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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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7 May 2021 Hyo Joo's Instagram Story Update

Inset - Script Reading of tvN Drama "Happiness" today - cr hanhyojooforum




image from hanhyojoouniverse - edited by kemB

Han Hyo Joo, Park Hyung Sik and Jo Woo Jin are confirmed for drama "Happiness", which will begin filming this month.

“Happiness” is an apocalyptic city thriller that takes place in the near future within an apartment that is stratified by social standing. The high-rise apartment housing diverse people becomes sealed off when a new infectious disease emerges, and the drama will depict the fear, fierce psychological battle, and desperate struggle for survival. “Happiness” will be a realistic horror drama in which the people become suspicious of each other in the enclosed space as their daily lives fall apart and their pre-existing values begin to waver.

The drama will be helmed by producing director (PD) Ahn Gil Ho and writer Han Sang Woon, who worked on “Watcher” together. PD Ahn has worked on numerous hits such as “Record of Youth,” “Memories of the Alhambra,” and “Forest of Secrets”, while writer Han Sang Woon has also penned “The Good Wife.”

Hyo Joo will be playing the female lead Yoon Sae Bom, a tactical agent in the Seoul Police Special Operations Unit who is decisive and has fast judgment. Yoon Sae Bom is the type to put things into action as soon as she puts her mind to it. After she moves into the newly constructed apartment of her dreams, she comes to face a crisis. Viewers are already anticipating Hyo Joo’s new transformation in the upcoming drama.

Hyung Shik will play the male lead Jung Yi Hyun, an intelligent and honest violent crimes detective. He is surprisingly the romantic type who wants to pursue a sweet relationship with Yoon Sae Bom, who he attended high school with. However, he gets swept up in a whirlwind of events after he receives an unexpected offer from Yoon Sae Bom. Jung Yi Hyun moves for the common good even if it means sacrificing himself, and he continuously faces danger and fear in order to protect himself and Yoon SB. Viewers are curious to see how the drama will depict the story of survival that takes place in a location swarming with greed and an unknown infectious disease as he tries to protect what’s precious to him.

Woo Jin will be playing the role of commander Han Tae Suk of the Armed Forces Medical Command, who holds the key to the infectious disease. He’s in charge of secretly discovering the cause of the infectious disease and stopping it from spreading. Although Han Tae Suk has a polite and easygoing personality unexpected of someone who is a military intelligence personnel, he is a character who transforms in an instant, making him difficult to read. As an actor with great experience, Jo Woo Jin is expected to control the tension of the story.

Repost with thanks from @ hanhyojoouniverse IG Update
source tvN


10 hours ago, bimini said:

Just popping in here after GOD KNOWS HOW LONG butttt just wanted to say I'm so excited for this year + 2022. Our girl is booked and busy, happy and surrounded by good friends. We are going to be fed so well these upcoming months T-T 


I don't know how I feel about the premise of Happiness, but at this point, I'm just anxious to see her on the small screen again. She is literally the only reason why I bother watching Kdramas lol. I know nothing about Park Hyung Sik but he's cute so I hope to see strong chemistry between these two, especially since the premise seems quite serious so I don't expect a very strong loveline. But I think I'm just desperate to see Hyo Joo smiling and being her happy self... Been rewatching Hometown Flex eps and old interview videos a lot lately lol. Hoping she will update her IG a lot during production~~ I expect many coffee trucks sent by her friends!


And then... still.... waiting for Moving confirmation.. 

Welcome on board @bimini
Noticed that you are the Admin for HJ forum - woot!    Glad to have you here.  Yay! 
Our Hyo's gonna be busy from now till year end and next, let's hope the same on this forum as well.


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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

Haaaa yes I've been the admin forever (not the original one though) but I've been pretty absent lately, haven't I? Oops lol


I still very much keep track on Hyo updates though! I do miss the discussions I used to have on here with other users, so hoping we can bring some of that liveliness back in this thread. 


Anyway, I'm super pumped for Happiness and can't wait for filming to start! Checking obsessively for updates lol. I normally love apocalyptic thrillers but ngl the plot for this sounds confusing between the fake marriage trope, class division in the apt, unquenchable thirst as the ID, and then the thriller/mystery solving aspect. Like do they get fake married so she can get her apt? If so, like... why?


I hope the writing is tight and clean. Saw some articles describe Hyo Joo's character to be girl-crush material, so I'm excited for that. Hope Hyo Joo gets to perform some cool action scenes as well. I don't know how much romance there'll be but hoping it's a satisfactory amount cuz PHS is cute af and it'll be a waste of their visuals if there's nothing more than unrequited, possibly sacrificial love ;_; I need some cute and lively BTS footage with another flowerboy type calling her noona! It's been too long since W!


Best thing about this new drama is that it'll probably be simultaneously streamed on Netflix (as with other Studio Dragon prods), so I can watch on TV comfortably, which is SO BAFFLING to me because I still remember the days of having to wait for fansubs and having to torrent the episodes lol. Crazy how much K-ent has flourished in the past couple of years, but also highlights how long I've been in this fandom t-t lol

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IG Stories from Hyo and PMH, leading to PMH's IG photoshoot post below





16 May 2021 Parkmanhyun IG update 
You've been working so hard. HYO! Fighting! Let's cheer up

17 May 2021




17 May 2021
Hyo IG story update
Pic 1 "
#ShinHyunbeen thank you"
Pic 2 "
#ShinHyunbeen two or three bowls"


Both images and captions cr HHJ Forum




cr https://twitter.com/hanhyojooforum

18 May 2021 Yeyehong IG Update
Hyo photoshot for Vogue Korea Issue

On "Happiness" filming


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Stylist Park Man Hyun posted Vogue pictures of HJ:



Original post by Park Man Hyun here: (I sure wish IG posts would embed...) https://www.instagram.com/p/CPXN-jVBqA4/


I particularly like the one with the long black coat and white pants. She looks like a unique character with an interesting story attached, and it makes me want to see that movie or drama, whatever it is!

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Recent update on drama, Moving.


Ryu Seung Ryong has apparently also joined cast. From part of article and a bit on drama.


An entertainment industry official told Sports Chosun on the 4th, "Ryu Seung-ryong will join the lead role in the drama 'Moving' (written by Kang Full, directed by Park In-je)." 'Moving' is a drama adaptation of Kang Full's hit webtoon 'Moving'. It is an action-hero masterpiece in which families with innate superpowers face huge enemies across generations and times.

Director Park In-je, who directed 'Kingdom Season 2' and wrote the screenplay by Kang Full himself, is with him. Writer Kang Full's writing skills covering a broad and detailed worldview are reborn as a drama, and director Park In-je's directing power, which infuses a sense of immersion and speed, adds strength. In addition, Jo In-sung and Han Hyo-joo have already decided to join, and Ryu Seung-ryong joins them to complete the 'adult lineup'.



'Moving', which is currently being prepared with 20 episodes, is a major drama with a production cost of 50 billion won. With a solid cast and crew as the background, 'Moving' heralds the birth of a K-hero. We are currently discussing programming from various angles, including global OTT.



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Posted (edited)








cr hanhyojooforum

More Photos from Hyo Unnie's for Vogue HongKong June Issue

June cover star #HanHyoJoo has always been loved by audiences for her gentle yet elegant demeanour. Captured in an authentic and bold portrayal by #HongJangHyun, the South Korean actress wears #Burberry by #RiccardoTisci for the cover of #VogueHongKong’s summer issue. Read the exclusive interview with the star in the June issue, out now.
#HanHyoJoo received the prestigious award of Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards before turning 30 - a momentous achievement indeed! The star has always challenged herself as an actress and is returning to act in Korean dramas after a 5 year hiatus. See the full fashion story and read the exclusive interview in the June issue, available now.

Photographer:  @HongJangHyun
Creative and Fashion Direction: @S.e.a.n.K
Stylist: @ParkManhyun
Hair Stylist: @Hearts_Ultrapeku
Make-up Artist: @JennyHousePR
Set Designer: @Daraksy
Casting Director: @MagPrImage
Executive Producer: @BabyLee82 @BLCreativeHouse
On-set Coordinator: @ParkHeeYoung__


Edited by serenilmauve
Please follow soompi rules and hide more than 3 images in spoiler tags! Thanks!
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The cover character of the June issue of "Vogue" Hong Kong is Han Hyo Joo, an actor known as the "Smiling Angel" in South Korea. 

Entering the industry at the age of 
18, she created many classic roles, including the Korean drama "Brilliant Legacy", " W- Two Worlds", the movie "Jie Yuhua", etc., pushing her career to the top. Her intellectual and powerful fresh temperament coincides with the image of Burberry under Riccardo Tisci's creativity . Wearing the brand's iconic beige jumpsuit, Han Hyo Joo reveals to us that she has returned to South Korea's small screen work " Happiness " after five years . In the role of a special police officer. 


Jumpsuit and shoes, all Burberry

Working with Han Hyo Joo is one of the most relaxing experiences. In terms of styling and image, she is definitely a person who knows what she wants without a lot of participation from the management; after climbing to the top of her career, she exudes self-confidence everywhere in the shooting process. Her kindness and professionalism made this shooting full of fun. In the TV series "Happiness" that she starred in after a long break, she became a special police officer and brought us in the post-epidemic era to discuss various issues in life, which is bound to be exciting. Under the new normal, our FashionDirector guided the shooting remotely. Technology combined with the cooperation of the photographer and the entire team to send out a positive message-as long as we have the spirit of dedication and enthusiasm, anythingispossible.


The popularity of the Korean entertainment industry has risen and fallen like a trend. How to maintain its position after achieving results can be said to be the most difficult thing. Han Hyo Joo's acting career began with a participation in a Korean model contest. He made his debut because of his high-profile performance.

Since entering the industry at the age of 18, she has participated in many popular dramas and movies, such as "Brilliant Legacy", "Fall in Love with Transformed Lover", "Jieyuhua", "W-Two Worlds", etc., pushing her career to the top ;Because of his fresh smile, he was awarded the title of "Korean Smiling Angel". After a five-year break, she will star in the new drama "Happiness" this time, and will be the first to conduct an interview with "VOGUE" Hong Kong to share her experience and growth over the years.


"VOGUE" HK: After five years of absence from the screen, this time you are back on the TV screen in the new series "Happiness". How would you describe this role?

Han Hyo Joo: The name of the character in the play is Yin Xinchun (Temporary translation). She is a woman with quick judgment. Sometimes she acts a step faster than her thoughts, and she is very cute. I am very happy to meet a character that is similar to my current age and personality.


"VOGUE" HK: Since you debuted at the age of 18, what is the biggest difference in your state of mind?

Han Hyo Joo: As time goes by and the times change, it is of course a good thing to change in a good direction, but there are also constant parts. Even if time passed, my attitude towards work did not change much; I was always nervous and occasionally burdened. Should I say that I have a stronger sense of responsibility for my work? So the mentality of acting hasn't changed much. I still feel very good and excited, and even though there are occasional hard moments, I still want to do well.


Dress, bracelet and boots, all Burberry.


"VOGUE" HK: From the girl in "Brilliant Legacy", the blind girl in "Always", the queen in "Double King", the detective in "Conspiracy Mission", the doctor in "W", and even join Which character in the American action drama "Treadstone" is the most challenging?

Han Hyo Joo: Although it is difficult to pick a special role, among the roles I have played, the one that hurts my heart the most is the Shao Xuan in the movie "Jie Yu Hua". I have played many roles that love and be loved. However, Shao Xuan in "Jie Yuhua" is a character who can't be loved until the end, so I have pity for her. Even after a long time, as long as Shao Tong's feelings are substituted, he will still feel that this is a painful character. In another sense, "Tong Yi" is not only the most physically strenuous work, but also the hardest character. Tong Yi, who I play, although young, has a strong sense of responsibility. A total of 60 episodes of shooting, almost a year, day and night, without a good night's sleep. The degree of hard work left a very deep impression on me.

"VOGUE" HK: Are there any characters you want to challenge in the future?

Han Hyo Joo: There are many. There are countless people in the world, and there are so many professions that I haven't tried. Because I usually like music, if I have the opportunity, I would like to try a role that comforts people through music. "Stars in the Dream", "Everything Starts from Music", etc., I hope to have the opportunity to get close to Koreans with unique emotions. As an actor, I will not be limited to the type of drama, but want to play more roles. In addition, I haven't played the villain yet, so I want to challenge it.




Shirt, dress, earring, socks and shoes, all Prada.


"VOGUE" HK: You have always been known for your gentle, innocent, funny character and healing smile. Do you think this impression limits you to some extent? Can you tell us three interesting things about "the real Han Hyo-joo"?

Han Hyo Joo: The image that movie fans like is just part of the many faces of Han Hyo Joo. Among my many parts, no matter which part the fans like, I am very grateful. In addition to being gentle and innocent, I also have many different personalities, but I don't want to break the image that fans like. However, like many people, I will be straightforward and easy-going when facing relatives and friends around me. Funny? The urban atmosphere is also part of my image, but in fact I came from the rural area of Cheongju. Also, I seem to be thorough and careful in doing things, but it's not exactly like that. Sometimes when I don’t need to work, I can be very lazy!

"VOGUE" HK: How do you usually spend your day when you don't have to work?

Han Hyo Joo: Regular exercise and good skin care. I like to chat with friends and colleagues who can't meet at work. In addition, enjoying food is also a great joy of life.




Dress, Loewe.


"VOGUE" HK: What do you want to say to yourself who just started the industry?

Han Hyo Joo: Although there will be times of worry, you will do well. But I hope you can start exercising as soon as possible.

"VOGUE" HK: With the success of Korean films in Oscars and other international awards and making waves for two consecutive years, as an actor, do you have any expectations for the Korean film industry?

Han Hyo Joo: Last year and this year, I was very, very pleased, as happy and proud as my own business. When I talked to my friends abroad about "Upper Parasite" and Korean actors and directors, I also felt relieved and happy along with them. Excellent actors and directors are showing the power of Korean movies. As a junior, I can't help but have the idea of following them. I hope that this trend will not be as short as the craze of the times, but will continue forever.




Dress, earrings, bracelet and shoes, all Jil Sander.


"VOGUE" HK: Finally, what do you want to say to fans in Hong Kong?

Han Hyo Joo: Hello everyone! I have visited Hong Kong many times in the past for publicity, filming and awards ceremonies. I am very happy to be able to greet everyone through "VOGUE" Hong Kong. In the future, I will continue to act hard as always, so please take care of me. The world is facing all kinds of difficult situations. I hope that seeing my work will bring you a little bit of strength and be able to overcome it together. It would be nice to work together.


Top, 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Photographer: Hong Jang Hyun
Creative and Fashion Direction: Sean Kunjambu
Stylist: Park Manhyun
Makeup Artist: Seo Hee Young @Jenny House
Hair Stylist: Baek Heung Kwon @HE:ARTS
Set Designer: Choi Seo Yun @Darak
Casting Director: Lee Youngmin
Executive Producer : Lee Kyung Kim @BL Creative House
On set coordinator: Park Hee Young
Cover Wardrobe: Burberry


also thanks to Nompingj for sharing the article
please excuse if any typo or grammatical error - google trans

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We feel you, Kim Go Eun.  We want to touch Hyo's hair tooooooo 






In preparation for tvN's 'Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip'   Epi 1 The Games Caterer, with BH Nice! team :doggie: 



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It's getting a little hard to keep up with alllllll of her appearances, lol. But here are yesterday's videos from The Game Caterers (or 15 Days on a Business Trip, whatever we are calling it):











There is also the OCN interview she did (they are airing Treadstone on June 11):




Translation under cut:



Hello to all the viewers, I’m actress Han Hyo Joo.


Treadstone is a spinoff drama that expands on the Jason Bourne series. I play Soyoon, an ordinary mother and wife living in Pyongyang—who also is a programmed undercover agent.


First of all, I was a huge fan of the series, and I was so excited just to have a spinoff. I got an audition proposal, and wondered if this was a dream. <laugh> Then I heard I was accepted! I had my first meeting at the office in Budapest. I was so excited and nervous. The first episode was directed by director Ramin. He welcomed me so comfortably.


Another thing that surprised me was that I was doing pre-production in the office. There were a lot of reference materials there. “Ah, so that’s how we prepare,” I thought. It was amazing.


There were other foreign actors in the cast, I was sitting right next to them, it was such a strange feeling. I remember that first meeting, I had so many emotions. There was so much to prepare. Of course one of the abilities of the agents is language. I was programmed to be able to speak the language of whatever country I was in. The languages I personally spoke in the drama were that I had to use a basic North Korean dialect, as well as English, a little Chinese, and a little Russian. In my role I had to speak a lot of different languages, so I had to put in a lot of study and effort. “Ah,” I thought. “So this is how you become a real agent!” <laugh> It was constantly a challenge.


 I feel I really worked out a lot. In the mornings I went to stunt training. Stunt training is called choreography because you are learning and practicing parts of the drama. You have to put in this time so you don’t get hurt and so you can show a strong side (while filming). So I spent most of the time training whenever I wasn’t filming on Monday-Friday.


I’m not good at playing the piano but in elementary school I got as far as Czery 30 Etudes. <laugh> It was a very difficult song to play. I thought, “How am I going to do this?” It’s been a while since I sat in front of a piano. My mind just went blank. I thought, you just take it step by step (literal translation: you collect black bean sprouts one by one, pick one and just move on to the next). It’s just a minute and a half. I think I worked hard every day on it for about two months.


I felt like I was actually going through some very high-level training, like the skills were being loaded one by one. Truthfully, even though it was just a drama, I got really into it and felt like I was getting stronger. After a while, I started having the delusion that I could do anything. <laugh> I could experience and challenge all kinds of things. Every day was a challenge, but every day was fun. I was thankful and glad to be healthy while filming.


The images in Pyeongyang are natural. I took care to show my character as a normal mother and wife. I kept my makeup at a bare minimum and barely did my hair. I’d go into the makeup trailer and ten minutes later, I was all done with makeup. I tried to hard to keep up a natural appearance. But there’s an episode with dramatic changes. In that episode, it’s a 180 degree shift from the original Soyoon. In order to reveal something of the agent’s charm, we brainstormed with the makeup and costuming teams. Since So Yoon didn’t realize she was programmed, I’m sure she was very confused. What Soyoon wanted most was to protect her family. She had a strong maternal instinct. What drove her was that desire to keep her family. So she didn’t give up easily. She had tenacity. I didn’t think those aspects were very much like me. For a female character, I thought she really had a lot of action. She’s seen as tender and somewhat soft, but in fact she’s a strong character with tremendous power, and shows a lot of unexpected charms. I think that’s why Soyoon was so attractive.


As today is my first Treadstone interview, I went back and watched the drama again. There are really a lot of locations! Just like in the original Jason Bourne, there are agents waking up all over the world. I wake up in Pyeongyang. Another person wakes up in Alaska, someone else wakes up in America. It’s full of stories of a lot of different people. There’s the feeling that a lot is going on in the episodes. If you’re a fan of the Jason Bourne series, you’ll find a lot of action and a lot of different locations. I really hope you enjoy it. For me too, it was a big new challenge. A new face of Han Hyo Joo. I want to remain as a strong character.



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Ummm if anyone else would like to translate an interview, etc., please feel free to jump in. I'm not doing this because I'm good at it, I'm doing it because I want to know what she said and I can't find it anywhere else. Here is an imperfect-but-best-try translation of her Vogue Korea interview. If I see the First Look one anywhere, I'll do that one, too (or if I see someone else's, I'll try to link to it). The original Vogue article can be found here: http://www.vogue.co.kr/2021/06/07/화보로-드러난-한효주의-기본/




Han Hyo Joo Basics, Revealed in a Pictorial

After Treadstone, Han Hyo Joo has laid the foundation for life as well as for action.


Han Hyo Joo’s ever more dazzling and clear bright skin. This is why her impression is increasingly fresh, even after her 17th year of debut.


If you’re a fan of the Jason Bourne series, you’ll have high expectations for Han Hyo Joo’s coming work. At 10 episodes in length, the Bourne spinoff series “Treadstone” aired on USA Network starting in September 2019.  Treadstone is a secret organization under the CIA that develops special agents, and is also where Jason Bourne originated. Han Hyo Joo, who first watched “Bourne Identity” in the theater as a high school student, was overwhelmed by the fact that she appeared in the Bourne series spinoff in her 17th year as an actress. The role she undertook as a North Korean pianist in Treadstone is that of Soyun, who faces conflicts and choices. In the first episode, we see her teaching piano to a child with hair half up and a sky-blue blouse; an innocent image of Han Hyo Joo that we are familiar with. But it’s only for a moment. The action unfolds as she is sent a special melody from Treadstone that has the ability to waken its listeners. And then it’s bare-handed action that crashes straight into the Bourne series. Stunt actor Buster Reeves, who played in “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007) and “Jason Bourne” (2016) was the stunt coordinator for “Treadstone.” He played the scene of Batman spreading his wings and jumping in the film “The Dark Knight,” Han Hyo Joo explained. The word Buster often used to describe trainee Han Hyo Joo was “enthusiasm.” As such, Han Hyo Joo spent close to a year training with all her heart and soul. (See more under cut.)



I met Han Hyo Joo ahead of the domestic (Korean) broadcast of “Treadstone.” It occurs to me that I first met her at a CF filming set six years ago. Wearing a pink lace dress and an ivory trench coat, her white skin stood out even from far away. Today she showed up in jeans, a black crop top, and her hair swept off her forehead in a ponytail. Her white skin was slightly tanned from the outdoor filming of “Treadstone” and the movie “Pirates.” Thanks to constant exercise, she was energized from top to toe.


Throughout the series, the production team praised Han Hyo Joo’s abilities. Her credit gradually grew. “It’s not because I did well, but rather because they didn’t have high expectations, you know? I was grateful they evaluated me as a talented actor even if I was only a little bit good. Thanks to that, as the shooting went on, my confidence and self esteem grew.”


There were a lot of action shots, and they described the preparation process as “training.” You worked hard on martial arts and strength training for a year.

It was hard at first, but I got used to it. Now if I don’t exercise, my body feels stiff and heavy. I’ve gotten to know the refreshing taste you get after exercising.


You trained for 7-8 hours every day, right?

I was in an environment where there was nothing to do but exercise. I had to do my best at the task I was given. Thankfully it not only helped me in my role but also to bring energy to my life.


I’m curious about the daily training schedule.

In the morning I learned stunt skills like kicking, using a knife, general shooting, etc, and in the afternoon I worked out in the gym with other actors. In other times I practiced piano (I had the role of a pianist) as well as language.


“Treadstone” takes the worldview of the Bourne series, so there is a lot of action such as hand to hand fighting and chase scenes. Were there any injuries?

Thankfully there were no broken bones. At first I got a lot of bruises because I didn’t have the hang of it, but gradually that decreased. Once while practicing rolling, I just did it because I thought I knew how. But I actually ended up going to the emergency room because I injured my ribs after putting too much strength into it. But I was okay.


It must have been hard, but it sounds like it got to be enjoyable the better you got at action.

Obviously it’s being true to your body. Your body changes depending on how much you practice and exercise. I didn’t know it would be so appealing until I tried it. Even now, I work out twice a week.


You have abs and back muscles. You’re still keeping it up after Treadstone.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag, which was filmed after Treadstone, also has a lot of action. Three times a week, I trained in swordmanship, wire work, and stunt training. I think being an actor is a process of continuously learning. Maybe I should have done more action roles while in my fit 20s. <laughs>


“The Pirates: Goblin Flag” was written by Cheon Seong Il, who also wrote the drama “Chuno” and the movie “The Pirates: Bandits,” and it was directed by Kim Jeong Hoon, who directed “Detective: The Beginning.” It was unexpected that you chose a summer blockbuster.

First of all, I wanted a movie I could enjoy and that would be interesting to watch. These days everyone is having a hard time. I too was looking for something refreshing and interesting. That’s when the scenario of “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” came up. I thought it would be fun to work with actors I have worked with before. Because I was happy every day while shooting, I cried when it ended.


What was the reason for such a congenial atmosphere?

It was thanks to my colleagues of course. When good people get together, a good atmosphere ensues. The Namyangju set must have been better because it was full of nature. It was green in summer, colorful leaves fell in autumn, and snow piled up in winter. It was like a picnic, going to the shoot. Honestly, it’s greedy to expect every work to be good. That’s why it was like fate this time. With “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” following “Treadstone,” I gained a lot of strength. “Treadstone” mostly filmed in Budapest. Maybe it was a little scary because of the change in atmosphere, but it was good to find simple happiness outside of work. Before that, I didn’t know how to spend my time when I wasn’t filming. I started working when I was young, so I haven’t had a lot of hobbies. (T.N.: Says the girl who draws, does photography, speaks different languages, travels, loves nature, reads poetry, etc. Um…lol.)


Han Hyo Joo made her debut in 2005 with “Nonstop 5” and has continued for 16 years with hardly a break. The “Bohemian Deer Girl” from “Nonstop 5” can still be easily found on the internet. The drama that gave her the image of “first love girl” came from Spring Waltz (2006). It was the last in director Yeon Seok Ho’s seasonal series, including “Autumn in My Heart,” “Winter Sonata,” and “Scent of Summer.” The dramas my mother knows that brought Han Hyo Joo to the status of national actor are “Brilliant Legacy” (2009) and “Dong Yi” (2010). In particular she won Daesang (Grand Prize) at the MBC acting awards for her role in the 60-episode historical series “Dong Yi.” She’s an actress who looks good in hanbok (traditional Korean dress), and played the role of a character in the midst of misfortune in the film “Masquerade,” (2012) with 1.3 million admissions. Her first commercial film was “Always” in 2011. She played Jeongwha, who was blind, and shared her love with boxer Cheolmin (Seo Ji Sub). “Cesibong” (2015), “Beauty Inside” (2015), and “Love, Lies” (2015) are melodramatic films that show Han Hyo Joo's innocence. She boldly participated in new attempts such as “Inrang” (2018), following “Golden Slumber” (2017). My favorite characters are the outspoken Misu in Love 911 (2012) and the rookie in “Cold Eyes” (2013), nicknamed Flower Piglet. And also “Treadstone” action hero Soyun. (Hyo Joo corrected that to “action hero wannabe.”) Over the past year, Han Hyo Joo has not been very visible in the media, but during this time she continued to film “Treadstone” and “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” as well as the Japanese film “The Sun Does Not Move,” directed by Aichiro Hasumi in the "Assassess Class" series, and will soon participate in the drama “Happiness.” In this apocalyptic drama that deals with a contagion that spreads through apartment complexes, she plays the role of a police officer.


Come to think of it, you’ve been working nonstop for 16 years.

I couldn’t satisfy my daily life because of my greed for work. I thought this was the most interesting thing to do so that I could live well, you know? As I’ve taken on the role of expressing other people’s lives, I don’t think I’ve been able to look after my own life. I feel like I’m going to cry the more I talk about it. It’s not just me, but I think other people are similar. If you try to work too hard, you may suddenly experience burnout syndrome. Who am I, what do I like, what am I living for? I’m sure a lot of people are worried about this, I felt it in my late 20s and early 30s.


If you look at interviews from those days, it seems like puberty came late.

There were signs, but I pretended not to know, and got hit hard. I shouldn’t neglect myself anymore. I met “Treadstone” when I was hurting. It wasn’t just a different environment; I had a lot of worries over what to fill my daily life with. That’s when I thought, “It’s okay if it’s nothing special. I’ll just do whatever I like.” I didn’t do anything while I was on break.


Until now, you’ve been running towards your goals, but now you’re taking a directionless approach.

I’m trying to find balance between work and filling my everyday life.


It was helpful to film while staying in Budapest, a city where no one knows me. Nobody recognized me, and I just did my work like an ordinary person. I think everything has a reason, regardless of the success of the work.


During her stay in Budapest, Han Hyo Joo often went to the park. She would lie down on the grass and take a nap or chat with a friend over video call. In the evenings after filming she would stroll along the Danube River, stopping here or there at a pub for a drink of beer. She would drain off all the effects of the beer as she watched the current on the Danube. Once she attended the Sziget Music Festival on an artificial island in Budapest. Different kinds of music, including African and club, flowed from all the different booths, all blended together with people dancing or lying down and camping. It was a beautiful time, before the pandemic. As you know, Han Hyo Joo enjoys music very much. Many songs of hers can be heard, starting with her OST “It was the first time” (“처음이었어요”) from “Nonstop 5.” When I said I’d heard she was writing lyrics to music, Han Hyo Joo was bashful and said, “How dare I do such a thing?”


Both when you came back from Budapest as well as now, you still try to feel small happinesses.

I especially want to make time for friends and people I like.


Not long ago you climbed Mt. Jiri with friends, right?

It’s so nice to go hiking in spring. I didn’t realize Mt. Jiri was that steep, and I climbed recklessly. The energy was really magnificent.


You wrote “Traveler, Actress” in your Instagram profile. It’s hard with the pandemic going on right now, but have you ever just taken off on your own with a backpack?

I was used to being alone before. Actors are basically freelancers, so it’s hard to line up times with office workers. So we travel alone, watch movies alone, eat alone. It wasn’t uncomfortable. But these days I don’t want to be alone.


You’ve done well on your own but now you find value in support?

Whether it’s leisure or work, it would be better to be with others.


You said that your relationships have deepened, but in a lot of cases your social life goes the other way. Relationships with people take up a lot of time. 

I’m surrounded by good people. I’m very grateful.                  


You’ve done a lot of interviews with foreign media. They call up without interpretation, but it looks like you’re familiar with English.

It’s a misconception. <smiles> However, I hardly get nervous or hesitate in such challenges. Even if the words are wrong and the sentences don’t seem to connect in English, I just go for it.


I wanted to ask you about your method of learning.

I liked English when I was in school. They teach a lot of English in elementary and middle school, you know. Fortunately I enjoyed learning foreign languages at that time. I neglected it while working as an actress but through “Treadstone” I had the opportunity to start studying again.


I think if you have a goal, you won’t just give up in the middle.

Fortunately I don’t have a lot of goals. <smiles>


Do you have any new goals recently?

I really enjoyed watching the animation “Soul.” I think this is the meaning of the work: To live joyfully, even without a purpose. I have always chased productivity and wanted a sense of accomplishment. I wanted to be good at everything. In the future I hope to live happily without such feelings.


So like with the main character of “Soul,” you want to feel a sense of beauty even in something like falling leaves?

I hope I can be entirely happy both with and without goals.


You must be happier than you were before.

I’m trying to live a fun/interesting life. I hope to live a pleasant life without goals. That way it won’t hurt as I go along.



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@jongkkotYes, it's a different interview! :) She had interviews with both Vogue Korea AND Vogue Hong Kong this month. It is every day a different interview with Han Hyo Joo in June, lol. @kembie posted it above (I think maybe a different person's translation, though). She's supposed to have one with First Look, too, but I haven't seen that one yet, just pictures that they put on their IG. She seriously has SO many works in the pipeline, though...it's not surprising to have all of these popping up now. 

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Thanks for the translations @frozentundra and @kembie! Really appreciate reading her insights~~


She's doing soooo much promo for Treadstone right now. It's crazy. I feel like it's more promo than she's done for any of her other Korean dramas lol 


I read that Moving is expected to start shooting soon and that it might actually coincide with Happiness' filming schedule. Tho I low-key hope Moving doesn't come out until late 2022 so she can be a contender during award seasons for both Happiness and Moving lol. So in the event that she gets nominated and if the dramas are eligible for different years, then it won't hurt her chances. And last I checked, Pirates 2 is expected to be released in the winter... so she's gonna be super busy. Hope she's taking care of herself and staying happy and healthy!

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Hyo Joo shared some stories today (9 June 2021) and updates on her Instagram :doggie:

and one of her pics

from her Instagram

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