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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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It's the 10th anniversary of the Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival, and it looks like they asked Hyo Joo to give a video message. Below is a rough translation of her comments:


Please tell us why you accepted the offer to be a promotional ambassador.


HHJ: Hello, nice to meet you. I am actress Han Hyo Joo. It’s been eight years since I was part of the Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival. At that time I was playing a blind character in the movie Always. (Only You) It was natural for someone acting the role of Jung Hwa (the character) to end up at a place like the Seoul Barrier Free Festival. I became very interested. Even those who have visual and hearing disabilities, a film festival whose purpose is allow them to fully enjoy movies. To me it was a chance to come together with so much in my heart.


You were in charge of explaining the barrier-free version of My Hundred Pages and Heavenly Whispers. Please share your thoughts on what was interesting while recording, or the screen commentary process.


HHJ: First of all, when it comes to barrier free movies, I think there are still many people who are unfamiliar with them. In a way, you can think of this as a screen commentary. To describe the screen in detail by popping the screen inside the screen. When there’s a scene that says, “Wash your hands” in Yereung Deungmyeon, wash your hands in water, wash them with soap, it explains the scene in very detailed words. Compared to filming, it takes a lot longer to do. And I think it was really hard work. But doing it this way, if really a lot of people can enjoy movies, I thought it would be be really, really good to work hard.


What are your recommendations for making a barrier-free movie?


HHJ: I would like to recommend “Little Women.” From long ago, as novels, movies, musicals, it is a work that has been loved by many people. There is a film that the new female director Greta Gerwig has dealt with vividly and realistically with a new look. That’s why it won the costume award at this year’s Academy Awards. It was also very beautiful visually. Personally, the actors’ lines are truly outstanding, enough to stick with you! I saw it many times because there were so many good lines. So I want to enjoy this movie with many people and would like to recommend it.


Please tell us what you would like to convey to the audience of the Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival and give a word of support.


HHJ:   These days, everyone is struggling in these hard times. It may be a bit burdensome to go to the theater. Everyone is safe…Still, I hope we can enjoy many good movies together. I’m also in the midst of filming Pirates: the Goblin Flag. I’m working hard to shoot while following the safety rules really thoroughly. If you wait for a bit, you will be able to find a good movie. I’ll try my best. Everyone, please take care of your health in these difficult times. I hope we can overcome the tough times together. Please be healthy, everyone! Thank you!


Please say Happy 10th Anniversary in sign language.


HHJ: (Says it in Korean Sign Language)

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Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

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Source : WKorea
















Loads of support and love by way of coffee / food trucks to the casts and production crew at the filming site of Pirates 2, as shared above, thanks to the owners (one in spoiler)

And like how Hyo Joo-ssi said -  Take care everyone, It’s getting cold

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Spoiler -  2 food trucks came on the set filming. Actor #KimSungOh bought them a support food truck. and (sehununion x oshbar) also sent a food truck to #SEHUN & 'pirates 2' team. Looks like they also prepared a special gift for #kwonsangwoo, #hanhyojoo, #kanghaneul in a yellow box.


Actress Han Hyo Joo Instagram update with the support from #SEHUN UNION x OSHBAR~!
"Sehun-ah, thank you! To all Sehun-ssi's fans, thank you!"
The way Han Hyojoo wrote the thanks to Sehun informally "세훈아 고마워!" but wrote the thanks to the fans formally ㅠㅠ

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There was an article in the news the other day about BH and Kakao doing a second round of the Healing Sounds project (actors recording literature clips with ASMR to give people something soothing to listen to when stressed out by covid.) What they mentioned in the article is that the idea for this entire project came from Hyo Joo herself. Aw. 


Here is the article about round 2 (this time with prose instead of poetry): https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=003&aid=0010208830


You can listen to round 2 here: https://together.kakao.com/promotions/1315


You can listen to round 1 (with HJ) here: https://together.kakao.com/promotions/1260

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Stuntman mrjames.harris also reminiscing about working on Treadstone (original from his IG but IG still won't embed here):



Looking forward to whatever new stunts Hyo Joo has coming up in Pirates! And hoping they stay safe, healthy, and warm to the end.

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