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[Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원


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Watch: Park Ha Sun And Uhm Ji Won Hide Their True Selves From The Elegant “Birthcare Center”


Oct 8, 2020
by C. Hong

tvN’s upcoming drama “Birthcare Center” has revealed some comedic teasers of its lead actresses!

“Birthcare Center” is a noir drama about the world of high-level postpartum care. It centers around a woman named Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won), who is the youngest executive at her company but the oldest mother at her luxurious postpartum care center. During her stay there, she meets Jo Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun), another mother at the center who is known as the “queen bee.”

The first teasers for the drama focused on the noir aspects of the drama and the opulent surroundings of the postpartum care center.

In one of the new teasers, Park Ha Sun waves an elegant goodbye to the attendant holding her baby before putting on a cap and dancing to Rain’s “Gang.” She gets lost in the dance, getting down on her knees, but as soon as the attendant comes back in, she pretends to be praying.



In another new teaser, Uhm Ji Won and her husband (Yoon Park) are preparing to enjoy a late night snack of chicken feet when Jang Hye Jin (who plays Choi Hye Sook, the director of the care center) enters with a disapproving look. The couple immediately sweeps the food away and pretends to be taking selfies. When Jang Hye Jin says, “You know capsaicin can be transmitted through breast milk?”, the couple are shamed into silence before Jang Hye Jin joins them for a photo.


The new posters for the drama also show the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous side of postpartum care. Uhm Ji Wo prepares for an elegant feast, but all the food is made of seaweed, which is said to be helpful for women who have just given birth. In another poster, Uhm Ji Won and Park Ha Sun get luxurious massages surrounded by cabbages, which are also said to be good for recovering from childbirth. In the third poster, Park Ha Sun smirks at the camera like a femme fatale, with a breast pump on the tray beside her.












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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원 - Mon & Tue @ 21:00 KST - Uhm Ji Won & Park Ha Sun- Premieres on November 2nd

I like the fact that it's a female centric drama, and with a topic that we don't see much (at least in a natural way, and no as a side event in a drama/suspense/tragedy) I'll be watching this series for sure (if there will be subs of course) :ilike:

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'Postpartum Care Center' released a written interview full of affection and sincerity for director Park Soo-won's work.


Director Park Soo-won of tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama'Postpartum Care Center' (director Park Soo-won, play Kim Ji-soo) ahead of the first broadcast on November 2nd, answered honestly and sincerely from the moment when he took over the work, directing points, and the production process. Answers are revealed to attract attention.


Director Park Soo-won said, “I was interested in the dynamic story after hearing writer Ji-soo Kim's difficult  story of childbirth and postpartum. The fact that having a child does not immediately become a ‘mother mode’, and the fact that there is a transition period from one individual to a mother seems to touch the most. And the moment I first encountered it, I thought that it would be the postpartum care center.”


Next, director Park Soo-won's answer to the question that asked the point that he paid the most attention to while directing the postpartum care center is also impressive. “In the'Postpartum Care Center', mothers with various values appear. At the postpartum care center, where mothers with different environments, professions, and values gather together, various disagreements sometimes arise, but in the end, I wanted to show that the person who can understand the mother best can be the next mother. He said, “It is not a story about the friendship and solidarity of mothers who understand each other's grievances,” rather than presenting the answer “Mom should be like this”. Focused attention on how the process of being reborn as a true'mother' by living together in the same space for adult women who have nothing in common, such as age, job, and school, gave birth at a similar time.


On the other hand, director Park Soo-won said, “I received advice from many experts to preserve the details of the actual postpartum care center.” As it is based on the artist's actual experience rather than a vain setting, it was felt that director Park Soo-won and all the production crew made great efforts in order to bring out the reality.








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“Birthcare Center” Cast Talk About Why They Chose The Drama, Working With One Another, And More



Oct 26, 2020
by S. Cho

The cast and director of tvN’s “Birthcare Center” spoke about the upcoming drama, their chemistry, and more!

On October 26, tvN held an online press conference for their upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Birthcare Center” with director Park Soo Won and actors Uhm Ji Won, Park Ha Sun, Jang Hye Jin, and Yoon Park.

“Birthcare Center” is an eight-part noir series following Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won) as she adapts to life as a new mom. Although she is the youngest executive at her company, she is the oldest mom at the postpartum care center where she’s staying. She went through a rough time giving birth and must now grow into her new role as a mom while interacting with the fellow mothers at the center.

Director Park Soo Won commented, “‘Birthcare Center’ is a drama many can relate to, as a successful careerwoman who is the youngest executive at her company falls into a mental rut overnight after becoming a mother and having to live each day with her new baby. It captures the growth of a new mother and it’s also a healing drama as she will become friends with the other mothers who all comfort one another. This drama won’t just be fun because you’ve experienced this, nor will it only be fun to those who have experienced this. I want to introduce this as a drama that you can enjoy and feel comforted by, even if you haven’t experienced it.”

All the actors revealed that they agreed to appear in “Birthcare Center” immediately after reading the script. Park Ha Sun shared, “I really read the script in an instant. As soon as I read it, I said I would do it. My character was so charming and I thought I would regret it if I missed out on it.” Park Ha Sun appears as Jo Eun Jung, a mother of three who has everything, including beauty, childcare skills, and the love of her husband.



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Watch: Uhm Ji Won Enters The World Of Motherhood In Comedic “Birthcare Center” Teaser



Oct 29, 2020
by C. Lee

tvN has given a new look at the upcoming drama “Birthcare Center”!

“Birthcare Center” is an eight-part noir series following Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won) as she adapts to life as a new mom. Although she is the youngest executive at her company, she is the oldest mom at the postpartum care center where she’s staying. She went through a rough time giving birth and must now grow into her new role as a mom while interacting with the fellow mothers at the center. During her stay there, she meets Jo Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun), another mother at the center who is known as the “queen bee.”

In the highlight video, Oh Hyun Jin and her husband Kim Do Woon (Yoon Park) enter the grand postpartum care center, which is described as “a heaven for mothers and their newborn children.” Although everything looks luxurious at first glance, the video soon reveals that a vicious class system exists within the world of postpartum care. Introducing a long train that the new mothers ride, a character explains, “The moms who are in the first car have all the power. They’re the queens of motherhood.”

Jo Eun Jung smiles with confidence as the clip describes her accomplishments as a mother. She’s said to have finished nursing her children within the first two years, given birth to twins naturally, and has been a single parent for six years. Oh Hyun Jin then asks, “What about the end of the train?” These moms are described as people no one cares about, and they don’t receive help from anyone. Dejected, Oh Hyun Jin says, “Hey, that’s me.”

The video goes on to show all the trouble the mothers go through to ensure that their newborns are healthy, and the clip ends with Oh Hyun Jin dancing as the voiceover says, “A glorious past only makes the woman who has become a mother look shabby.”






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Premiere Watch: Birthcare Center

by stroopwafel



Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Family, melo
Episode count: 8


Reasons to watch: Our first November premiere is all about families and motherhood–and it’s not all roses and that new baby smell. Set within a luxurious birthcare center (basically a sort of hotel-hospital for childbirth), the women at the heart of the drama are coping with the transition to motherhood and all that it entails. For Eom Ji-won and Park Ha-sun juggling motherhood and their other ambitions is trickier than they could have anticipated. While they definitely start out as something close to frenemies, their time in the center may end up bringing them together as friends. This is the first time that I can remember seeing a drama set entirely at a birthcare center and this focus on the world of new mothers specifically is so intriguing to me. Being responsible for a new life, societal expectations for mothers, and a baby’s impact on a couple’s relationship with each other–there’s so much emotional territory to be mined!



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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원 - Mon & Tue @ 21:00 KST - Uhm Ji Won & Park Ha Sun
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원 - Mon & Tue @ 21:00 KST

Thanks @Jillia This drama is definitely very interesting. I have heard of these post partum centers from my Korean friends. One married my roommate and she flew back to Korea to give birth to her son. She did not want to do it in the USA. 


This drama is very interesting and definitely NOT boring. Aww great to see Yoon Park too as the FL hubby. I am loving the STRONG women characters.


I loved the mom of the FL came in to say this is ridiculous about the "easy birth". She KNEW her daughter's pain and aggravation. But her mom was also the source of her not being able to drink her precious Americanos. Such an Asian believe on cold drinks. My mom always is on my case growing up and we are Chinese. I only as an adult like a few years ago (last 10) am better about drinking room temperature and warm stuff. I do drink cold drinks but not all the time as a result.


I wonder what relationships and side stories we will see at this Post Partum drama. I mean her schedule is breast feeding (2-3 hours was it?) , massage, eating and socializing. It is the LIFE! Also when they talked about how the FL was so calm, able to think straight thanks to the epidural shot. (My mom already told me her epidural shot came late. She said she NEVER experienced so much pain until that time.)


Or the elevator mishap and the other woman's water breaking her hubby and mom thought it was our FL finally peeing.


Definitely a drama to round out and balance my other more SERIOUS dramas in my rotation right now.



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I watched the first episode and I like this show. It has some funny parts and more serious ones. So far we know the story of Oh Hyun-Jin, a career woman who gave birth late. I like her and her husband. I got emotional when Hyun Jin`s mother came to the scene to care of her daughter. No matter how old you are , the mother is still a mother all her life.

When Hyun Jin defeated Grim Reaper and decided that she can`t die, I knew she will be one of my favorite characters. :D


I can`t wait to know the other moms from the Postartum center.

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I like the second episode as well. Good quality humor and has meaningful moments as well. Through characters we'll find out how a couple is facing the new tasks of being parents.

I am curious how the new mom will integrate at postartum clinic.






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16 hours ago, Nodame said:

@balletgoddess This drama is good.

BTW I love your top 10 list of dramas I haven't seen only 5/6/9 but I love the list.


Like hearing what the actors/actresses talk about the drama but no subs.


Making of some scenes 


Preview of ep 3


Aww thank you Nodame!! 

I highly recommend you watch those if you get a chance. (Dong Yi was popular when it was airing. NTOTG was kinda over looked cause it was a long weekend drama but the acting of the two leads made the story line so good! The forum on here was awesome. If you don't mind Taiwanese dramas I would recommend ISWAK as well.)



And yes yes this looks awesome, I'm just waiting for Viki to complete the subs.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] Postpartum Care Center, 산후조리원

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