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[Drama 2021] She Would Never Know, 선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마


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Last time during the fire drills, no one would care and actually be scared about it. There will be people that will take it easy and have a slowly walk to the assembly point too. 


This is the first time I saw someone taking a fire drill so seriously AHAHAHAHAH :bashful: really hilarious I felt the awkwardness!!!


But the plot is really nice and sweet!! Even though it has some really heartbreaking scenes.. I almost cried :criesariver:


Watch on www.iq.com




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Finally caught up with the all the episodes I have missed and I have to say this is the best romance drama I have watched recently. I don't watch romance drama much nowadays because most of it made me feel forced to accept the couple instead of making me slowly accepting and rooting for them. I am glad that the not-so-impressive earlier episodes did not deter me from finishing this.


I feel what I love the most is the fact all the characters were given a chance to grow. There were no pesky ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend much either and the problems between main couple was realistic and they handled it quite maturely. We had the obligatory break-up phase but it gives a chance for Song Ah to step up for once. All this while, Hyun Seung was the one who keeps approaching and waiting for Song Ah to response to him, but for once Song Ah made the first move to approach him and waited for him to accept her. 


I wish there will be more romance drama like this in the future. It has been a pleasant watch.  :heartxoxo:


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I was very surprised to see low ratings for this drama. I've never been huge fan of FL and not familiar with ML but man..... I would say he has a promising future! Just when you think you've seen the most gorgeous korean man there comes another to take his place. I agree with previous comment that the storyline was very realistic and well played out with a wonderful OST also. They had great chemistry and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Will definitely be buying this DVD set. 

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