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[Drama 2020] My Dangerous Wife, 나의 위험한 아내


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I don`t think that Jae kyung became the way she is just because the husband cheated. She was unstable mentally before but Yoon-Cheol and Sun-Mi planed to kill her so they made the first step, declaring the war.  I say good for Jae kyung that she was one step ahead of them. It is disturbing and funny at the same time to watch how Yoon Cheol is "tortured" by fear of his wife. :D And the way he had to eat porridge all the time and not even liking it was satisfying.


I also like to see how Jae Kyung outsmart everyone. :D And who is the mysterious bartender? He is the real accomplice and not poor fool Song Yoo-Min. 

So many people after the money! I hope Jae Kyung will keep the money in the end or donate them, give it to the niece, whatever. But I don`t want to see those people getting the money.

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Episode 7 was very good. I laughed when Jae Kyung appeared out of nowhere in Yoon Chul`s car. She surprised him too. :w00t: I lauged later when she said that police will come for him. She is playing with his mind and It is funny.


Jae Kyung helped him with Yoo Min`s suicide/ homocide case but it is undertsandable that he doesn`t trust his wife. He is asking himself all he time if she did something bad or saying how dangerous is his wife. :D


I liked the moment when both were more vulnerable. He said that he is grateful to her and she said the truth about meeting Yoo Min. I wondered if she has a plan for him but we found out that he was the one who played her. He knew about the money and played nice husband. But bang.. his ex brother in law took the money from him.

Jae Kyung has moments when she is being sincere and she is vulnerable. She really wants to be loved but he better be prepared when he will cross her. She is right. There is someone after them and that is the neighbor. I think Jo Min-Kyu killed Yoo Min. 

Those money bring trouble.


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How dare that husband say he got nothing for his six years? He did nothing but take money and time from Jaekyung! Then he leaves her emotionally devastated. And if he thinks he can get away with taking the $5 million, he’s got another think coming. 

Also, I am way in too deep with this story. Bought the rest of the episodes of the Turkish version, Tehlikeli Karim, to compare every now and again.


Update: stayed up to watch some of the Japanese original because I couldn't wait. I think all three versions have their own flavours. They are all really good. 

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Those money! Bad luck. But I don`t want them in the hand of anyone but Jae Kyung. Perhaps she should burnt them. :D


Jae Kyung took the money back but in the end Yoon Chul is asking for divorce, use the stun guns on her, takes the money and leave. I thought he will leave without the money but noooo. What she will do next?


The neighbor, Jo Min-Kyu, met with Sun mi and I thin k they want to creat a new allience. He told her that he knows that she killed Yoo MIn.

I have the impression that the chef from the restaurant is keeping a close look on the husband. I thought he is spying him for Jae Kyung but I am not convinced. It could be that he is very observant.

The cop`s wife took the clothes from Jae Kyung`s kidnapping case. Now she fantasizes on the balcony about being in Jae Kyun`s place. Or she wants to put herself in the shoes of her book character to write better? :D

Things will go more crazy?

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Episode 9


I thought that Jae Kyung faked the memory loss but she really had amnesia. It was nice to see her relax a little and it was sad that she remember the painful life.

I was so happy that she was ahead of her husbad once again. I hope everyone who is after those money to get nothing from her.  I cheer for that.


No Chang Beom really doesn`t want to money anymore? Does he learn his lesson? I hope so. I understand if he is interested to find more about Jae Kyung. Yes, she is not the typical housewife.


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The amnesia was good for our main couple  how it has  lasted. Now they are at war once again. The cop`s wife helped Jae Kyung to get keep the money. I am curious more about her. I wish I see moments of these two unhappy wives  bonding.

Jae Kyung is dangerous. She risks her life without looking back just to keep the husband. I am glad that she accepted the divorce. Or not? :D I am more curious about Jae Kyung and the misterious bartender. What is her grand plan? I was happy when the neighbor got the rocks instead of money. :lol:




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On MBN, “My Dangerous Wife” saw an increase from last week with ratings of 3.357 percent. This is a new personal best for the drama after its October 13 episode, which recorded 3.053 percent.












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Ep 13 and 14.


I thought that Sun Mi was not dead but when I saw Jae Kyung digging the grave I believed it. Why dig the grave if you are alone and far away from the husband? Well, I was not surprised when she showed up.


The idea to poison the wife (again) in her home was dumb. OK, they wanted to beat her on her own game but how they wanted to dispose the body? I knew that for Jae Kyung was a mind game but the whole plan wasn`t convincing. The husband believed everything the two woman said. AGAIN. And he had rebukes of conscience and confessed the "crime" but he would have done the same if she wife had died?


I like that I found out more about Lee Jin-Soo. he is a mysterious character.


We have the last two episodes next week.

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'My Dangerous Wife' last epilogue'#3' left only 2 times until the end





'My Dangerous Wife', who left only two episodes until the final episode, is raising expectations for the ending with an unpredictable reversal until the end.

MBN-Wave's Monday-Tuesday drama “My Dangerous Wife” is a “mystery couple cruelty” that anyone in this era can relate to at least once. As we enter the second half, the direction of the kidnapping and the ransom of 5 billion won, and the chewy psychological warfare between the people surrounding the murder case, is drawing an explosive response.

Above all,'My Dangerous Wife' is a combination of various genres such as criminal reasoning and melodies based on the'psychological thriller between couples', making it impossible to let go of tension by continuing an unpredictable development. In this regard, we have summarized three ‘pre-written epilogues’ that predict the end of the play, focusing on Kim Jong-un, Choi Won-young, and Choi Yoo-hwa.


◆ A pre-written epilogue. “The couple lived happily for a long time.”

Kim Yoon-cheol (Choi Won-young) went to the police station with the conviction to prevent further tragedy after the death of Jin Sun-mi (Choi Yoo-hwa) and came to surrender, saying, "My wife and I killed Jin Seon-mi." However, as it was revealed that Jin Seon-mi's death was also a fake due to Shim Jae-kyung's (Kim Jong-un)'s thorough planning and acting, it made Kim Yun-cheol shocked. Whether the married couple Shim Jae-kyung and Kim Yun-cheol, who have gone beyond each other's faces to the end, will come to a dramatic reconciliation and feel the importance of each other and the responsibility for the relationship again. “The prince and the princess lived happily for a long time.


◆ Two epilogues written in advance. “Because the happy ending of marriage is divorce”

The ending that Shim Jae-kyung and Kim Yoon-cheol end up breaking up without making up the goal of the conflict has been criticized as “realistic” by the most viewers. Moreover, Kim Yun-cheol was caught up in guilt and longing after the death of my wife, Jin Sun-mi, and was greatly distressed. As Jin Sun-mi also had a sympathy and compassion for Kim Yoon-cheol, questions about whether Shim Jae-kyung and Kim Yoon-cheol would stamp the divorce papers and start another start with different people, some of them are curious about the most “cruel ending”.

Pre-written epilogue set. “Go alone like a rhinoceros horn!”

Finally, the end is that all three people are scattered and walk their own path. It is also the most persuasive development since the three had deceived and deceived each other over 5 billion after Shim Jae-kyung's own kidnapping drama, causing irreparable wounds to the other. Currently, while Jin Seon-mi has 5 billion won in his hand according to Shim Jae-kyung's instructions, it is drawing attention whether Jin Sun-mi will become the final protagonist with 5 billion won, or whether Shim Jae-kyung will overturn the plate with another plan.

The production company Keyeast said, “As we have always made a reversal with the development that hits viewers in the back of the head, I am sure that the story of'my dangerous wife' will unfold.” We are waiting, so please look forward to it.”





From the preview, it looks like Jae Kyung will be kidnapped for real this time. The neighbors are both crazy enough to go against her. Let see how this drama will end.  Not a happy ending for sure.



'My Dangerous Wife' Kim Jong-un x Choi Won-young, a pleasant pink mood after a long time


MBN's Monday-Tuesday drama “My Dangerous Wife” is a “mystery couple cruelty” that everyone can relate to at least once. Kim Jong-un plays the role of'Dangerous Wife' Shim Jae-kyung, who made up a kidnapping drama of the times with revenge for her husband Kim Yoon-cheol (Choi Won-young)'s affair, and Choi Won-young plays the role of'Crisis Husband' Kim Yoon-cheol, who dreams of a perfect break with his wife Shim Jae-kyung (Kim Jeong-eun). He is showing a unique'couple chemistry' that he has never seen before.


In the stills, Kim Jong-un and Choi Won-young are caught enjoying a romantic dinner with a 180-degree changed atmosphere, raising questions. In the play, Shim Jae-kyung and Kim Yoon-cheol enjoy a meal elegantly in a high-class restaurant. Shim Jae-kyung wears a white dress with a bold and colorful design different from before and shows off her alluring sensuality with dark makeup, and Yun-cheol Kim wears a clean suit with pomade hair and a gentle smile, creating a different atmosphere than before and attracts attention. However, the two soon reaped a gentle smile and created a ‘subtle change in facial expressions’ with sharp eyes as if they were searching for each other, raising questions.






My Dangerous Wife” Kim Jung-eun x Choi Won-young, captures “Ju-Jitsu Death Match” with no blood or tears






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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] My Dangerous Wife, 나의 위험한 아내

Overall I liked this drama. I got tired a little with all the plotting and I thought a shorter drama would have been better but they still managed to give new twists and finished satisfactory.

I was surprised that this drama had a happy ending. It was better (and happier) than the musical rom com that I have finished recently.:w00t:




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