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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

Guest kaz11

Noh Heekyung is a dream tbh... I don't think Love Lies' failure at the box office hurt her career, it wasn't a high-budget film and a melodrama is not expected to be a big hit, anyway, but I was glad she turned in a good performance and she got to work with Woohee, too. But Inrang... Hyo's lucky though that she's had good opportunities. I just hope she ups her game. There are talented actresses in Chungmuro that are not given the same opportunities, or are busy doing non-mainstream films.

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Well I saw her worked hard and did her best to up her game in Inrang.But whoever stars in that movie, even the best actress in Korea, if its done badly, it will still fail. I’m sure if there is one person who really wanted to improve and show a different area of herself, that’s her. She has been trying to accept also trying to accept different genre to show good performance so I dont think she is slacking in that area. 

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I’ve always considered hyo to be a melo hit guarantee. I dont think that has changed much since inrang wasnt advertised as a melo anyway. 


Noh heekyung is indeed a dream. Also noh heekyung’s baby is jo in sung...if hyo somehow luckily got a script from her, the chances of her teaming up with jo in sung is high if the drama is heavily focused on romance. Altho idc who hyo’s next co star would be that much, it would be nice to her n jis reunite.


i wonder if hyo can do a crime drama.........i still dont know if it fits her..





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The end.


Altho it was a very underwhelming ride, we hope for nothing but the best for hyo and her inrang casts. Also glad she was able to reunite with her hyung and in addition, get a food buddy who’s hopefully ready to eat with her whenever and whereever their schedules clash.



@adeleyam am still hoping for your review. Hehe



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Its official, goodbye Inrang!


And in addition to that, I like Hyo and Kim Jee Won’s interaction. I think she grew close to him. I dont have a bad blood with Minho so I also like that he has been attentive to her during promos, making things less awkward.




Until Hyo’s next project! :) 



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Hey guys~ Sorry for the late response but I was still shaking from seeing her in person and getting this close again.... :crazy:

I will try not to spoil the movie as much and will be as objective as possible. :)


I don’t really understand why the movie isn’t a hit. I mean the action and cinematography is good. Koreans just can’t take new things. As far as i’m concerned, LYH is a very conflicted character and it’s indeed a difficult one to portray. Hyo never disappoints and did her best. Her action is just that tiny weeny bit of gun action but I like that she acted through her eyes and her tone. :wub:

LYH started off with a motive of getting close to IJK. It’s all work then personal when she started to like him. For me I just didn’t really understand why they had to put in that scene when it’s only the first time you see someone. The movie tries to be as close as the animation. You watch each scene and you go “That’s familiar”... I think the ending is what made the viewers thought it’s a melo instead of action but i thought it was apt considering the situation. Loved the last scene thou..


Just quite sad that this movie fails to impress the locals. The casts don’t deserve this. For me, it’s not a flop and I enjoyed my 138mins of time with Hyo. :D


overall rating: 8/10


anw a sweet treat for you guys:



on a side note, I want to buy that bunny ears! It’s soooo cute! :lol:

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Thanks so much for sharing, @adeleyam! It would be completely awesome to go to a stage greeting and see her in person. I'm so glad you had that opportunity and shared with us! Thank you, truly. 


I wondered if some of the resistance was simply a resistance to new things. It sounded like the director tried to mix genres in a new way, and people didn't know what to do with it. It will be interesting to see what reaction it gets outside of Korea. (Also where people don't know and don't care what someone's relatives may or may not have thought or done once upon a time.) 


Hopefully it grows on people and becomes one that they love after the fact, once they've gotten used to new things. I wish so much that people could watch movies and just look at the characters without going overboard with their pre-existing prejudices. 



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Ahhh thank you @adeleyam one of the reasons why I was waiting for your review was to see what someone outside the korean society thought of the movie. I too am waiting to see non koreans’s reaction to the movie...Too bad its not showing on the big screen. I personally am still very interested in watching it when it finally gets here on netflix. .



What scene are you referring too when you say that scene. You can put the answer under spoilers haha.



Glad you got to meet hyo. I hope she was happy.


Thank you again. I really envy you uughhh. 


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@adeleyam Really appreciate your review! So glad to know the movie is not as terrible as what they reviewed and it stays as close as its animation.. I feel Koreans just love dramatic actions. Just maybe they expect a lot more from Director Kim (he is really affected by the outcome).  I am still feeling a little apprehensive that the movie is a flop because of the over-expectation as somehow somewhere it just doesn't suit to Koreans liking. But  I think the international fans will appreciate the movie better after watching it.


And there's something I am really curious about Hyojoo's character. LYH first appearance was in a green coat and later we see her changing to red. Is there any significant meaning? 




I think she is referring to the kissing scene... The scene feels a tinge of sadness but I can't figure out what was going through their mind when they kissed.  


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haha~ @wildaffairs is right. I’m referring to the kiss scene. looking back, it feels rushed but i think now i know why she had to do that. She had no choice cuz someone else is controlling her. I shall leave the someone else to your imagination. ^_^

anyway there weren’t much of a significance in the green and red coat. 


but i hope Dir Kim releases the DVD asap. Would like to see that another ending and his deleted scenes... 

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