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kdramas, kactresses, kvariety icons, blends etc
Yled's Soompi Fanart Topic


I posted my fanart etc on my Live Journal, and I'm going to try to do it here, and if you like it, I'll posted whenever I update here.

*the fanvid list are on the end of this post*

First soompi Update!!!!!!!

song hye kyo (seems to be soompi queen)

1.song8.jpg 2.song5.jpg 3.song2.jpg

4.song.jpg 5.song4.jpg 6.song6.jpg


Jeon Ji Hyun

8.JJH2.jpg 9.JJH3.jpg 10.JJH4.jpg

11.JJH5.jpg 12.JJH6.jpg 13.JJH7.jpg

14.JJH8.jpg 15.JJH9.jpg 16.JJH12.jpg

17.JJH13.jpg 18.JJH14.jpg 19.JJH15.jpg

Yoon Eun Hye

20.YEH1.jpg 21.YEH2.jpg 22.YEH4.jpg

23.YEH5.jpg 24.YEH8.jpg 25.YEH9.jpg

26.YEH10.jpg 27.yeh13.jpg 28.yeh14.jpg

29.yeh15.jpg 30.yeh16.jpg 31.yeh17.jpg

32.yeh18.jpg 33.yeh19.jpg 34.yeh20.jpg

35.yeh21.jpg 36.yeh22.jpg 37.yeh23.jpg



Fanvids List

-Goong Fanvid. ChaegYung & Shin

-Xman Fanvid, Yoon Eun Hye & Kim Jong Kook

-Somewhere a Clock is ticking Yoon Eun Hye & Kim Jong Kook

-Jeon Ji-Hyun Phenomena

I've got goong icons too, but it's better i'll stop right now xD.

I make american drama fanart too [veronica mars, greys anatomy, lost, oth, prison break, himym, etc] so feel free to ask.

Right now I'm working on X-Man icons (the HaHa, KJK, YEH, Lee Jin & Shinhwa old times)

and remember


If there is something wrong about my post, please tell me and I'll fix it. :)

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest MiSs L.E

WOW! those jjh icons and blend are so sexy! :D

and shg looks outstanding in ur icons!!

# 34 of eunhye looks really nice.. i think its the color of pink/red. =D NIIICE work!!

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Guest chibi_ryou

ZOMG.. your icons are HAWT! wow.. gorgeous coloring.. how do you do it? :P anyway, thanks for sharing! ^^

hope to see more =]


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Guest MiSs L.E


my favy is lthe last one and 5th one!!! the sky one is amazing too!


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Guest estincelle*

goodness, it's the 3 ladies that i envy and adore. this thread is BURNING UP right now *hot hot hot* i LOVE you coloring..and your cropping too!

nhi <3

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Ohh Thanks everyone!!!!! I'll be posting new icons of Jeon Ji Hyun & Song Hye Kyo very soon! :D

GORGEOUS iconsssssssss!!! They're all so coool and nice looking!!

How did you manage to get that colour effect?!?!?!?

Uff....it's very hard to explain, but basically I've mixed a few of color balance & hue/saturation layer to get the colour effect.

I've done just one Tutorial....but, maybe it helps :) Maybe, in a future not very away I make a YEH tutorial :)

Here the tutorial

ps: its ok if my signature dont shows up? :S :wacko:

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hey everyone! Merry X-mas!!!! ^_^

Here we go with my little gifts for you all! :D I hope you like it, and if you want to see more, go to my LJ that I have more updates! :Dmy LJ


song hye kyo


Yoon Eun Hye

Joo Ji Hoon & Song Ji Hyo

song hye kyo

1.song16.jpg 2.song15.jpg 3.song14.jpg 4.song13.jpg

5.song12.jpg 6.song11.jpg 7.song19.jpg 8.song18.jpg

9.song22.jpg 10.song21.jpg 11.song20.jpg


12.promogang.jpg 13.promogang2-1.jpg 14.promogang3.jpg 15.promogang4.jpg

16.promogang5.jpg 17.promogang7.jpg 18.promogang8.jpg 19.promogang9.jpg

20.promogang10.jpg 21.promogang11.jpg 22.promogang12.jpg 23.promogang14.jpg

Yoon Eun Hye

24.yeh57.jpg 25.yeh59.jpg 26.yeh60.jpg 27.yeh61.jpg

28.yeh62.jpg 29.yeh63.jpg 30.yeh64.jpg 31.yeh65.jpg

Joo Ji Hoon & Song Ji Hyo (I'm one of these weird person who actually like this couple xDDDDDD)

32. hyorinshin.jpg 33. hyorinshin2.jpg 34.hyorinshin3.jpg 35.hyorinshin4.jpg

36.hyorinshin6.jpg 37.hyorinshin7.jpg 38.hyorinshin8.jpg 39.hyorinshin9.jpg

40.hyorinshin10.jpg 41.hyorinshin11.jpg 42.hyorinshin12.jpg 43.hyorinshin13.jpg

44.hyorinshin14.jpg 45.hyorinshin15.jpg 46.hyorinshin16.jpg 47.hyorinshin17.jpg



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Merry X-mas part two!!!!!!!!! :P Nobody comment on my last arts-update....I hope it would be cause no one see them, and not because no one like them........ :tears: I'm very sad about that, because I reaally worked on that entrie....anyway, I'll be improving myself to reach a better style. :)

and anyway, i'm still making more things, for the xmas time :P

today Update:

Song Hye Kyo Xmas blend

Jeon Ji Hyun

Lee Dong Wook

Yoon Eun Hye

Song Hye Kyo Blend:


Jeon Ji Hyun

1.JJH17.jpg 2.JJH18.jpg 3.JJH19.jpg

4.JJH20.jpg 5.JJH21.jpg

Lee Dong Wook

6.LDW.jpg 7.LDW2.jpg 8.LDW3.jpg

9.LDW4.jpg 10.LDW5.jpg 11.LDW6.jpg

Yoon Eun Hye

12.yeh66.jpg 13.yeh67.jpg

Thanks, and merry xmaaas!!!! :blush:

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