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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov


edited kembie

첫눈 오던 날
The day the first snow came

함께 모여 옷을 수있는 날이 어서 오기를기도 해요
I pray that the day will come when we can get together and laugh

Cheer up


Top pic in grid is from hanhyojoo222 IG Story on 22 Dec 2020

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I really hope for that day as well. 


I wonder if the new stringent rules on gatherings (no more than 5 people in a group) applies to filming as well? Or maybe the studio is outside the area where it applies. I bet they are just trying to work as hard as they can for as long as they can to get it done. They still have more to do, though, one of the camera people said they expected to go into 2021 with principle filming. Covid makes life kind of hard for people in this line of work. Always praying for everyone's health and safety, that they can get the work done and that the world will be in a better state by the time the film releases.

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This is lovely. 




Tanikawa Shuntarō, “Living”

Narration by Han Hyo Joo

From Poetry of the Mind, translated (from Japanese into Korean) by Ryu Shi Hwa





Living right now

It’s being thirsty

It’s dazzling sunlight shining through leaves

It’s the sudden remembrance of a melody

It’s sneezing

It’s holding your hand



Right now, living

It’s a miniskirt

It’s watching the movement of the stars illuminated at the planetarium

It’s Johann Strauss

It’s Picasso

It’s the Alps

It’s meeting all beautiful things


Carefully rejecting all hidden evil



Right now, living

It’s the ability to cry

The ability to laugh

The ability to be angry

It’s being free



Right now, living

It’s some faraway dog barking, right now

It’s the earth spinning, right now

It’s the growing cry of a newborn baby somewhere out there, right now

It’s a soldier getting hurt somewhere, right now

It’s a swing swaying, right now

It’s this moment passing, right now



Right now, living

It’s the flapping of bird wings

The squall of the ocean

The crawl of a snail

The love of a person

The warmth of your hand

It’s life

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Thank you @frozentundra for sharing the English version , narration by Hyo Joo.  

Below is the you-tube link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOn1CraZPNI&feature=youtu.be  shared by twitter owner - https://twitter.com/tokki_222/status/1342331676945309696

25 Dec 2020 Han Hyo Joo recited Korean version of the poem [To Be Alive] by the Japanese poet, Shunta Tanikawa.  She also created her own piece with the same theme - captioned with






82nd round of filming of The Pirates2  - as captioned, they were filming on Christmas Day.

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Here is Hyo Joo's poem: 



Being alive right now

Gazing at this year’s first snowman

And yet facing the shoots of spring

Being hurt by you

And then forgiving you like that

Being enveloped by a sudden

Feeling of comfort

Something to laugh about, no matter how elegant one is


Being alive right now

My breath coming into my body, going out

Knowing for myself

Having the courage to love even if receiving hate

Reaching out and holding hands

Passionately embracing

Giving a hug


By Han Hyo Joo




지금 살아 있다는

올해의 눈사람을 바라보는

그럼에도 봄의 새싹을 마주하는

너로 인해 상처 입는

그런 너를 용서하는

문득 비집고 들어오는

위로움을 느끼는

아무리 귀로워도 웃을 일은 있다는


지금 사라 있다는

숨이 몸안으로 들어왔다 나가는


미움받을 용기를 가지고 사랑하는

손을 내밀고 손을 잡는


안아 주는



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Happy New Year, everyone!


From BH (Hyo Joo is in the middle):






2021, the year of the ox, is a bright new year. (Yo!)

This year we will get our lost lives back

May this be a year when everyone can laugh

This is my sincere prayer

Be healthy, everyone! (H)yo!



2021 신축년이 밝았어YO!

해는 잃어버린 일상을 되찾고

모두가 다함께 웃을 있는 해가 되기를

진심으로 기도합니다

여러분 건강하세효!

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The camera people say that they're getting close to the end. It must be so cold on set! I keep seeing pictures of the film editors with those huge fluffy coats as they sit at their computers. 

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