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[Drama 2021] She Would Never Know, 선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마


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I love this drama. 

The way HS catches his breath ever so subtly when he sees SA, when he talks to her, when he responds to her. It is swoon-worthy. 

The ladies at the office are all of us. They’ve been watching them too :) 

Her best friend in episode 7. 
There are so many reasons to love this show. 
The roller coaster ride in episode 8 - so sad when HS told her he would give her up!!

And now begins the long wait to next Monday and Tuesday.. sigh..

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Wow episode 8 was beautiful, I love how we go through all the feelings from sadness to happiness and love too.

I knew the HS ex will trigger something in SA, she's opening up and let him enter in her space :heart: and how he was really mature and firm in his decisions, I think the character that developed more in this drama till now is HS. The wait till next Monday will be difficult, I'm in Gayoung mode already, all for this ship!


Parents are not the best in this drama, Jae Shin father coming back for more and SA mom in depression mode because of the doc consultation, I can see emocional blackmailing coming from this two in the future.


Still don't understand the relationship between the HS husband and the chef, but there's something deep in there...




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Just sitting here enjoying some casual fluff these past weeks. 

But why are them sideys so annoying?

The leech-y father. The clingy ex-gf.


The father. He got 300m won? and still wants more. That can buy like 300 suits bruh. Luckily his fiance is a snappy person and doesn't cave in easily just bc of 'family ties'.


The ex should take some social hints - the man said several times he wasn't interested. If she's the one who cheated and the guy isn't reciprocating, you leave him alone. Why work so hard on something that's not bound to work out. These type of people who never give up after a no. Sigh.


Hopefully it's the last time seeing that girl and the father doesn't make ruckus at the wedding.



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On 2/8/2021 at 11:43 PM, ck1Oz said:


And its very bad when I actually checked the outfits changes vs the scene. And if the preview is back to front as its always is the 2nd female lead appears. Brother... is that actress making a living playing RickRoll'D 2nd female leads. Its gotten to the point I have PTSD whenever she appears on the screen. Ergh. I watched her in her last 2 dramas and thoroughly despised her characters. I hope she chose a role where she is the nice first love. The one who threw Hyun Seung away even when he begged her. For a rich man.


Oh horrors. That doesn't sound like a nice first love character again. Her agency is KEYEAST. Can't they get her different roles?

So his ex will be arriving soon maybe next week ?? is she from a rich family?
does anyone know if she is going to create a lot of problems for our female lead ?? nobody read the webtoon?

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Episode 7-8


.... and the walls came crumbling down - finally! :love:



- the office gossip intrigue was great, although I wished they'd give us alittle more of Manager Ahn "blackmailing" HS


- Jae-Woon & Ji-Seung are adorable, but I'm already dreading the eventual heartbreak when the wedding dress connection is made with the evil sister 


- What is going on with the chef and Yeon-Seungs husband?


- I really hope Song-Ahs mother doesn't have cancer



Loved the Ep 8 ending, but its going to make for a long wait til next week  :heart2beat:



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Can't wait for next Monday. I want to know why sunbae sleeps at hyun seung's house. The preview for episode 9 is very exciting but too short clips. Also i want to see sunbae wear skirt or something outfit like their drama poster when kissing each other

On 2/9/2021 at 7:28 AM, Jillia said:


“Royal Secret Agent” Stays Strong In The Lead In Ratings + “She Would Never Know” Sees Slight Rise

Feb 8, 2021
by C. Hong

KBS’s “Royal Secret Agent” remains in the lead in viewership ratings with its penultimate episode!


According to Nielsen Korea, episode 15 of “Royal Secret Agent,” which aired on February 8, recorded average nationwide ratings of 8.8 and 12.0 percent. This is similar to last week‘s 8.8 and 12.3 percent.


JTBC’s “She Would Never Know” recorded a slight rise in ratings this week with 2.079 percent, compared to last episode’s 1.954 percent.


On tvN, “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” recorded 5.794 percent, similar to last week’s 5.802 percent.



When they become official couple or they have kissing scene, the rating would be increase

Edited by Berou
Please do not quote pics. Thanks !
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선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마


Its not the episode 1 scene or the line. Or rather he said the same line as the drama title. Don't ask me why the English title sounds so different from the Korean. The drama title 'sunbae, don't put the lipstick on'  is correct if you translate the Korean words. Right?

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27 minutes ago, glass_shoe15 said:

I saw on instagram, they are still in filming on this special day (valentine day) . While hugging in the cold. (Korean weather) I love seeing it....

Could you send me IG link to follow them and see what you saw?:please:

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