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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2


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Just watch the entire movie and I think Inrang deserves better rating. Other than the editing feels quite messy, overall I enjoyed the movie. Hyojoo really did a great job as LYH. She shows mixed emotions - which makes me feel for her character. I absolutely like the scene which she lay on the bed as thoughts running through her mind. She is so good at expressing a sense of despair in such a sexy way.

I am actually perplexed why the Korean viewers give it a low rating.  Perhaps they didnt like the slow pace and gloomy plot. 


Spoilers alert!



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The animation and HJ's narration are a beautifully sad combination. 


I have kind of a busy next few days, but I plan to see it soon. Going from the hundreds of reviews/viewer responses I've scrolled through, though, I think it is partly due to preconceived prejudice against the main three actors. Once you get a few agitators loudly repeating the same things, they start to influence otherwise neutral people around them. These people freely admit they have not investigated the facts for themselves (ie they have not seen the movie), but they nevertheless jump on the bandwagon to give the movie 0-1 star ratings. It is typical mob action behavior that sadly occurs far too often online.


For more legitimate, artistic reasons for dislike, one comment I have seen come up more than once is that right, it's maybe it hasn't settled firmly the kind of film it is. Yes, there is a lot of gunfire and action, but at the same time, there's still an art film feel that lingers with it. Like it doesn't know still if it is commercial or art. Which makes it feel slow to those expecting something different. (To me, from the clips I have seen, it looks like a really well done film, though. So I hope it finds its niche. Sad that it was released online after such a short time in the theaters, but perhaps it will reach more people in the end this way.)

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Yes, there was a very high number of poor ratings on the various sites (Naver, Daum, etc.) from people who freely admitted they HAD NOT SEEN THE MOVIE. 


How frustrating and heartbreaking that must be for all who worked on this. You can do all within your power to make a good film, and still have this happen. I cannot understand the thrill of ganging up on someone to destroy them online. Would you do that to a human standing in front of you? Then you shouldn't be doing it via the internet, either. 


(By the way, have any of you here been able to watch it via Naver or some other site that allows your rental fee to go to the creators of the  film? Signing up to rent movies from Naver is...wow, very complicated from outside Korea. They want a scan of your passport/ID, and after that, they only take Naver Pay. Which I don't have, since I don't live in Korea. And my language skills are not THAT advanced to play around with international banking connections... Why can't they just take a regular credit card and call it done?? I want to support the film.)

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7 hours ago, adeleyam said:

she should really be a travel blogger, spoiling us with all the nice photos :wub:


That first picture of the canal above is a startling well composed photo. She really could write a travel blog. :) Plus it's always fun to see places through someone else's eyes, like a Korean going to Italy or someone from Japan going to the UK. (If you are not Korean or Japanese, I mean.) It adds this extra element of interest. 


Anyway, the girl has quite a few artistic talents, apart from acting. :)

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Hello there! Just want to share what I've seen today about Inrang/Illang. I don't know if I have a biased view on KDW and HHJ characterization of their roles but I can' t accept his criticms on their acting as very bland or wooden. Maybe the message or the convoluted plot re Red Riding Hood story and its significance to the Wolf Brigade/Illang can't really be understood/appreciated by Westerners when South Korean themselves didn't appreciate KJW's auteur.







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Hi. I'm waiting to watch Illang on Netflix. It'll be available on the 19th. Anybody else who's seen it (with the english subs)? Will probably post my thoughts after watching.


What is new on Hyo? I wish her the best in her future projects~

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I don't think it's come out with English subs yet, unless maybe someone went to BIFF or San Sebastian and saw it at one of the film festivals. Waiting also to see it on Netflix. 


As for news on HJ, I haven't heard even a whisper on any future projects, not in English or Korean (and I've been looking). She spent quite a while in Europe, including with her friend JSY who is having a baby soon. She didn't go to BIFF (at least, not officially or in any way where she would have been mentioned). I would love to hear good news from her, especially with a project that brings her usual happy smile.

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