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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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Hurray!  I am so happy!  Inrang in 2nd place with Mission Impossible taking the first, which was expected.


The good thing is MI was shown in more theaters than Inrang and with this in mind, it could even go to first place.


It's far too early to celebrate as it has only started showing a few days ago but the trend is very promising making the long wait so worth it.


There are posters here who have shown pessimism and all based on what others have written; or perhaps for other mundane reasons better left unsaid.  I don't believe on others" comments as liking or not liking a movie is relative.  What's good for the goose may not be good for the gander.


I remain very optimistic as the cast and crew of Inrang have worked very hard to get this movie into the big screen.  The leads Gang Dong Won, Han Hyo Joo, Jung Woo Sung and the rest have been very busy promoting it too.


Sadly I won't be able to see it soon as I don't live in Korea but if it does come in a theatre nearby,  rest assured I'll be the first in the queue. :love::thumbsup:

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

18 hours ago, solaire said:

I don't think Inrang will be a box-office hit tbh it will be a miracle if it even reaches the break even point and beyond, but I'm going to try being a little optimistic here. Regardless, of whether the film does well or not, I'm just happy hj got the opportunity to work with a big name director and hopefully people keep praising her acting.


I do wonder when she will announce her next project, hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear about work related news. It feels like forever since we've seen her on the screen (I don't count GS seeing that she barely even appeared in the film, so Inrang is her first big project since W for me).


@solaire  It has just been a few days.  The numbers are good so far.  I'm very confident that it will have good results.

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The numbers are good but the fact is you are trying to get 6 million and above with another big movie opening in a week and another the next week.it will probably get a million before awtg2 opens but if MI6 keeps getting better reviews, then the fight is btw it n awtg2 to get first n second place while inrang is left at 3rd or even worse coz incredibles 2 could still rise up if the reviews remain as bad as they were today. After that, there is a 5% chance of them even getting anywhere remarkable. 


Its too bad MI6 opens today, those numbers it got could have been inrang’s and that would have been a great start. It was culture day where there is a huge discount on movie tickets. MI6 is probably getting 1 million views in two days. It might take inrang 3 or 4. Also i think MI6 got more screens due to popular demand? Its advance sales were over 300,000 tickets and since it was likely that final results would be twice of that, they opened more screens?


But i also went looking at BI reviews and god?!!! how did that movie get 2 million amd above. Its beginning and top reviews are filled with one stars lmao. Probably trollers. Am hoping if there’s the slightest chance that the bad reviews are just mostly people trolling and by tomorrow the reviews even out. Then maybe there is hope.  But if the reviews are that way because koreans just dont like it. Then inrang is flopping.


Also i feel like inrang might not be as bad as they are saying but it could not just suit the korean taste. I know the reviews i read was that it felt like a new genre. Maybe koreans arent ready for new yet? But my biggest fear is that the reviewers are just doing some major trolling....that’s the only way i can imagine why the ratings are these way. Even for bad movies, it takes a while for them to get 5.73/10!!!!



Anyway i’ve kind of accepted it for what it is. If everything works out well or not, i hope hyo doesnt take it too harshly .


Am gonna stop talking about how negative it is now because that’s definitely not the feeling i want to spread. I just wanted to say things for what they are once and leave it at that. I hope admiss all these, we get some positive news soon.




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Guest kaz11

I’ll wait until after the weekend and then we’ll know for sure if Inrang is going to flop. I am satisfied with the opening numbers I actually expected lower. Legit film reviewers and critics said the same thing about the film’s weak storyline and characterization, lack of engaging characters and emotional impact. It doesn’t matter that a sci fi film noir might be too new or too much for the average Korean moviegoer. Is the film enjoyable to watch compared to the competition if you’re looking for action? Enough that they’d be willing to watch it again in the theatres? Honestly I’m also surprised that there isn’t enough hype abroad considering that the director is one of the three great living filmmakers of the country. It’s been two days and there’s only  one international review that I saw. 


I think it’s ok to discuss an issue for what it is, we are all here rooting for her and everybody involved. 

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The author was kind enough to put some good words for the movie.lol He also praised Hyo.






On a lighter note, I hope someone can translate the part 20:00 - 22:00. I think Director KJW and Jung Woo Sung are kind of praising Hyojoo, I am interested on what JWS said, it made Hyojoo blush.lol I assuming he mentioned about “sarang”, maybe he want to do romance movie with her? Hahaha. Hyojoo is soo cute being shy tho.Woosuuuung :) my loyalty really only goes to Hyo.lol

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Hi all. :)

HHJ fan here, 1st saw her in Beauty Inside, loved her since I saw her on Running Man she's so so funny there, really the best ever guest at "getting into it" and making RM more fun, she could be a regular and it would be so amazing to watch :D

I've been lurking here, Im not much into posting about my favorite actors on their individual threads, I prefer to follow them mostly in IG and Twitter as I get the visual version/I get "to see them" more etc. 

Anyway I'm a multishipper of HHJ with many, put a handsome man next to her and I ship it lol.


20 hours ago, madzgo said:


As for the dating rumor/scandal, I truly believed that they're dating because of the picture, from what can I glean from their characters as long-time fan of both of them and their latest intervièws. To be fair to KDW, showing the public that he cares too much would invite harsher criticsms not only for him but specially for HJ from his crazy jealous fans..


Sorry for those shipping her with JWS, I feel he's one of their supporter... I think he's a close sunbae to both of them esp to KDW because I saw a clip  not too long ago where JWS dropped by Violent Prosecutor filming. 


Sorry for the too long rant....


Actually I think the same. That they actually ARE dating. Their answers about dating rumors are also very similar to SongSong lol; but mostly I can't come up with another proper explanation for their weird akwrdness in public while I still sense that theyre more comfortable in private.


There's only ever 3 reasons to act uncomfortable with a costar in public:

a) You like each other romantically (and thus you become nervous around them and nervous about hiding your feelings for them when together in public )

b) You hate each other/or don't hate but simply don't get along

c) A private matter has made you upset that day or the two had  a fight that day but normally get along.


If it was option c) they would only be akward on that day and not continue to be akward lol.

If it was b) that they don't get along they why would they ever want to meet up and be "food buddies" lmao. They'd avoid each other.

If two costars are just friends they can just act normal. No reason to be continually so akward :P. Especially when HHJ and KDW arent awkward with the other Inrang costars (or any other costar theyre just friends with) :P.

I also saw both HHJ&KDW sideyeing each other in secret (which lovers tend to do) and being very affected by each others presence. Some of you here seemed angry at KDW avoiding eyecontact, but I'd say that's actually him being nervous and trying not to let his feelings show in public. I'm personally much more upset about his continuosly bad dressing choice :P

Someon should fire their stylist like yestesterday.


Anyway there are certain patterns that can be observed from two costars who have something romantic going on in real life, and HHJ&KDW have now aligned very well with the "tells".

The biggest ones being the "affected be the other's presence" and paying too much attention to them (avoiding the other/eye contact also mean youre affected by the other, if you weren't, no need to avoid them/avoid eye contact) as well as "acting cold/weird/awkard in public while close/comfortable in private. That "desperately cold/seemingly profesional only" I've observed only in costars who turned real. I've now seen that same desperation in HHK&KDW.


Hyo also denied the dating but then went on and complimented KDW with the same traits she's described her ideal man previously :sweatingbullets:


As for JWS yes he seems like their supporter. He behaves still very much like a seniour to HHJ and not someone that sees HHJ as a woman or that HHJ sees as a man. Sorry ppl.

I also feel sorry toward all those HHJ&LJS shippers, but those two clearly played up their flirtation for the cameras lol. HHJ is too private to be that open about a real relationship, but also even less private people tend to hide their relationship in BTS and not be obvious lol. Contary to what some may think majority of the "flirty" you see on cam BTS is fake for the sake of the populatity of the project and the onscreen pairing. LJS also doenst fit her ideal type, I think HHJ is into more manly men. Those two are great friends so I think I'd be much wiser to only "FRIENDship" them together as two cute BFFs. Too much investemnt by shippers into them honestly. 


I'm begining to take my shipping of HHJ&KDW more seriously than the other ships I have her in, because I beginining to feel they they're real. I tend to only properly invest in pairings when more certain of their realness. Wouldn't be heartbroken if I turned out to be wrong though, as my real ship is just HHJ&Happiness.


But anyway clearly this is HHJ private matter so I won't analyze this further. Don't expect any type of annoucement any time soon though, like anyone would admit to dating right in the middle of a movie premiere and promotions :P


And I wish media can stop asking them about the dating rumors and would respect them more. It's not like they'd get an "Yes we are dating/like each other " or any type of scandalous answer out of them anyway lol.


Either way time will tell.

No need to push for any answer HHJ herself would announce it when ready, so no need to know anything for sure. 

I'm pretty sure about them actually dating anyway lol.


Meanwhile I'm curious about HHJ's next project. Since there's so much negativity around Inrang :tears: I'm hoping she can pick a new project soon. Preferably a drama finally lol, so much more satisfying to see your favorite actors in dramas when much more screentime. But of course I wouldnt want her to just pick a drama for dramas sake, worst case scenario she'd pick an drama but then that drama ends up sucking, this further decreading our chances of Hyo in dramas anyway.

Hyo is also one that is good at picking interesting projects, so can't wait for her next project! :D


Edit: Oops sorry for the long post lol, I tend to just accidentally write much longer than intended.

I should also add that MANY of my ships/or ppl I don't ship but supesct to be dating tutned out to be real. I'm a very sensitive person and thus can easily pick on feelings and that includes love.


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Also would like to know what was the question asked at 49:00 of the video. There was some awkward silence. 


At 51:30, JWS was asked to choose one from the audience to ask the question and chose the girl who was too nervous so he asked her to calm down and told her she doesn't have to ask him the question so the girl asked KDW instead (Poor JWS hahaha) Still admire him more. 


At 55:00 , Hyojoo was describing how she got her back injuried and went to the hospital (?)

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@intrariver hello. Welcome! :) my heart hurts for Inrang reviews as well but then, we cant really do anything but to move on and hope that Hyo is fine. Let’s try to be optimistic instead amidst the negativity, even if its hard lol.


Can I add number 4) kdw is treating Hyo now like SHK, because he hates negativity, then he is now avoiding her (as friends or more), lmao.


I have a love-hate relationship with kdw.lol mostly hate, haha I kind of understand his akwardness but I hate to watch him like that. He even talks and laugh to Hyeri even if she is seated far but wears his poker face and refuses to look at Hyojoo if needed. I like Jung woo sung-hyo interaction because he lightens up the awkward silence between hyo and kdw.


She actually complimented JWS and KMY too. I like their sunbae-hobae interaction.Its fun and light to watch.





@wildaffairs I think they were asked about the red riding hood ending.what do they choose? lol close up of the awkard silence and glances.



I am curious of what JWS said tho huhuhu


Anyway, good news, Hyo bought another building.





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@jughead2000 I feel for Hyojoo's difficulty to not  answer some questions relating to her role because it might be spoilers. Thus she has lesser things to talk about and in the end questions are given to the others to answer. But still I  hope she would say more stuff because we don't get to see the movie any time soon lol.

I also notice something that Kdw rocks his chair backwards (unsure why) but my instincts tells me he doesn't want to block Hyojoo's view. (Haha I might be overthinking again)

Yes I feel what you feel too and feels a bit angry that he is cold towards Hyojoo. Their first or second Inrang interview, he was still teasing her after the dating rumour came out, he seems to distant himself with her. I hope it is not true and just think that it because they are still awkward. Anyway there is JWS which I prefer to see his interaction with Hyojoo :P  

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as far as i could hear from the video, at around 21:00ish Dir KJW was talking about how Hyo Joo never blinked her eye when she shoots while making comparisons with HJM from Age of Shadows, saying that maybe it’s the Han thing (cuz both surnames are Han)... MC asked JWS about whether he thinks Hyo Joo is natural he said yes and he’s proud of her. Hyo Joo became shy after being complimented.


at around 55:00ish, even though her action scenes were not as extensive as the rest, her back was really hurt in one of the scenes that she had to go to the hospital after that.



the movie didn’t follow the anime’s ending, Dir KJW chose the happy ending for the movie.. he did filmed 2 endings for the movie, one sad and one happy. but chose the happy ending one to be broadcasted out. 


Hyo Joo said she would have preferred the sad ending cuz it will fit the story more.


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MI6 also decreased by a considerable amount. Wednesday was a rush because of culture day. Usually weekdays have smaller numbers. Regardless of that, inrang is gonna flop. They might get 1 mill or they might not lol.


JWS for president!! Honestly i dont even want any real life romance btw them, he’s perfect as a hyung. A big brother- senior kind of relationship feels a lot more warmer.

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