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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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7 minutes ago, adamag said:

Am so happy but also a bit sad because she just became much more farther away from us.


Yeah, I know what you mean. US productions feel distant and mysterious. Meanwhile, you always get news about kdrama filming as it's going on. Or even movie filming, you get a small bit of info every now and again. I don't think US shows have things like presscons and stuff, either? There's just a bit more distance between the audience and the people creating the show. But I understand that the series is supposed to air in 2019, so I think we will still get to see her in some form or another this year.


I hope that she at least continues to post on IG when she can. 

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

BH has confirmed it!! Its official! I also love that she got the role through an audition before people start speaking nonsense.


she might trend for a while on naver unless a bigger news comes out

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3 hours ago, adeleyam said:

Han is SoYun, a wife and mother who must make difficult choices that compromise her quiet family life in North Korea after she starts to learn about her own secret past.


hell yes. ha yoonjoo 2.0 here we go. congrats.

eta: i'm sure there'll be translated k-netz reactions cause that is newsworthy.


"I also love that she got the role through an audition" -  GREAT. I hope Hyo does well. 

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Han Hyo Joo Cast In “Treadstone,” An American TV Spin-Off Of “Bourne” Films

Jan 14, 2019
by R. Jun

Actress Han Hyo Joo has been cast in USA’s “Treadstone,” a television spin-off of the “Bourne” film series starring Matt Damon.


Operation Treadstone is a black ops program introduced in the “Bourne” series that creates deadly agents through behavior modification, the same program that created Jason Bourne. The new series “Treadstone,” from “Heroes” writer Tim Kring, follows the organization in its beginnings and its various operations with agents around the world.


Han Hyo Joo will play the role of So Yun, a character from North Korea who, as she begins to uncover secrets from her past, must make difficult decisions in order to protect her family.


The actress, who was selected for the role through an auditioning process, joins actors Omar Metwally (“The Affair”), Tracy Ifeachor (“Quantico”), Gabrielle Scharnitzky (“The Game”), Emilia Schüle (“Berlin Station”), and more in “Treadstone.”

Source (1)



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If there are translated netizen comments...



I wonder if she has any of her entourage buddies with her in Budapest? It's very far away from S. Korea... Well, I'm sure she has a translator with her though.


I saw a clip of Jeremy Irvine rehearsing some stuntwork for Treadstone. Really hope Hyo Joo will share a bit of the filming process with us.

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Lol I was just about to share the same ig post haha. I really hope she spoils us a little. With her so far away, it’s almost impossible that we will get fan taken filming pics. Am guessing she’ll be doing action too so it would be cool to see some videos. That Jeremy guy seems more active on social media than the rest of the team. Am watching him lol


I wonder who’s playing her husband and child. They should be asian actors too right?

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I’m sure they’re filming in closed sets/studio sets too but maybe someone will recognize her on one of her days off lol. Yeah Jeremy seems really active on IG. Gotta keep a look out for his daily stories. 


With her character being North Korean, presumably her family has to be Asian as well. Hope they’re not in it too much though lol. 

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January 15, 2019


Actress Han Hyo-joo to make US debut in TV series



Actress Han Hyo-joo will appear on "Treadstone." Korea Times file


By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times


Korean actress Han Hyo-joo is focusing on the U.S. market, appearing in "Treadstone," the television offshoot of the megahit "Bourne" film series. 


"Operation Treadstone" is about the CIA's black ops program that fosters "human weapon" agents. It was introduced in the "Bourne" series, which star Matt Damon. 


Han plays So-yun, a North Korean woman who has to make a demanding choice to protect her family after learning of her secret past. Han reportedly auditioned for the role. 


She is staying in Budapest, Hungary, for the shooting, according to an industry source. 


Hollywood stars including Omar Metwally, Tracy Ifeachor and Gabrielle Scharnitzky will feature in the TV series. 


Tim Kring, who wrote the acclaimed "Heroes" series, is penning the drama. Ramin Bahrani is in charge of directing. 


The series release date has not yet been fixed. 


Han, who debuted in Korea in 2003, is known for dramas including "Brilliant Legacy," "Dong Yi" and "W." Thanks to "W," she won the Top Excellence Award for a Mini-Series at the MBC Drama Awards in 2016. 



January 16, 2019


Han Hyo-joo cast in ‘Treadstone’


By Yeo Ye-rim INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Actor Han Hyo-joo has been cast in the U.S. action series “Treadstone,” a spin-off of the “Bourne” film series starring Matt Damon.


According to her agency BH Entertainment Tuesday, Han got the role through an audition. 


“Treadstone” features the story of Operation Treadstone, a covert operation team in the CIA - the same one that appears in the “Bourne” series - which trains assassins. Han will play the role of So-yun, a wife and a mother who faces a hard dilemma after figuring out the truth about her past. She will be appearing in the show along actors Jeremy Irvine from the movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” (2018) and Brain J. Smith from the Netflix series “Sense8.”


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She does speak English. I am not saying she is running around translating Shakespeare or anything, but I'm betting that she can hold her own without needing a translator always at hand. 


I find her role to be a warm one. The reports about it make it sound like she has internal conflict about her secret past and her now-life with her family. The few times she's played a mom role, she's brought a certain warmth and mama bear-ness to the role (ok, so I'm thinking mostly Dong Yi). I bet she will do a fantastic job of handling those two very different purposes for her character, and the clash between them. I wonder also who will get cast as her family. I guess yes, they could shoot a lot of scenes in an internal set, but I wonder if they'll shoot anything for it in South Korea. Ah, I have so many questions! But mostly I'm just smiling  and smiling and super proud of her.

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I heard the filming for this will take long. What are the chances that we will even see hyojoo on screen in 2019? No way she will do another project this year if the filming is 7 months or so. She’s not that kind of fast worker lol. Am so happy but also as worried that we will have another inrang situtation where we dont get to see her while filming for 7 months and  then the end product is underwhelming. 


At this point she needs to put in her best performance but we also need the show to suceed. I’ve stopped watching most american shows because everything is so repetitive and now a bit boring. This one sounds cool but am already biased because of hyojoo.  While good acting should be enough, sadly the acting industry does not only rely on that. Your hit-count matters. Many actors have said this is in their interviews especially if you are a woman because u sadly need twice as much to prove your worth. We cant get 3 flops back to back. We just cant.


Am a bit scared haha. If things dont work out well. Koreans will not be nice. I know its so early to be talking about this since we just got the good news but *sigh* i couldnt get it out of my mind.


it would be nice if her own part didnt take too long and she’ll have time to rest and do a good kdrama. So that all her eggs are not in one basket


But I believe things happen for a reason and am here to cheer for her

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Eh, I'm not worried about the show. It's on USA Network, which has been the most watched ad-supported cable entertainment network (non-news/non-sports) for 13 years in a row. Deadline states this is their second year as tops in the genre among 18- to 49-year-olds and that the network ends the year with an average of 1.48 million viewers, and 585,000 in the demo.


Filming for American shows is way longer than Korean dramas. Hopefully it's a short season with only about 10 episodes.


My concern is if it'll actually be a quality show lol. Its creator is the same as Heroes, which was meehhhhhh lol. Most Bourne fans are hoping that the show will stick to the books when it comes to the the world-building. We shall see... I hope this will get her more opportunities in America. 


I hope it does well critically so I can see her with Sandra Oh at award shows T_T 

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This could be a hit or a miss, just like her past projects that were adaptations. But, I think this the best opportunity that she's had since, idk, Beauty Inside? Lol. This might very well get her out of the slump that she's been in for so long now. Anyway, quality or not, I hope she'd be able to turn in the performance of her life, at least. When she's good, they will praise her, too. It'd be so cool to see her attending award shows and meet actresses she's talked about like Natalie Portman, Amy Adams lol. 

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@ohnoitscindy oh i didnt know that about USA network. That’s really helpful to know. Its really eased my stress haha.


I also hope that she can meet other actresses especially Sandra Oh. That would be very nice:)... I heard filming like take 9 - 10 months. Phew!

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Yeah, USA Network shows usually do pretty well (Mr. Robot, Suits, Monk, White Collar to name a few). I'd much rather watch American shows than Korean dramas so I'm very happy haha. 


Looks like we'll find more about Treadstone in 9 months according to Hyo Joo's co-star


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