lee Joon Hee, and others)


- Nonstop 5 (sitcom)


- (투사부일체) 2006

Other Work:

- CF: Pizza Hut (피자헛)

- CF: Han Game (한게임)

- Music Video: Simply Sunday - I Love You (심플리 선데이 - 사랑해요)

- SBS Inki Gayo MC (11/2005 - ??/????)

http://cafe.daum.net/mtmhj Official Daum Cafe

http://www.cyworld.nate.com/yelloroom Cyworld

http://www.hyoju-nara.ez.ro/ Fansite

All the information was collected from Naver, Daum, Empas, and Yahoo Korea.

It was also recently announced that she has just signed a CF contract for a facial product with Jo In Sung as her partner.

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Ah so sorry jahye, didn't mean to. I need to make caps too. But mine are all lq. I need to download HQ videos. I saw that epsiode, she was unbelievably cute with Andy. Thanks for sharing.

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