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[Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원

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@pauliza Welcome to the Forum! Yup, sadly this is only slated for 8 episodes I read it looking it up. I think this is a great drama. Sad it is short but glad it was MADE. We can still enjoy it right til the end and always rewatch our fave parts.








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@larus OMG cool I did not know. I was thinking if the actress was Cha Tae Hyun's mom. Looking at them, I could see the family resemblance and thanks for saving me the research to figure it out.  

This was such a lovely little drama. I don't have anything to add since everyone who already posted their last thoughts on the drama said it all. But I think I want to say we really need more of these

I enjoyed episode 5 and 6 very much as well.   I felt for Hyun Jin when she . I ever experienced it but I think women know very well how sensitive our boobs are, so to find out about ma

I enjoyed this week episodes as well. I knew that Do Yoon is not having an affair but I did not think that he is hiding  a medical problem. I am glad everything was resolved. I loved the scene where both of them were "broken" and hugged. I love them together. 

I guessed right that the young man who came at the center was Roo Da`s baby daddy but I was a surprised that he was the son of the director too. :D

I thought Alex Choi was a man too.

The "fight" between Hyun Jin and Eun Jung over the babysitter was funny. :D


Two more episodes left. I don`t know when time passed.

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Reasons Why Viewers Want A 2nd Season Of “Birthcare Center”


Nov 23, 2020
by S. Nam

tvN’s “Birthcare Center” is nearing its finale!

“Birthcare Center” is an eight-part noir series following Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won) as she adapts to life as a new mom. Although she is the youngest executive at her company, she is the oldest mom at the postpartum care center where she’s staying. She went through a rough time giving birth and must now grow into her new role as a mom while interacting with the fellow mothers at the center. During her stay there, she meets Jo Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun), another mother at the center who is known as the “queen bee.”

Viewers have grown to love “Birthcare Center” for its unique directing and realistic portrayal of postpartum motherhood. The drama also included comedic moments, such as when Jang Hye Jin and Uhm Ji Won perfectly parodied “Snowpiercer,” while Yoon Park dressed up as if he had hair loss. On top of all that, Uhm Ji Won and Park Ha Sun fought intensely like martial arts masters to take the position of the babysitter.


In addition to the hilarious comedy, the drama highlighted the stories of the mothers within the postpartum care center, making viewers tear up with their stories while emphasizing that it is okay to be clumsy and mess up. Even in recent episodes, “Birthcare Center” covered the concerns and choices a mother has to deal with as well has what they lose in the process. In episode 6, viewers were also captivated by a relatable conversation between Uhm Ji Won and her mother.




Scriptwriter Kim Ji Soo chose “honesty” as the most important aspect while writing the drama. She shared, “After giving birth and becoming a mother, ‘mother mode’ doesn’t begin right away. I wanted to talk honestly in an interesting way about how even after people become mothers, their greed for work, success, and love are still very vividly alive. Even if they haven’t experienced giving birth, I hope viewers relate, have fun, and gain comfort from watching.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1439445wpp/reasons-why-viewers-want-a-2nd-season-of-birthcare-center







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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원

Idk if it's just me but when woo-seok brought rooda's father outta nowhere - he's crossed major trust boundaries. Maybe he should've had a serious conversation with her, but being 'family' isn't an excuse for anything. If Rooda didn't want shet to do with him, there must've been a reason. Not all fathers/mothers make good parents/beings. At least he eventually realized what a scum the father is and his wrongdoing.


Eunjung's arc went pretty well. She had some dislikable moments earlier on, yet she learned to accept working moms and confronted her husband's lack of support. I wasn't concerned for her starting an affair with the delivery guy as she had 3 kids to think about. 


I got so worried when hyunjin said she was taking a year off from work. 

It totally looks like they're still planning to replace her with alex...


Yoonji's/og gluestick's story was so saddening. Was wondering what happened to her all episode.

At least we got resolution and see her coming to terms with the incident. My idiot self thought Raon went missing bc of yoonji > hyunjin disappearing. 


Lmfao cha taehyun's cameo tho. I knew the nursing lady was his mother, but I didn't expect him to show.


This drama wrapped up nicely. It was like watching fellow students grow & graduate. 

I didn't have much complains - maybe bc the episodes were kept short, thus conflict short?




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“The Penthouse” Soars Higher As “Birthcare Center” Ends On Personal Best Viewership Ratings


The Penthouse” continues to rise as “Birthcare Center” and “My Dangerous Wife” end on a high note!


According to Nielsen Korea, the November 24 episode of “The Penthouse” Recorded average nationwide ratings of 12.2 and 16.0 percent, a new personal best from last episode’s 15.5 percent.


tvN’s “Birthcare Center” went out on a high note, with its final episode recording average nationwide ratings of 4.2 percent and a peak of 5.6 percent. This is a new personal best for the drama.


MBN’s “My Dangerous Wife” also concluded on a high note with ratings of 3.380 percent.


On MBC, “Kairos” recorded ratings of 2.6 and 2.7 percent for episode seven, and 3.0 and 3.0 percent for episode eight. On November 24, “Kairos” aired two episodes back-to-back after being several postponements due to sports broadcasts.


On JTBC, “Live On,” which only airs once a week, recorded ratings of 0.428 percent.



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i love all the wild imaginations Hyun Jin has for Gluestick (Ra On)... where Yoon Park plays all the roles of teenage/adult Gluestick!


dumb and dumber laughing GIF


i'm glad the plot did not end up with Hyun Jin applying 1yr sabbatical leave cos that would have been the stereotypical way of how everyone expects mothers to choose.. and possibly end up everyone will continue to have the same expectations that working mothers must give up their careers for their babies (although not saying it shouldn't be the way as well).


5 hours ago, tofumochu said:

Eunjung's arc went pretty well. She had some dislikable moments earlier on, yet she learned to accept working moms and confronted her husband's lack of support. 

i was happy for her as well. at least, her hubby was truly clueless and assumed she was really ok when she said she is ok. well, i have to agree that, guys are usually "simple minded" they do not analyze the deep meanings behind every word of woman.


Zach Galifianakis Reaction GIF


i love Roo Da and the Director hahaha! they totally clicked! and see how Roo Da said good bye with a raised palm and she responded the same! lol


thanks everyone during this fun ride here!



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OMG ended but I only saw ep 7. I have yet to watch ep 8. Very busy week as Thanksgiving here and plan to watch it tonight.

Gosh though ep 7 was great. Just an amazing drama.


-To find out the other mom sent those notes and her own baby was NOT Sprout but actually Glue Stick

(Her story was sad --IVF, 2 miscarriages etc. ) But her mental state was not good and befriending our FL to get closer to Glue Stick. It was a bit hairy and the center SHOULD have told the FL. This was not right and thank goodness that nothing SERIOUS happened


-Liked FL got good news for her support for a simple name for product and that sold like hot cakes and the company wants her back to talk to her. YES! This was a boast of confidence our FL needed and her struggles with Glue Stick and work. But also she got to see the hard trials of another mom's struggles and has chance to reflect on her situation. Sprout but actually the other Glue Stick's mom was projecting but OMG a bit scary though a bit towards the end


-Queen Bee going to the press conference for her hubby, her leaking Milk and trying to hide it and not ABLE to tell her HUBBY who was embarrassed and not understanding. It was uncomfortable but realistic and embarrassing. I am glad she went to the piano recital. 


-The thoughts of having MALE friends or friend of the opposite gender is not unheard of actually. I had one Korean friend tell me and a Taiwanese friend (both male) they would STOP all female friends after getting married. (I was like WHAT?)  So it is definitely NOT unheard of for sure.


-Roo Da (not liking her real name and cute she HAD to show her license reluctantly) and her issues with her parents. Wonder what it is that she doesn't want to talk about them, def cool she likes her partner's mom the center's director. Glad she is taking her advice as not hindering your and Yomi but HELPING you achieve them if you take care of YOURSELF. YEAH. Glad she is doing what the others are for their bodies and health. 


-FL hubby with Roo da's partner about the importance of choosing the right name. So TRUE I know that for Chinese (we don't repeat relative's names). Their are some rules but one character for the generation---so for my siblings and I we share the character for "family" in our names. And so on and so on. So it was cool to see how the cameo name person was HILARIOUS. 


Looking forward to watching ep 8.  It has been fun chatting with you all.

I will  post about ep 8 after I watch it. I hope to read others thoughts too if there are others who want to post.

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Only able to watch Ep 7 now. I hope I can watch until Ep 8 today because of I will be in a official trip tomorrow :selfie2:


- My heart breaks for Sprout's omma :bawling: If I was her I can not imagine what will happen to me. I might be will die :bawling:


- I am happy that now Ro Da cares more of herself and her baby :blush: It's amazing isn't it. Since we bear them inside our womb, everything we do sync with them. We must to be happy and healthy so our babies will be happy and healthy too :fullofhearts:


- Ro da and Sarang's omma conversation about 'chingu' friendship between a man and a married woman/mother is interesting to me. Is it normal and acceptable? I have many namja friends. Long time friends, office mates, and etc and we are friends because of we know we are friends. But it is difficult if not friends anymore. Between friends, I meant with my namja friends, we don't give each other presents. We will just hangout together. I can feel Sarang's omma because of that guy friend gives her a birthday present and tells her that her presence on his concert will encouraging him. It's very confusing. *sighhhhhh


- Love how the moms in post partum care center think carefully to choose their babies names :blush:  When we're pregnant, we will be excited to find a name for the baby :kiss_closed: I told my husband once when I was still pregnant, "Don't you dare to change my baby boy name because of I found and wanting this name for my baby boy since 17 years ago, even before I met you." Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha. From my point of view, because of my child will use my husband's last name, at least his first name must be from mom. Haha. But I gave hubby the chance to gives the middle name for our baby ^_* 


- I am Laughing out Loud now seeing the bra set that Ro Da will gives to the director. HAHAHAHA :joy: :joy:


-  and when the dads go to the fortune teller to find the names for their babies. HAHAHA :joy::joy:


- The last part of this ep really breaking my heart :(  I cry watching this now :tears:

I understand Sprout's mom feelings, but I agree with Glue Stick's mom. How come the director did not tell to Glue Stick's omma about Sprout's omma conditions because it will be harming Glue Stick.



PS. I pray for all women out there, who want and have been waiting for having the baby, please stay happy and keep trying and keep praying. I always believe, in one point at our lives, if we keep trying and praying, our dreams will be come true :heart:

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I liked this drama. It had humor, serious issues, friendships. I like that it was a short drama too. I think it was a good drama and it was just my cup of tea.


I loved all the characters and it had good cameos.

Jung Sang Hoon was hilarious (as always ) in the fortune teller character. And seeing Cha Tae Hyun and his on-screen mom I was sure they are mother and son in real life. I checked and indeed Choi Soo Min is Cha Tae Hyun`s mother and she is a famous voice actress.



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@larus OMG cool I did not know. I was thinking if the actress was Cha Tae Hyun's mom. Looking at them, I could see the family resemblance and thanks for saving me the research to figure it out.


@Sejabin Thanks for your thoughts on ep 7 . Have a good trip.


I was off yesterday as Thanksgiving here holiday. I finally caught ep 8 last night.


EP 8 thoughts


-OMG agreed with @larus Perfect 8 episode drama, thought I would have seen more it would be too much


-Seeing that Roo da's boyfriend/partner learned he did wrong to her asking her dad to see her. Then later he confessed and told her why he did what he did. (YES communication people works) So she is able to accept why he did it not with bad intentions. Then she explained to him due to her dad and mom's suffering her issues with marriage. Then to have his mom the Director tell her it is ok to have those thoughts but not all will be bad like her mom's situation. Awww loved them.  Glad she was willing to take the plunge and she has a MAN who is way better than her own father. Who her now fiance saw was not caring for his daughter and only had dollar signs in mind. Then he realized the dad lied about being sick.


-Queen bee FINALLY talking with her hubby saying I want to be happy. So when her hubby finally told her confessed she was not the cause of his slump and he was embarrassed to face her and the family due to it. Also telling her, he took her at face value "it is fine" and never thought beyond it. I mean at the photo shoot with her breasts leaking milk he did NOT know. She still did not tell him. It took the reporter apologizing and him FINALLY putting two and two together seeing the pics. Glad she said you said EVERYTHING was important. They are finally able to heal and YES people communication does wonders. (Then again both parties have to be willing to listen too)

(Glad the pianist / delivery man told her to BE HAPPY you have that right. Awww.) 


Nice that Queen Bee and the Director both said it is ok to be selfish. YOU have to be a happy mom for your child to be happy. So the Director giving the premium formula and the Queen Bee who is all about time with the baby let our FL be at ease for wanting to take on that amazing opportunity and private label. I thought that was nice.


The ending saying they ALL were from all different walks of life (especially in the FL room to be a farewell gathering) was lovely. All are interesting women joined by their common plight--just having a newborn baby. I liked it was a cycle and now the others left you have the new batch of new moms arrive.



The caregiver who gives voice to the babies (she did annoy me at time not going to lie) to hear from her son to be patient she wanted to be a voice actress and her son knows her so well. OMG I liked learning that about her character.


Just a feel good drama and just happy. Poor Yoon Park looking ridiculous as their son as an adult in those imaginary scenes was HILARIOUS. Seeing him uber be OCD cleaning their home before he arrived, WOAH.


Glad I caught this drama it was amazing.

Thanks all for being on this journey-new friends and old. Loved this drama and see you around!

@larus@Sejabin @Jillia @sadthe1st @cafe99 @balletgoddess @jongski @rocher22 @SuZy Leoo @tofumochu @agenth @emmie @qynn @nat_phoenix88 @pauliza


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Popping in to say this drama was a refreshing and charming. I was rather amazed there was such a place as a convalescent home for new mothers, but it’s a fab idea! 

why did they divide up into greens and pinks? 

anyway, loved that the story was tight and to the point, and showed everyone’s POV’s within 8 episodes. Good job, writers!

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On 11/27/2020 at 11:53 PM, Nodame said:

@Sejabin Thanks for your thoughts on ep 7 . Have a good trip.


I was off yesterday as Thanksgiving here holiday. I finally caught ep 8 last night.


Thank you @Nodame I always love to read your posts on the kdramas thread :blush: I only able to watch Ep 8 today because of Real Life is more important hehe ^_*



Ep 8


"Pregnancy is exhausting, and labor is cruel, and the recovery process is miserable. "

(Post partum center director, Ep 8)


- FInally EP 8 and I am not ready yet to say goodbye to the moms in post partum care center :bawling: and I am going to miss the director too :kiss_wink:


- I love Oh Hyun Jin's fashion style and makeup style in this drama. I love her red lipstick. I will addopt her fashion and makeup style in my 40s :blush:


"a baby's personality built until they're three years old."  (Post partum center director, Ep 8)

This is so true. In my office we're campaigning this too. Human's personality built in their first 3 years of life. As parents we must to be carefull in this first 3 golden years. We can't lose this special stage of our children's life because of we could not turn back the times. 


- "Affection creates a decent human being."  (Post partum center director, Ep 8)

One thing that I love about this drama is, I can learn many things and got many informations about parenting and motherhood from a kdrama ^_*. About raising a child with affection in their first 3 years of life, this is also what we campaign everyday at office :kiss_wink: Once my husband protests me because of he sees that I am too soft and gentle to our baby. He is a boy. And I gave him a speech about baby's personality built until they're 3 years old and about affection creates a decent human being. HAHAHA. I don't agree with a theory that we can not pampering our baby boy too much because of he is a boy. A baby boy must to learn about affection too so they can be a good gentleman who know how to treat women well. I want to raise my son with affection because of he will be a husband and a father someday. 


- "Mothers and babies grows together." (Nurse, Ep 8) 

So agree with this. No mother will be an expert at the first time of being a mother. But we learn many new things everyday and we learn how to be a mom everyday. We grow together with our babies.


- I am glad that Ro Da and her boyfriend will be getting married. A baby should grow in a good neighborhood. If children grew up in a good and complete family, they can learn that family are: a mother, a father, and children.  Children from broken home family usually will have traumatic experience like Ro Da. When having babies or children, it's parents duty to provide the good environment for them to grow up. 



- I love OHJ pearls jewelry when she went to her office. I always love pearls. It's romantic :relaxed:


- I agree with Sarang's omma. A happy mother will raising a happy children. That is why I.want.to.be.happy  because of I am a mother :issohappy:


- I am relieved that everything ends well between the happy man and Sarang's omma. 


- Finally they confirmed in this drama that mothers need formula milk because of mothers need help. Hahaha. DO AGREE. breastfeeding will be easier if the situation also support the mother. For a mom who raise and taking care my baby mostly alone, I do really need formula milk to help me. Carrying my baby alone at night if he cries and the next morning I must to go work and if between that I still forced my self to not use formula milk, I will be die. He he he. 


- I also love it that this drama gives a perspective of how to understand the mothers even though mothers must have lacking in some ways :fullofhearts:


- I always agree with the last scene. When we become a mother, we would never able to get back to what we were before. We grow. 




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This was such a lovely little drama. I don't have anything to add since everyone who already posted their last thoughts on the drama said it all. But I think I want to say we really need more of these type of dramas. Dramas which touch on topics like this and talk about it openly without any limit.


It was a pleasant surprise to watch this drama and I want to thank everyone who made this experience even better. :D 

@larus@Sejabin @Jillia @sadthe1st @cafe99 @balletgoddess @jongski @rocher22 @SuZy Leoo @tofumochu @agenth @emmie @qynn @nat_phoenix88 @pauliza @Nodame


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