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Don Yu

Stop calling a show 'Wuxia' unless Wuxia style fighting is at least over 40%

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There are most of the series now days can not be called Wuxia. They are XianXia or Romance with very little quality fighting.


I am gonna say if it's less than 40%, 7 out of 10 episodes have no fighting it shouldn't be called Wuxia. 


I mean, it can if it insists but it is NOT a quality Wuxia, at all when the fighting scenes are so little and minimal like only 3 out of 10 or 15 out of 50 episodes have any fighting. Do not taint the Wuxia genre those are  Jin Yong stuff. Those have action in almost EVERY episode, a 100% deal!


And, NO shows where there isn't any physical contact predominantly either hand/foot or weapons should even qualify as Wuxia. It is XianXia, period.

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