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Han Hyo Joo 한효주 - Upcoming Movie 2021: Pirates 2

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This is my first comment on this thread! I wanted to take a moment to thank the familiar faces that I see here and express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive since the amount of pages is

Hehe, Hyo-joo really is highly appreciated by the film industry. The director of Love 911/Bandage said HJ's role in it was tailor made for her, while the director of Inside Beauty said the left side o

Oh god this marriage topic came up again lmao.  Hyo Joo has said numerous times before that she wants to be in a relationship and has even said that she'd be willing to give up her career for lov

Hyo Joo and Sol Kyung Gu with Japanese film director Isao Yukisada (he also worked as assistant director on some of Shunji Iwai's films like Love Letter).



I was talking about director Baik a few days ago, I think she met up with him and others in Busan. :)





@zongbaik via HHJ Vietnam Fans FB page

When are they going to start filming for the Chinese version of Beauty Inside?

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5 hours ago, hhj22 said:

@Qallee: fan boy??? What is your meaning????:mellow:


i'm just asking if any fanboy are in this thread.:sweatingbullets:(just because the pic i post mentioned the reaction of fanboy will be)




btw,is this recent???translation in IG said something bout counseling?haha..confused:sweatingbullets:

~ sleeping beauty~:)

and GOOD NIGHT hyolics...;)have a sweet dream and lets start brand new week with more love (?) hehe.. #sorandom :sweatingbullets:

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14563383_1178307725581248_7932960977023172514_n.jpg?oh=df71e4d728587a1109ed99997a515faa&oe=5869E62A@kaz11 oh my God ! Finally a near photo from our angel's iphone ! :lol: i love her iphone ! Last year i understood she have iphone 6S ! After, i bought this phone for my self ! Hyo joo is so stylish in her things ! :D 


@Qallee : i'm boy :sweatingbullets:! Are you also like me ? 

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@adeleyam, can you please translate this article? by google translate hyojoo at #6th for Kactors/actresses with the best box office draw?


edit :

is it about hyojoo won the best dress?



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6 hours ago, hhj22 said:

Qallee : i'm boy :sweatingbullets:! Are you also like me ? 


owh.hello fanboy.hehe.nope.fangirl here~hehe :w00t:

20 minutes ago, bellalizzie said:

Bali picture I suppose :)


i think u guess it right..(where else it should be) hehe she really love to wear dat flip flop huh?:P Kim Minseon is one of her team as stylist?

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haha. .i found another rare finds:

23 Korean celebrities who’ve been spotted by fans in the subway
by whatadrama on Thu, Oct 06, 2016
quess why i post it here?
turned to #10, and i guess some of you already know the answer.


i liked it that she is humble and don't mind live like normal people, she don't even wear dark glass. with minimum makeup. nice.


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8 hours ago, hhj22 said:

@maryofbethany : yes she is so humble ! But i think this photo is old ! Now she never can sit on subway !!!! :lol: !!! My idea is like you ! Our girl is not like others ! She is so easy and cute and humble ! I'm her lover for this her behaviour ! :wub::heart:

@hhj22 yes, i liked it that she is so feminine on her appearances. yet she can be herself during those bts moments, very down to earth... hahaha. she even sat like a ajusshi when she wore pants.... means she can be sweet or naive or sassy or boyish or elegant or sexy, just with a word from the directors... in real life, she is back to normal like a wall-flower, very down-to-earth. all along i liked her, but didnt really chase after her stuff... watch all her dramas that can be bought thru DVD, (but not movies, hard to get kor movies in dvd here), my family don't allow download illegal watching thru online, can only watch anything we bought... hahaha. until now i start rebellious, and her W is my first 'illegal' watching from streaming... online... all along i loved her and Park minyoung. both very elegant. and when i ask around, actually my friends all don't know she was awarded so many Awards for her movies she acted past 6 to 7 years. Yet she can be so humble, given she is like a acting-sunbae to all these young male starlets. WOW. esp the recent APAN kicks she got, poor thing. she just non-stop, occasionallly has new stuff to haunt her, new controversy stuff to disturb her. Still, she prove herself, by acting well, and damned, SEIZE THOSE AWARDS!!!!
yes, after W, W rose her to another realm, she's in a league of her own, she's back to a 'household's name' again. Her acting skill and acceptance, even surpassed the peers that nominated together with her often. so what sometimes she doesn't win.Her Cold Eyes, Beauty Inside, Love Lies won...  hope the girl really got someone that she fall in love with (ahem, of cause i am hoping that One is Lee Jongsuk.)

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18 hours ago, hhj22 said:

@Qallee : are there others fan boy here???:huh:


hmmm.:sweatingbullets:not sure.since i just joined this thread back in July. (the first day of W,20/07) ;)


13 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

i liked it that she is humble and don't mind live like normal people, she don't even wear dark glass. with minimum makeup. nice.


this was at Japan and back in 2012. wonder if she able to do the same when she was at Japan last month..hehe. :lol:



like u said "don't mind live like normal people".. she even able to close her eyes (nap) while riding subway..just like others.. :)



1 hour ago, iul_indo said:

This make me goosebumps


:oWOW!!! what a superb video.really well-made. ahhh.this make me miss W and OYJ even more...:(

TQ for sharing thou..^_^





CALENDAR 2017!!! (with special gift: photo card + postcard) :wub:



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@maryofbethany : yes sure our girl is so fantastic and wnderful and strong ! Always her slogan is fighting ! So she always fighting with problems and don't unhappy ! She is real angel ! :wub: ----------

illegal !!!!!!! Why ? Always i download her drama and movies with internet ! There is not any problem ! You can download her movies from internet with secret that your family don't understand this ! :D

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anyway guys.. this is it. I've managed to filter through some of the photos I took on BIFF night and these are the clearer ones.

and sorry for the shaky video too cuz the slightest movement i made caused my video to look like that.. I was also very nervous so pardon me. heheh













Even her silhouette looks so pretty~~






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