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[Taiwanese Drama 2020] Netflix Original - The Victims' Game 誰是被害者


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Chinese title:  誰是被害者 / Shei Shi Bei Hai Zhe 
English title: The Victims' Game
Genre: Crime TV Dramas, TV Shows Based on Books, Social Issue TV Dramas, Taiwanese TV Shows, TV Mysteries, TV Thrillers, TV Dramas
Episodes: 8 [1 Season]

Screenwriter: Liang Shuting, Xu Ruiliang, Huang Yujia
Origin: Taiwan
Broadcast Period: April 30, 2020

Broadcast Network: NETFLIX  https://www.netflix.com/id-en/title/81227121


Source: Adapted from the novel The Fourth Victim (第四名被害者) by Tian Di Wu Xian



While investigating a series of serial murder cases, forensic detective Fang Yiren who struggles with social interactions due to Asperger's disease discovers that his estranged daughter Jiang Xiao Meng may be linked to the murders. In order to find the truth, he must cooperate with reporter Xu Hai Yin who holds important clues that can help him save his daughter's life.


The Victims' Game is a Taiwanese mystery series.

 "After discovering his estranged daughter's link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with Asperger's syndrome risks everything to solve the case." 
    —Netflix Synopsis 


"As a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome, Fang Yi-Ren detects key evidence in a mysterious murder and discovers that the evidence links to his estranged daughter. In order to find out the truth without being noticed by his police colleagues, he takes risks by utilizing his forensic knowledge to mislead his irritable detective partner Zhao Cheng-Kuan who is also on this case. In the meantime, he sets out to co-investigate with Xu Hai-Yin, an adventurous journalist who holds important clues to the case. Fang Yi-Ren eventually realizes that the key to the truth is not his excellent forensic knowledge but the feelings and emotions that have been long suppressed…" 
    —Netflix Press Release 




Main Role

Joseph Chang as Fang Yi Ren, a forensic detective
Tiffany Hsu as Xu Hai Yin, a journalist
Jason Wang as Zhao Cheng Kuan


Support Role
Li Mu as Jiang Xiao Meng, Fang Yi Ren's daughter
River Huang as You Cheng Hao
Ruby Lin as Li Ya Jun
Ning Ding as Su Ke Yun
Rexen Cheng as Zhuang Bing Yao
Chen Chia Kuei as Zhang Cong Jian
Joseph Hsia as Xia Jing Ting
Nian Xian Ma as Hui Zi
Chang Tsai Hsing as Xiao Liao
Diane Lin as Chen Yu Xuan

Hong Sheng De as Sun Yong Zhen
Isa Hsieh as Wu Fang Ning
Bruce Chen as Da Ze
Qiong Zi Zhang as Chen Li Qi
Tseng Jing Hua as Fang Yi Ren [Young]
Han Chang as Professor
Grace Ko as Jian Shu Ji
Yin Zhao De as Zhou Yang
Alice Huang as Zhang Xing


Episode Guides

1. Fingerprints


Fang Yi Ren inspects a fingerprint from the scene of a grisly crime and strikes a deal with investigative journalist Xu Hai Yin.

Watch Fingerprints. Episode 1 of Season 1.

2. News Report


On a victim's charred body, Fang Yi Ren finds evidence that incriminates a construction company. The truth about Yu Cheng hao's death comes to light.

Watch News Report. Episode 2 of Season 1.


3. Candle



As police search for Chang Tsung-chien, Fang recalls an incident in Jiang Xiao Meng's past, and uncovers a shocking truth about the recent deaths.

Watch Candle. Episode 3 of Season 1.


4. Station


Amid a probe into the death of a man thought to be an ex-con, Fang Yi Ren and Xu Hai Yin follow the next link in the murder-suicide chain.

Watch Station. Episode 4 of Season 1.


5. Tattoo


As Liu Kuang-yung's fate hangs by a thread, Fang Yi Ren visits a tattoo shop linked to Xiao Meng and encounters Xu Hai Yin.

Watch Tattoo. Episode 5 of Season 1.


6. Final Wish



Detective Zhao suspects efforts to destroy evidence and exposes Fang Yi Ren's personal connection to the cases. Xiao-meng leaves a clue for Fang Yi Ren.

Watch Final Wish. Episode 6 of Season 1.



7. Pemphis Acidula



Fang Yi Ren and Xu Hai Yin learn about Chiang Jo-ying's tragic end. As the investigation faces an impasse, Li Ya-chun turns herself in to the police.

Ps. Ruby Lin makes a special guest appearance.

Watch Pemphis Acidula. Episode 7 of Season 1.


8. Umbrella



Jiang Xiao-meng and Li Ya-chun make searing confessions about their personal motivations and involvement in the suicide cult. Xu Hai Yin finds a new purpose.

Watch Umbrella. Episode 8 of Season 1.




Promotional Images






The Victims' Game (Netflix) review - a grisly Taiwanese crime drama











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What is Asperger’s syndrome?

Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). AS is considered to be on the mild end of the spectrum. People with AS exhibit three primary symptoms:

  • having difficulty with social interaction
  • engaging in repetitive behavior
  • standing firm on what they think
  • focusing on rules and routines


Some people with ASDs are classified as high-functioning. High-functioning autism means that these individuals don’t have delayed language skills and cognitive development that is typical of many people with ASDs.


Often, individuals diagnosed with AS have normal or above normal intelligence. In addition, people with this condition are frequently able to be educated in mainstream classrooms and hold jobs.


AS cannot be cured. Early diagnosis and intervention can help a child make social connections, achieve their potential, and lead a productive life.



AS can caused social isolation, employment problems, family stress, bullying, self-harm



People with Asperger syndrome are of average or above average intelligence. They don't have the learning disabilities that many autistic people have, but they may have specific learning difficulties. They have fewer problems with speech but may still have difficulties with understanding and processing language.

With the right sort of support, all can be helped to live a more fulfilling life of their own choosing.



Oh wow... reading the text about AS makes my heart break for the people that have it.


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Ok.. I think I'm done making the thread... :D

I happen to saw this drama in another forum that I usually go [an old old old Indonesian forum] when I want to check if there's any new drama worth watching.. lol...

The trailer and reviews I saw looks very promising.. I think I'm gonna watch this drama this weekend...


@phikyl @Sushimi @skibbies Tagging you guys.. because I think this drama might suit your taste.. 

@UnniSarah @Lmangla @triplem @caranita @tothestars want to give this a try?

@angelangie @themarchioness tagging you both for fun :P 

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Episode 1 was awesome . The acting was actually good. While watching the first episode I felt the frustration of the male lead , the story is well written but because of its intensity I can’t binge watch it in a day. 

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I'm gonna start watching tonight... got called in for work.. so its working time... no time for drama for lyn this morning... :(

Not gonna lie just by skimming the episodes, I feel like I might break down and cry because of how relatable and sad that we as a person wants to be recognize. how people can easily loose their empathy.. and also how easy it is for someone to bully others just because they're different.

So I do get what you're saying @UnniSarah 

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Had to stop in the middle of the finale episode (8), and all I can say that the show is haunting. It's a police procedural, but it's also about people, how they deal with their past, how they're trying to fix their past. I didn't recognize Ruby Lin when she appeared for the first time, and all I can say is: wow, this is very different from her typical roles (which I know of), and I never thought she had that in her :) 

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Just finished! Well the ending isnt scary and dark as i thought. It has a good ending though. I feel so bad for the rest police actors, their part were really monoton n plain.


Oh btw one thing why dont they show about Captain Kuan's family, i almost thought that his son will also included on the list. 


Ruby Lin's acting is so scary LOL, her makeup is so on point! Wow, and Hsiao Meng also very good. Well every lead and victims did a very god job. 


Now let's detox with watchng the light n colorful dramas LOL

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