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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

I'm so glad I run into this forum.  I'm relatively a new fan of HJ (frankly, I have never had a favorite actress or celebrity I desire to follow before).  Yet, I find her a very charming person after watching her past variety shows and interviews, and of course "W" too.  I'm also happy to see some fellows from another forum here as well. Thanks for all the updates and posts here, as I can learn more about HJ.  Cheers!

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2 minutes ago, frozentundra said:

Earlier one of the staff said it was expected to come out this summer. Good work to all! I hope they can go home and get warm now. :) Looking forward to it!

Ohh, this summer .. that's sooner than I thought.    Glad to hear all are safe and sound, away from covid and the harsh winter cold.   Good job to all casts, directors and production crew. and thank you.   So looking forward to Hyo Joo -ssi.  

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And article in the print magazine Cine 21 has the following excerpt about HJ:



바다에서 살아온 여성 해적단주와 뭍에서 온 남성 도적단주가 바다에서 만나 힘을 합친다는 전작의 설정은 그대로다. 주인공 해랑(한효주)은 ‘바다의 물결’이란 이름에서 알 수 있듯이, 바다에서 나고 자란 인물이다. 중검과 단검을 귀신같이 휘두르는 해랑은, 전작에서 길고 잘 휘어지는 연검을 썼던 여월(손예진)과는 또 다른 매력을 보여줄 예정이다. “한효주 외에 다른 배우가 떠오르지 않았다”는 김정훈 감독은 해랑을 ‘기품 있는 여성 리더’로 그렸으며, ‘경쾌하고 빠른 모습을 보여주기 위해’ 중검과 단검을 해랑의 주무기로 택했다.
한효주를 비롯한 모든 배우들이 4개월간 혹독한 액션스쿨 훈련을 소화했으며, 해적이 밧줄을 타고 배를 오가는 장면을 위해 와이어 액션까지 모두 소화했다고 전해진다. (씨네21 기사 中)


Rough translation:


"The setting of the previous work, in which the female sea pirates join forces with the male land bandits, is the same. The main character Haerang (Han Hyo Joo) was born and raised at sea, as her name (“Waves of the Sea”) suggests. Haerang, swinging a sword and a dagger like a ghost, will show a different charm from Yeowol (Son Ye Jin), who used a long, curved sword in the first film. “No other actress but Han Hyo Joo came to mind,” said director Kim Jung Hoon, who described her as “an elegant female leader” who chose swords and daggers as Haerang’s main weapons to show a quick and lighthearted appearance. All actors including Han Hyo Joo spent four months in intense action training, and even did the stunts for the wire action scene when pirates swing to and from a ship."


Anyone else getting excited about this? The article says it will come out in the first half of the year; earlier, one of the people working on the film said "summer." So...if all goes well (knock on wood, kill off covid), that may be June-ish? At any rate, I think it will be good. It's been nice to follow the filming process a bit and see a lot of creative team effort; I got the impression that everyone had a fun time on set and worked hard and cheered each other on. That kind of vibe usually spells something good for the final product. Really looking forward to HJ being back on screen in Korea again. She should have both this and the Japanese film coming out this year, and then be able to get to work on Moving. :)

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Actress Han Hyojoo Reportedly to Have Sold Her Building After Making a Profit of Approximately USD 2.1 Million


According to reports on January 19th, the actress has recently sold her building in Hannam area at KRW 8 billion (approximately USD 7.25 million). Han Hyojoo purchased the building back in 2017 at KRW 5.55 billion (approximately USD 5.1 million). In only 4 years, Han Hyojoo made a profit of approximately USD 2.1 million.



The building is not the only building Han Hyojoo has. The actress also purchased one building in Eunpyeong-gu in Seoul.


Meanwhile, the actress will be back through the movie 'The Pirates 2,' which is scheduled to premiere sometime this year.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo


ⓒ KStarLive




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Like her personality, just being herself without caring too much about her appearance when she was playing the game in the variety show.  If I remember correctly, the GIF is a shot from her second visit in the show Running Man back then.  It was fun to watch.

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An alternate translation (mine) of HJ's poem that she posted today:


Being alive right now
Gazing at this year’s first snowman
And yet facing the shoots of spring
Being hurt by you
And then forgiving you like that
Being enveloped by a sudden
Feeling of loneliness
Something to laugh about, no matter how painful it is
Being alive right now
My breath coming into my body, going out
Being aware
Having the courage to love even if receiving hate
Reaching out and holding hands
Passionately embracing
Giving a hug
By Han Hyo Joo



산다는 것
지금 살아 있다는 것
올해의 첫 눈사람을 바라보는 것
그럼에도 봄의 새싹을 마주하는 것
너로 인해 상처 입는 것
그런 너를 용서하는 것
문득 비집고 들어오는
외로움을 느끼는 것
아무리 괴로워도 웃을 일은 있다는 것
지금 사라 있다는 것
숨이 내 몸안으로 들어왔다 나가는 것을 
알아자리는 것
미움받을 용기를 가지고 사랑하는 것
손을 내밀고 손을 잡는 것
안아 주는 것
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