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[Drama 2020/2021] The Lovers of Samkwang Villa/Homemade Love Story, 오! 삼광빌라!

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Does someone always have to lose their memory in these crazy shows?


that said, I’m really enjoying this one, and am looking forward to Min Jae becoming an influencer or something.


Who else is a little weirded out by how close people speak to each other in dramas, though? We are in a pandemic, and even if you rest negative, you can still be a carrier. Still, I guess we can only pray they do not suffer for their art.

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To be quite honest, I did not think I have the patience to stick with this up until the latest episode. Jin Ki Joo made it works I guess.    As much as I am frustrated with Seo Ah, can I jus

In the middle of 12, and are they bromancing Koala and Na Ro? Loved the all black cool. 

I came to this thread to see what other soompiers were thinking and I agree 100% with you. That kidnapper, no matter what the reason is, knows exactly what she has done and who the real mother is and

Hello, I just started watching this drama and I am enjoying it.  Looking forward to the interaction between the male lead’s parents now that the father has lost his memory.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Min Jae runs the company while Jung Ho is recovering from his memory loss.  I suspect they will reconcile and marry each other again.  Also looking forward to the relationship between JH and CW developing.

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Hi Friends,

Back this is my second weekend drama to watch in real time. First one was just ended --Once Again.

I have been away due to work and vacation.


Bust still watching our drama. 


Dang glad they are showing the son ML sees his dad (I was wondering how LONG they were going to TRY to drag out  hiding him) Based on the preview it seems like he won't tell him who he is? Serves him right, he was MEAN to our Jae Hee.


NR and JH were funny wearing SUNGLASSESS and dressed in black to help HD with her scammer. LOL. I was like why are you UPSET at them for helping you. They saved you from being scammed. Also you know NR is doing it to look good to CW. But heck JH is doing it too as well. 


Cute how JH admitted he was upset CW went to help NR while "drunk" and ditching them while they were dueling drinking (it seems like on a bottle or two )?! LOL both are light weights in drinking.


All this talk about theories, hmmmm I don't watch alot of weekend dramas, but I have watched my fair share of Kdramas.

I will throw in my two cent for what it is worth or not LOL.


1) So CEO Jungwon, JH mom Min Jae and Soonjung all knew each other.

Seems like JH dad Jung Hoo DID like SJ and gave her a dictionary. But JH mom Minjae liked him. 

CEO Jungwon liked SJ cooking and company.  They would hang out but we know that MJ and JW were similar backgrounds and SJ was poorer. Also the incident when she brought food and almost had an incident. I forget MJ mom or JW mom was chiding her. (Was she the staff's daugther?) Anyways, we know SJ is not rich. She is an earnest and hard working young woman. 


2) Jung Ho (JH dad) was poor and hardworking. He did like SJ. They both are working class. But MJ liked him and I feel that when he did not realize MJ LOVED him. (When they were arguing and talking about divorce. The fact she said you have to ask me WHY I married you and put up with you? I love you!) I feel that she must have gotten pregnant for them to marry, I cannot see him falling out of LOVE from SJ to marry MJ when he had no feelings (from our flashbacks) of their younger life at the moment.


3) NR is friendly with the ex hubby of CEO Jung Won. He knows SJ and I def feel he had asked her to kidnap CW. (Why would SJ do it? It could have been for money but we find out she tends to pick up people. She "picked up" the uncle who was down and out living in a tent. She "fell in love" with HD and she was with foster families twice like NR. We don't know the brother's back story. Other than he lied about going to college and is handsome. He has women chasing after him. NR wants to be RICH and he figures knowing CEO JW is the bio mom he wants to be married to CW.


4) Interesting that CEO JW did not tell her adopted daughter that baby pic was her bio daughter. She knows the insecurities and if she TOLD her the truth we know the emotional breakdown. She saved CW a lot of hurt and more bullying from her adoptive daughter. I do agree with sentiments her all sudden loving CW and being so nice after saying those harsh words. On one hand like she is fair and gives a chance. She did says some mighty hurtful words and accusations to CW.  CW has a big heart she forgave her but STILL.


5) SJ---one hand I like her. But another hand I agree with the sentiments being a "kidnapper' and not telling CW the truth and selfishly holding her close to your life is HORRIBLE. You KNOW you can send her back to her RIGHTFUL place but NOOOO you want her still in your HOT MESS of a life?! I don't care how you are kind to others, a good cook this is HORRIBLE. So having CW in your life ALL these years is NOT enough?! I know you have feelings and care for her, but if you TRULY love someone you let them go and want them happy. So we have to drag out for a LONG time her withholding the truth? jeez.


6) JH and CW definitely like each other and NR is jealous and senses it. I think JH will be spurred on to admit /confess to her soon due to NR trying to get to her. NR being jealous of their nicknames says it all-headbutt and koala. Not sexy or cute nicknames, but nicknames shows they are CLOSER than NR is with CW.


Ok got to go back to work. But glad this thread is still alive and going well.

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@Nodame, I also think SJ’s actions are inexcusable. It’s clear more than ever now that she has changed her mind again and refuse to let go of CW. At the fashion show she was upset that CW was helped by JW and became determined not to let go of CW. It makes me wonder who will reveal the truth? Jae Hee? 

I also wondered if NR will reveal the truth but I don’t know if he would if he fails in wooing CW. I hope he gives up his ambition of marrying CW for money and instead choose to use his own talent to earn his place in society. I previously had a thought that maybe he will hook up with JW’s adopted daughter eventually but I kind of hope he doesn’t. Maybe he and HD will become better friends because he identified with her fear of getting kicked out after two foster families did that to her. 

Regarding the Min Jae, Jung Ho and SJ love triangle, at one point I wondered if the writer will hook SJ and JH up this time. However, for some reason I can’t get on board that ship even though their past memories are lovely. I don’t understand why I feel that way though. Maybe I want this man to pay back his ex-wife for treating her like a slave all these years. Or maybe the whole thing with SJ kidnapping turns me off of rooting for her in a love affair. I feel there is more to the story of why she kidnapped CW but she’s hesitating in making things right and asking for forgiveness. However, I do like the happenings in the villa and I kind of want to see CW continuing to live there for a while longer. The rich folks homes seem boring too. I also like the way SJ care for her adopted children. 

I’m glad Jae Hee found his father in the villa. At least the company will know what happened and proper leadership can continue in the meantime. 

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On 10/13/2020 at 4:57 PM, chickfactor said:



Yeah, I think that's the big question. I don't think she was just a baby-napper. There must have been a situation in which she had to keep the child safe? Although I'm not sure why she never returned the baby later.


I think it has to do with the Chairwoman's husband. The husband is in jail, and he's the one who told the new tenant that Bit-Chae-Woon is the Chairwoman's daughter. (So she's also his daughter? Very confusing.)

I tend to agree with you. The man who was behind her might be the kidnapper. I think there is a story that will turn out that she is not a babynapper, perhaps the prisoner Pil something is a crime lord. His men or enemies may cause the baby harm. I missed many episodes so I did not catch the part that the prisoner was the father. What is certain is that Chairman Kim is her mother who made a bad choice when she was young. She remarried according to the shop manager so I think Seol A is her stepdaughter and the son who is away is her stepson. 

The prisoner was confiding to another inmate and the tenant overheard it. I prefer a better looking tenant so he could be bad and I' ll feel sorry for him. This one has a sour look. Maybe he is supposed to be so?


I like that she calls Lee koala. :lol: He is on the fleshy side. Really should lose some weight. 

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I had a really hard time watching episode 13.  Right now I really dislike LBCH, WJH and LSJ so it's hard when their storylines take up almost the entire episode. To be honest, I have more sympathy for Seo Ah even though she is obviously a horrible person (her taking credit for picking out the outfit for Min Jae was hard for even me to take.)

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Much of the fun story was to guess BCH's parentage and how or when she will find out. It's barely 13 episodes and now she gets to know what we have known for a few episodes. There are 87 more. :tears: Do we have to watch the sister and uncle RickRoll'D footing around each other? I find he overacts and she is a doctor who is still bumming off her sister?  She should give more money to JS so that JS does not have take too many tenants. 
BTW I don't like the jailbird. Wonder what he got in there for?  He plays golf and used to live in the Netherlands? Hmmm.:confused:

I can't think of what else can happen with the main characters, BCH, JS , JH. Even the parents are now so boring, they were quite fun. Taking a break.

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@maribella Have a good break. Hope you come back!


@nohamahamoud2002 Thanks for the preview clip.


Wow caught up on the weekend's episodes and I was surprised how FAST Chae Won now knows her real mom.


I was wondering when the girl who likes the bro is discovered. I mean JH dad is there and was interesting he did not tell them it was HIS dad. I cannot blame not realizing that this man IS his dad pre mom and him. He wasn't always the stingy business man he knew growing up.


Poor JH constantly being rejected by CW and dang CEO Jung Won and SA telling all that SA and JH are dating. So not fair and seriously not good. No wonder he is having issues to try to break free and SA not letting go. Have some pride !


All gave the red carpet treatment to CEO Jung Won visiting the Share House except SJ the adoptive mom. Is it a dream by HD saying she is moving in with CEO JW? I mean she barely had time with CEO JW. As for Koala being asked to show up to JW shows he is RIGHT she likes him. She is just not willing to tell him as she is not wanting drama with SA.


JH is not telling SA about CW as he knows of their past. I was surprised that CEO JW told SA about her lost baby. But I guess after visiting CW home made her think about the lost baby. But SA knows it is CW and will she tell her ? I doubt it.


Got to wait another week.



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Hello maybe i am the only one who got interested with ra hoon and Cha ba reun hahaha feels like tom and jerry interaction and i love it. 


Aww the constant rejection from CW to JH.


But hopefully next week they will bond again!!!


The truth come in just 1/4 way is a shocker tbh. 


But there is still a lot of story to uncover so i guess no need to worry about. The past. The man in jail. The love triangle. The Dream. Lots of interaction still left for all samgwang villa resident. So calm down guys we are on a good ride



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Hi my friend @Samuel Yohanes Great to see you here! Hope you have been well!


Anyways I like Ra Hoon and Cha Be Reun is cute. I will wait til next episode to see more of their shenanigans. They will be a cute couple. She takes the CAKE how far she will go to date him. I mean the fact she she is not turned off he is not in University is a big plus. Let's face it, reality hits if you don't have a degree it is hard to get a good job anywhere and in Korea. (Then again it is true it depends on your field etc but that is basic expectations of people to get a college degree.)


But she is cute and how she recruited him to be near him. Then he liked he could see her and then later when she was showing interest he ran away from her. LOL. It was adorbs I do agree Tom and Jerry interactions. They like each other. He is gun shy at her forwardness and a bit insecure about his lack of education compared to her and being just a part time worker. He is confident of his looks and who he is just that doesn't help me feel confident to be with her. I mean first impression I cannot blame her is EASY on the eyes. But also he is struggling and knows the family financial tough situation. So dating also is a luxury he feels he cannot afford.


But I agree there is tons to uncover. I cannot wait for our OTP ship to sail and how they will show Chae Won with her mom. That Hae Deun going to Jung Won's place doesn't make sense. (A dream?) I mean what connection? Hae Deun desperately wants to be a rich person's child. 


I hope Seo Ah can get along with Chae won. But the fact fundamentally she admitted last episode she did not like the fact she smiled and people liked her. She had better circumstance but her jealousy of her just "existing" and being talented turned her to be a bully. UGgggh not nice. She is insecure and clingy and desperate. She is STILL reluctant dealing with Chae Won nicely. I mean Jae Hee knows NOT to confess he likes Chae Won and had to say we are not dating yet (the gal I like ) knowing the potential HELL Seo Ah would wreak.

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19 hours ago, Nodame said:

That Hae Deun going to Jung Won's place doesn't make sense. (A dream?) I mean what connection? Hae Deun desperately wants to be a rich person's child. 


That's exactly how I feel :(

why does HD go to the CEO's house?


Also, do you think Naro will have a romance story with HD later?

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@nohamahamoud2002 Thanks I thought so too. I mean we do get trolled a lot by dramas especially those "dream" sequences. Def felt the "Hae Deun" wants to be CEO Jung Won's daughter. The look of longing she had looking at CEO Jung Won when she visited the share house. She even mentioned she really wanted to get to know her better. All the while during that time, others mentioned that Bit Chae Won looks like CEO Jung Won and their natural chemistry, compatibility and genuine liking of each other is SOO strong and apparent to all except Hae Deun. THEY have the connection.


You know, I would not put it past the writers to do a love line of Naro with HD. But I don't like how he is wanting to be with Bit Chae Won due to knowing her REAL identity. Sure he must had some hard parts in his life, but approaching someone to be with them not for THEM but what you can GET from them. Not to keen on it plus how did he know CEO Jung Won's ex hubby? I guess he served time in prison and records did not show up when applying for jobs? I guess that helps not have any prejudice to him. But but LOVING Naro he is still very calculating. So rather HD be single than with him. She likes Naro oppa as he is handsome and smart and well travelled and a good talker. But we have MANY episodes to tackle.

I figure their has to be some loveline for HD later.

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I think this is the first drama that I see Hwang shin-hye plays a nice and warm character. I'm not following this drama as I can guess we are going to see the same cycle of jealous and obsessive rich step-daughter sabotaging bio mother/daughter's and relationship.

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Caught up on both episodes this past weekend on episodes 15-16 and so the truth is out. Since this is a long weekend drama, we have to drag things out. Did you catch it my friends @chickfactor @Samuel Yohanes?


So we find that Chae Won knows from her adoptive mom her real mom. She initially wants to clear it up and rush over to CEO Jung Won's place and then loses steam. There is hemming and hawing. Then just stalling. I can see why Chae Won after hearing adoptive mom and then later goes to the site where CEO Jung Won thinks her real daughter is dead. Chae Won breaks down. Who is she to believe? She thought CEO Jung Won who she likes abandoned her. Then to see that she was not and is mourned instead.


It is a lot to handle and devastating. Glad that she reached out to Jae Hee. Na Ro tried to get in there but glad Chae Won gave him a "no pass". She was very clear. She likes Jae Hee and thinks he is dating Seo Ah, but still cannot let go of her attraction and liking of Jae Hee who constantly says he is NOT dating her. I loved how Jae Hee was there but knew enough to pressure her to ask what was up.


Uncle liking Dr Auntie, LOL. these two, you know they will be dating by the end of this drama. I Love how he has HEARTS in his eyes when she is in DR professional mode or just being cool and caring. 


Jae Hee seeing his dad in a different light now he knows he is NOT lying about not remembering. His dad in the past was a decent person and very confusing to him. Funny how his dad James constantly says he is comfortable with him--no DUH it is your son. At least now you can hang out and Jae Hee gets to know him a bit better.


FINALLY the cat is out of the bag where the gal pursuing Ra Hoon is CAUGHT. James constantly saying --isn't there three daughters? But he is cute to bring food to her and try to protect her. Then his not so sincere OOPS I did not lock the door. LOL. 


Ra Hoon likes her and she is RIGHT. He smiles and blushes when he is around her. She is not wrong and cannot help liking her. But we know he feels he doesn't have the luxury to date.


Yup was right HD was day dreaming that CEO Jung Won was her mom. Glad Na Ro told her she  IS not. But I do agree his way was a bit much. But at least she knows it is NOT her. @nohamahamoud2002


Funny hijinks where James was almost caught by SA and JH mom. Glad that CEO Jungwon stopped the madness of JH mom seeing SJ who she doesn't care for too much.


I LOVE that JH mom likes CW. Plus she knew when she saw CW at the batting range and got thanked how SA likes to steal people's thunder. I loved the cute smile that CW showed. Plus doesn't hurt it IS JH mom too saying this.  Even later when JH mom talks to JH and he heard how she likes CW (he is thrilled to hear it).


JH when comforting CW was sweet. These TWO definitely will date. I cannot wait when they do.


SA when hearing the truth could have told CEO Jung Won she knew that baby was CW but you KNOW why WOULD she say it? She is so jealous of her. SHe doesn't even know about the JH part. OMG scary when she finds out when CW and JH are dating.


Glad that SJ FINALLY told CEO JW. CEO JW Is a lovely person and I cannot blame her to be so upset to want to cut ties with her (in the preview ep 17). Seems like more like her is it CEO JW's mom asked her to do it? She wanted to tell CEO JW but the mom ? said NO. Seems like the dad was NO GOOD. So the guy in prison? Def more to the story as SJ wouldn't have taken the baby for NO reason.  DEF not to raise as her own to "kidnap her" but some other reason.


@monalisa I thought the one who plays CEO Jung Won is very pretty. I haven't seen her in much dramas but cool.



Ep 17 preview 




ep 16 clips see spoiler 



















preview ep 16 



episode 15 clips see in spoiler tag



















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@nohamahamoud2002 I agree right? SJ seems like a nice person and to take in people as "strays" and she has a "bleeding heart" I could not reconcile myself that she would be evil to kidnap a friend's daughter and NOT tell her.

This makes more sense that the grandmother was behind the scheme plus her bio dad was NO GOOD.

So that pieces up that part of the puzzle.


Yeah You have to admit CEO Jung Won has EXTRA attention with Chae Won and affinity most especially AFTER the misunderstanding of Seo Ah's lying about her bullying her was cleared up. She is trying to no show favoritism but it shows.  She wants to spend more time with CW and the two of them were cute.


Sad that CW got awkward after SJ told her the truth. Glad it is OUT though. The fact they like to take walks. They have similar personalities of kindness but STEEL underneath their smiles it is needed.


CEO Jung Won called SJ to see why CW was sick . Or the HR asking why she took the day off. Def alot of attention for sure.


Again loving how MJ (JH's mom) like CW. YESH!


Seems like everyone has a secret to hide at various times (not big, small or some are big)


Auntie's debt/breaking up with ex Dr boyfriend

Uncle---hiding his crush

HD--hid failing the audition, hiding thinking CEO JW is her mom but Na Ro fixed it

Jae Hee--- hiding his dad is James from all and not telling his mom, he did finally tell secretary he is OK but no details

SJ-hiding CW birth mom info (now it is out)

Na Ro- hiding his true ulterior motives to get close to CW to marry her and get rich

RH--hiding he is NOT in college and working as a delivery guy

Gal who likes RH--hiding in secret (now out) to move in to be near RH

Seo Ah-hid she was TRUE bully to CW and now hiding she knows CW is her step mom's bio daughter

CEO Jung Won--initially hid that baby pic was her birth daughter (Until this weekend told Seo Ah)

Jae Hee's mom--hid her crush on her hubby from SJ (as he liked SJ), also now she refuses to let SJ know she is divorced and pretending she is still married to JH's dad



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