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Guest Greentea

yeah so sweet.. haha i hope e subs of the award ceremony comes out soon so that i'll be able to understand what's actually going on.. the conversations seem so funnie

90% of the show i keep heard of samsoon name..hope the subs comes out soon..so happy for mnikss cast..

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Thx.. :D R there any more awards given out? going to finished soon?

puhaha that is the last one .the da sang just given off ....wait till u all see SBS ...THAT IS like ten times more category then MBC ~that is if they stilll follow their old format they have all sort of best actor/actress category .~ ` hehe ~~ and they have this top ten popular actor/actresss ..while ....MBC only give out one for each

Kim Sun A ~~ was very emotional .but she does deserved it ..~ .^^ congrats to her

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Guest aznchocol8luver


wow..she looks so pretty

definitely.. n tatz TONS OF FLOWERS THERE!!!~~

does anyone have the full version to the drama awards in HQ or HD clubbox link..?

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Guest k3n4uri





credit: baidu hyun bin

Wow, two of my favorite tv couples on the same stage together! I got to watch this award show. I hope someone will be subbing it. Thanks in advance to whoever does! :)

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