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Kang Seung Yoon Talks About What He’s Learned From “Kairos,” Recording The OST, And More


Dec 23, 2020
by C. Hong

After the end of his MBC drama “Kairos,” Kang Seung Yoon participated in an interview with Newsen.

In “Kairos,” Kang Seung Yoon played the role of Gun Wook, a close friend of Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young) who played a key role in the solving of the “time-crossed” mystery.

“It feels like I became one with Gun Wook after spending half a year with him,” Kang Seung Yoon said. “I am really grateful to have learned so much working on a good set with good people, and I feel disappointed about having to leave. Personally speaking, I had so much fun filming every day that I can say that it was the best set I’d ever been on.”

Asked what he had learned from “Kairos,” he replied, “I think I developed the mindset of ‘let’s work hard to learn.’ I realized anew the importance of focusing on acting and immersing yourself in your character, but also the importance of improving with each project and working hard and learning from whatever you’re working on. On set, the director and senior actors gave me a lot of detailed advice. I tried to incorporate what they said instead of letting it flow past me. There will always be regrets, but I am grateful that people have recognized that I’ve grown.”

Kang Seung Yoon also recorded an OST (original soundtrack) for “Kairos,” titled “Can You Hear Me.” He said, “I was fortunate to receive a request from the producers. When I was recording the song, it felt like it was a recreation of the story in ‘Kairos.’ Like the song title, ‘Can You Hear Me,’ the drama is about the importance of two people connecting through words even if it’s just for a minute. I sang the song thinking about how I could bring that meaning to life. I also wanted to make my voice sound appropriate for the drama. I’m grateful that the viewers seemed to relate to the song and gave it a good reception.”

Kang Seung Yoon concluded with a message of thanks to the viewers and said, “At first, the viewers had a harsh reaction to Gun Wook betraying Ae Ri at the beginning of the drama, but that soon turned into support. I’m grateful because it meant that the viewers were immersed in the drama and reacting honestly to what they saw. When I see reactions like that, it made me think, ‘I did well.'”



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Thanks for the ride, Kairos.  

Overall, Kairos was a good drama, tightly written and well paced and acted. I think it deserved more than the low ratings it got, especially during the first half of the show, which I thought was the stronger half.


As I mentioned before, I still think the plot was a bit repetitive in the latter parts of the show. Once we figured out who the big baddie was, there just wasn’t that much left in the tank, plot wise. That said, I think the story was wrapped up nicely, finally taking advantage of the almost immediate transfer of information between KSJ of the past and future.


Still, some questions or questionable points remain:

1) Why did it take AR’s mom so long to do something with the files? Or what happened that led her to act on it and confront baddie? Maybe I missed or forgot something important. :crazymad:

2) Why didn’t KSJ just call the police in the future to show up like how they did in the past? Just in case? 
3) I thought some of the details or changes in the past didn’t make their way to the future. Like with the arrest of that police officer, shouldn’t AR have been alive at the time SJ died in the future? So she could have helped him out, no? Unless he didn’t kill her, which would be odd since she died by the same method he tried with KJH


Anyway, just a few things I noticed that didn’t take away my enjoyment of the show. Kairos passed the smell test with flying colors, unlike many other shows. Oh, I also had no problems with GW being redeemed since he helped AR and SJ a lot.


Shaun The Sheep Movie Ok GIF






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Kairos: Episodes 15-16 Open Thread (Final)

by Laica


In a powerful finale, Kairos delivers everything we were expecting and more—a satisfying, emotionally resonant resolution of our heroes’ journeys so far. As always, the attention to detail and excellent performances bring this story to vivid life. These characters have burrowed into my heart, and I’m sad to say goodbye.




With Kim Jin-ho comatose in both timelines, Present Ae-ri and Seo-jin focus on taking care of Jin-ho’s daughter, Ji-ah, and bringing down the Lieutenant Park, the policeman who killed Seo-jin’s dad, attacked Jin-ho, and is their main suspect for Ae-ri’s murder.

Fortunately, Ji-ah confesses to Ae-ri that she saw the attack from her bed, and bravely identifies Park. He’s put behind bars, saving Ae-ri’s life.

In the future, Chairman Yoo bails Taek-kyu out. Realizing that they can’t wait for Jin-ho anymore, Future Seo-jin comes up with a dangerous plan. He convinces Yoo he has The Recording, meeting him at an abandoned rooftop for the exchange.

In a nice echo of his father’s actions, Seo-jin prompts Yoo to admit that he purposely exploded Taejung Town to benefit his company. He’s chillingly blase about it, saying that he only gave meaningful deaths to people who would’ve died anyway.






52 minutes ago, lmhpsh said:

The future SJ recorded everything and then had to sacrifice his life. But the same could be done by Past SJ also and then saved by AR and police...then what was the point of the future trap?

To make it more dramatic. :D I was asking myself why he did not ask for the cops when they met.


Probably they did not want to risk anything in the past, because then they could not change what happened. It was a posibility that Chairman Yoo to not confess. I don`t know. Thye like to complicate things in dramas.

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21 hours ago, lmhpsh said:

Hey guys...I have a doubt.


The future SJ recorded everything and then had to sacrifice his life. But the same could be done by Past SJ also and then saved by AR and police...then what was the point of the future trap?


@lmhpsh @larus It looks like they handed future Seojin recording to the police and that made the police come to the scene, otherwise the police had no reason to come to the venue. And Chairman Yoo was immediately handed over to the prosecution team and the prosecutor played the recording.

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Ahn Bo Hyun Talks About Friendship With Park Seo Joon, Being Impressed By Nam Gyu Ri’s Real-Life Charms, And More


Dec 27, 2020
by E. Cha

In a recent interview, Ahn Bo Hyun talked about his co-stars from JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” and MBC’s “Kairos”!

2020 was a busy year for the rising star: after seeing his popularity skyrocket due to his breakout role in the hit drama “Itaewon Class,” Ahn Bo Hyun impressed viewers with his acting once again in the sci-fi thriller “Kairos,” which aired its final episode this week.

When asked about his chemistry with his “Kairos” co-stars, Ahn Bo Hyun spoke highly of his fellow cast members. “Shin Sung Rok has truly remarkable focus [while acting],” he recalled. “He would always naturally take the lead in creating an atmosphere that made it easy to focus, even starting from rehearsal. I really learned so much while acting together with him.”

He added with a laugh, “It was also my first time acting with an actor who was taller than me, which might be why I was able to feel relaxed and enjoy filming.”


As for Lee Se Young, Ahn Bo Hyun shared that he hopes to work with her again in another project in the future. “Both while watching her in other dramas as a viewer and while acting together with her in real life,” he said, “I felt that Lee Se Young is an actress who has really great energy. I felt regretful that we didn’t have many scenes together in ‘Kairos.’ She’s an actress with whom I want to act together again no matter what in another project.”

Finally, Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he was charmed by his co-star Nam Gyu Ri, who played the object of his character’s devotion in the drama, in real life as well.

“Before I met Nam Gyu Ri, I had a fixed image of her in my mind as ‘SeeYa’s Nam Gyu Ri,'” said the actor, “but after meeting her in real life and working with her, I felt that she’s an actress who really has a lot of depth.”

“She’s also someone with a mysterious charm,” he continued, “so I think that in real life as well, she’s an ideal person to fall in unrequited love with.”





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I liked this drama a lot and loved the way they ended it. The overall way they cut the connection between Ae Ri and future Seo Jin after his death was also perfect. Plus they could not connect after everything was solved. My heart did skip some beats every time the phones rang, or when they showed the time on phone was 10:23 PM. Didn't feel much about the final phone ringing though since from the looks of it, it was Ae Ri's phone seeing the cover and the table, and I think it was ringing in the morning. 


Coming back to the drama, I loved how consistent they remained to the basic idea behind the drama. Drama did become a bit repetitive, but it was something I had expected from it. You solve one thing, the other thing would come up. I was impressed by the fact that while they were hinting towards saving Da Bin would be the endgame, it ended up becoming a piece of puzzle leading to the bigger picture. 


Hyun Chae's driving force of greed could have been weak, but she was too manipulative throughout the drama. Plus I don't see any difference in Hyun Chae and the old Chairman. Both were the same. She also didn't hesitate in asking Do Kyun to kill Seo Jin when he first caught them together. She used Lee Taek Kyu the second time to kill Seo Jin, but ended up dead instead thanks to trying play with Chairman and get some money from him. 


The person I really felt bad throughout the drama was Do Kyun. He was doing everything so that he would be able to be with Hyun Chae finally. Got betrayed by her thanks to Taek Kyu telling him about it, but still decided to save her from her dad despite knowing he could die because of it thanks to Seo Jin's warnings. 


As for Seo Jin, he finally realized that family should always come first, and work can wait (thanks to overall Da Bin's kidnapping and the memories flashing to him, and the events that followed). The ending was satisfying, they had to play too smart in order to get the old Chairman. 


On 12/25/2020 at 8:04 AM, lmhpsh said:

Hey guys...I have a doubt.


The future SJ recorded everything and then had to sacrifice his life. But the same could be done by Past SJ also and then saved by AR and police...then what was the point of the future trap?


I believe they didn't go with the police trap first because they wanted to make sure the plan would work. The future Seo Jin trying it out and also recording was something like a "try ball" in baseball. They were checking how the Chairman would react to it, and see the variables they had to take care of for it. 


Since they knew what would happen, they prepared for it the second time they did it, and also they were lucky to have the recording from the future, since the second time Chairman didn't confess anything. So as I said, it was done to make sure things would be perfect and have back plans. Had they done it in past and things would go wrong, everything would be ruined. You can change the future but can't do the same in the past. So it was too risky trying it the first time in the past. 



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I personally do not feel bad for Hyeon-Chae or Do-Gyun.


Hyeon-Chae with her cold-blooded way of wanting to kill her husband on multiple occasions, it's really hard to feel any sympathy for her, even if she had a terrible dad who abused her.


And let's see, Do-Gyun was willing to buy a dead child and cut off its finger so he can pretend that Da-Bin is dead. He was willing to put Kim Seo-Jin through emotional torture, enough that Seo-Jin almost killed himself. All so he can... be with Hyeon-Chae? I have no idea why he never said, "Wait, is all this necessary?"


To me, the question that the prosecutor asked Hyeon-Chae is exactly right. WHY go through all this, when she could have just divorced him?


No sympathy for either of these psychos from me.

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Shin Sung Rok Talks About Ratings Competition For “Kairos,” Working With Lee Se Young Again, And More


Dec 29, 2020
by C. Hong

Shin Sung Rok recently participated in several interviews to talk about his latest drama, MBC’s “Kairos.”

In “Kairos,” which wrapped up on December 22, Shin Sung Rok played Kim Seo Jin, a man who has lost his daughter and ends up making contact with Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a woman living one month in the past and searching for her missing mother.

Although “Kairos” received critical praise for being a well-made drama, the ratings were relatively low, staying in the 3 percent range for most of its run. In Newsen, Shin Sung Rok said, “It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t disappointed in the ratings. But as you know, our drama wasn’t the kind of show that you could start in the middle and understand what was happening. The drama had a complex plot that sparked questions about what was happening even for people who watched every episode. But if we didn’t do that, then the storyline wouldn’t have been complete. So we chose to have the complex storyline instead. Instead of something that was just easy to watch, we wanted to have a story that viewers could solve along with the characters. That’s why it was hard for the viewership to rise higher once it had begun. Ratings are somewhat like a report card, so there is a bit of disappointment, but I was also satisfied to receive praise from many quarters.”

One of the reasons that “Kairos” struggled with ratings was the major success of SBS’s “The Penthouse,” its competitor in the time slot (both aired on Monday-Tuesday evenings, although Kairos started 30 minutes earlier). Shin Sung Rok had previously worked with the director of “The Penthouse,” Joo Dong Min, along with cast members Bong Tae Gyu and Yoon Jong Hoon, in the 2018 drama “Return.”

In Star News, Shin Sung Rok said, “I’m still close enough with all of them that we go out drinking sometimes, so it was obvious that we would cheer each other on. I actually spoke with Joo Dong Min often while I was filming ‘Kairos,’ and we each shared what we were up to. We also said that we would meet up after we finished filming. We ended up competing in the same time slot, but they are people whom I am always cheering for, so I congratulate them sincerely on their project doing well.”

Shin Sung Rok also reunited with Lee Se Young after working on the drama “Trot Lovers” together six years ago. In the Newsen interview, he said, “When I met her six years ago, she was making the transition from a child actor to an adult actor. It’s a transition that carries a lot of fear and dread. But when I met her in this project, she had fully matured as a lead actor, so she didn’t need any help in order to carry the drama forward. In fact, there were times when I ended up depending on her professionalism. She is a junior and a colleague in whom I have a lot of pride and from whom I have a lot to learn. Even though it was our first reunion in six years, she was so friendly that I think we’d get along whenever we meet again.”

He also praised his co-stars Ahn Bo Hyun, Nam Gyu Ri, and Kang Seung Yoon. About Ahn Bo Hyun, he said, “I met him for the first time on this project and he’s such a great person. He always wants to learn more, he keeps an open mind, and throws himself into discussions because he wants to do something new. I really liked his passionate attitude toward his work. He also takes good care of himself, so I felt like I had a lot to learn from him. He’s someone I would want to work with again.”

About Nam Gyu Ri, he said, “I think that she is a bit of a method actress. In order to play the role of someone in despair after losing her daughter, she didn’t talk much on set and got absorbed in her character, so I felt a lot of compassion for her. I thought that she was a really hard worker.”

About Kang Seung Yoon, he said, “Through this drama, I learned that there are so many people who have a lot of passion toward acting and a dedication toward learning their craft. He always wants to do well, and when things don’t go his way, you can see how frustrated he is. I was taken aback by that level of passion he had toward acting. On set, he seemed like a mischievous guy and we got along well, but when it came to his attitude toward acting, he was completely professional and hardworking.”


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