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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Exquisite Wolf Heart/The Wolf Princess 玲珑狼心

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Chinese title:玲珑狼心 / Ling Long Lang Xin
English title: Ling Long Lang Xin (temp)

Genre:  Period, romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Gao Lin Pao

Broadcast Period: 2/15/2021 - 3/10/2021




Gu Jia Cheng as Yan Qing
Kang Ning as Ling Long
Peng Chu Yue as Yan Jue
Sheng Hui Zi as You Rou
Zhao Zi Qi as Tong Ge
Gao Ji Cai as Yan Yu


While searching for her father, Ling Long was injured by a wolf and co-incidentally meets Yan Qing, son of the Grand Commandment. Yan Qing misunderstood Ling Long for a thief, and this sets their relationship on the wrong foot. Yan Qing turns out to be the son of Ling Long's father's close friend; and Ling Long takes residence in the Yan manor. However on the day she moves in, a theft case happens and Ling Long becomes the main suspect. To prove her innocence, Ling Long begins to investigate the true culprit and in the process, finds out that her six senses has become increasingly acute due to the wolf bite. The new and different Ling Long attracts Yan Qing's attention, and they began to fall in love. However, the wolf bite has also triggered another personality in Ling Long, and she alternates between her fierce and violent persona and her usual gentle one. Yan Qing attempts to appease her with his gentleness. Under Yan Qing's help, Ling Long returns to normal. They work together to investigate the theft case, and finds a huge conspiracy lying behind it. (Source: dramawiki)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





Coming soon...


Additional Links:

Ling Long Lang Xin 玲珑狼心 Weibo


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overall i watched the first 5 episodes of 玲珑狼心 ,
it's low budget production without epic scenes , prop , music , this i rate it 6.0/10 ,
entertainment fun value I rate it 8.0/10
the lead actor is very good and he got real muscles to stand out against other current skinny actors that rely on long sleeve to hide
outdoor scenes heavy digital filter like other 2020 2021 drama , indoor scenes sometimes more natural skin tone

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I've watched to ep10 of 24 , rate it 7.5/10.

Fun and entertaining despite low budget no epic scenes or grand plot.


the official youtube channel updated a dozen videos , I'll repost them here

trailers , bts
















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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心
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  • Guest changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Exquisite Wolf Heart/The Wolf Princess 玲珑狼心
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So far I am liking this show. I just happened upon it and it's a nice watch, I do like the chemistry between the ML and FL. Their bickering  always makes me giggle. I'm not too far in only like episode 6, but so far it's not too bad to pass the time.

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Well now I have finished this show I will say this. It is a nice break and funny. I don't know how I felt about the ending though. I wonder if they will be doing a 2nd season to this, it felt a bit left off, but that is me.

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