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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘

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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 千古玦尘/Qiāngǔ jué chén
English title: Ancient Love Poetry

Genre: Xianxia, Romance, Drama

Episodes: 48

Director: Yin Tao, Li Cai

Broadcast Period: 2021



Zhou Dong Yu as Shang Gu / Hou Chi
Xu Kai as Bai Jue / Qing Xiu / Bai Xuan
Zhang Jia Ni as Wu Huan
Liu Xue Yi as Tian Qi
Li Ze Feng as Zhi Yang
Lai Yi as Gu Jun
Luo Qiu Yun as Yue Mi
Zhang Ya Qin as Feng Ran
Fu Xin Bo as Mu Guang
Huang Jue as Sen Jian
Zhang Yun Long as Jing Jian
Zhang Xiao Chen as Xuan Yi
Huang Yi as Hong Ri
Fan Jin Wei as Mo Yu


When the ordinary human encounters difficulties and separation in his life, he can nevertheless resort to praying to the Gods and to Buddha – but what if one is a deity?

She lost the memories she had of the three hundred years before the Disaster of Chaos occurred, causing her to forget the love which she had buried deep in her heart.

But she will never forget how he quietly stayed by her side for sixty thousand years; she will never forget the thousands of years he spent in the Northern Sea, frozen in time; she will never forget how he stood upright on the Green Dragon Stage, enduring the pain of having his bones crushed and body burnt; she will never forget how he chose to shatter his spirit into a million pieces and turned into ash, just so she could live.

Today, in the desolation of the Nine Provinces and the loneliness of the Three Realms, a solitary figure remains standing on the Gan Kun Stage.

In this lifetime, she is able to stand upright in front of all the Immortals and Gods; she is able to stand upright in front of the innumerable people and spirits living in the Nine Provinces and Eight Wilderness; she is able to stand upright in front of her deceased Father God Qing Tian; but in front of him, she is unable to stand upright and declare that she is free of regrets.

She owes him more than one hundred and thirty thousand years; she is indebted to him for more than three lifetimes.

This time, she would be the one waiting for him to return. Even if millions of years pass, she would never, ever leave.

Cr shushengbar

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**




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Sooo it’s not the best xianxia out there but ZDY captured the young girl falls first love so well that it makes me smile lol. Would I love it more lovey dovey ? Possibly, but then coming out from seco

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7 hours ago, Nur_Yana said:

Saw the behind the scene....looks like really high budget...the filming set...really beautiful. I am not familiar with FL.. 

The female lead mostly act in movies, i only saw her in The Palace the movie. At first, i thought her face seems too modern look, but it seem okay now. And for xianxia drama, the number of episodes is not that many. I guess it will be more compact in the storyline.

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I liked the trailer so much.  But something about Xu Kai's hair style is disturbing me.  Something is odd which makes his face look so elongated.  I even liked him with that hair style in the story of yanxi palace.  IDK, i have to watch the trailer many times and get used to it.  :approves:BTW the FL is so pretty.

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On 2/1/2021 at 4:38 PM, Nur_Yana said:

I saw MDL updated air time for this drama is on Feb but then again today I see it changed...postpone to Oct :expressionless:


Too bad...well. at least it's this year. 


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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘

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